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Seller Legend

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SellerLegend is an Amazon Analytics toolkit that gives you maximum performance in terms of the performance of your Amazon company. You report a variety of key performance counters in a way that is available in SellerCentral or no other analytics tool.

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  • Themable, User-Selectable Dashboard Widgets
  • Outstanding Product Management
  • Exceptional Product Performance Views
  • 21 FREE DAYS | Risk-free |
  • Precise Amazon FBA or FBM Inventory Management
  • Unparalleled Flexibility And Customization


  • More pricing options needed
  • No live chat support


Price: $ 49.99

In this post, we have featured SellerLegend Review 2024 that includes detailed insights of SellerLegend like its features, functionality, usability and more. So let’s get started here.

Seller Legend Review

Seller Legend Review 2024 21 Days Free Trial(Is This Worth Spending?)

Detailed SellerLegend Review

SellerLegend is an Amazon Analytics toolkit that gives you maximum performance in terms of the performance of your Amazon company. You report a variety of key performance counters in a way that is available in SellerCentral or no other analytics tool.

In terms of their analytical properties, they aim to be narrow and deep. The Seller Law focuses primarily on key business indicators but is extremely profound to give a clear view of the Amazon salesman’s business.

SellerLegend has front-end features that are sure to meet your needs.

SellerLegend Key Features

1. Smart And Innovative Dashboards

SellerLegend has intelligent, innovative and interactive features that provide a consistent account, market and customer panel. The control fields are supplemented by widgets that the user can select, which can be dragged and dropped anywhere in the control panel.

SellerLegend dashboard

The various dashboards include sales history, relative market performance, account rating, promotions, my products, disposition availability, tracking list summary, subsequent replenishments, and segmentation customers, bestsellers, repeat customers, and accounts to track all relevant information.

2. User-Selectable Dashboard Widgets

SellerLegend has 32 super widgets that allow you to use your control panel. Each widget describes the key performance counters that provide clarity and information about the state of your business. Each widget can be customized for even more precise control levels.

3. Download Orders Almost In Real-Time

View all your open orders on arrival, including your coupon codes. See all the details of your order, including discount promotions. Review every Amazon payment slip with an unbearable detail and a summary by product, brand or product group. Review all your transactions and all of your financial quotes, as well as your unit’s details, with their detailed listing, the reason for listing and status.

4. Exceptional Views Of Product Performance

Sellerlegend real time data

With a consistent vision of the overall performance of all your products, SKU or ASIN or product group or brand, added by day, week, month, quarter, semester, or year, graphically or graphically for a personalized period. Tabular, with the distribution of one product per day during any period with multiple filters.

5. Excellent Product Management

List all your products and their details. Manage your inventory Get daily statistics on email products. Record the daily payment per click and per product cost. Calculate your inventory at the end of the month and the detailed disposition estimate. Find out about all compliance centers that Nexus visited each month!

6. Inventory Management And Accurate Forecasts

Sellerlegend Product Management

A feature that lets you know what inventory you have, what inventory you are receiving, how much FC is in transit or waiting for customer orders, how old your inventory is, how much money is tied up. How many sales per day, regardless of the selected period, how long the current inventory lasts until it is used up, when it is replenished, how much it orders, how much is the new order. You can also define custom settings that manage the forecasting and reorganization process.

7. Monitoring And Progress Of careful Changes To The list

SellerLegend notifies you of any changes in the lists of your products, whether you do so yourself, to Amazon or to a competitor/hijacker. Notifications will be sent to you via email or via SellerLegend’s built-in notification channel.

8.Meticulous Customer Management

Sellerlegend Customer management

This feature allows you to list all your customers, the number of renewed orders, the number of units returned, the lifetime value of the customer, and the customer/product (cross-selling). Segment your customer base by order number, a number of units purchased, total revenue or total profit. Place your customers in up to 10 levels. Check out the list of VIP customers, potential resellers, problem customers and customers with poor customer service.

9. Revenues With Accurate Analysis

Provide the most detailed and accurate profit and loss account.

10. Visibility Of Crystal Clear PPC Performance

This feature allows you to access the main performance counters of your PPC as charts and tables as PPC data is automatically downloaded daily.

11. Unmatched flexibility And Customization

This key feature allows you to customize the manufacturer’s code to behave exactly as you want it to. This can be your personal space.

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SellerLegend Pricing Overview

The rates of the seller are based on a solid and strong foundation, the expansion of which grows steadily.

New users can also take advantage of a free 21-day trial. So you can easily test the many features of SellerLegend yourself and assess whether they meet your needs and desires.

One startup account costs $ 49.99 per month, up to 2,500 orders/month, up to 300 SKUs, one-year order history, unlimited central account synchronization, compatible with all NA branches, EU, AU, and JP.

An extended account costs $ 59.99 per month, up to 5,000 orders per month, up to 500 SKUs, a year and a half of history, synchronizes an unlimited number of central accounts and is compatible with all NA branches. EU, AU, and JP.

SellerLegend Pricing

A business account costs $ 69.99 per month, up to 15,000 orders per month, up to 1,000 SKUs, 1.5 years of order history, unlimited synchronization of central accounts and is compatible with all stores NA, EU, AU, and JP.

A business account has a value of $ 99.99 per month, up to 50,000 orders per month, up to 10,000 SKUs, one and a half years of history, unlimited central account synchronization, compatible with all NA, EU, AU and JP businesses.

SellerLegend Features Classified:

Dashboards for each main company (market (s), product (s), a customer (s))

• Customizable dashboards with custom design widgets
• Individual panels for the market (or an aggregation of markets), product and customers
• Choose from a large number of available widgets the KPI widgets of your choice.
• Drag a widget anywhere in the areas
• Place widgets on dashboards where they look best ergonomically.
• Widgets can be expanded to the full screen and reduced to the control panel
• All the key performance indicators you want, when and where you want them

Market Widgets

• my accounts
• The 10 best selling products
• Refill warnings (all products in the marketplace)
• promotions/discount codes (all products on the market)
• The average life of the customer
• Relative market performance
•% refund /% refund rate (all products on the market)
• average customer cross-selling rate (for the market)
• Summary of customer segmentation (segments and accounts for the market)
• Summary of the customer follow-up list (reasons and accounts for the market)

Product Widgets

• Product IDs (link to the BSR history table)
• Dimension / volumetric product data.
• Financial characteristics of the product
• Product list details (link to the product list changelog)
• Cost of product history by date
• Warnings for replacing the inventory (for the product)
• promotions/discount codes (by product)
•100% refund rate (per product)
• Average cross-selling rate (by product)
• customer segmentation (by product)
• Sold units by price point dimension

Customers Widgets

• Cross-selling of products by the customer
• Lifetime value of the customer
• Customer data as a reseller
• Free formatting notes for the customer
• Custom data collection
• Reasons why the customer is on the watch list
Data sequence almost in real time
• Includes pending orders with instant visibility of promo codes
• Displays refunded orders, rebate amounts, and percentages by order item
• Calculate the profit per order item
• Displays returned items with the detailed layout and return reason
product management
• See all your products at a glance
• Give nicknames to your products so you can easily track them
• Assign your products to different product groups for accounting purposes
• Label your products with an unlimited number of identifiers (for example, “Season End,” “Discontinued,” “Sales Item”) for SEO purposes.
• Inventory report reports at the end of the month in the form of a detailed determination, including Compliance Centers where the inventory is located
• Daily e-mail statistics for all active products
• Daily PPC Cost and CPP Cost History by Product
• View all transactions settled by type (eg, Lost Warehouse, shipping costs, storage fees, disposal fees, etc.)

Inventory Management

Sellerlegend inventory

• View the inventory of all your active products.
• Includes In Stock, Entry and Reserved Stock (inclusive, breakdown of reserved reason)
• The distinction between total inventory and local inventory (essential for multinational inventory)
• clearly see the cost of your linked inventory (the amount invested in the inventory)
• Determine whether you are subject to long-term storage rates: look at the breakdown of the storage units in their respective age groups.
• Know how many units you sell per day: The seller’s law calculates sales speeds (7, 20, 90, 180, 360 days, average, minimum, and maximum).
• Predicting “depleted storage conditions” based on your preferred sales speeds
• Calculate the number of remaining inventory days and recommended order dates
• Recommends a recommended order quantity that meets your own requirements
• Calculate the capital required to buy the proposed order quantity
• All the above rules are “seller rules”. You decide how to manage your inventory.

Customer Management

• See all your customers at a glance
• Cross-selling of customers/products: knowing which customers are buying different products
• Customer value for life: Knowing which customers are profitable
• Save customer notes in free format
• Customer as a reseller of data collection
• Collect custom data values by the customer: you specify and specify the data that will be collected.

Flexible costs for asset management

• Unlimited product price per product cost (COGS) for different periods with variable date
• Unlimited cost types (meaning: COGS allocation) during the raw material cost period
• Integrated and automated calculation calculator COGS (*)
• Selection of cost elements from BOM and assembly in product packages with automatic costing (*)
• Add the retrospective COGS, change the current COGS, and even add the COGS changes to the future date
• Change, Delete, Add, COGS recalculates historical benefits immediately
• Indicate the COGS history and display the breakdown of your cost per unit

Customer segmentation

• Assign up to 10 different customer segments (eg platinum, gold, silver, bronze, etc.).
• Segmentation of customers by the result, sales or number of orders
• You decide how to structure customer segments, segment boundaries including segment names
• Segment your customers differently depending on the market, if you want
• Assign each segment your specific earnings, sales, and order thresholds.
• Segmentation takes effect immediately when you configure or change the character of a segment.
• View, order and download customers by segment

Customer tracking list

• Identify customers as VIP members, fraudulent dealers, potential resellers, past service issues, or any other interest you may have
• Be careful when a registered customer places a new order.
• Activation alarm according to the reason of the watch list

Geolocation of the customer

Sellerlegend geo targeting

You can display the breakdown of your sales according to the following criteria:
• United States
• British counties
• German federal states
• Spanish and Italian provinces
• French departments

Automated processing of other operating expenses

• Account for ALL your business expenses
• Enter your expenses once and have them published by SellerLegend at the end of the recurring date.
• Distribution of expenditure on a market generic or specific to a product
• Define individual issues or recurring issues
• recurring expenses per week, month, year (s)
• Recurring periods do not have to be typical (eg expenses that occur every 4 months or every 3 weeks).
• Classify your expenses by your own category name
• Get a list of all expenses incurred, order them at will and download them in CSV format.
• Your allowance is adjusted to the operating costs

The future version will deal with the following:

• Automated creation of VAT returns to the authorities.
• Automated creation of VAT invoices
• European pan-European compliance network and FBA
• Monitoring the turnover threshold for all EU countries (to know when to register for VAT in each country)

VAT Europe

Sellerlegend vat

• Give the seller the legend in which the EU countries register the VAT
• Use the standard VAT rate or a reduced rate (specified by the user) per marketplace.
• Specify specific VAT rates per product, if applicable
• The VAT will be charged per order item and added by the market
• Your benefit will be credited to the VAT account
• Currently, only the VAT is calculated to adjust the profits, the VAT declaration is not sent to the tax administration
• Currently only sales tax sales for a specific country (stocks are shipped to the same country).
• Currently, it is not dealing with the European Compliance Network or the pan-European FBA.

Powerful notification options

• Find out about important events affecting your business, via e-mail, SMS ($), or internally in accordance with the seller’s legal requirements.
• The SellerLegend notification channel (bell icon above) displays the number of unread notifications and links to a detailed notification screen.

Reportable events available

• List of changes
• Orders from listed customers
• Order by VIP client
• The speed of out-of-sales sales
• Possible transportation out of control
• Violation of entry
• low positions in the stock
• List of quality issues
• deleted ads
• Buy box loss
• Excessive order quantity
• Amazon policy submission error

Daily /weekly/monthly status of the e-mail

• Select a Frequency to receive a regular email with statistics from yesterday’s market and all of your active products.
• Product statistics are in a formatted Excel spreadsheet, not in a CSV file.

SellerLegend Testimonials:

SellerLegend Testimonials

Download your data, all data

• Unified download installation
• The download information of any kind in CSV format
• The downloaded data history is never deleted and is always available.
• Downloaded data has 3 date fields for universal use in Excel

SellerLegend FAQs

✅ What is SellerLegend?

Basically, SellerLegend is an Amazon Analytics toolkit that generally gives you maximum performance in terms of the performance of your Amazon Seller Business right away.

🔥 Which one is best SellerLegend vs Inventory Lab?

No doubt, SellerLegend offers more value than Inventory Lab in terms of advanced features and pricing plans as well. The best part about SellerLengend is that you can try it for free, as it offers 21 Days Free Trial.

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Conclusion: SellerLegend Review | Is SellerLegend Worth For Your Business?

SellerLegend can offer each user their own custom features through the advanced architectural design of SellerLegend. This allows unique installations for groups of individual sellers and vendors with specific functional requirements.

In general, SellerLegend offers a variety of features tailored to the needs of the user. In the comments below, let me know what you like best about SellerLegend and how do you rate this software?


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