sellerboard vs InventoryLab 2021: Which One Is The Best & Why ?

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Let me give you a detailed sellerboard vs InventoryLab today that will help you clear out all your dilemmas and select the best out of them that is suitable for your business. 

Bottom Line Upfront: sellerboard is an amazing profit analytics service for amazon sellers with additional tools like follow-up mail campaigns, inventory management, reimbursements for lost & damaged stock and other FBA errors, PPC optimizer, listing change alerts. Sellerboard is a much better platform than InventoryLab in terms of features and pricing. There is a lot you can do with sellerbard and you can get 2 months of free trial on sellerboard and no credit card is required.

Mastering Amazon FBA can be hard for Amazon sellers these days, Managing and keeping track of every aspect of their business is quite challenging. Experts suggest quite a few seller tools to run a successful FBA business. Among them is sellerboard and InventoryLab that is doing the rounds. 

sellerboard vs InventoryLab: Overview

sellerboard Overview

sellerboard is an accurate profitability analytic software for amazon sellers that includes stock management, systemic data statistics. In other words, sellerboard is all that a seller needs.

_sellerboard Overview

From my experience, I can assure you that you can analyze your Business’s profit in real-time, and manage all your inventory affairs, which also helps in identifying optimizations. 

InventoryLab Overview

InventoryLab is a lot of applications around the amazon universe, Some are new and some are older, some attempt to assist you with information, and some attempt to assist with your work processes. 

InventoryLab- Overview

Whichever one you pick to assist you with your Amazon business, you’ll need to be completely clear regarding whether you are utilizing it correctly, in any case, you might be wasting your money.

A quick overview will be given in this article to view the pros and cons of InventoryLab.

Sellerboard vs InventoryLab Features 

If we are talking about software competitors, the first thing that I’ll put before you to get impressed will be the features of both the softwares. Let me walk you through the unique features of sellerBoard and InventoryLab in the simplest ways.  

Unique features of sellerboard 

sellerboard largely depends on profit-making and extracting more data to examine the profits obtained with every click. These features of  sellerboard can be enlisted below

  • Dashboard For Inspecting Profitability– It is a very robust feature that helps track large quantities of data. With the help of this tool, total profits incurred can be calculated. Once the account is created, it extracts all the details and syncs information automatically without extra effort. It is a type and number of ordered items Fees of Amazon which includes fees of FBA, storage, Inbound, Cost of shipping, cost of removal, subscription, Concession, Remuneration, Cost of Advertising.

Amazon-Sellers-sellerboard - Live Dashboard

  • Restocking Recommendations- sellerboard can be effectively used to keep a check on directory control also keep me notified if any product has a stock out and needs restocking for the warehouse of Amazon It’s of great help to know about abundant sellers,  exclusive labels, specified lead time. This is also useful to RA sellers who have large amounts of inexhaustible products. sellerboard will calculate a rough approximation of the stock left at Warehouses and send out a notification of yes or no. If the cost data is already present, product ROI is also displayed.
  • Easy expenses – I conveniently edit, observe, and sum up the business cost in the ”Expenses” tab of sellerboard. It can be a single time expense or a subscription for a month. A specific expense concerning a single item can be added by assigning it to a particular ASIN.

Sellerboard - Easy Expenses

  • Contacting Customers – Autoresponder is a brilliant tool that automatically generates messages to customers on multiple occasions. One of them is I can send an email to buyers after their product arrives. This email may include tips of the usage of the product or it can be a contemplated template that can be regularly put to use. Emails can be sent for product reviews or else for a status update of the product.

Sellerboard - Autoresponder

  • Refunds – sellerboard’s refund characteristic is related to reimbursement changes. Destructed, misplaced items can’t be avoided, that happens daily. The items of FBA inventory can also be lost where Amazon puts in extra efforts to retrieve it.

Sellerboard - Refund

According to Amazon’s policy, a period of 30 days is there to locate my items and send them back to the theme seller. In cases where items are not found for 30 days consecutively, the amount is reimbursed to your account. 

You can calculate Amazon’s reimbursements on your own by downloading, analysing reports and data in Google Sheets and submitting cases to Amazon in the end.

Apart from this automated information, some part of it is entered manually like the cost of a single item, miscellaneous payments such as software for accounting, expenditure on education, supplies of software.

Good’s charge is physically entered or downloaded by template for import of bulk.

Once Amazon’s information, our expenditures are taken care of by sellerboard, it can process information such as cost of sold goods, total revenue, total proceeds, Marginal earnings.

By now, knowing from my experience, I can totally support you to try out and check the software according to the desired time that you want whether it can be a current day or monthly or other date range. Also you can check per item cost to have a better eye at proceeds and each item-level margins. Once the price of units is entered, sellerboard creates a precise Loss Profit tally which gets very useful for my business.

Unique features of InventoryLab 

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA Lab) can limit their Warehouses for Your InventoryLab

While processing your batch in InventoryLab, opt between two types of workflow, Private listing or Live listing. At the point when you select the Private work process, No information will be submitted to amazon until the entire batch is done. It’s important to bring it to light that the Private work process can change the last objective for some of your items. This is the reason you should ensure that your items are being shipped to the right place. The Private work process appears to turn out better for some Amazon’s Fulfillment vendors. It will send your products to quite a few centres.

  • Scoutify Sourcing App comes included in InventoryLab: When it comes to retail exchange, it is hard to imagine how things would function without the scoutify sourcing application.  It’s so efficient that one scan of the barcode will let you know if the item is a great buy for your resale business. Scoutify will bring up the points such as the expected benefit, competitors costs, sales rank, sales rank rate, ROI if you are permitted to advertise the item on Amazon, the number of things you have available, your business, ASIN’s Keepa graph, and connections to request an endorsement to sell confined things. With InventoryLab, you can get the sourcing application and posting administration at one unimaginably low cost. Generally, you will be solving two problems at once.

InventoryLab- Research

  • Great Accounting Capabilities: Stock Lab utilizes its accounting tools to organise your funds. You need to work at expanding your numbers on the off chance that you need your Amazon FBA business to be beneficial.  Try not to fall into the snare of accepting that distributions from Amazon are signs that your business is making money. You should know where your capital is coming from and where it’s going. It’s actually that basic. Stock Lab Accounting – As you are beginning to see, InventoryLab can take your Amazon FBA endeavour to the following level. 

InventoryLab- List

  • Screening advantage: It can help you screen the accompanying sales costs, purchase costs, inbound delivery, quantifiable profit, cash rolling in from repayments, cash going out for discounts, and considerably more. The InventoryLab additionally makes it feasible for you to monitor your expense of provisions, mileage, and each other detail identified with your business. Getting this data will help you settle on the correct choice for sourcing items and setting serious costs for your items.

InventoryLab- Accounting

  •  Reports: Reports on Profits, Losses, and Sales Tax is also created by InventoryLab. Probably one of the best features of InventoryLab is that you can make reports regarding your profits. You can separate it to productivity for a specific ASIN, an SKU, or a whole classification. 

InventoryLab- Report

    • InventoryLab Analyze – If you enter the provider’s name during the posting cycle, you can investigate the provider’s productivity. 

InventoryLab- Inventory


  • Getting this data can assist you in doing the accompanying: It Checks whether certain discount records or stores will return better benefits and assists you with deciding whether an online parley bargain list merits your time. It also helps you to stay aware of the stock gained by various sourcing organizations (outfits you employed) that also lets you keep steady over your benefits, and deals assessment will help you settle on trustworthy choices for your endeavour. 
  • Stock Lab can be joined with the BQool Repricer Service: With a single tick of a catch, you can coordinate your purchase costs from InventoryLab to BQool’s Repricing Central. This will help you spare time and proves to be useful with regards to building up your base and most extreme costs in Repricing Central. 

Here’s a side note – You might be incredulous about Bqool. That is fine. Be that as it may, it expanded my deals inside three weeks. 

This was a major event transformer. On the off chance that it is functioning admirably for me, there’s no motivation behind why it won’t function admirably for you.


Of all the features of sellerBoard and InventoryLab which have been stated here, I can conclude to you that InventoryLab is one of those softwares that gives you abundant benefits within itself. 

sellerboard vs InventoryLab Pros and Cons 

Every product has its own pros and cons despite being among the best. 

Pros of sellerboard

  •  A user-friendly platform with great communication skills, the convenient user interface for accountability and profitability rakes in a lot of positive reviews from its users. 
  •  Regular updates of sellerboard enhances the customer experience by innovating its services constantly. In every update that is done, unique and important features are added.
  • It is a great expense tracker which keeps a record of all the reimbursements, shipping costs, PPC cost, fixed costs such as fees of prep centre and also own expenses can be added efficiently that gives a vague idea of the true profit. In other words, sellerboard gives a complete financial review.
  • It constantly sends out reminders that help us get knowledge about the replenishment products, the stock out times and the remaining items left in the inventory. It automates message campaigns for follow-ups, sends alerts for restocking, gives an overview for reimbursement of FBA data. 
  • It recognizes PPC optimizations and sends notifications, alerts for listing changes.
  • Apart from all the above positive aspects of sellerboard, it also comes at an affordable price which increases its user base.

Pros of InventoryLab 

  • Comprehensive posting, research and accounting web application.
  • Very easy to use interface.
  • Capacity to print labels.
  • Capacity to make live batches that go right to Amazon shipment plans.
  • Comes with a live only scanning application.

Cons of sellerboard 

  • Limitations are there in the starter plan

Cons of InventoryLab 

  • Costly ($50/mo) 
  • Accounting reports are extremely befuddling.
  • Reports of accounting information are not organized accurately.
  • Unresponsive to highlight requests.
  • No genuine network.
  • Founders don’t talk with their clients any longer

sellerboard vs InventoryLab Pricings


sellerBoard offers a great deal by giving a 30-day free trial without entering credit card details. The prices starting at 19 dollars to 79 dollars per month is the very competitive price offered compared to other services.

Amazon-Sellers-sellerboard - Pricing

Keeping in the mind the great range of services that sellerboard this is a very cheap price that the customer has to pay. The amount gives complete justice to the services offered. In my opinion, this is the best that anyone can wish for.


InventoryLab is one of those softwares that give you all benefits but sadly restricts you with one plan i.e. $50 per month, which includes a 30 days trial. 


Testimonials: sellerboard vs InventoryLab

Customer Review sellerboard

Amazon-Sellers-sellerboard - Testimonials

Customer Review InventoryLab


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sellerboard vs InventoryLab FAQs

🔥Which one of these softwares gives more integrations?

InventoryLab offers five integrations such as Amazon, Aura, BQool,, Zapier whereas sellerBoard only integrates with Amazon.

🔥Can these softwares be allowed to run on multiple platforms?

Multiple platforms like SaaS, iPhone, Android are allowed only in sellerBoard and InventoryLab only runs on SaaS, which is a major drawback to this software.

🔥Which is the most beginner-friendly software?

Although sellerBoard has quite a cheaper pricing plan, InventoryLab, despite being a little expensive, offers a ton of options to the Users.

Conclusion: sellerboard vs InventoryLab 2021

sellerboard sets an impressive standard of its own by putting an ample amount of data and reports at our fingertips. This can be best utilized by opening our own Amazon account. Once that’s done, the process of setting up gets simple. It does require a professional seller account like any other platform. It progresses and allows access to sellerboard through which it captures reports of sales and Amazon’s data. 

On the other hand,InventoryLab management is where you need to do a great deal of repetitive work, which a human mind despises, to guarantee that the lab can run effectively and the representatives have all they require where and when they need it. 

Generally speaking, stock administration is a cumbersome and burdening cycle, which has no privilege to be so burdensome and ungainly in the time of automation. Accordingly, the desire to assemble lab stock programming is a characteristic and a very much supported choice, which will go far in guaranteeing cost-productivity, diminishing remaining tasks at hand, and diminishing the likelihood of mistakes. 

To build a lab inventory and project management software, one needs an in-house team of developers to create one, which is a hectic process. It is tough to handle all the heavy programming. That’s when the InventoryLab comes in help.

 In conclusion, I can say sellerboard is a breakthrough in the field of marketing which not only imparts great use to its customers but also creates an effective and simpler approach to do profitability and accountability.

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