SERP Empire Review 2022: Is It Worth The Hype?? (TRUTH)

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Are you looking forward to increasing your organic traffic quick and easy?

Look none other than SERP Empire!

In this post, I have featured my honest SERP Empire Review that includes detailed insights of its features, working, pricing and much more.

SERP Empire Review 2022: Skyrocket Website Organic Traffic??

In-Depth SERP Empire Review

If your content is unique but still it is not getting good ranks and real visitors then you can prefer using SERP Empire.  Basically, SERP Empire sends automated organic traffic to your website in order to help you boost your keywords ranking on major search engine platforms such as — Google, Bing, Yandex and so on. Also, SERP Empire helps affiliate marketers and bloggers to track the ranking of their various keywords on Google Search Engine Result Pages.

The app works in a handy way to organic traffic and improves CTR (Click Through Rate) of URLs so that you can rank above your competitors on SERPs.

 SERP Empire Review- SERP Empire

SERP Empire easily sends automated traffic to your keywords through the search results. It increases your CTR( click-through rates). As we all know that Google only ranks those websites which get higher CTR and you can easily get it through SERP.

That’s why it is also known as CTR Manipulator. But it only sends limited traffic to your website in a day. This software can help you even get 1st position on Google or other popular search engines.

How Does SERP Empire work?

To get started with SERP Empire, you just need to click on the ‘join now’ button shown on the official website then fill up the necessary information it wants from you like your name, a verified email address then it will automatically send an activation link on your email.

During the registration phase, it also asks for a keyword that you desire to rank for. After completing the registration you will be able to see the dashboard of SERP Empire. Then there are basically three steps you have to follow:

Step 1: Generate a Campaign

You’ve already entered your keyword or campaign when you sign up because it only offers one keyword in the free plan so to have more campaigns, you can easily upgrade to paid plans or delete the running campaign and make a new one.

SERP Empire Review- enter keywords

After entering the keyword, enter the country here

Congratulations - SERP Empire

Step 2: Arrange Your Campaign

After generating your campaign it will redirect you to set up or arrange your campaign where you will be able to fill up geotag, mobile search and desktop search percentages, bounce rate and other parameters. You can customize these parameters to get traffic for your website.

Create a new campaign - SERP Empire

Step 3: Run Your Campaign

After filling up all the parameters, you just need to click on the save button and publish your campaign so that SERP bot clicks on your website whenever a search for your keywords comes on the search engine.

Campaign New BI - SERP Empire


Even after publishing a campaign, you can delete or modify it anytime you want.

How to Create a Campaign with SERP Empire?

After creating an account at SERP Empire, then next thing you have to do is to create a campaign.

In order to create a campaign, fill up the following details:

  • Enter the name of the campaign for reference purposes.
  • Now fill the webpage for that you need to drive traffic.
  • Fill the keywords for that the page is ranking for. (This tool has its limitations, so make sure that your keywords rank within a first or second page)
  • Select the country from where you need to drive traffic.
  • Select the number of searches.
  • Fill the parameters
  • Now click Create to create your campaign.

Benefits of Using SERP Empire

Customize your Campaign

There are many options available through these options you can easily customize your campaign according to your needs. You can choose your bounce rate, pages visited, mobile search and much more. The best part about it is that it is error-free, unlike other search engine result pages.

Geotarget Anytime Anywhere

There is no limitation on getting traffic from anywhere all over the world. It has an amazing infrastructure which lets you get traffic from countries of your choosing. You can also choose cities. It all depends on you.

Affordable Traffic

The best part about this software is that it is money efficient. Every penny or dollar you spent on SERP Empire, it will give your website traffic. More traffic you can get by spending less money. On a daily basis, you can get over 50 visits which is much cheaper than competitors.


You can track the progress of your campaigns on Google Search Console. It will be shown on your website analytics too. You can see the results anytime, anywhere. The click-through rates will increase for sure.

No Limit On Capacity

Create a campaign and start getting traffic. It is as easy as that. It does not depend on the size of your campaign even if it is big or small, it will process the campaign right away which is the best part about SERP Empire.

Why should you consider choosing SERP Empire?

The working of the SERP Empire is very easy and even an amateur can use it and it works. You can get CTR easily so that your website can get good SEO rankings. But you have to be patient with the SERP Empire because the change won’t come all of a sudden.

This software only boosts your click-through rate numbers. Google will still analyze your website to decide your rankings. You will get visitors through software but to keep them on your website is your job so you must make unique and decent content before buying this software.

Customer Support Of SERP Empire

The customer support service of the SERP Empire is amazing. The support team will help you anytime because the experts of the SERP Empire are available 24/7. You can contact them through email or maybe through a phone too because I am not still sure about the phone support.

It also offers a money-back guarantee too and that makes it risk-free. It also has a frequently asked questions corner where you can find the answers to most of your queries or you can contact them directly.

Pricing Plan of SERP Empire

The basic plan is free. I mean you can get started with it without even paying for it but it offers you one campaign so you can upgrade to paid plans and there are 4 paid plans available and you can also get your money back if you’re not satisfied with it.

SERP Empire Reviews

Newcomer Plan

  • To get a feel of SERP Empire
  • Pay $59 for a month
  • 50 keywords max
  • 100 visits/day
  • Geotargeting on country level
  • Bounce rate between 0% and 100%
  • Up to 1 minute of time on site
  • Up to 1 pageview

Standard Plan

  • For the beginners
  • Pay $129 for a month
  • 300 keywords max
  • 300 visits/day
  • Up to 3 minutes of time on site
  • Up to 3 pageviews
  • Rest of the features are the same as a newcomer

Professional Plan

  • To get a lot of organic traffic
  • Pay $299 for a month
  • 1000 keywords max
  • 1000 visits/day
  • Up to 5 minutes of time on site
  • Up to 5 pageviews
  • Rest of the features are the same as standard

Agency Plan

  • For customers with real needs
  • Pay $499/month
  • 2000 keywords max
  • 2000 visits/day
  • Rest of the features are the same as professional

It also offers some premium plans for big websites and the prices of those plans range from $999/month to $3,999/month. So if you’re a beginner you can get started with the classic plans or you’re SEO player for a long time then you can have the premium plans.

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SERP Empire Review Conclusion

It is intuitive and easy to use web application. You can get the paid plan according to your needs. But if you’re a beginner then I will suggest you try out the newcomer plan first.

Don’t get greedy and buy a premium plan by seeing those big numbers because if your content is not good enough then you will lose all your money for nothing.

SERP Empire is an amazing tool for all business types. Everyone can use it easily. This SEO tool will get you to click through rates easily and more frequently as shown in the pricing plans.

If you like this review on SERP Empire then share it with your friends and family and comment on your views down below in the comment section.

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