SEO is a game: Can You Win?

OK, you have your website ready. It looks good enough to eat with top class contents and imaginative imageries. You are sure people are going to be driven in droves to your website. So, let it go on stream, lay back and relax. Did you receive as many visits as you had desired? No? Well, you have forgotten something very important. The most important acronym in cyberspace: SEO.

SEO’s Origin

Unless you learn how to utilize this concept, all your efforts at creating a world-class website will go in vain. Search Engine Optimization was not understood by many in the beginning. It soon dawned on people that the search engines held the key to the popularity of a website. It was then people looked for ways and means to get into the good books of search engines, especially Google, by far the most utilized search engine.

Understanding SEO

The number of visitors is likely to be as high as the high rank that your website occupies in the search results.  You can achieve this feat only by including words, topics, name of the products or services people are searching for. You may find this SEO technique too complicated to understand, let alone use it. Here is how you can easily accomplish this.

1. Corrective Measures

You must get rid of unwanted clutter from your website. A visitor is sure to be put off by an unattractive design or an incomprehensible layout. Error messages and dead links can so put them off that they will move off within seconds. That, you must understand, is a sure way to get Google algorithm system to rank you low. Broken links are to be fixed quickly. Optimize the visits and make the viewer feel comfortable.

2. Structuring the Content

You must structure your content in a pleasing way. Your titles should be in H1 form and the important text should be printed in bold.  Links should be created to lend support to the content in your website.

3. Keywords in Titles and URL’s

People know exactly what they want to search and they are likely to search for niche words.  You can by all means have words like carcinogenic or carcinoma if you are writing about cancer.

However, these words are not as popular as cancer. Use diligence in deciding the best possible keywords. If you are unsure about it, do some research and choose the most competitive words or terms. Your title itself should be a pointer towards what is in your website. Your URL itself should tell them clearly what it is about.  Google should favor you with a higher ranking if you do all this.

Rich Contents

The new maxim “Content is King” is not to be taken lightly. You cannot just fill the space with some drivel and expect people to come your way to read it. Write some solid information which will convince the reader.  Do your research exhaustively before posting anything. Write engagingly without sounding pompous. Display your knowledge on the subject but do not take your reader for granted. Do not post very basic facts that you know that everybody knows.

Author Bio: Jenny Corteza has been blogging since the time she was in high school. It took her fair amount of time to understand every niche and its blogging techniques.She has attended graphic designing course at University of California after that she started blogging on

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    • Hi Alok, Glad to see that you find this post on Indivine. Jenny is definitely a good writer for sure.

  2. SEO is the blood of Internet marketing and blogging. It is a process that requires effective steps. A blog must always understand what it takes to do good SEO.

    The ideas shared here are basic. Many bloggers never get to apply them, but I am sure they would gain fresh perspective on how to make the most of the SEO.

    Yes, we can with SEO game if we apply the proper techniques at the right place and at the right time!

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