Commonly Asked SEO Questions Answered by Rachel Diamond

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As part of our Bloggers Ideas interview series, today we have Rachel Diamond who is SEO engineer and currently working for upsearch.  She will be discussing various techniques about SEO, Social Media & networking . So lets start with the interview.

Interview with Rachel Diamond
Interview with Rachel Diamond

Please introduce yourself to the readers, what is your educational background and current job profile. How did you enter in this Digital marketing world ?

I’m Rachel Diamond and I work for the company UpSearch who are a great Digital Marketing Company, that also deal with Web design and development. I am an SEO engineer and I help to market various websites online through different forms, whether it is onsite optimization or offsite. I entered the Digital Marketing World after leaving University and looking for a job, I was approached by a recruiter who provided me with a chance at an interview and the rest as they say, is history. Follow me on Twitter for news and updates on everything Digital Marketing related.

 What are the best social networks for small businesses?

Depends on who their target audience is – wherever their target audience hang out, these are the networks they should focus on. E.g. b2b LinkedIn is usually a great place for people to meet others in the same industry. However with changes to Facebook and Facebook advertising, this has become a huge platform for many businesses to reach a target audience at a small cost (or big cost depending on the size of the campaign). Twitter is a great way to respond quickly to customers, but it is best to trial and error each social network to see which you get a greater response from.

 How often should I post new content on my social networks?

However much your audience can handle and also what you are capable of – consistency and quality is more important than number of posts You can post to Facebook or Twitter 3 or 4 times a day, but you may need to post to the social networks in order to respond to queries, which would demand more posts.

How to measure the success of social-media marketing efforts?

Depends on what your goals are – page likes? Followers? Conversions? Engagement? Sales? You should clearly set out what you want to achieve from your campaign then track the metrics that will tell you whether or not it is working.

How can I leverage the social media metrics I capture to grow my business?

Segment and test test test!

What are the best freemium analytics tools to tally social media impact?

the free ones tend to be a bit more network specific as oppose to all in one – for example twitter has tons (just search google) while Facebook has insights within the platform.

What are the best all-in-one solutions for quickly measuring growth across multiple social channels?

It depends on what you are calling “growth” and “all in one”. Hootsuite is one of the best all in one social media management suites but more expensive tools such as sysomos are more catered to measuring “growth” and share of voice etc.

Regarding LinkedIn, what is the benefit to posting updates regularly? Also, how often should I post something and what kinds of topics should I post?

Linkedin is a channel so the benefits of regular posting are the same – build an audience, attract the target market, brand and personal positioning, reach and awareness, traffic to your site etc. 1-2 posts per day should be enough for the LinkedIn crowd and “what” you post depends on what would appeal to your target audience.

What are ideal social ways to drive traffic to my blog posts?

Share them across any platforms you are active on and build relationships with people who talk about the same topics and who’s audience might also be a good fit for your audience. Join in relevant conversations with value. Responding to peoples posts on the social networks will build a friendship, which will help you in the future, as they will start to share your content with their own audience.

Regarding key words, besides using Google Ad Words, are there other resources/tools that I can use to look up key words and understand which ones are used most often and therefore too competitive? 

Suggest scrapers are more important than ever now. Keyword researcher is great for this and long tail pro is another great tool that also has competition metrics.

 How a Content Audit Works and Why Now is the Perfect Time to Start ?

Well you could audit to see what percentage of your content is catering to each part of the funnel (awareness, interest, desire, action, keep) << tons of different variations of the wording but essentially the funnel is the same. Are there opportunities to create content in other areas to better serve your audience and boost your business? Which content gets the most links, social actions, traffic, conversions etc? What does your audience respond the best to?

Do it now because content marketing has taken off by a rocket and will only get more crowded this year.

How to do content curation and how to increase content authority ?

Short answer, find great content and then create content about it to improve on it by offering extra insights/opinions, commentary, expanding on certain areas etc. Could also curate multiple pieces of content and do some sort of wrap up or resources or list type post or package it up into something.

Any message to my readers ?

You should always be keeping up to date with the many changes in Digital Marketing, it is an ever growing industry with new and improved ways to market your company online. Keep reading blogs, similar to this, with posts on relevant topics to make sure you are aware of all the new changes and interesting facts that can help you in your own company.

I hope you enjoy this amazing interview with Rachel ! She had shared her best techniques . For me she is definitely skilled SEO. Thanx a lot Rachel for accepting interview request for my blog. 

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    you are right dear linked in is very best place for educated people but according to me for me Facebook and stumble upon are best for every one and me.
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      thnxx for landing on my blog Irfan. Yes linkedin is best place to start with. Facebook & stumble are good for traffic. Through these social networks you can get good traffic and increase your followers.

  3. Its interesting reading all the takes by Rachel Diamond. Her responses show that she has ample knowledge about SEO and social media. Its not surprising she is described as an “SEO engineer”.
    My best take from this interview is her response to question: How to measure the success of social-media marketing efforts. The repsonse:

    Depends on what your goals are – page likes? Followers? Conversions? Engagement? Sales? You should clearly set out what you want to achieve from your campaign then track the metrics that will tell you whether or not it is working.

    is revealing!

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    • Yes Rachel had actively participated in the interview. She had answered all the questions with clear points. I am impressed by her knowledge too. She deserves to be SEO Engineer. I admire her success in SEO

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