SellerSpirit Review 2021: Amazon Keyword Tracker $200 Discount Offer

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SellerSpirit Review








Keyword Research




  • Keyword Research Queries
  • Reverse ASIN Queries
  • Product Research Queries
  • Top Sales Weekly Queries
  • Movers & Shakers Queries
  • Sales Tracked Products
  • It offers 7 Days Free Trial
  • Supports All International Marketplaces


  • Pricing is little bit high

Sales tracking is a crucial step in managing and planning your previous and current sales for a better and beneficial sales future. This involves keeping systematic records and detailing all aspects of your sales process. Along with analyzing these records, searching and using the right keywords for yourself and studying the keyword activity of your competitors also helps sales managers develop a sustainable strategy that keeps critical Sales KPIs performing in your e-commerce business.

Sales tracking and related aspects provide proper transparency into your sales process with the help of insights and dynamic records to convert more prospects into customers. If done the right way, this guarantees higher sales and better profits for the brand.

So keeping the above aspects in mind, today I will tell you about an amazing product sale and tracking system that will help you boost your productivity sales and profits in the most professional way possible to easily get at par or trump your competitors in the market. This platform is called SellerSpirit. In this post, we have featured SellerSpirit Review 2021 that includes pricing, features, and detailed insights about some awesome tools and features. So let’s get started here.

SellerSpirt Discount $200 Coupon Offer

SellerSpirit Review- Get Your $200 Discount Offer

SellerSpirit Review 2021 With $200 Discount Coupon Offer

What is SellerSpirit ? Seller Spirit – Amazon Seller Toolbox, Keywords Rank, Keywords Tracking, Sales Tracking | Amazon Keyword Rank Tracking for Amazon. Quickly Improve Your Amazon Sales with Our Amazon SEO Tools. Amazon Rank Tracker, Keyword Tools, Best Sellers Product Tracker

SellerSpirit is an international product sales support and tracking platform that has been designed with an objective to help Retailers and Brand Owners make more money on Amazon with the leading toolkit. Since Amazon is the world’s No.1 Internet retailer in the world as measured by revenue and market capitalization, the developers have decided to target the audience connected with Amazon.

SellerSpirit Review- Sell More On Amazon

The platform supports all international marketplaces and offers users a clean and systematic account along with a complete suite of tools that get them access to valuable data which they can use to make the right decisions, helping them outclass competitors and conquer Amazon.

Using SellerSpirit tools, one can explore and analyze crucial keywords, evaluate and optimize their own product research and enhance their product sales more efficiently, thus ensuring better revenue and profits.

SellerSpirit Review- Features

Highlight features

SellerSpirit offers tools that have been designed to just what is needed to boost your product sales while exploring and analyzing the whereabouts and sales strategies of your competitor brands. The platform has been designed in a manner that you get just what you need. Neither will you won’t fall short of required tools, nor you will find any tool that is irrelevant.

  • Keyword Research

Access Amazon internal data categorized across 3 million+ keywords, month, marketplace, yielding you top 20-100k for each category.

SellerSpirit Review- Keyword Research

  • Reverse ASIN

Bring traffic and sales or get instant access to the exact keywords that your rival brands are searching for.

SellerSpirit Review- Reverse ASIN

  • ASIN Report

Amazon ARA Data, tell you keywords which bring searches, clicks, add to cart, purchases and get daily sales from search

  • Search Term

Get 100% keywords accuracy for keyword inputs that seller filled in its backend search term fields. You can also try with your own ASIN for free.

  • Product Research

You get the top 50,000+ in every product category and over 1,000,000+ top products for each marketplace.

SellerSpirit Review- Product Research

  • Top Sales Weekly

You can get the real sales of best sellers along with previous search data and historical trends that are updated on a weekly basis.

  • Review Alerts

Get instant notifications about a negative review. This helps you reach out to the buyer, deal with their grievances, and fix the problems as soon as possible.

SellerSpirit- Negative Review Tracker

  • Movers & Shakers

Get access to the real sales revenue and units for top increased products including historical trends.

  • Keyword Tracker

Get real-time daily rankings for your products for any keywords you choose, including the option to spy your competitor.

SellerSpirit Review- Keywords Rank Tracker

  • Sales Tracker

Enhance your sales planning by tracking the actual sales volume for any Product on Amazon and also see what your competitors are getting right.

SellerSpirit Review- Sales Tracking

  • Product Tracker

Powerful product tracking will help you streamline your business by monitoring competitor activity, pricing and inventory. You can also track your or your competitor’s BSR, reviews, ratings, and a lot more.

SellerSpirit Review- Product Tracker

SellerSpirit Tools

Here is a quick description of some of the most useful tools that will help you boost your sales and business if used the right way.

  • Keyword Research

SellerSpirit Keyword Research tool allows users to access Amazon internal data categorized across 3 million+ keywords, month, marketplace, yielding you top 20-100k for each category to give you real search queries, clicks and real sales for any keyword.

SellerSpirit keywords research tool for Amazon marketplace sellers and vendors

Brand owners and retailers can use this tool to do manual research of keywords or make auto-suggestions for products. This tool is easy to use, intuitive, fast, and can easily find your related keywords, to use in PPC campaigns, SEO and in-depth keyword research and keyword history.

  • Product Research

SellerSpirit product research tool allows you to get the top 50,000+ in every product category and over 1,000,000+ top products for each marketplace that is updated regularly on a monthly basis.

Amazon product listing anlytics tool,any ASIN lookup and and historical trends

This tool helps you efficiently find potential products that you cannot find anywhere else. Its amazing filter system lets you filter your search results with rank, sales price, reviews and more filters. Furthermore, the system will search through hundreds of stores for the best price for you, thus making sure that it is an amazing profit finder.

  • Movers & Shakers (Amazon Internal Data)

You can get access to Amazon’s confidential data and get the real sales and revenue, and historical trends based on a 4 weeks (28 days) time frame. The tool can also be extensively used for marketing, product research, and competitor analysis which make it much more reliable than estimated tools like Jungle Scount and more.

SellerSpirit- Movers & Shakers

The data available on their server covers over 2,000,000+ products and is updated on a weekly basis and supports international marketplaces like the USA, Japan, Canada, Europe, and UK.

  • Sales Tracking

An important parameter of planning sales is tracking the actual sales volume for any Product on Amazon. Sales tracking is highly recommended whether you are sourcing a new product or spying on a competitor. SellerSpirit accurate inventory tracking tool provides you with available inventory, daily sales, total revenue and more.

SellerSpirit : Sales Tracker Tool——Sales Tracker is a tool to monitor the daily sales of ASIN.

This will then allow you to see which types of products you should be investing in and which of your competitors is getting it right and should be emulated!

  • Product Tracker

SellerSpirit powerful product tracker helps you streamline your business by monitoring competitor activity, pricing, and inventory with just a click. While using this tool, you will not need to manually input data and waste time creating reports with spreadsheets. You can also track every BSR, reviews, ratings, price, Q&A and a lot more using this tool.

Product Tracker Tool——Track competitor sellers, Analyze their sales tactics and strategies.

Plans and Pricing

SellerSpirit offers customers to choose from 3 different plans, which includes free plan as well. The paid packages are priced at $69 and $189 per month respectively. Have a look at the following table to know more about their features.

 Pricing – SellerSpirit Review

Free (Trial)**StandardVIP
Price--$69 per month$189 per month
Keyword research queries10100010000
Reverse ASIN queries1010002000
Search term queries01050
Product research queries10100010000
Top sales weekly queries10100010000
Movers & Shakers queries10100010000
Tracked keywords105002000
Sales tracked products10100500
Tracked products10100500
Review alert products10100500

**The free plan is a 7-days free trial version offering limited functionality, after which you will have to purchase a paid version to continue using SellerSpirit services.

Visit their official website- to learn more about their additional features, benefits.

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Conclusion: SellerSpirit Review 2021: Amazon Keyword Tracker $200 Discount Offer

A friend of mine used SellerSpirit for his clothing brand and I closely monitored his use of the platform. The tool works seamlessly for any e-commerce business whose focus always lies on keywords optimization. You get instant access to reliable insights and data of any particular product. I closely studied my friend analyze the keywords competition degree of different categories online and then select the desired keywords through its recommended related keywords.

In addition, I noticed that users get the core keywords which bring the traffic to opponents’ ASIN through the Reverse tool and get their back-end keywords through the Search Term tool as well. My friend just puts his desired keywords in the PPC campaign and it got him more traffic and customers over time.

So altogether, from what I have personally monitored, SellerSpirit can indeed be a very promising solution to your products sales, tracking and keyword management worries if it’s done the right way!

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