SellerBooster Review 2023 Is It Worth The Hype?

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What Is SellerBooster?

SellerBooster is a legitimate all-in-one dropshipping platform that generally provides high-quality products right with effective listings and more. With SellerBooster you can easily sell to multiple channels with one click, simply dropship to your customers hassle-free and boost your online sales exponentially.

SellerBooster Review- All in One Dropshipping Platform

SellerBooster integrates with multiple e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, ebay and more. SellerBooster adds products to their catalogue monthly which are chosen by strict standards. It will definitely help you in boosting your online store performance.

SellerBooster Features

  • Guarantee High-Quality Products: They add best and high-quality products right to their catalogue every month. And these products are generally chosen by a strict standard and metrics. The best part is that here you don’t have build your own inventory.

SellerBooster Review- Products Available

  • Building Effective Listings: SellerBooster creates and optimises listing simply by using HD pictures along with the detailed descriptions. Also, you don’t need any experience with creating listing and more.
  • One Click Listing Uploads: Yes, you can simply upload listing right with one click through their system. Just forget the complicated forms simply start your online business in just few minutes.
  • Multi-Channel Easier: They also helps in selling products on Amazon, eBay, Walmart along with other e-commerce platforms too. You can easily sell to all other multiple channels in one stop.

SellerBooster Review- Dashboard

  • Faster Dropship Rate To Your Customer: SellerBooster will immediately ship and process out your order after receiving the payments. 
  • Boost Your Online Sales: They have feedback request system guides that will easily guide your customers to leave positive reviews. That will definitely help you in building more authority.
  • Automatic Order Imports: Once your customer places an order, here the order details are sent directly to the SellerBooster for the processing and all. All of your order will be shipped to your customers easily.
  • Auto-Syncing For Marketplaces: The best part about SellerBooter is that they sync all of their listing with popular marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Shopify and more.

SellerBooster Review- Stores and Marketplaces

  • Fast Shipping: The biggest problem of dropshipping is the late delivery and here with SellerBooster is that they offer fast delivery to your customers. You need to just provide shipping details, and that’s it ! Your product will be delivered easily.

Pricing Plans Of SellerBooster:

SellerBooster offers simple and affordable pricing options. Here you don’t have to pay any of the monthly or signups fees. Basically, its completely free and website doesn’t provide that much of information about it.

Just sign up for SellerBooster and then link your website or marketplace. After that you can start uploading products to your website or desired marketplace. Here you only need to pay the credit card transaction fees and the monthly rates right for Shopify if you do have a Shopify based store.

For each of the products, there is a wholesale price listed for each of the products in SellerBooster. This will be listed under your price and also a recommended list price will be shown there. Also here SellerBooster gives you the liberty to change the List Price to whatever you want so you can easily increase or decrease all of your profit accordingly.

What Makes SellerBooster Invincible?

SellerBooster gives the opportunity to start your online business at a low cost. SellerBoster offers more than 150 brands suppliers along with manufacturers. They have selected the most premium products to deliver the finest quality to your customers and that lets you earn the highest profit.

  • Fastest Way To Deliver Packages:

SellerBooster have established warehouses and many shipping centres that are generally located in Denver, Los Angeles, and NJ. And also your order can be shipped to the entire US at a faster speed and lower cost.  

They also have their enterprise logistics platforms which will generally lower your cost and help in growing your sales volume and also providing better customer experience. SellerBooster also chooses the best carrier services like the (UPS. FedEx, USPS Priority) to ship their customers orders that let them deliver quickly and securely.

  • Top Quality Brand Suppliers:

SellerBooster is having more than 150+ brand supplier and manufacturers too. And also their premium products will deliver the finest quality right to your customers and with highest profit to you.

SellerBooster Review- Quality Brands

  • One Click Products Publishing:

Another plus point of using SellerBooster is that they offer one-click products publishing right to your store. Just forget about the manual uploading CSV files and messing with XML feeds.

SellerBooster Review- Instant Upload

Simply let SellerBooster automate your products uploads and also the inventory updates into your e-commerce platform or marketplaces of your choice. They support marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart and more.

  • Offers Products and Keywords Research:

SellerBooster also offers the product and keyword research that will help you in selling better. Right with the help of professional products and keyword research team your Amazon or eBay store will easily get more exposure and will definitely generate more better sales.

SellerBooster Review- Keyword Research Tool

  • Offers Customised Designed Templates:

The best part that we liked most about SellerBooster is that they offer custom designed templates that will let you set-up your own website right with 1000+ quality products.

SellerBooster Review- Custom Designed Templates

And you will be amazed to know that your e-commerce website will be just a few clicks away as here you will be getting custom designed templates.

  • Legitimate Business Partners:

SellerBooster does the business partnership with brands like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Stripe and more. That’s quite impressive as they are doing the business partnership with most renowned brands in the world.

What About SellerBooster “Return Request”?

Another big problem with dropshipping nowadays is the return request. What happens when a customer wants to return or replace the product? In most of the case, some of the suppliers generally don’t take any type of responsibility and in that case, you are going to be stuck accepting the items back. That will definitely lead you to lose money on the transactions.

SellerBooster Review- One Click Returns

But it’s not the same in the case of SellerBooster as they take a different approach. SellerBooster offers a “Return Request Tab” right in the dashboard. Here all you need to do is just find the order to be returned and then simply create a return request. And then the customers can easily send the items back and get the refund without putting that much of effort and excluding any type of losses too.

Pros and Cons Of SellerBooster:


  • No risks
  • No Stocking fees
  • No handling fees
  • Offers a friendly return policy
  • Custom merchant packing slips
  • Professional Keyword Research
  • No minimum order quantity required
  • One click publish a list to multi-channel


  • Doesn’t have any pro plans
  • Limited Customer Support

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Do I Recommend SellerBooster?

Basically, SellerBooster is for those dropshippers who are fed-up of issues like slow shipping speeds, bad quality products, return difficulty. So, if you are one of them who doesn’t want to face such issues then get started with SellerBooster.

Overall, this platform is awesome as it offers exceptional features for free of cost. All you need to do is just get started with SellerBooster. SellerBooster will definitely help in skyrocketing sales for your store.

We hope this SellerBooster Review suits your purpose well. Feel free share your views about SellerBooster right in the comment section. If you liked the post, then kindly share it on all trending social media platforms.

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