SEnuke XCR Review 2023: SEO Software | High Quality Link Building

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Backlinks are good, even if it is done in a legitimate way. At the age of Penguin / Panda there is a myth which suggests backlinks to be dangerous but that is far from reality. It all depends on how you are doing things because if you go for spammy links then it will obviously hurt your image, but if you use some of the best tools to build the backlinks for your site then it will only help you in getting better position.

The best part is that when your tool is good enough your effort is reduced and it also doesn’t take much of your time.

SEnuke is one of the tools that will help you in building backlinks and also optimizing off-site and it still holds true that backlinks have a great deal of value and authority attached to it. If done properly, you will be highly benefited from that. If you dig in deep then you will know that Google’s core search algorithm consists of these links only.

If Google started treating every backlink as spam then there would be nothing left of the search results which Google definitely doesn’t want therefore backlinks are here to stay. But remember, no black hat process must be incorporated else it will do more harm to you. In this post, we have featured SEnuke XCR Review 2023 that includes detailed insights of its features, pricing, functionality and more. So let’s get started here.


Detailed SEnuke XCR Review 2023: Is It Still Worth Your Money??

More about SEnuke

SEnukeXCR is a tool and not any kind of software program that provides you with full authority and control in creating own strategy for the linking.

There is no need of preloaded sites because this tool makes available simple point along with click interface which will enable you to come up with scripts that will automate logging in or signing up and even posting of content to various sites are made available here.

Not only creating several scripts for the automation, but you can also share those scripts with thousands other to make their life little better. It is also advantageous for you as well because it allows building of links from various places on the Internet to your website and this is the reason it is way ahead of its contemporaries.

Advantageous for beginners and pro alike

Senuke XCR SEO software Panda & penguin proof

It doesn’t matter whether you have enough knowledge of Search Engine Optimization or not because this software will just take 30 seconds of your time to set up even the most complex SEO campaigns. With Turbo wizard SEnuke simplifies the process by including templates based on XML.

There are not many templates in the stock, but there are options of creating many and downloading options are also there.

The user interface is quite simple and easy to use. The dashboard will tell you the story of all the projects therefore it is not necessary for you to go through every page. If you have any related projects, then you can have them stored in sub – categories and the main categories can be accessed on the left side of the screen.

A new Google module is there which is the Google Places module and it helps in building citation for your business and get you ranked on the first page on Google local. It also caters your business details to various business directories and helps in boosting the local search engine result ranking on Google.

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Making use of SEnukeXCR

SENuke-Backlinking-software buy now

Super Fast Turbo Wizard

Super Fast Turbo Wizard

Easy to Use Interface

Senuke Easy to Use Interface

Senuke XCR Google Places

Senuke XCR Google Places


Powerful Macro Recorder

Senuke XCR Powerful Macro Recorder

Automate getting a link from any website on the Internet without having to write a single line of code!


Promotion Strategy Mapper

Senuke XCR Promotion Strategy Mapper

Create diagrams to show SEnuke exactly how you’d like your link building to work. Or pick from one of the provided strategies!

Powerful Scheduler

Senuke XCR Powerful Scheduler

Step-by-step Wizard

SenukeXCR Step-by-step Wizard

Indexing Module

Senuke XCR Indexing Module

Using the Xindexer service, SEnuke automatically makes sure the links you create get indexed by Google!

Set up complex SEO campaigns within 30 seconds even if you ‘re a complete newbie! No SEO knowledge necessary!


You must be wondering about how to make use of this tool in order to enhance your ranking! You will get used to this tool once you start using it, but here is some guidance which will help you to take the first few steps.

If you want to create campaigns, then you will find everything related to that at the top left of the interface. In case you are looking for RSS project or article directories or social bookmarks then you need to look for the New tab.

You will also be made of tools that will help you in designing covering letters as well. Wait tome for email verification can be changed by visiting the Options settings and in there you can keep the rest of the thing intact.

When building up the captcha service then make sure that you click on the solving box of auto-captcha and then when you save and exit the changes will come into action. You can easily start by creating a new account or social bookmarking and there details are entered in the same way.

Once you are done with that you can go to Social Bookmark Project and right click on that and go on to choose Schedule Project where you can click on the box after the project of new account creation is completed.

Even posting press release is made easy with the help of this tool. You just need to make two, three adjustments and you are done with the press release. Social bookmarking is also quite simple as you just need to enter a title, then a description and lastly select bookmark for each of the site.

Second and third tier link building is also a possibility that you can explore in here when you have completed campaigning. Once you have set up everything, then it will include text, backlinks to the site and also contextual links.

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You can check detailed Video Review of SENuke From Matthew’s:

Final thoughts: SENuke Review | Should you go for it??

There is a great deal of activity that you can do with this tool, but for that you have to know the process of optimizing its use. Whether SEnuke XCR will prove to be a good option for you or not depends totally on what your requirements are.

Therefore go through the specifications about what it has to offer and then see how it can be beneficial for you. There is no doubt about it being a powerful backlinking tool along with being a powerful SEO tool as well.

Every company has their own set of SEO strategy and depending on the strategy they must select the tool. If they do it that way, then only the business will be able to achieve success in their SEO strategy and appear on the top of the search.

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  1. I use SEnuke XCR every day for myself and my seo clientele. I love it and wouldn’t be in business without it. I use the Full Monty templates and the Megaton templates and it works like a charm to rank sites quickly and at the top. Good article. Thanks.

  2. SenukeXCR is one beast in SEO industry . I have used this tool many time for my clients and results were pretty good. Senuke tool is very Google friendly too, links are build in natural manner. Even high quality backlinks can be made through Senuke. It is the most powerful automation tool ever built in SEO world. Bookmarking, RSS , Blog comments & forum comments can be easily done through this tool.

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