ScrapeBrokers SEO Tool Review: Legit ? Should You Buy ?

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Let’s disclose it! Today everyone knows how critical SEO is. If you are not having the right gear or software you have no idea how hard SEO is going to pain at your bottom. You can increase your marketing budget and hire n-number of SEO companies to work on your traffic direction campaigns, but it is always tough to trust if they are on the right updates. Further, the cost they might incur on you can be pretty high. That’s where ScrapeBrokers come in!

What you need today is worthy backlinks directed to your website giving you a profit of ranking well in various search engines including Google.  Today online marketers are concerned about their websites’ rankings being shown at the search engines. The upcoming expectation of SEO is to work on the optimization yourself and that too very perfectly and neatly.

You must be pondering how is that possible? We are here to tell you how. These days it is very common to use a backlinks monitoring program like CodeCanyon etc. that works on the backlink profile of a website. Many of your competitors can easily use such software and analyze your profile. To make you safe and secure, I introduce to you ScrapeBrokers!

 ScrapeBrokers Review homepage

Starting with ScrapeBrokers

ScrapeBrokers gives out fresh SEO packages each month, with SEO lists like bookmarking websites, web 2.0 blogs, and search engine ranking lists. Thus it saves your time and frustration and giving you reliable backlinks to make your way up to the charts. ScrapeBrokers gives you a special feature all in one link building feature.

Here is a video from ScrapeBrokers about Keyword Strategy. It is insightful

It is compatible with all the tools today like MoneyRobot, Xrumer, ScrapeBox, SEORobot etc. Each list in this package has been tested many times for you all who want to build backlinks more smartly. ScrapeBrokers has proven results in this time, when you have been tired with lots of spam and poor unworthy lists. ScrapeBrokers’s lists are always filtered hence keeping you out of the worry.

ScrapeBrokers Review dashboard

The testimonials of ScrapeBrokers consider it as a one stop shop for SEO and your online marketing campaigns. Further, the links are run through blog analyzer, removing 404’d links and timed out links. Only after following the rules of the product you’ll be able to reach the top of the charts and start receiving the best quality and long lasting links.

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ScrapeBrokers Review Keyword Scraper Tool

Quick Links:

Features of ScrapeBrokers

  • Being compatible with best SEO tools used by SEO online markets now a day, like GSA search engine, MoneyRobot, SeRobot.
  • Auto approves, lists are fresh and you will get the blogs on almost every niche, from health to politics.
  • ScrapeBrokers comes with SEO training for you, as we all know SEO is a critical market today, strategies change every year.
  • All links are tested multiple times against malware/ viruses and also filtered against porn keyboards so that your site is not in trouble. To prevent any spamming only a limited number of copies are sold.
  • Pre sale and post sale customer support of this product is good, your queries are solved instantly by Instant chat clients: Skype: ScrapeBrokers , YM: ScrapeBrokers

ScrapeBrokers Review Search Engine Harvester Tool

  • Two proxies and Google proxy list are there to harvest links, check PR etc which are being tested by servers consistently.
  • .Edu and .Gov auto approved list will contain only .Edu and .gov urls such domain carry more power and helps to increase your ranking very quickly backlinks will be shown on the website immediately after the comment.
  • DoFollow and Auto approve lists, this list only contains DoFollow blog urls and your backlinks will have DoFollow attributes that will carry PR and search engine sap to your website.
  • Along with the package comes a Download keyword list, rapid indexer lists, footprints, tutorials, videos and all the stuff that you will need to be a ScrapeBrokers champion.

ScrapeBrokers Review Mass Link Builder Tool

How to Rank With ScrapeBrokers?

Being a member of ScrapeBrokers club is a great, enjoying the professional services of this product makes you feel how efficiently you can use the resources of this product.

  • They provide numerous of books which guide you on the SEO strategies, these strategies change every year, It also comes with lots of videos and training modules which gives you better insight about the SEO current evolution.
  • It would be great if you start your marketing campaign with the already proven and tested SEO tools like scrappers, blasters, checkers etc
  • Proxies are the best way to stay under the radar; ScrapeBrokers update this list every day.
  • ScrapeBrokers provide you access to the private forums where you can get in touch with other online marketers and share strategies or ask questions to make more money. If you want to get in touch with the big guys of the industry this is a must for you.
  • The best way to get good rankings is focusing your links over quality, the top SEO lists provided are very helpful along with your SEO tools GSA Search, MoneyRobot, SeRobot etc.
  • Usage of premium award SEO firms to do your research and on your competitor.
  • Strong customer support is an add-on to this product 24x7x365 help is always available that solves your problems instantly.

ScrapeBrokers Review Proxy Harvester Tool

Free Trial and Pricing

The monthly subscription comes with the economical price of $39.95 and 3 monthly offer of $104.95. And if you refer ScrapeBrokers to someone, you will earn a 25% residual income each & every month till the referral keeps the subscription active. ScrapeBrokers comes with bonuses and discounted prices as well. ScrapeBrokers price is very pocket friendly compared to other market players providing SEO packages. The plans are all based on monthly, no big or long duration contacts are actually required.

Here is a video review by by Alex Becker also showing testimonials at the end

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Scrapebrokers Affiliate Program

There is no subscriber limit paid for the accounts you are using.  What really keeps ScrapeBrokers above the market competitors is that it is giving personal tailor made SEO services with their rich experience in the industry for more than three years.

Make money with ScrapeBrokers by referring your friends, family and business contacts to use our services! Start making  a lot of extra revenue showing them the “ScrapeBrokers Auto Approve Club”. We handle all sales, downloads and support. All you have to do is to collect payments in your PayPal account once a month !

When you refer someone that  purchases a subscription  at $39.95 monthly or the 3 months subscription at $104.95 you will earn a 25% residual monthly income each and every month for as long as your referral keeps the ScrapeBrokers Subscription active! This is $9.98 for each month subscription or $26.23 for the 3 months one, continuously.

To start promoting and making money click on “Promo Tools” where you will find banners, email promos and more to help you bring in more referrals so you can make more sales!

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When you register with us you will get links and banners from Affiliate Info -> Get Affiliate Banners which you can place on your website or send to your friends in an email. When a user clicks that link and registers on our site, we will know that you have referred that user. Even if that particular user does not register during the first visit, and comes to our site later on, we will still be able to track that this user was referred by you.



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