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Saleshandy is a cold email outreach tool predominantly used for sending personalized cold email sequences to turn the cold leads into paying customers.

The tool provides a handful of features like mail merge, auto follow-ups, sequence analysis, A/B testing, and more to make your cold email outreach effective.

Saleshandy is used by individuals and growing teams. And if used correctly can work wonders for large businesses too. Sales reps from Saas, IT services and agencies can make the most of this tool.


Saleshandy Review 2022: Should You Really Buy?


Saleshandy is built to manage the sales funnel, and close leads in the easiest way possible. It enables the sales team to reduce the sales cycle time and increase the closure rate, which will, in turn, help them raise better and bigger revenues. The team can create and execute effective and viable sales and marketing strategies.
Saleshandy is a go-to tool that helps you filter out prospects from your cold email outreach who are interested in your product/service and chase them through continuous efforts.

Features of Saleshandy

Personalized cold emailing


Saleshandy helps you send personalized cold emails to kick-start your conversation with your prospects. Every email can be personalized using different merge tags like {{First Name}}, {{Last Name}}, {{Location}}, {{Phone Number}}, and more. Besides this, they offer loads of features to meet your outreach goals.












Using these 5 simple steps, you can create a powerful cold email outreach:

Step 1-
Find prospects using Saleshandy connect (Saleshandy’s LinkedIn email finder tool)

Step 2-
Personalize your cold email sequence using mail merge and custom fields

Step 3-
Add multiple-stage follow-ups

Step 4-
Run an A/B test to know what works the best

Step 5-
Analyze your sequence with detailed analytics


Automated follow-ups


As per a study, around 65% of total recipients never reply to emails, which is a huge loss of opportunity. Saleshandy allows you to convert these losses into sales figures using their most attractive and fascinating feature – Trigger-based automated follow-ups. Using automated follow-up emails, you can increase the response rate up to 10 times.

How to write a follow-up email after no response? | Saleshandy

After analyzing the prospect’s response to your initial email, you can add follow-ups to continue having engaging conversations. While working with the auto follow-up feature of Saleshandy, you don’t need to check the sequence manually. The follow-up emails will roll out on the time schedule set by you.

You can get up to 95% of the email responses using this auto follow-up feature of Saleshandy.


Email deliverability

Saleshandy takes the much-needed care of your email deliverability so that you always reach your prospects’ primary inbox.





The best way Saleshandy manages your email deliverability is by keeping a time interval of a few seconds to ensure the process looks more human-like and authentic to your email service provider.


Features of Email Deliverability

Offers real-time writing assistance to avoid spam-filters
Allows you to warm up your email account by gradually increasing your daily sending
Provides an email health score to check if it meets all the deliverability requirements
Email templates


Another feature of this tool is email templates. You can create and save templates within the dashboard. And then use them while sending your email sequences from your Gmail, Outlook, or other SMTP accounts. It saves your time by eliminating the need to write a repetitive email.


With this feature, you can also share your templates with your team members. The email template feature can save your time up to 3 times.


Features of Email Templates

Use in Gmail and Outlook
Use mail merge tags
Access all the templates from one place
Track templates performance
Use different templates for A/B testing

Email Scheduling

Another very fascinating feature of Saleshandy is email scheduling. This feature eliminates the need to match up to the different time zones. You no longer have to wait until the time when you want to send a particular email, just schedule it, and Saleshandy will take care of the rest.







All you have to do is, select the time, date, and the particular time zone in which you wish to send your email sequence. And the emails will be sent at the set time.

Features of Email Scheduling:

Just schedule the date, time, and preferred time zone
Increase the email response rate by sending emails when your prospects are active
No need to keep a manual check
Sequence Analysis

After sending your cold email sequence, you can easily analyse your sequence performance from the Saleshandy dashboard. This information will help you understand your prospect’s behaviour towards your emails and make changes accordingly.


Get essential metrics like open rate, click rate, reply rate, number of unsubscribed emails, and email bounce.

Add Your Team

This feature of Saleshandy helps the sales team to make their work more efficient. You can add team members who can measure the sequence performance, share inputs on templates, and more. It allows the team to coordinate together on a particular project and reduces the mismatch of content.



Auto Follow-Up with Advanced Analytics

Auto follow-up emails are closely linked to the initial email of your campaign. They come systematically after the main email as additional activators, depending on the action of the recipients.

Now that I think about it, I bet you’d like to get a 100% response rate via email. But let’s be honest, such a result is really impossible with a typical recipient base. And this is exactly where an email with advanced analytics comes to help, giving you more ways to combat it.

In fact, a second chance would fit, a third better, while a fourth might look like an expansion. But, you know what? Saleshandy offers up to 49 follow-up steps.

Basically, the tool offers up to 49 different follow-up steps to add to your sequence. You can add each follow-up with different conditions such as “Don’t send if replied”, “Don’t send any more”, and “Send regardless of reply”.

Together, these steps push your prospects further in your sales funnel.

Email Deliverability Mechanism


Saleshandy doesn’t compromise when it comes to your email deliverability. They’ve multiple features to make sure that your email lands in the primary inbox and not in any other section.


While sending a sequence, Saleshandy keeps a healthy time interval between two emails to ensure your email dodges the spam folder and makes the process look natural.


There is a time when Saleshandy pauses your sequence if you’re close to exceeding your daily sending limit or if there are any chances of your email getting bounced.


The deliverability status will be reflected in the report tab giving you all the necessary details about your email sequences.


You probably know that coordinating a campaign of this size requires a well-structured team. To help you with your campaign, Saleshandy lets you add team members so you can carry out the activity accordingly.


Features of Email Deliverability:

Add up to 49 follow-up steps
Personalize your email sequence
Maintains your email deliverability
Advanced analytics of each sequence
Schedule your follow-up sequence
Saleshandy Integrations:

G Suite
Office 365
Why Should You Use Saleshandy?


Using Saleshandy 3.0, you can ensure an ever-increasing sales graph. The new and updated user interface makes it super easy to use all the available features. You can get to know who are your most engaged prospects and approach them smartly.


Saleshandy is built to ensure you close more deals in your cold email outreach and reach a new level of emailing productivity. This tool will let you analyze your prospect’s behaviour, spot trends to know which email templates work, analyze emails and evaluate the overall performance.


Saleshandy will make chasing leads easy. Using their advanced email sequence and automated follow-up feature, you can scale your efforts while always staying updated with what is happening at the other end of your emails. Lastly, we would like to add that Saleshandy will let you organize your sales teams effortless. The icing on the cake is their 24×7 customer support, and the support team always ensures that your queries are solved instantly so you can keep running your email sequence effectively.


Saleshandy Pricing

The cold emailing plan of Saleshandy prices at $25/month/user. They offer a free trial of 14 days as well. They offer only one plan that is perfect for growing teams.




What CEOs Have To Say About Saleshandy

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Final verdict: Saleshandy Review With In 2022


Saleshandy is one amazing tool that allows you to send personalized automated cold email sequences. The key features of this tool are auto follow-up, email deliverability, and cold email sequences, which we have already discussed in the above section of the article.


The auto follow-up feature is a unique initiative toward a better and more reliable way of working with emails. Saleshandy is awarded the “Best Est. ROI” award in 2022 and the “Highest performer- Mid-market” in 2022.


Multiple features like email analytics, team management, email templates, LinkedIn prospecting etc., works to deliver an amazing experience to all the users. It is an ideal tool if you wish to work in a team and comes with a very affordable range of pricing.


In my opinion, Saleshandy is one of the top cold email outreach software in the market these days. It provides you with the most affordable and free packages to choose from.

























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