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If you are a firm looking to promote your website or a digital marketer looking for excellent SEO and SEM tools then you have to read this. While looking for tools online for increased and efficient SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and SEM(Search Engine Marketing) I found SemCompass and it took me by a very pleasant surprise. Based in Melbourne, Australia, this website has a whole lot of good things to offer.

SemCompass review

So here is my review of SemCompass, analysing its prime features for you.

SemCompass tools 

If you want exhaustive and relevant backlink information then SemCompasse’s tool called ahrefs will do just that for you. It analyses 123 billion URLs and updates itself every 15 minutes to provide you always with the latest results.

It claims of providing highly relevant backlinks which are greater than compared to those provided by Moz’s open site explorer or Majestic SEO.  The attribute which stands apart is that you can easily access, interpret and download the reports in the formats which are suitable for you like Excel or CSV etc.

SEMrush : Spy on your Competitors Keywords

In a business, it is always pivotal to know thoroughly about your customers and SemCompasse’s second feature SEMrush lets you do just that.With a database of over 106 million search engine results it can provide you with relevant and insightful data regarding your competitor analysis.Some of the key features of the reports include stats and organic traffic distribution, search engine traffic history, competitor discovery and keyword search.

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This means that it helps you analysis the competitors you know about and also allows you to find new competition that you have to face which for me makes this tool one top notch offering from SemCompass.

WhiteSpark tool

SEO on a local scale is very important for medium scale and large scale companies when they are trying to promote their brand in their respective areas and trying to achieve high rankings on search engines. WhiteSpark, another featured tool from SemCompass allows you to effectively devise efficient and productive SEO campaigns.

SEM Compass SEM SEO tool aggregator

The citation finder has an interesting process which is that it analyses Google’s “7 Pack” map listings, in real time to devise the list of best citations for enhancing your local rank. What makes this feature more robust that the algorithm is highly targeted, and easily downloadable to excel to help you create more specific metrics and analyse the results.

PlagSpotter tool

As a start-up your content marketing strategies matter when you are trying to communicate your potential customers and trying to promote your brand by exhaustive communication. Thus originality and uniqueness become matters of utmost importance. This is where the added bonus tool called PlagSpotter makes your effort a lot easier and save a lot of time, which you would have spent on other tools like CopyScape.

It makes the process more efficient as you can create a batch of 100 URLs and search all at once. You can also check your internal pages for copied content and check if your content writers are not duping you. Advantageous isn’t it?

The one think you all are wondering about is The Pricing Plan. That is always the most controversial part because most websites and firms boast of a host of services and then ultimately disappoint you with price plans which are bound to be taxing on your wallets.

This is where SemCompass really bags top marks as you can get all these plans plus a permanent subscription at $327. This is a very cost efficient option. If you start assembling all these services manually you are well set on spending over 500 dollars. That’s 200 dollars saved right away along with a lot of time and effort which you would have spent scouring for good service providers.

The confidence of the SemCompass crew in their services is clearly visible as they provide with a free 3 day trial to begin with where you can still avail all the services. This is very unlikely with other SEO/SEM tool providers as their free trials only offer a few services. Plus, if you do not like what you get, you can get a full refund on your subscription by cancelling it within a week from application.

The payment options are very simple and hassle free and currently include PayPal and credit card payments which are hassle free and available globally.

The price packages are the ultimate part which seals the deal for potential customers. For me all this at a cost effective price of $327 is an effective USP to make SemCompass a hot service to hire.

GeoRanker tool

Wait! There is more that SemCompass has to offer. Its team is innovating new tools constantly like the “soon to be launched” GeoRanker, which will help you integrate your rank tracking functionality more efficiently and lead to better rankings.

Another thing which I need to highlight is the excessively simple and easy to use user interface which makes all your work simpler and more engaging and causes less frustration and more of productivity and ultimately boosting your sites brand value and increases its rankings.

The one page Dashboard provides you with all tools at the same place thus saving navigation time. You can decide on what service you wish to avail and then start working in no time. The interface is built on a simple framework providing high speed service even on comparatively lower speed bandwidths. This is clearly evident as the all the pages including the landing page, dashboard and others open with high speed and the hassles are none.

With the increasing number of SEO/SEM service providers on the internet, it becomes very difficult to choose one which offers all that one requires at the best price he can afford to invest. People often get duped or complain about substandard services.

To them I say that give SemCompass a try. With the successful Beta version out there, I strongly believe that we are bound to hear good things about it in the future.

MY RATING: Genuine, Efficient and Cost Effective – Excellent Option for SEO/SEM

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