Saleshandy Vs Mailchimp Vs Getresponse πŸš€ 2024: Which Email Marketing Tool Is Best?

E-mail marketing is one of the most important elements of a business, be it a small startup or an established business.

If you have already tried e-mail marketing, you have developed many email marketing solutions.

Saleshandy Vs Mailchimp VS Getresponse - Email Marketing Software

There are many tools available on the market that offer some key features at a very low price.

Here’s a list of the best sites to help you choose the best email marketing software to grow your blog and business.

Saleshandy Vs Mailchimp Vs Getresponse

πŸš€ Bottom Line Upfront:

Saleshandy is a great option for sales teams that need additional CRM integration and advanced email tracking.

Mailchimp has a user-friendly interface and helpful templates for those starting out.

Finally, Getresponse boasts a robust automation system and landing page builder.

Each platform has its strengths, so it’s important to determine which features are most important for your business needs. So read our detailed review: Saleshandy Vs Mailchimp Vs Getresponse 2024

Marketing Automation

Automation is essential to the effectiveness of email marketing. Both platforms are designed to facilitate the automation of important communication issues and reduce the time spent on lengthy and repetitive tasks.

MailChimp also offers classic email targeting features and integration with the custom Facebook audience and the Google Ads subscription list.

However, e-mail automation tools are one of the main drawbacks, especially regarding the features available.


Saleshandy Vs Mailchimp VS Getresponse - Email Tracking


GetResponse offers a variety of automated workflows as well as support for notifications from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Text, Viber, and Push.

These tools may not be important to all users, but running all your campaigns in one place is a great convenience.

MailChimp provides enough features for companies that are primarily interested in email marketing. We recommend GetResponse if you are looking for a more flexible solution.

GetResponse also has a more visual interface that helps you better understand the progress of each workflow.

Detailed Saleshandy vs MailChimp vs GetResponse Comparison 2024: Who Wins??

Detailed About GetResponse?

GetResponse is a Polish company with customers in more than 182 countries. They offer a complete e-mail marketing tool with many features. GetResponse focuses on creating newsletter content along with email campaigns.

The services also provide a range of automated e-mail and tools to help you get the most out of your readers with personalized campaigns. GetResponse focuses on ease of use without compromising features.

Saleshandy Vs Mailchimp VS Getresponse- GetResponse

The basic features of GetResponse are not different from other email providers. But its USP lies in its advanced features.

There is a number of features to talk about, but I would like to discuss the features that are important and the features which make GetResponse outstanding.


  • It is an ideal tool for companies who want to create attractive and high-quality newsletters.
  • The service has delivery rates over 99%, which means your emails are unlikely to be marked as spam.
  • The service offers over 500 predefined templates and 1,000 images you can use in your design templates.
  • The service automatically adjusts emails to all devices, and the mobile editor allows you to refine this task.
  • With dynamic content and audience segmentation, you can include recipients’ names and locations in emails.
    Much cheaper than some competitors for basic rules
  • GetResponse offers a variety of reports and analyses, including open rates, investment reports, segmentation reports, and return on investment.
  • Excellent “Perfect Sync” tool that ensures messages are sent when a user is more likely to be active. A unique landing page editor that lets you generate more leads 99%

Saleshandy Vs Mailchimp VS Getresponse- GetResponse Autoresponder Software

Why should you use GetResponse?

GetResponse offers a popular email marketing tool. It’s very easy to create high-quality e-mails and newsletters for marketing.

The service offers high delivery rates and a number of useful features to make your marketing stand out from the crowd. This includes dynamic content and customizations.

The service offers a number of customization options and a unique landing page editor.

The GetResponse base package is much cheaper than some competitors, though some features are only available in higher-cost packages.

Some people have also suggested that although there are a lot of models, they might be more modern. This service is a great option for an email marketing tool and a user-friendly newsletter.

Pricing PlanπŸ€‘


GetResponse offers a free one-month trial without a credit card.

Talk about the monthly plans: $ 25 (up to 2,500 subscribers), $ 49 (up to 5,000 subscribers), $ 165 (up to 10,000 subscribers), and $ 1,199 (over 1,000,000 subscribers)

Pricing Plan

Trustpilot Review for Getresponse

Trustpilot Getresponse

Saleshandy Vs MailChimp VS Getresponse: Which Is Better?

About MailChimp

MailChimp is a leading e-mail marketing tool. It offers companies a variety of features to attract their audiences. With more than six billion emails a week, they are one of the largest platforms in this market.

The platform focuses on usability, advanced features, and a high level of customer service.

MailChimp is often the first newsletter tool we think about, maybe because it has great marketing and aesthetics. But I think I’m not the only one because they claim to send over 600 million emails on their platform every day.

They offer a free rate that allows you to send up to 10,000 emails per month to 2,000 subscribers. This is good news for home and SME accounts, as most tools and templates are available in this free account.

Saleshandy Vs Mailchimp VS Getresponse - MailChimp

Another feature available through your free account is integrated CRM. If you’re an SME looking for a complete solution, this may be exactly what you want.

They also have cheaper pay-per-use options for low-cost customers while offering some included extras like automation and integration options.


  • The platform integrates easily with a range of applications and other services, such as Salesforce.
  • It provides automation features that simplify email marketing, including welcome emails, baseball product recalls, and automated product recommendations.
  • A customizable and easy-to-use messaging designer that can be used by multiple people in a marketing team
    Model and image selections are available.
  • 96-99% of delivery rates
  • Free for private customers and small businesses
  • High-quality reports are available that provide you with a wealth of data to improve your campaigns.
  • Customer segments are easy to identify with the demographics service, so you can tailor your marketing to a specific audience
  • There are a variety of advanced features for email providers, such as: For example, the use of individual IP addresses.
  • Other available marketing features such as landing pages, social media ads, and registration forms

MailChimp Working

Why should you use MailChimp?

MailChimp is a powerful email marketing tool. The e-mail design tool is easy to use but offers advanced features. In this way, you can create attractive designs that exactly match your expectations.

The platform is great for small business accounts that need to send targeted emails to users. The platform allows you to do this with detailed analyses and reports.

This allows you to identify customer segments and specific demographic data. Then you can adapt your marketing to these target groups.

MailChimp also allows standard reports, such as For example, publishing the interaction by e-mail. The service allows you to customize views of actions and landing pages to increase participation rates.

This service is not as easy as some competitors.

However, it offers advanced features and a range of integrations. If you’re looking for advanced email marketing with a range of marketing campaign features available, MailChimp is a great option.

Pricing Plan πŸ’°

For high-demand businesses, there is a $ 199 “Expert” package that includes most Free and Business Development features.

With advanced features such as professional help, comparison reports, multivariate testing, and advanced segmentation.

MailChimp Pricing

Trustpilot Review for MailChimp

Trustpilot Review


Saleshandy Vs MailChimp VS Getresponse Comparision Review 2024

About SalesHandy

SalesHandy is a web-based data analysis and distribution platform that lets you share files, monitor emails, unify document management, and create leads through centralization.

The software is ideal for small and medium businesses, but can also meet the needs of large companies.

With SalesHandy, sales teams can create and execute viable marketing strategies by properly tracking business resources and useful information.

Saleshandy Vs Mailchimp VS Getresponse

Details about SalesHandy 2.0


According to one study, about 65% of the total number of recipients never respond to emails, which is a big loss. With SalesHandy you can turn these losses into sales figures using the most attractive and intriguing feature: automated trigger-based tracking.

By using automated tracking emails, you can increase the response rate tenfold.

It lets you keep track of all your conversations, even if your recipients are down. If you use SalesHandy’s automatic tracking feature, you do not need to manually review the campaign results.

You can rely on the automatic tracking function.

Basically, it promotes the distribution of your emails and optimizes efficiency. With this automatic tracking feature of SalesHandy, you will receive up to 95% of the answered emails.

If you are wondering how SalesHandy actually works and how it performs as compared to others, check out the comprehensive SalesHandy review.

Email Tracking

The SalesHandy email tracking feature notifies you every time the recipient reads the email you sent. You can even find out how often the recipient opened the e-mail.

These data, in turn, help you track the level of interest of the recipient.

Email template

This feature allows you to identify important emails based on hundreds of emails you send. Notifications of a particular recipient are also muted.

E-mail tracking features:

  • Open email notifications
  • The opening rate of the e-mail
  • Follow the answers by e-mail
  • Disable email notifications
  • Team performance reports by e-mail.
  • Individual link tracking
  • Free email tracking add-on for Gmail

E-mail templates

Another feature of this software is e-mail templates. You can use it by creating HTML templates and then using Gmail. You can use it in both Gmail and Outlook.

This saves you time because you do not have to write repetitive emails.

With this feature, you can even share all your templates with just one click for your team members. You can save up to three times with the e-mail template feature.

Functions of e-mail templates.

  • Use in Gmail and Outlook
  • Use in direct mail campaigns.
  • Manage templates in folders
  • Create an HTML template
  • Model Performance Tracking

E-mail program

Another fascinating feature of SalesHandy is e-mail planning. You can schedule free and unlimited emails through the Gmail Chrome plugin.

Send Later

You do not need to match time zones with this feature. You do not have to wait for the moment when you need to send a specific email. You only have to set a later date and time. The rest is done by SalesHandy.

All you have to do is select the time, date, and time zone in which to send the e-mail to the appropriate customer.

This is ensured by the time zone function of the news calendar. You can view all your programmed emails in the Drafts section as well as in the SalesHandy application area.

E-mail programming functions:

  • Unlimited e-mail programming
  • You can program board feeds
  • Just set the desired date, time, and time.
  • Email programming in Gmail using a time zone
  • Increase the response rate by e-mail
  • Simple e-mail communication

Document tracking

With the document tracking feature, you can quickly share all attachments/documents attached to an e-mail. This feature allows you to follow your presentations.

Documentation, sales arguments, sales proposals, marketing materials, and sales warranties.

Saleshandy Vs Mailchimp VS Getresponse- Document Tracking

Document tracking features:

  • Enter functions immediately
  • You can track locations easily
  • You can set the expiration date
  • Document Opening rates
  • Time for the document.
  • Gmail and Outlook integration
  • Capture the details of the viewer.
  • Protect your documents with a password
  • It has a document management
  • Create and share document folders

It lets you create links and sets of documents that you can share with potential customers. You can share a report, Word file, PDF, proposal, and more. and follow the engagement of the readers.

Allows you to send documents by adding password protection. Protect your documents by preventing unauthorized users from accessing the document and downloading it unnecessarily.

Team Report

The reporting function of the SalesHandy software team helps the sales team and makes their work more efficient. All team members can measure the model and message performance across the team.

In this way, the team can effectively coordinate all content and reduce inconsistent content.

Direct mail campaign with automatic tracking

Automatic email tracking is closely linked to direct mail campaigns. They always come after the main emails as additional triggers, depending on the actions of the recipients.

Now that I think about it, I bet you want to receive a 100% response rate by email. But let’s be honest, such a result is really impossible with a typical recipient base.

And this is exactly where the email comes with an automatic tracking that gives you more ways to combat it.

Saleshandy Vs Mailchimp VS Getresponse- automatic follow up

In fact, a second chance would be appropriate, a better third, while a fourth might seem like an extension. But what do you know?SalesHandy offers up to nine options.

Basically, the system offers up to nine different automatic tracking steps. Each is equipped with its own activation conditions.

For example, “It has been sent,” “Reply to the note,” and “Not open.” Together, these monitoring steps serve as a fixed funnel for receiver transmission.

Why should you use SalesHandy?

SalesHandy gives you an ever-growing sales chart. With the new and updated user interface, it is extremely easy to use all the available functions.

You can find out who your most dedicated prospects are and address them intelligently.

Basically, SalesHandy is designed so that the company can also gain and maintain better customer engagement, so it can do more with email and documents.

With this system, you can analyze your customers’ behavior, track trends and find out which documents or email templates work, track emails, and evaluate sales performance.

SalesHandy facilitates the identification of business opportunities and operations.

With your advanced email campaign and auto-tracking feature, you can easily scale your efforts while always knowing what’s happening at the other end of your email.

Finally, we would like to add that with SalesHandy, you can easily organize your sales teams. The icing on the cake is your 24/7 customer service and success team that guarantees you get the most out of this amazing solution.

Pricing Plan

SalesHandy offers a free 14-day trial for all plans. Let’s talk about monthly plans: You charge $ 9 (up to 200 emails / day), $ 20 (up to 1,600 emails/day), and $ 50 (up to 2,000 emails/day).

Saleshandy Pricing

Trustpilot Review for Saleshandy

Saleshandy Trustpilot


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Final Verdict: Saleshandy vs MailChimp vs GetResponse: (Comparison 2024) πŸ‘

For the most part, it is based on two factors: the needs of your business and your financial plan.

If you’re an online Method, blogger, or entrepreneur, MailChimp is the best service for you.

One enlightening financial plan that highlights the advice is the Business Development Agreement.

It includes everything you need to meet all the requirements of your web presence, from an e-mail promotion to creating and editing welcome pages.

In case you’re a small business or a seasoned blogger / online advertiser looking to grow your business, GetResponse is the ideal service.

Our list of recommendations: Comparison of Saleshandy vs MailChimp vs GetResponse (Our Priority)

With the Saleshandy plan, you can cover most of your needs at the point of arrival. For more balanced management of advertising, the “master” package from GetResponse (with the highlight of the online class) should suffice.

It provides online advertisers with access to all services, from website designers to websites to SEO and substance management systems.

It also includes e-mail promotion, and arrival points and even allows you to conduct promotional battles on the web.

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