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User Interface
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  • Unlimited sessions
  • Ease your workload
  • Best alternative of sessionbox


  • Use only after you've installed the extension.

SendWin is a program that enables you to log into your favorite websites with several accounts. It allows you to login into many accounts simultaneously.

Price:$ 2.99

Are you searching for SendWin Review? If yes, you are landed at the right place.

Are you looking for a SessionBox, Multilogin Chrome, or Multilogin alternative?

Thus, you’ve arrived at the correct web page, where you’ll find exact price information for Sendwin, as well as my personal use evaluation

I’m writing this review after my use of Sendwin on my laptop. Sendwin is the greatest option to SessionBox, Multilogin Chrome, and Multilogin, according to our study!

In today’s environment, we all have many accounts.

We can have a Facebook page for friends and family, a Twitter account for news, an Instagram account for sharing photographs of our lives, and a LinkedIn account for business.

Several of us may additionally have profiles on other social media platforms that we utilize for a variety of purposes.

We log into and out of these accounts daily, but it may be inconvenient. Now, Sendwin enters the fray to revolutionize your browsing experience.

What Is Sendwin?

Sendwin is a software application created by Techrosh LLC that enables users to manage numerous accounts from a single web browser.

SendWin is a program that enables you to log into your favorite websites with several accounts. It allows you to login into many accounts simultaneously.

No additional browsers or private sessions are required. Sendwin will take care of these details on your behalf.

In other words, if you have two Facebook accounts (for example), you may access both accounts concurrently from the same browser window or tab. As a result, switching between browsers/windows is no longer required.

Sendwin Review What Is Sendwin

SendWin is an excellent Sessionbox alternative and an extension I wish I’d discovered sooner since I handle numerous social media accounts regularly.

I no longer have to move between Opera and Chrome with separate logins. Additionally, this prevents two browsers from running concurrently on my PC, fighting for resources.

This is particularly important if you have several Google accounts and utilize Google Drive since downloading anything from Drive will be difficult if another Google account is active.

While it is a much-needed app in my daily life at the moment, it does not provide enough value to warrant adding a recurring subscription to an already lengthy list.

Now, let us proceed.

The Idea Behind Sendwin:

The founder of SendWin, Roshan, stated in an interview that as a digital marketer, he was having difficulty managing multiple add accounts and thus was using multiple browsers and PCs.

It was impossible to manage all those things in a single browser or PC, even though when he and his team searched for a tool that could do the job, they discovered that it was prohibitively expensive for ordinary people, costing between $ 200 and $ 300 for 50 to 100 sessions.

What Can Sendwin Do For You?

Utilize a single browser session to access all of your online accounts. Concurrently access numerous Facebook accounts, Gmail accounts, and any other website in the same browser.

Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could access all of your internet accounts with a single browser session?

If you have numerous email addresses, social media sites, and other accounts, moving between them each time you want to log in might be a headache.

What if you could sign in to many accounts simultaneously, using the same browser and session?

You can use Sendwin!

Utilize a single browser session to access all of your online accounts. From several Facebook profiles to various email addresses and much more.

The simple interface enables rapid switching between many websites and accounts, allowing you to do more than ever before. Managing several sessions has never been simpler than with Sendwin!

  •       Securely share sessions between devices using AES-256 and RSA 2048 bit encryption.
  •       With the Chrome Extension, you may log in to several accounts on the same website concurrently in each browser tab.
  •       Conveniently access websites that need multiple accounts from your preferred browser.

Why Do We Recommend Sendwin?

Through the use of your Sendwin account, your sessions are safely synced across your devices.

Create a session here and carry it over to another browser.

Sendwin safeguards your privacy by avoiding shared storage, which means that other tabs and websites cannot watch your behavior.

Additionally, the tool’s core has been designed with rock-solid security in mind. Each session uses AES-256 for symmetric operations and RSA 2048 for asymmetric operations.

What if you have many Gmail and Facebook accounts? Now, with Sendwin, you may simply switch to a separate tab to access numerous accounts on the same site concurrently.

There is no longer a need for secondary browsers or Incognito sessions; Sendwin will take care of everything for you.

How To Buy Sendwin?

Step – 1: To use Sendwin, you must first install the Chrome extension.

Step – 2: To establish an account on Sendwin, you must complete all needed fields. If you already have a Sendwin account, enter your email address and password. Alternatively, if you do not yet have a Sendwin account, click Register! Following that, you must register with Sendwin by providing all essential information.

Step – 3: Then, like I’m doing below, you’ll need to upgrade your account from Free to Pro plus. Upgrade by clicking the Upgrade button.

Step – 4: Upgrade the product, choose a suitable payment option, and finish the order by providing valid payment information. Typically, Sendwin accepts just one kind of payment, such as a credit card. As a result, click the Card Payment option.

Step – 5: Enter your credit card information and make a payment immediately to use this fantastic product. Sendwin provides the simplest method for logging in to all your online accounts from a single browser session.

How Secure Is Sendwin?

Sendwin was built with security in mind from the start. They understand that conducting your sessions entails a huge deal of responsibility, and this informs all of their choices.

They want to maintain complete openness and hence invite you to check the following page, which offers answers to the most often asked security questions.

Sendwin has three session types: local, synchronized, and temporary. Each kind is kept in a distinct location, but they are all encrypted in such a manner that they can be decrypted only with the locally stored keys.

Local sessions are saved in the indexed database storage of your browser. Sessions that are synced are saved in their data store. Temporary sessions are completely disposable.

When you utilize Sendwin, they save two types of information. They are keeping metadata for your sessions, which includes the session’s color, icon, start URL, and group, as well as some other technical aspects.

In certain situations, they will also keep the cookies associated with your session. Your session cookies are treated as highly sensitive data and are handled with extreme care (AES-256 for symmetric operations and RSA 2048 bit for asymmetric operations).

Your sessions’ most sensitive data is encrypted and decoded on your device. They never transmit cookies or other highly sensitive data to their servers in an unencrypted format.

The keys are necessary to decrypt your data are kept on your device and are never transmitted to their servers or data storage locations.

They always make use of freely available cryptography libraries and industry-standard algorithms (AES-256 for symmetric operations and RSA 2048 bit for asymmetric operations). They never build cryptography code from scratch or change existing libraries.

Their components are constantly interacting through secure connections established by Google’s cloud architecture.

Senwin is unable to see your sessions. Your session cookies are encrypted and cannot be decoded without your secret key being known. Your secret key is never transferred to us; it is stored on your computer.

For both local and synchronized sessions, they use the same encryption technique. When you log out of Sendwin, your sessions are encrypted and cannot be decrypted until you log back in, even if someone has physical access to your computer.

Sendwin Pricing

They offer three pricing plans.

Free: This will cost you nothing at all and will do the basic job for you.

Pro: This will cost you around $ 2.99 per month for a monthly plan but if you choose to pay yearly, it will cost you $ 2.49 per month.

Sendwin Review Sendwin Pricing

Aside from what is included in the free plan, it will have some more advanced features like proxy support and a few others alongside helping you in commercial use.

Pro Plus: This will cost you around $ 6.99 per month for a monthly plan but if you choose to pay yearly, it will cost you $ 6.49 per month.

Now, this one is advanced and the best they have. In case you are not satisfied with the Pro plan, go for this one because this one surely has everything you may need.

Sendwin Customer Reviews:

Sendwin customer reviews

FAQs About Sendwin Review 2023:

What other data does Sendwin log?

They, like other programs, record certain non-identifiable use data. This data is processed by Google Analytics and is completely anonymous. It does not include any sensitive information. If an error occurs, they generate crash logs. They utilize these crash reports to help us stabilize our program and address any issues in advance. At the device level, all sensitive data is filtered from these logs, and no sensitive data is delivered.

What can I do to secure my sessions with Sendwin?

Create a Sendwin account to secure the security of your sessions. Select a strong password and keep it hidden.

What if I use Sendwin in Guest mode?

When you run Sendwin in Guest mode, they both utilize the same encryption technique. Someone with direct access to your browser, on the other hand, may log you in and view your sessions. They suggest establishing an account to secure your extension with a password. You may disable sync by default in the settings menu and use your extension as if it were in Guest mode.

What if I'm not satisfied with Sendwin?

Sendwin offers a hassle-free 30-day money return guarantee; just contact their support service and they will expeditiously handle the refund.

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Conclusion: Sendwin Review 2023 Best Multilogin Alternative?

Sendwin is particularly beneficial for people looking to boost their efficiency while surfing. This tool increases your productivity!

Managing several sessions has never been simpler than with SendWin! I’ve saved a lot of time by using this incredible tool.

I utilized their quick live chat option multiple times while composing my Sendwin review and always received rapid responses. This indicates Sendwin provides exceptional customer service!

Do we recommend Sendwin?

Yes, without a doubt! Because it streamlines and simplifies surfing with a single browser and many accounts.

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