SEO Mobile Analysis & Optimization Best Practices in 2015

Many years ago, author Shepherd Mead, wrote a bestselling book called “How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, The Dastard’s Guide to Fame and Fortune,” which inspired a popular musical and went on to become a blockbuster movie. While his book was more of a satirical how-to-guide, the story unfolded on Broadway and the big screen following the adventures of an ambitious window washer who rose through the business ranks to become the Chairman of the Board.

In turn, this gave inspiration for how simple it is to fail with mobile marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) without much effort. While Google continues to muddy the SEO waters with algorithms and penalties for implementing underhanded search methods, mobile devices throw another wrench into this complicated process.

 SEO Mobile Analysis  in 2015

Testing, Testing

Google offers a service to check for “mobile-friendliness” using a test on their webmaster tools platform, but doesn’t openly offer suggestions there on how to improve a website’s relationship with mobile handheld devices. Fortunately, we have a handy guide right here that shows ways in which your website could be failing to reach users on-the-go highlighting these five failures:

Tiny Text

Perhaps it may seem obvious, but shrinking screen sizes on handheld devices have presented a number of challenges for websites to become more accessible on mobile devices. Fonts that are too small to be legible will not only give mobile users a headache, increase a website’s bounce rate, they also play havoc with SEO. Google does offer some advice on font legibility on their PageSpeed Insights platform.

Too Close For Comfort

Another size issue comes when placing links, buttons and badges too close together. Often in an effort to save precious online space, webmasters may place linkable items so close that they almost overlap. Fingers and thumbs are much clumsier than mouse pointers, therefore Google examines their proximity as a factor in mobile friendliness.

Forget Me Not

Google’s test site for a mobile friendly atmosphere available online only examines websites on a page-by-page basis, which means some other pages could be falling through the cracks. While your homepage could be perfectly optimized for mobile success, perhaps some of your other pages, not so much. Be sure that all pages pass the test and meet Google’s standards for mobile access.

SEO Mobile Analysis

Wide Load Warning

Similar to the cautionary signs placed on big rig trucks that are larger than the lanes they are traveling upon, Google will throw up a red flag when content is wider than the screen. The need to scroll across a screen horizontally, rather than vertically, is a poor design to begin with and Google’s mobility exam will catch this flaw. Using a viewport meta tag is a common solution to this dilemma and Google will give you more information on configuring this process in their developer tools article, “Make It Responsive.”

Stopping Blocking

Google warned web builders back in October of 2014 about the dangers of blocking Java Script files or CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) as that would have a negative impact on search results and rankings and the same is true for mobility. The simple solution here is go rid your site of these types of robotic instructions.

These tips, tricks and advice should have your website becoming more responsive and getting a seal of mobile approval from the search engine giant. In turn, you should also see better ranking and search results from your internet endeavors.

 Do you want to share more mobile SEO strategies for 2015. Please share it in the comments below. 

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