Serpbook Review 2022: WhiteLabel Accurate Rank Tracking Tool

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You can relate tons of technicalities with SEO and still fail to manipulate it. Well, it is not meant to be manipulated, but optimized. I discovered that Serpbook is a powerful SEO tool meant to track the rank of your website. It will work side by side with you and assist you with choosing the best option for each aspect, which altogether improvises your search engine ranking. If you continue to read you will find how Serpbook can help you take important decisions.

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Keyword optimization

serpbook review homepage

Providing a product or service may be something that was evolved out of your skills, but choosing keywords is a tactic. Serpbook provides a detailed report on the keywords that you should focus upon along with the keywords that are gaining trend in SEO. You can take a good advantage here by aligning these results with your current keyword pattern. Handpick the suggested keywords after going through their reports and include them in your keywords to heighten your ranking.

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Monitor search engine ranking

As the speciality of Serpbook is that of a rank tracker, you won’t ever feel bothered about consistent monitoring of your website’s ranking. Slight or significant, any change in the ranking of your website or your keyword will not go undetected. Each time a significant change in the keyword SEO becomes apparent, you will receive live notifications from the automated systems of Serpbook.

serpbook review ranking

The sensitivity level has been set as to receive notification whenever your keywords enter or leave the 1/10/100 ranking; further these notifications come with a switch to turn them off. As we are discussing ranks here, so let me also tell you that most of the tools decline their services beyond Google. Serpbook, on the other hand, assists you with all relevant search engines including Yahoo, Bing, Google maps, YouTube, etc. Your account will also be able to track search engine ranking of your competition and your client.

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Stay organized

With a strong feeling of responsibility, you might often find it that there is just too much on your plate. Don’t let anything juggle your plans, use Serpbook to put your keywords into categories and share them with your clients via private link. A detailed report on the suggested keywords along with graphical representation of your keyword history will sharpen you on a competitive scale. Due to these neat diagrams you can observe the condition of your SEO campaigning at a glance.

serpbook review data

As an active user, you can save notes regarding your SEO methods and align them with the graphs. This way you can discover the patterns that work best in your interest and the areas where you are lagging. If you are an SEO service provider, then you can add these methods to individual websites and keywords to provide exhaustive research work to clients. Preparing notes will not only provide you with outstanding results, but also make your work easier.

Manage Reporting

serpbook review notes

Serpbook is an SEO tool forged in a way to have all the gaps covered and that also includes preparing reports. In order to provide an edge over others, Serpbook lets you create reports and organize the keyword optimization process you are using. These reports can be generated in both PDF and Excel format depending on your usage. With the available formats you could customize your company’s description and logo to make the presentation even sassier. Moreover, these reports are White Label i.e., no trace of Serpbook could be found on them and you could leave behind a cleaner impression.

Automated emails

serpbook review automatic emailer

So much information and rising number of client activities demand a number of emails be exchanged. Serpbook here is your personal assistant capable of pushing emails in a timely manner. You can schedule this tool to send and receive emails, i.e. It can forward accurate reports in either format and also filter the incoming emails. With categorization, you can schedule any category to be sent to specific email addresses.

Integrate with Google analytics

serpbook review google analytics

After buying the package for tool, putting in effort and dreaming of a million dollar, knowing what your website is worth can help you stay motivated. To value your dreams, you can put Serpbook in LIVE integration with Google Analytics and read through the ROI or return on investment. These visually appealing analytical graphs can also be included in your reports and view keys to make things easily understandable.

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Do more with API

This is your business website, so your online workplace should be designed to keep you in the most efficient position. With slight knowledge about API you can create a virtual world of your own.

In a nutshell Application Programming Interface (API) is the protocol used while building applications and with which you can customize your own back ends and dashboard.

serpbook review api

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Realizing the key to a friendlier user interface, Serpbook provides you with access to raw data and freedom to make unlimited API calls under your account. So that each category made is as per your personal norms, unique API link has been provided for each category. To keep you off of programming headaches, all of the API is JSON encoded, which also happens to be the easiest syntax for sharing and storing data.

Mobility and cloud

The best part is that the application is JAVA based which is already evident from the JSON encoded API. With JAVA by your side, you can access your Serpbook account through your mobile phone and that too without installing flash. The package also comes with cloud storage to keep your work active from any corner of the earth and maintain a backup of the precious data.

What I think?

serpbook review features

Today business takes more than just a piece of land; it takes an online occupancy with a flashing presence on a search engine. And if you are a person with limited means then you will need more than just day and night blogging to market yourself online. And after going through a bunch of these tools, Serpbook as an SEO has found its position in my good books for all the features that it carries. Serpbook is available at per month package ranging from 9.95$ to 329.95$ depending upon the scale of your business.

I find the prices to be minimalist after knowing its forward thinking towards both user and client, and also for the results that it can seek in spite of a user-friendly interface.

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