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Advertising is one of the most important things for a business,you need a proper platform and channels to educate your target audience about your product and build a brand image.You cannot expect an increase in your revenue without advertising your product, one of the best places to promote your product is the Internet.

With over 3 billion users, internet is a great place to promote your business and garner a following and image of your brand, but you need a platform through which you can promote your campaign among your target audience and location. One such website which can help you promote your brand easily and successfully is SelfAdvertiser.

SelfAdvertiser is a product of MyAdWise Ltd, also known for creating RevenueHits;it was founded in 2008 in Israel. SelfAdvertiser has alot of features through which you can run your campaigns successfully, they have a daily reach of massive 2 billion impression. You can setup your daily budget and make changes to your campaign on the basis of analysis and statistics they provide. There outstanding features and to notch customer support has made them one of the best advertising network in the market.

How SelfAdvertiser Works?


It is very easy to sign up with SelfAdvertiser; it only takes a couple of minutes to get started.You can find the option to start your first campaign on their homepage after you click on it, it will take you to a page where you need to fill up a form, and it will ask you to enter your full name, email address, username and password. Once you have completed the sign-up process, it gives you two options Pay per View and Pay Per Click; you can select your preferred method.

Setting up your first campaign is very easy, you just need to setup your budget enter few details and you are good to go, SelfAdvertiser gives you complete control on your campaign, you can start or stop it anytime and increase or decrease your daily budget.

Various Formats of Advertisement

selfadvertising review campaigns

Self Advertisers offers 3 popular ad formats: pop ads, domain re-direct and search engine traffic. You can also choose your targeted geographical location, time, site profile etc. It is a great way to make your target audience aware about your products and services.

Customer Support

selfadvertising review customer support

SelfAdvertiser’s customer support is one of their strongest points; their customer support team is experienced, patient and very helpful. They have one of the best customer support team, they offer support via email, and you can also call them on Skype or chat with them. They offer a very prompt service as they reply to your email within an hour, you can call them.

They have a step-by-step guide on every topic; from signing up to setting up your first campaign everything is explained in the simplest way possible. You can also go through there FAQ page where they have answered generic questions and customer queries.

selfadvertising review customer support

Any device any country

SelfAdvertiser is compatible with all the devices, doesn’t matter which device your audience is using, Laptop, Desktop, smartphone or tablets, the ads will be displayed successfully. Another feature which makes SelfAdvertiser awesome is that it is available all around the globe, there is no geo-restriction, anyone from anywhere can use it as a publisher or as an advertiser.


selfadvertising review statistics

The success of a marketing campaign can be increased with the help of research, with proper information and sufficient data you can plan and make your strategy for optimum, result and revenue. This is why SelfAdvertiser gives you an option to track your progress and gives you real-time data, you can log in anytime and check the progress you can use these data to improve your current campaign and plan the future ones.

Minimum Deposit

You need to make a minimum deposit of $100 for the first time after that you can make a minimum deposit of $10. You can make a payment via PayPal or credit card, and if you are interested in wire transfer then you need to contact their support team via email.


If you are looking for a reliable advertising network with modern tools and features which can help you promote your product and educate people about your company then SelfAdvertiser is the most viable option.They give you complete control over your campaigns which is rare, they have great features through which you can promote your product in your target location,their real time analytics will help your present and future campaign better.

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They provide you with everything that will help you increase your revenue and help you build your brand. They have a very genuine price list with daily budget as low as $10.

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