4 Sendlane Alternatives 2023 Which is the Best Email Marketing Tool?

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Even while Sendlane has a larger share of the market at the moment, there are other options to consider. For email marketing, you can choose from a wide variety of available services. These alternatives to Sendlane are all top-tier choices for email marketing software.

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The Top Alternatives to Sendlane

1. SendinBlue

Sendinblue - Sendlane competitors

SendinBlue’s robust set of features has earned it a reputation as one of the best in the business. If you’re looking for a single platform to handle all of your marketing automation and customer service communication needs, go no further than SendinBlue.


  • Each of the many available connections is listed in one convenient place. Creating a campaign, from the ground up, is a straightforward procedure.
  • The design of the email themes is quite businesslike. There are more than 60 different options for replies and designs.
  • Use the segmentation features to create campaigns with a laser-like concentration.
  • Save a log of all messages sent and received in the group inbox.


  • The extensive set of features may be too much for someone who is only looking for the most fundamental support
  • The free plan only offers a little amount of space for storing emails.
  • The poor speed of the system is a common complaint from users.

SendinBlue Pricing

Free unlimited SMS messaging for the first 300 sent each day. A minimum monthly fee of $25 gets you a maximum of 10,000 daily emails sent with the most basic plan. SendinBlue has two separate pricing tiers, Lite (aimed at beginners) and Premium (for power users) (for professionals).

This package is ideal for bigger businesses that want to run more comprehensive marketing. The most costly plan in this group costs $599 per month and allows for 600,000 daily email sends. If there are any unexpected expenses, the provider will provide a quote.

Lite may be missing some of the more sophisticated tools included in the full version, but it still has many helpful tools at its disposal. For a one-time price of $99, you can send as many as 60,000 emails per day.

Best Suited for 

A mid-sized company wants to expand, so it’s looking into new methods of advertising its wares.

2) Hubspot

HubSpot - Sendlane competitors

Creating a product that is both innovative and easy to use is no easy feat, yet Hubspot has managed it. Effective marketing on an easy-to-navigate platform.

Hubspot’s style of marketing is one that will certainly win over marketing newcomers and have a positive impact on the businesses of those newcomers.


  • One of HubSpot’s most useful functions is its email integration.
  • This interface is easy to use because of its minimalist design
  • If you run a modest business, you’ll really appreciate this free service.


  • The initial price tag might easily mislead buyers if more bells and whistles were added later.

HubSpot Pricing

Businesses of all sizes, from sole proprietorships to multi-national conglomerates, can use Hubspot’s free versions of its main marketing capabilities. Hubspot’s premium subscriptions start at around $50/month and scale up to around $3,000/month for large businesses (this is how Hubspot makes money).

Best Suited for

Communicating with and selling to other businesses should be at the forefront of each small or medium-sized business’s marketing plan (B2B).

3) Omnisend

omnisend - Sendlane alternative

When used correctly, Omnisend can help you achieve any goal. This vendor bundles together a variety of promotional strategies designed especially for online enterprises.


  • The user-friendly interface makes the platform accessible to everybody, regardless of their skill level.
  • You can try out the service without spending a dime.
  • All of your marketing needs can be met by the comprehensive set of features offered by Omnisend.
  • Electronic commerce has very specialized capabilities.
  • When the process is simplified, the buyer has a better time.


  • An enormous price hike will occur if you send a lot of emails or make heavy use of the upgraded service.
  • When compared to competing vendors, the number of customizable layouts provided by this one is severely lacking.

Omnisend Pricing

The pro tariff is the highest of the three, but a free tariff and a standard tariff are also available. There are three options, and they cost nothing, sixteen dollars, and ninety-nine dollars monthly, respectively. In a typical month, each service sends 15,000 emails, or roughly 500 each day. Send us a price request if you require more than that, and we’ll be happy to discuss the individualized pricing alternatives we offer.

Best Suited for

This is useful for customers who want a more exciting shopping experience and want to increase their conversion rates.

4) Freshmail

freshmail - Sendlane competitors

Although many forms of marketing focus on generating revenue, this is not necessarily the case. Communication is crucial while building a network, and it is especially crucial when trying to grow the network. Design templates and newsletters are two of Freshmail’s many areas of expertise.


  • Freshmail stands out from the crowd because it uses themes created by imaginative, forward-thinking people.
  • Using Freshmail, you can create newsletters that readers will look forward to receiving.
  • The platform may be used and templates can be made by people with no special training.
  • Intelligent functions can track when emails are opened and use that data to identify the best time to send messages.
  • No matter what plan you choose, you can send as many messages as you like to your list of subscribers.


  • Some of the advertising campaigns aren’t a good fit for the services offered.
  • Since artists are responsible for making templates, the editing options are rather simplistic.
  • It won’t cost you anything to begin going with this.

Freshmail Pricing

Freshmail offers its customers a selection of four different pricing tiers: basic, plus, pro, and enterprise. Membership fees for the first three tiers average between $1,000 and $100,000 each month. Anything above this threshold needs to have a price attached to it.

The minimum monthly charge is $13. Subscriptions purchased six and twelve months in advance receive a price reduction on all plans.

Best Suited for

Direct-to-consumer marketing for freelancers, small businesses, and startups based on subscriptions.

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Final Thought: Sendlane Competitors 2023

The question is not “if” email marketing software is beneficial for a company’s operations; rather, it is “which” option is best. This principle is applicable to businesses of any size. First, you need to determine what features are most important to you before you can choose a platform.

These alternates to Sendlane could breathe new life into your advertising campaign and help your business grow. The benefits are great, the process is quick, and it takes minimal work to monitor development.

Don’t think email is going away any time soon; join the millions who already use it. The effectiveness of email marketing has been proven throughout time, and it will only grow in the future.

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