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  • The price is affordable for all the newbie users.
  • It has a cloud, SaaS, web based deployment.
  • Get instant traffic on your website
  • Comprehensive widget builder


  • It can have a set of better and more integrations in my opinion.


Email is indispensable for anyone who is running a business online. Email is a channel over which most of your communication happens with your users and subscribers. Today I am going to review a product that helps you do just that.

SendX Review- Growth Tools and Email Marketing Automation Platform

SendX is an email marketing automation and conversion platform for bloggers and non-marketers that helps you grow your web business, especially if you’re starting a new one.

SendX helps you:

  • Grow your subscriber base using beautifully designed pop-ups, web forms and landing pages. You can embed them on your website with their WordPress plugin or JS snippet.
  • Engage with them over email and web-push. If you already have an email list, you can upload the list and directly use the email marketing features like broadcast and RSS campaigns, Email sequences (to sell courses) and automations etc.

All in all this is a complete package for bloggers for all your email and marketing needs!

Wondering how much you would have to shell out for all this? Take a guess. $29 like ConvertKit or $19 like a Weber ? NO.

SendX starts with a forever free plan for up to 500 contacts and 5000 emails per month. Thus, it fits your pocket perfectly even if you’re just starting. In case you have more than 500 contacts then the pricing starts at $9.99 per month. With the feature set they have and at this price point SendX happens to be a great alternative to MailChimp with more features and way better support.

Now, let me get into the details of the product and it’s features.


It gives a real time overview of what is happening on your account and how your campaigns are performing. You can filter the stats by date.

sendx review - sendx dashboard

Lists, Tags And Segments

Lists, tags and segments helps you classify your contacts (subscribers) into various categories. Using SendX’s CSV uploader you can upload your existing email lists into various lists or tags. Segments are used to classify contacts further based on their behaviour on your emails and on your website.

Sendx Review- dashboard

SendX’s segment builder is the most powerful segmentation engine I have seen in any email marketing tool. Think of segmentation scenario and you should be able to that inside SendX.

Broadcast and RSS Campaign:

Broadcast email campaigns is, by far, the most used feature for bloggers. You can reach to your entire subscriber base in a matter of minutes and get instant traffic on your website. You also get all sorts of analytics related to how your campaign has exactly performed:

Sendx Review - Boradcast and RSS campaign

How many subscribers opened the email, clicked a link inside them and how many replied to your emails along with drilled down details. You have a fully featured editor that comes with an inbuilt countdown timer and a video embedder.

Subscriber Growth tools:

SendX helps you in converting your website visitors to subscribers using their powerful conversion tools. You can create behavior based pop-ups (widgets), web forms and landing pages. You can select from a variety of theme options like Hello bar, modal window, the page takes over etc. and then change the look and feel using the widget builder. This is the most comprehensive widget builder I have seen till date.

SendX Various Themes -Review

Email Sequences:

Also known as Drip sequences are great if you want to send a series of emails to your subscribers. This comes in really handy when you are selling or teaching an online course. The Drag and drop editor lets you create a series of emails interleaved by time. You also get a full-blown analytics of each an every email step exactly how you get for broadcast emails.

Sendx Email sequences


Automation in SendX is “if this… then that…” sort of a rule engine to put your email marketing in an auto pilot mode. You can do really sophisticated things like –

  • Send an email campaign to any who clicks a link on my website.
  • Start a email sequences for all subscribers who are a part of a list.
  • Send a free give away to all users who visits a certain page on my blog or website.

Email Delivery and Support

This happens to be the most overlooked thing when you choose an email marketing provider but let me assure you that this is something you shouldn’t ignore. What is point of sending emails if they are not getting delivered? My tests have convinced me enough that SendX excels in Email delivery front.

Email Delivery and Support - SendX Review

Also, read:

I have got as high as 50% opens rates for some of my campaigns. They have their own email servers and company has a deep tech expertise in the email delivery front. This combined by an excellent support (24 x 7, chat) makes this a lethal combo. Your email marketing is bound to work with SendX and in case of issue you ping them and get an expert help right away.

No wonder big brands like Furlenco, Edureka, Omnify (to name a few) have moved to SendX from traditional email marketing automation software.

Price Comparison with alternatives:

SendX wins hands down.


ConvertKit - Sendx Price Comaprison


Aweber - Sendx price comparison


MailChimp Price Compatison with Sendx

This was my this week’s review of an awesome new product that I recently discovered.

SendX has agreed to run a special offer exclusively for bloggersideas subscribers. All bloggersideas subscribers will get a really cool deal from SendX, wait for my email for details 🙂 . Not a subscriber yet? You know what to do… 🙂


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