SEO Checklist By SEO Buddy 2023 SEO Buddy Review

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Ease Of Use
User Friendly


  • User-friendly.
  • Proven SEO tactics.
  • Constant growth in organic traffic.
  • Helps you be organized and have a strategic plan for your website. 
  • Improves efficiency and effectiveness in working with proper planning. 
  •  60-day guarantee and refundable
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 1,541+ copies sold
  • Follow proven SEO procedures


  • Better pricing options needed

The SEO checklist by SEO Buddy is an ultimate guide to SEO, with this, you will learn all the aspects of SEO to fully optimize your website, and it will get you more organic traffic. This checklist can help a beginner and show them the bigger picture of SEO.

Price:$ 97

Looking for SEO Buddy Review, we are here to help you.

It is very hard to achieve your goals and visions without a proper SEO plan. You need an expert who understands the industry, how things work, and what needs to be done.

There are numerous companies that claim they can help you with your SEO but most of them don’t understand this field well enough or simply take advantage of people’s lack of knowledge on this subject matter.

This guide will show you exactly what you need to do in order to get more traffic on your website by optimizing it for search engines like Google, Yahoo! etc.

The SEO checklist is an instruction guide that helps you record every  SEO action to optimize your website and help you take a  position on the first page of Google. It comes with a detailed guide set after vigorous research which helps you increase your website reach in google. It is an excellent strategically planned instruction guide and all you need to do is follow the instructions to be able to achieve your goals and visions.

Bottom Line Upfront: The SEO checklist by SEO Buddy is an ultimate guide to SEO, with this, you will learn all the aspects of SEO to fully optimize your website, and it will get you more organic traffic. This checklist can help a beginner and show them the bigger picture of SEO. You can get SEO Checklist at a special discount of 25% by using the coupon code “BLOGGERSIDEAS”

It helps you stay organized and focused on your website and execute the plan provided by the SEO checklist. It also includes evaluation of website progress and further planning to reach the top rank. The SEO checklist will provide you with a series of SOPs (standard operating procedures ) to follow.

In this post, we have shared the SEO Checklist Guide by SEO Buddy which includes all details of this SEO Checklist.

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About SEO Checklist Review: In A Nutshell SEO Buddy Review

The SEO checklist is a guide within SEO buddy and is user-friendly. They offer step-by-step instructions to be followed while using the SEO checklist. The Google sheet version of the SEO checklist is the most interactive one of all. 

SEO-Checklist - Overview

Features Of SEO Checklist: SEO Buddy Review

The Trello board via SEO checklist:

The Trello board feature is a pre-made list of things to do under the SEO checklist. It helps you organize your data and work with deadlines. It helps you make a to-do list and once done tick the actions. It helps you prioritize tasks and optimize your efforts in the right direction.

SEO-Checklist Trello Board


Calendar method and 52-week planning 

Content is the key to every successful website. The 52-week content planning will help you organize and optimize your content the right way with strategic planning. It creates an SEO standard content planning strategy that will help your website do wonders with reach. It helps you generate content considering your website needs and google standards hand in hand. 

SEO-Checklist - Calendor Method

Content reach checklist

Quality content is the most significant value that a website owns and operates. Content is being created by millions of people regularly and thus the next step is to publicize or come up with effective marketing strategies to have a considerable amount of reach. This checklist will help you reach your organic customers/audience and make your website on page no.1 on Google. 

SEO-Checklist - Content Reach Checklist

User friendly

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are in using software and SEO, even a newbie will be able to effectively utilize resources in the SEO checklist. The instructions and the guides are user-friendly for all kinds of users. This will help users be confident with the software and work efficiently to be able to increase reach and optimize their websites with organic reach.

SEO-Checklist - User Friendly

What Makes SEO Checklist Different?

  1. The SEO checklist offers templates of different categories of work to be done in proper sequences. This makes the SEO checklist a high-quality organized work schedule.
  2. The template’s availability and visibility can be changed according to the customer. There are four categories available for the same that is public, private, team, and organization.
    •  Private: only board members have the opportunity to see and edit the template.
    • Team: The members of the team working on the project have access to the template but to enable this the board members need to be added.
    • Organization: All individuals in the organization can access and edit the data but the board members must be added to enable this feature. 
    • Public: Anyone on the internet including google can view the template but only board members can edit it.
  3. Some of the features in the SEO checklist help track the views and shares of the template. This ensures the privacy and security of the SEO checklist and helps trace duplication if necessary.
  4. Advantages of using an SEO checklist: A lot of times we tend to focus more on website visuals and content. We plan strategies to be consistent in putting our content and make the design page with elements that go along with the content, keep in mind that it should be user-friendly and helpful.  Come up with good marketing strategies and still, it seems like all our efforts are going downhill. I recommend the use of an SEO checklist by SEO buddy for the website to be on the first page of google because that takes up 90% of search results. 

 Categories of checklists under the SEO checklist:  SEO Buddy Review

The foundation – includes the basic steps to start the website process to make it capable of page one google. The steps involved in this process are:

SEO-Checklist - The Foundation

  1. Setting up a google analytics account that helps publish your website on Google. It includes dropping a GA code inside the head of the site via the WordPress plugin or Google Tag Manager.
  2. Setting the search optimization console will take place once the website is published. To find your website on Google, you will have to submit the sitemap. 
  3. Merge SEO solutions with your webpage to provide proper SEO functionalities that are majorly provided by website-making software like WordPress.
  4. Interaction with your audience is the easiest yet the most neglected aspect of website development. The trust page includes the About page, privacy, security, and contact details of your organization. 
  5. Tracking your progress is a must to excel in the field of website optimization. This will make your progress better.

User experience:

Google’s first pages are experienced and thus this includes all the tasks that will make your website look experienced and standardized. The use of user-friendly URLs is a must for any website to be able to attract an audience. 

As much as it’s important it also needs to be short. These URLs serve as one of the most important ranking factors. Make sure that your website is accessible to mobile users as well because as a matter of fact, the searches take place more on mobiles than PCs. 


To examine the performance of the website and identification of loopholes that take place for further optimization. Choose your website host like GoDaddy, Bluehost, or any other wisely considering your website and the vision behind the same. Has your server located close to your service area? Content delivery networks are a must for optimization.

Minify and shrink the files to make them efficient for usage and resize large images before uploading them on the website. Optimize the database and keep yourself up to date with the technology. 

Technical SEO:

The use of HTTPS, URL, and other technical assistance and support is provided under this. Make sure the URLs are short and simple and lead to the actual web page the public is looking for. Create a sitemap for your website to appear on the Google page while relatable content is searched for. This sitemap is to be uploaded on the Google search console. Repair broken links at regular intervals to avoid technical glitches and also check through for duplicate URLs. Keep in mind to check if there are any manual penalties for index coverage issues. Disable irrelevant pages from your URL.


The content feature helps manage content creation and maintain consistency with the quantity of content to meet the standards of Google. Create content that is relatable and shareable. That way you will be able to reach your organic traffic and attract the public to your website. Follow content strategies provided by the SEO and make sure you do keyword research before developing your content. Create content that lasts longer and is quality. The consistency of content matters the most. Make sure your content is 10 times better than the best available. Build your websites around content centers to avoid content cannibalization. The most important aspect of content is it’s the uniqueness it holds in the market. The content you choose should be unique and specific to your niche. EAT-Expertise, authority, and trustworthiness are the three most influential elements that determine your worth and rank in Google.

The off-page:

SEO activities and technicalities that make your website appear in the search engine. Prepare for a link-building strategy and invest efforts and time in building foundational links. Insert links in different social media networks, these will increase the reach and views of the website. Use social media visibility for page ranking. Have a schedule for content uploading and creation. 


Target audiences,  not search engines. Use your target keywords in your URL, title, and headings. Insert the central keywords in the first paragraph and highlight them. Select an alluring meta title that attracts and amuses the audience. The structural presentation of the format is important. The content should be appealing to the audience and at the same time short, crisp, and informative.

Plan to insert links to your content. These links could be of authentic websites of related content or links of more content generated by your website earlier. Never link a website with a similar anchor that your website is about. Add different images and play around with fonts to attract viewers. 

Local SEO:

These have instructions regarding claims and content-building strategies to attract an audience and maintain organic traffic. Claim on ‘My business’ listing on Google and a yelp listing. Also, claim for ‘Binge places for business’ listing, and once done claiming all the listings optimize them to help you work efficiently. Google considers three points while ranking that is, 

  • Relevance – how we’ll local listing match search intent.
  • Distance- How far is the search result potentially accumulated from the location of the service. 
  • Dominance-It includes information provided, Google review, and overall position in web search engine results. 

Target niche-specific audience and content generation. Have an interactive page that generates a trustworthy feeling within the audience. Reply to the reviews will help you achieve the same. Make sure you add your NPA details that is Name, Address, and Phone number. Claim brand mentions from local sites that used your content as a reference. Add a logo and a business markup to your homepage. This gives it a unique identity. 

SEO Checklist Pros And Cons


  • User-friendly.
  • Proven SEO tactics.
  • Constant growth in organic traffic.
  • Helps you be organized and have a strategic plan for your website. 
  • Improves efficiency and effectiveness in working with proper planning. 
  •  60-day guarantee and refundable


  • Expensive to buy.

SEO Checklist Pricing |How Much Does SEO Checklist Cost? SEO Buddy Review

The discounts are available for the SEO checklist by SEO buddy @ $97. Which is a huge drop from the original price of @ $410. 

SEO-Checklist - Pricing

No matter how much it costs it is highly recommended and worth the price. 

Seo Checklist Review Testimonials

Users highly recommended the use of an SEO checklist by SEO buddy as it has helped them achieve wonders in technology. It is the perfect place to start your website development as a lazy man’s guide to achieve everything that you want with a click of a button.

SEO-Checklist -Testimonials

Apart from being strategically organized with planning and processing, it is also pocket friendly and helpful to use. There is nothing more to ask for when it comes to efficiency in work. The SEO checklist has been of immense importance in and around the world for its capacity and capability to help individuals progress in the field of website development and technology which is the future of this era. 

FAQs On SEO Checklist Reviews

👉Why should you opt for an SEO checklist, SEO buddy?

SEO checklist will help you optimize your website and reach your goals of being on the first page of Google. It provides you with a strategic plan and helps you track your progress throughout the process. It is pocket friendly and the most reliable source of the organized planning process.

👉What will we get with investing so much money into it?

The money invested in the process is completely worth the results. When it comes to returns on investments that you make in the process of becoming a page one website on Google is high. Moreover, the SEO checklist by SEO buddy also provides the offer and various discount facilities to cater to your investment requirements.

👉The outlook of the Trello board looks very complex and difficult to catch up with. How is it user friendly?

The Trello board is the organized plan by the SEO checklist that instructs you on various SEO tools and techniques. It might seem complex but trust me it’s easier than you think. SEO checklist also provides a guide with instructions to use the same. However, if there is still difficulty in copy analyzing the checklist you can always contact customer services. They are keen to understand and help you out.

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Conclusion: SEO Checklist by SEO Buddy 2023 SEO Buddy Review

The SEO checklist by SEO buddy is incredible for website development and reach. It optimizes the websites to cater to the standards of Google and helps them rank high in the market.  Sometimes you are focused on a client so much so that you forget about the optimization and visibility of your website on Google. 

The workload of projects and maintaining the client’s authenticity becomes crucial. The SEO checklist thus offers services that provide the website with a first-page placement in Google which is not more than a blessing when it comes to catering to the diversional requirements of the technological world 

For your website to have priority over the others, there must be a step-by-step procedure to follow to take an edge over the other websites when it comes to search engine optimization. SEO checklist by SEO buddy is the best way to be able to reach your goals and have organic traffic. It helps you effectively utilize resources and analyze the best ways to crack the Search engine and be on the first page of Google. It is the best you can get. 

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