SERPed Review 2024 Top 5 Features & Pricing (Discount Coupon 25% Off)



  • ultimate SEO project management solution
  • SEO metrics and other data
  • Competition analysis
  • Detailed backlink profiles
  • Provides Top 10 ranking data & difficulty ratings
  • Domain Finding


  • Better pricing options needed
  • Need more advanced features like indepth backlinks tracking like Ahrefs


Price: $ 59

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Looking for SERPed Review? We got you covered here.

SEO is the secret key to get higher ranks on major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. We all are optimizing our sites and blogs according to the latest SEO trends and the search engine algorithms in order to higher rankings.

Many of us prefer to go with SEO agencies and Freelancers to get the work done but more people like us do SEO on our own.

But wait! Is SEO is that simple? No!

It is not everyone’s cup of tea as in recent years we have seen a drastic change in search engine algorithms. In order to do proper SEO, we need the proper set of skills along with legit tools to rank our site higher on search engines.

In this post, we have revealed an extremely powerful tool that will allow you to dominate the search engines and get on the top of the search results.

We know there are other tools that worth your money like the SEMRush, Long Tail Pro, Moz, Ahrefs but here SERPed is one of the legit tools that offers tons of extremely advanced features at such a reasonable price.

So, let’s start the most-awaited and trustworthy- SERPed Review In 2024 that includes all of the detailed insights of this amazing SEO tool.

SERPed Review

SERPed Review 2024: Top Pros & Cons

What Is SERPed?

SERPed is a powerful SEO tool that fulfills all SEO needs. It is one SEO tool that comes at a reasonable price. And here, it’s not only about the price; you will be getting 42+ excellent features that will take your site rankings to a whole new level if used properly. These features will help you in becoming an SEO expert in no time.

Just power up your SEO business and rank your websites higher on all of the major search engines.

SERPed Review- The All In One SEO Tool

In one line if I define SERPed then “SERPed Is A Powerful Ninja Suite of SEO Tool: That Offers Services At A Reasonable Price”.

Basically, this tool is made with continuous study along with the research of various SEO tools along with getting feedback backs right from the users and also the webmasters. Really, SERPed is an unbeatable SEO tool.

SERPed Review- All in One SEO Tools Suite

By using this tool, you can easily find the expired domains, do your keyword research, finding quality backlinks, running SEO audits of your website, along with many more things in a row.

SERPed will really make SEO easy for you as it comes with more than 45 advanced and powerful features that you can customize along with getting the desired result of your choice.

List of Tools Offered By SERPed: 

Serped tools SEO ninja tool

  • Keyword Research
  • Domain Research
  • Site Management
  • Rank Tracking
  • Client Acquisition
  • Social
  • Other Tools

SERPed provides the all-in-one solution of SEO as it comes with unique features that I have listed above. Now I am going to explain every tool in detail and give insights. Let’s see, What features this One-stop Tool Set has for us.

Serped dashboard

1) Keyword Research:

Keywords are undeniably significant to succeed in the World of the Internet. Keyword Research feature enables us to find more-profitable Keywords with less competition in our Domain or Field.

The Keyword Analyzer makes our lives easier by discovering our competitors, Factors influencing their google rankings, and even tells us what I need to do to surpass them. So here SERPed has created its own advanced Keyword Research Tool.

Here this one is the ultimate Keyword Research tool right for all of the niche marketers with a revenue calculator.


Now find a keyword is really very simple with this tool, as here you need to enter a keyword, and bravo! Hundreds of keywords will be generated automatically in just a few seconds. All of the keywords mainly contains the monthly search volumes, CPC, traffic value, number of the results on Google along with the trend graphs, competition level.

SERPed Review- Researh The Comprtitors

This tool is designed in order to save your hours of priceless time by providing the best and reliable keyword in few seconds.

Key Features:

  • It is the ultimate keyword research tool for any niche that comes with a revenue calculator.
  • Helps in finding what keywords your own site and the site of your competitors basically rank for in just a few seconds.
  • It can easily analyze your competitors right with a single push of the button and then you can simply discover how to outrank for any keyword.
  • It helps you in discovering hundreds and thousands of “Hidden” Untapped Keywords in just a few minutes and with few clicks.


Quick Links:

2) Domain Research:

SERP has Aged Domain Finder that will help us in finding strong and reliable domains for our projects. It can connect to various platforms like Dynadot, Sedo, Droplists, Pheenix, NameJet, and  SnapNames. It presents us with Moz and metrics of all the domains it locates. Additionally, This feature serves as a boon by rescuing us from purchasing low-quality Domains.

Because this tool gathers valuable information like Domain’s age, current price, inbound links, and more to help us.


Simply get all of the amazing expiring domains in your niche before anyone else get it. Here these tools generally select the best domain names that are available right for sales. As here SERPed mainly scans after every 72 hours and presents all of the latest expiring domains right to you.

Here these domains will help you in building the most powerful blog networks that you can easily use to build high-quality backlinks along with ramping up your search engine rankings.

Key Features:

serped domain

  • Analyze any domains in-depth and get the detailed insights right with a single click of a mouse.
  • This tool helps in finding the strongest aged domains for sales along with building a powerful private blog network.
  • Instantly grab all of the top expiring domains right in your niche and scan the web after every 72 hours to update the list.
  • Find tons of high-quality domains that are having high-quality backlinks right from the most trusted sites in the world.
  • It also provides metrics for hundreds and thousands of highest quality domains along with the websites on the top marketplaces.
  • Analyze all of the keyword rich and exact match domains with the search volumes right for any city or country.
  • It can do a deep analysis of the backlinks pointing right to any domain.

3) Site Management

Serped site manager

This Feature Saves much time by managing our Blogs and Websites. It does an extensive survey on our site And gives us recommendations to deal with deteriorating the site’s Search Engine Ranking. This one is the ultimate CMS for SEO. Simply manage all of your websites right from a single and user-friendly interface.

Now get rid of the spreadsheets as here SERPed comes with an all-in-one solution to manage all of your sites without any hassle, here you can manage your own site or the sites of your clients.


It would be great if all of your backlinks are active and indexed in Google. Now you don’t have to worry about all of them because here you are getting the “Backlinks Manager” that will take care of all backlinks related task in a super-easy way.

With the help of this tool, you will be able to see the date on which you added the links, URL, the Moz Ranks, anchor text along with the domain authority and the page authority and the number of inbound and outbound links, social signals along with many more things in a row.

Key Features:

  • The ultimate CMS for SEO here it will manage all of your sites right from a single user-friendly interface.
  • Here it will also track and manage all of your backlinks right with the SEO metrics, indexed status, and many more things.
  • Now you can track any of your websites and simply get all of the detailed insights into the use of Google Analytics.
  • It will also receive instant notifications right when your site is down with the full reporting. Simply it has an uptime monitoring system.

4) Rank Tracking

Serpred rank tracking

It is always important to check our Progress; This Task is made easy by Rank Tracker. It helps us track our rankings on Yahoo, Bing, and Google. It is much more flexible than you think it is, it can mention our choice location. For instance, Countries, Cities, Or any Areas. Besides, Both Mobile and Desktop rankings are available. Interestingly, it can track the ranking of your competitors too.

SERPed mainly comes with a module that is called “Rank Tracking” that contains the cutting edge rank tracking tool that will help you track all of the ranking factors of your website. Now you can track all of the search engine rankings of any of the pages right from the multiple locations in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

SERPed Review- Rank tracking

This tool mainly allows you to track the local rankings by the city for the multiple locations, here you will also get your Country Rankings.

SERPed Review- Analysis

Here SERPed has also created the manual-checking tool that mainly allows you to get rankings right for any of the URLs or the site. The best part is that you will be notified when the results are ready so you can exactly know your position.

Key Features:

Serped review rank tracking

  • It helps in tracking the search engine rankings of any page right from multiple locations in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Rank Tracker will also provide you the stats about your links along with the social signals on (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+)
  • It comes with a quick check option where you can easily check the search engine ranking instantly.
  • This tool also helps in tracking the rankings of your YouTube Videos with the YouTube Tracker so you can see your progress over time.
  • You can also track your Amazon Rankings and then simply analyze your competition in just a few clicks.

5) Client Acquisition:

Serped client management

Yes! SERPed will help you right with the Client Acquisition. Here the suite of the SEO tools mainly comes with a fast “Site Auditor Pro”. Basically, Site Auditor Pro is a tool that helps you in creating the audit forms that you can easily embed right anywhere you want in order to give your users detailed reports and insights.

And here, do you know you will get this kind of tool for $50 to $200 but here you are getting it for free as here you don’t have to pay any extra cost. Basically, Site Auditor Pro is one of the most powerful and the most flexible SEO Audit Tool right out there in the market.

Here with the “Site Auditor Pro” now you can customize your reports right with your logo and also the contact details along with your audit forms and also the emails.

Key Features:

  • Very easy to use and powerful SEO Lead-Generating System.
  • Site Auditor Pro mainly integrates with AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, Ontraport, SendReach and
  • Now find hundreds of opportunities right with the Citation Scanner.
  • It can Embed Review Badges along with Increase Social Proof and simply get more Reviews.
  • You can also find the tons of non-mobile-friendly Websites right with a single push of a button.

6) Social:

Serped social ranking

Here SERPed comes with a tool called Social Exchanger- It is tools that mainly brings all SERPed member right together with the help of each other simply by exchanging the social buttons that include the Review and Ratings, Comments, Question, Connect along with many more things in a row.


It is not limited as it is a deregulated marketplace. SERPed also creates the leaderboards so the members who have created the most task and also have performed more actions could win the prizes. They also offer monthly prizes followed by the yearly prizes.

Key Features:

  • You can simply team-up with other Members in order achieve your SEO Goals faster (Reviews, Ratings, and Comments)
  • It also creates leaderboards and offers monthly and yearly prizes to keep them motivated.
  • With the help of this tool, you can reach your SEO goals faster with the help of other SERPed Members.

7) Backlink Explorer Tool

Serped backlinks

The quickest way to improve your ranking in search results and sales is to keep an eye on your competitors. You need to know the SEO strategies that you use, as well as your keywords, backlink strategies, and so on.

With your backlink exploration tool, you can quickly analyze all the sources that provide the most backlinks. You can also use these sources to get backlinks for your own websites. That’s how it works.

If you clicked on your Backlink Explorer tool, enter one of your competitors’ domains to see their backlink sources. And that’s it. You will see a list of all the sources from which your competitors receive their backlinks.

If you want to get high-quality links from these sources, click on your TF option. All sources with the highest confidence flow are displayed.


In addition, you can also analyze your specific keywords to find your spectrum of Moz data, traffic flow, and other important details. Here’s how to use this tool to analyze your competitors’ keywords to get a better idea of how you can translate them into SEO.

In the Keyword Search feature, click Keyword Analyzer, enter the keyword you want to classify by also entering your competitor’s domain name. Then click “Analyze competition” to learn more.

You will receive the SERP rank, Moz rank, domain authority for that particular page, as well as traffic and trust tracking. Based on these factors, you can easily analyze the performance of your competitors in Google search results.

8) Other Tools

Serped link indexer

There are several other tools offered by SERPed and here comes the Link Indexer Pro- it is a tool that lets you send links to 3 different links indexing services. As there is no other way the search engines don’t find and simply index your links right after you have submitted them right to the Link Indexer Pro.

SERPed Review- Indexing Review.png

Google Index Checker is another tool which is offered by SERPed as here this tool will let you see your links, as they are indexed in the Google or not.

Spintax Checker is another must-have tool that is offered by SERPed. With the help of this tool, you can easily spintax errors easily. Grammar Checker is another tool which is offered by SERPed as here Google always check the level of quality of your content.

List of other tools that are offered by SERPed:

  1. Link Indexer Pro
  2. Google Index Checker
  3. Spintax Checker
  4. Grammar Checker
  5. Content Curator
  6. Content Restorer

Key Features:

  • It provides multiple pro links indexing services.
  • It will check if your links are basically indexed on Google.
  • It helps in restoring the old content right in just a few clicks and will definitely save your hours of works.
  • It will analyze all of your inner links and finds all of the potential issues right with the click of a button.
  • It will manage all of your daily tasks along with backlinks and also the notes in a super-easy way.

YouTube Tracking Tool:

serped youtube tracker

Want to know where your keywords are currently on YouTube? It’s important to know where your keywords are if you want to generate more traffic from the second YouTube search engine.

The good news is that the SERPed tool has a YouTube tracking feature that makes it easy to find your keyword positions on YouTube.

Let’s see how it works.

Click the section of your tools to find “YouTube Checker” in the segment.

Insert your video with its URL to see the keyword positions on YouTube.

You can easily find the location of your keywords as well as other important details such as the number of video views, likes, and you can also find out more about comments.

In the same way, you can track markets like Amazon to see your keyword and their data.

Get detailed SEO reports: Wondering how your website works and want to know all of your SEO-related reports? Do not Worry The SERPed tool does it all for you, with reports ranging from review reports to website audits and keyword searches.

SERPed Review- seo report

All previous reports can be extremely useful to you if you know the competitors, keywords, classifications, reviews, and analysis of websites in detail. If you’re someone who likes to find more actionable information from reports, you’ll definitely love this feature.

SERPed Pricing | Detailed SERPed Review (SERPed coupon Code)

Whatever be the services or the quality they are offered, the final verdict comes down to pricing and budget. It takes a keen eye to keep count of the numbers gained from the numbers spent. As I have already told you that SERPed is an affordable SEO tool that comes with top-notch advanced features that will help you with all your SEO needs.

And trust me you will not find an SEO tool that is better than in SERPed in terms of features, functionality, and Ease of Use.

Here the pricing of SERPed is really very simple as it mainly comes with three plans- Premium Plan Comes For $79/month the Ultimate Plan Comes for $179/month and here the Enterprise Pack comes for $379/month. 


SERPed Review- Pricing Plan

Here we would like to suggest that if you’re looking for an individual solution and small team solution then just go you should go for the Premium Plan.

And here the Ultimate Plan is for those who are running multiple websites and actually need bigger requirements or opt for the Enterprise plan if you have bulk domains

Let’s talk in details about these plans:

1) Premium Plan ($79)

For the starters and individuals

  • Provides 170 keyword reports every month
  • Tracks 2500 keywords per month
  • Check up to 70 keywords at any given time
  • Dig into the competitor ranking keywords (as much as 3000 of them!) 
  • Can operate up to 2 team accounts
  • Analysis of top 10 ranking, difficulty ratings for up to 150 keywords
  • Extensive metric research available for 200 URLs
  • Manage and organize up to 20 distinct websites
  • 250 white-label SEO audits offered

2) Ultimate Plan ($179)

For Small Teams and Domains

  • Offers 1600 keyword reports every month
  • Keeps track of up to 22000 keywords each month
  • Checks up to 10000 keywords at any time
  • Insights into as much as 9000 competitor ranking keywords 
  • Can operate up to  5 team accounts
  • Get Analysis of 10 ranks, difficulty ratings for up to 400 keywords
  • The extensive metric analysis provided for 500 URLs
  • Manage and optimize up to 75 distinct websites
  • 2500 white-label SEO audits offered

3) Enterprise Plan ($379) 

For large Teams and Domains

  • Get 500 keyword reports every month
  • Keep track of up to 7000 keywords every month
  • Check up to 3000 keywords at any point in time
  • Unveils 30000 competitor ranking keywords! 
  • Access to operating up to 20 team accounts
  • Get data on top 10 ranking, also difficulty ratings for up to 1000 keywords
  • Extensive metric analysis available for 1500 URLs
  • Organize and optimize up to 200 distinct websites
  • 7500 white-label SEO audits provided every month

Seo suite for agencies

Furthermore, SERPed has devised a unique Agency Add-on, which unleashes the benefits of next-level features, additional tools, and much more. Agency Add-on is now at hand for ₹2135 per month (or $29), their special launch price. It is usually priced at ₹3610 per month ($49).

SERPed does not offer any free trial, but instead of that, you will get a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. And even if you are not satisfied with its services then you can easily claim your money refund. All you need to do is generate a ticket and get the refund right with-in 48-72 business hours. You should go and try SERPed as here you are not making any risky investment or long term commitments.

SERPed Reviews & Testimonials

Serped SEO review SErped tool review

SERPed Free Trial & Money Back Guarantee:

Serped coupon code

Really, you will fall in love with the features of SERPed and the best part is that here you don’t have to pay a high price as the pricing is affordable. Herewith SERPed you will not get any free trial but instead of that you will get 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. And somehow if you are not satisfied with its services then you can easily claim for your money refund.

Here all you need to do is simply generate a ticket and get the refund right with-in 48-72 business hours. You should go and try SERPed as here you are not making any risky investment.

SERPed Customer Support:

As we all know that customer support is very important if we are buying any tool or software. And herewith SERPed you will get a world-class customer support facility. The best part that we like most about the SERPed is that they provide a bunch of video tutorials so that you can easily relate to the software and learn how to use it like a pro in order to get maximum benefit.

You can also go and get your query cleared on FAQ’s sections and somehow if you are not getting the proper solution then you can just go and simply submit the Ticket to them. All you need to wait for a few times and they will get back to you ASAP. Really, you don’t have to worry about the SERPed Customer support as it is friendly and a team of professionals will be helping you.

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FAQs On SERPed Reviews

👉What is SERPed? What can I access with the SERPed SEO Toolbox?

SERPed is a set of all-in-one SEO tools that give you access to over 45 SEO tools, from keyword research to backlink analysis to grammar checker. This means that you can use it for everything from managing your content to SEO analysis, etc. Here are some elements that you can access with grammar corrector YouTube Tracker and Amazon Tracker Bulk URL Analyzer and Backlink Explorer, Keyword Analyzer, and more. So, what are you waiting for? Go check out now?

👉Can I get a discount on SERPEd or are there promotional codes to save money?

Currently, a 25% discount is available for SERP SEO tools. Be sure to check this page as we will update it immediately if promotional codes, special discounts or current offers are active on Unfortunately, SERPed does not offer free trial versions, as only two types of plans are offered here. Prime costs $79 per month (ideal for launch) Ultimate Plan costs $179 a month (which is great for agencies, SEO, etc.)

👉What is the best between SERPed vs SEMrush?

SEMrush and SERPed are considered as a single SEO tool (that is, they offer a variety of SEO tools that range from keyword research to backlink analysis to competitive research) at a single price. , They can not compare these two tools, as they also offer a unique set of SEO tools, with SEMrush primarily being considered a primary search tool for competitors, while SERPed is new to the group and rapidly gaining popularity among users.

👉What happens if you are not satisfied with SERP’s SEO tools? offers you a 30-day refund guarantee, so if you do not like your features, tools, or services for any reason you can request a refund within 30 days of purchase you will be refunded. All your money without asking for a refund. ask You can reach them through the help desk. They will respond and reimburse you within 48 to 72 hours.

👉Can you use SERPed for ranking and domain searching?

You can absolutely. SERPed offers tracking tools for Google, YouTube, Amazon, and more. You can also use your domain lookup tools to search for expired domains, exact match domains, outdated domains, and so on.

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Conclusion: SERPed Review 2024 SERPed Coupon Code 3 Months Free | Should You Go For It??

As here I have covered all of the detailed insights of this SEO Tools SERPed.

 Now let’s summarize if you really want to ramp up your search engine rankings with the least investment of time and effort, then SERPed is what you are looking for. SERPed is simple yet incredibly effective and comes at affordable pricing. You would get top-notch advanced features that will boost your rankings. 

The tools you get with SERPed makes it the “Powerful Ninja Suite of SEO Tools.” Over here, you will be getting more than 44+ advanced features that will help you in becoming an SEO Expert.

Feel free to drop your views about SERPed right in the comment section. We hope this post suits your purpose well. If you find this post, SERPed Review helpful then you can share it on trending social media platforms so that it may help others too.

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  1. I used SERPed for more than three years. The main reason I became a SEO expert is because of this one powerful optimization tool. It has helped me to rank higher and at such a cheap price, too! Trust me when I say that you will not regret buying SERPed. It’s really worth the money – and it does wonders!

  2. No one can compete with SERPed. Trust a power user like me- I use it everyday and know this SEO tool inside and out. SERPed is SUREAFIRM purchase to make your business prosper just as much as you do. It comes with the most powerful features, but that’s not all; from dazzling results in no time to making your website more visible online; SERPed does everything an SEOer needs PLUS some!

  3. SERPed is the best project management solution!
    It provides with some cool features to stand out from others:
    ☆All-in-one tool suite
    ☆Get metrics from multiple source in one place
    ☆Flexible rank tracking
    ☆Easy to find high quality aged domains
    ☆Helps you find new SEO leads and clients

  4. SERPed is trusted
    The popularity of SERPed is mainly due to the tons of features this tool has got to offer and as well as the way in which this tool saves you a huge amount of money by incorporating some of the best features of SEMrush, Majestic SEO, Moz and others in one single platform.

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