Safetywing Pricing Plans: Are Their Policies Legit?

Would you like to purchase SafetyWing insurance? Concerned about SafetyWing pricing? Explore who they are, what they offer, and whether they’re a good fit for you.

Traveling can be risky for anyone who frequently travels. In most cases, travel insurance is an essential part of any trip, ensuring you’re covered in case of an emergency.

Travel insurance is available in a wide range of options today, so you need to make an informed choice before purchasing a policy

Let’s learn a little bit more about SafetyWing and what they provide before diving in and determining whether they’re the right insurance for you.

Safetywing Pricing: What is SafetyWing?

SafetyWing Pricing - Best Travel Insurance For Digital Nomads

Despite being a relatively new company founded in 2017, SafetyWing can be a good choice for travelers due to its low prices and range of services.

SafetyWing is a travel insurance company that is designed by nomads for nomads, which means they know what nomads need and want. They provide healthcare and travel services to digital nomads and international travelers when they are outside their home countries. 

The digital nomad lifestyle has become more common with the increase in remote working. SafetyWing describes itself as a “home country on the internet” where everyone is free and equal.

On their website, they will soon offer Remote Doctor, which is just one of their future products along with Nomad insurance (the company’s main product).

How much does SafetyWing’s Insurance Cost?

SafetyWing pricing plan

SafetyWing’s insurance cost is dependent on the individual. SafetyWing’s Insurance subscription costs about $42-77 per month, depending on whether you’re traveling within the U.S. 

If you have never traveled, are on a tight budget, or are a digital nomad, the monthly subscription is perfect for you.

Your subscription will automatically renew every month until you cancel it. If you don’t have a set end date for your journey, this can be particularly useful. Your subscription doesn’t have a time limit. Those who have been away from home for more than a year can simply renew their policy.

How do you get a quote from SafetyWing?

It is easy to get a quote. Answering multiple levels of cover or answering lots of questions is not necessary. Answering multiple levels of cover or answering lots of questions is not necessary. The only information you need to enter is your age and whether or not you plan to enter the United States.

To get a quote, visit their website and fill out the information required.

How to File a Claim on SafetyWing

It seems straightforward to file a claim. After logging in to your portal, complete a claims form with photos, screenshots, and receipts if necessary.

SafetyWing will process your claim within 45 days after you have filed a claim within 60 days of the end of your insurance period. Your claim status can also be viewed on their website. Although SafetyWing has a referral network of doctors and hospitals, you can visit any doctor or hospital of your choice.

Is SafetyWing Worth it?

If you’re trying to stick to a budget, SafetyWing is a solid choice for you. It offers a wide range of options and its price is reasonable.

There is no restriction on taking out insurance while already abroad, its subscription service offers flexibility and choice, and it is one of the more affordable options available. It is slightly imperfect, and there are exemptions, but you should weigh its advantages against any of its disadvantages for your travel needs.


  • Pricing
  • The high degree of flexibility
  • It’s convenient to take it out 
  • Included in Covid


  • Exemptions apply to certain activities
  • Coverage does not extend to personal items

Organizing a trip is the key to a successful trip

If you are interested in purchasing travel insurance, they are a great way to ensure that you are covered in the event of an emergency or any unforeseen circumstances. You can’t plan for your luggage to get lost at the airport or your flight gets delayed.

A sound travel plan will help you prevent some things, however. Travel planners can do everything from helping you organize your packing list to making sure you have all your travel documents!

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