How I Made $1400+ with ShareAsale Affiliate Program: Review 2023

Affiliate disclosure: In full transparency – some of the links on our website are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!).

Founded in 2000, ShareASale is a famous affiliate marketing network based in Chicago, Illinois. ShareASale pays commissions to affiliates based on sales. As an affiliate marketer, you can choose from more than 4,500 programs that allow you to earn these commissions.

In addition to the network of affiliates, WordPress themes also operate a network of merchants. Shareasale is one of the trustworthy and reliable resources for affiliate marketers like me.

Are looking for a good affiliate marketplace? Wait! You have one choice to get started with ShareASale and it one of the most popular affiliate marketplace which is founded by Brian Litleton 18 years back that will definitely help you in getting extra bucks and make good passive income online. And really it’s a great place for the marketers for launching the affiliate program right for their products and services.

Basically, ShareASale works as an intermediate right between the merchants and the affiliates. And it has more than2500+ merchants that basically offers tons of products and services and come up with their affiliate program in order to promote their products on many another site in return of fixed commission. And right on the other hands, you will find thousands of affiliates who are basically promoting merchants products in return of commission. Affiliates basically write about their products and review that and easily get paid if any of their clicks on that link and make a purchase through their links.

Most of the time affiliate send requests to merchants for joining their affiliate program.

Here the thing is that many bloggers rely on the Google AdSense or any other ad networks in order to earn affiliate income. And if you are one of them then it’s time to look over ShareAsale Affiliate Program. Expect Google AdSense other ads networks basically add some penny to you by keeping the maximum share. And trust me affiliate marketing add more commissions and you should start affiliate marketing today and start earning good amount of passive income. And I personally think ShareASale Affiliate Program is one of the best marketplaces for affiliate marketing on the market.

And at that time bloggers and Affiliate marketers can easily find a new Affiliate program and join them. And the best part is that the marketers who are looking for launching an affiliate program can easily join them and simply use their Welcome kit along with all the training webinars in order to educate themselves for getting success.

I think you should understand these terminologies that you will get in ShareAsale Affiliate Program:

  • Affiliate Marketplace: Basically it is a marketplace where an affiliate can easily discover many new opportunities along with joining an affiliate program. Simply here a marketer will expose to their affiliate program right to many affiliate marketers.
  • Affiliate Marketers: It is all about the user like me and you who are basically joining an affiliate program and simply promote it via blog, PPC or by using any other methods.
  • Affiliate Software: Basically this can be self-hosted service like ShareASale, ClickBank or CJ where mainly affiliate program is being hosted. And here in this case if we talk about ShareASale then this the affiliate software.
  • Merchants: Here the merchants are basically known as the business owners who basically set up all of their affiliate programs so that any of the affiliates can join it. And also drive more traffic and sales right to their business in return for fixed commision right for the affiliate marketers.

Here the thing is that all of the other affiliate marketplace modes are basically same right with the different user interface and features. I think now you are familiar with the basic terminologies as these will help you in understanding this amazing ShareAsale Affiliate Program.

What is an Affiliate Program? How I Made $1400+ with ShareAsale Affiliate Program June 2023

An Affiliate Program allows you to place links to our products on your website. By placing these links, visitors to your site have the opportunity to buy products. If a product is purchased through a link on your website, we pay you a commission for each sale. An Affiliate Program allows you to make money by referring customers to our website. Every time you refer a customer to us and that customer makes a purchase, you earn a commission. It’s that simple!

shareasale affiliate program review

Getting Started

sign up for shareasale

To get started with ShareASale, you’ll check in for their affiliate or merchandiser program via the company’s web site. when submitting the application, ShareASale will email you a merchant or affiliate welcome package. ShareASale can give affiliates with hypertext markup language(HTML) referral links and banners for any of the out there merchants. As an affiliate, you’ll place the hypertext markup language links(HTML) and banners on your websites and begin earning commissions for your referrals.

ShareASale doesn’t charge any fees to hitch the affiliate program. As a merchant, ShareASale can have your business loaded into the ShareASale system among 2 business days, and your business will begin generating links and banners for affiliates.

shareasale merchant login
shareasale merchant login

In addition, merchants can need to choose a commission structure to pay the affiliates. ShareASale charges a setup fee of $550 to jointhe merchandiser program.

Income I made in Shareasale Affiliate Network in month of Feb-March 2015

shareasaleincome screenshot

I am with Shareasale with more than 1.5 year and I must say that it is best compare to Commission Junction. They paid on time without any delays. Customer support is also excellent. The most important thing is you can earn more with Shareasale compare to Commission Junction. Last year I had earned more than $1100 while in Commission Junction I had only $250.

Sign up for a ShareAsale account & Get 150$ Per Referral

ShareAsale Benefits

I found the method of registering with ShareASale to be very fast and straightforward. when clicking on the “Sign Up” button provided on the homepage, potential affiliates are taken to a screen wherever they produce a username and password and choose the country they board. Users are needed to spot the web site they’re going to be using to market merchandise likewise as provide an email address that corresponds to the website. we registered for ShareASale and received our affiliate confirmation consequent operating day.


ShareASale offers affiliates and merchants many advantages. These advantages include time period following and merchandiser and affiliate internal control. ShareASale additionally guarantees timely payments of earned commissions. Moreover, Share a buying deal offers the likelihood to deep link. this suggests as an affiliate, you’ll link prospects straight to a registration page on the merchant’s website, bypassing the home page. Deep linking helps to confirm that you just can earn commissions for your referrals.

One time fees to get started for Advertisers

shareasale merchant center

ShareASale has a simple up-front pricing structure. There is a one-time Network Access Fee that occurs only after all the setup steps have been completed, and prior to activation on the network. Additionally, we require a $100 minimum deposit. This amount is used to pay the Affiliates and ShareASale for sales and other qualified leads that you define. Any amount left in your account that is not used to pay for sales, leads or fees to ShareASale can be refunded to you at any time that you wish to close your account.

$550.00 one time access fee + $100 deposit = Total to get started $650.

ShareASale’s searchable Deals information may be a valuable resource for affiliates to search out promotional offers and remunerative commissions. when choosing product and deals affiliates want to push, ShareASale builds a information that then transfers to a CSV format. The information provides product info together with trailing URLs, that link an affiliate to any sale that has been generated.

Shareasale Review – style and usefulness

This is where Shareasale sucks badly. Whereas most affiliate networks like Commission Junction and ClickBank have revamped their style and improved their usability within the past year, Shareasale’s interface remains a giant turn-off for many new affiliates.

There’s a way an excessive amount of data, too several choices, too several options you may most likely never use, and a complete lack of coherence in style.

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As a new affiliate who simply signed up, you may notice the Shareasale website too clumsy and confusing. Affiliates who are on board since the last design update (like 99 years ago) would haven’t any hassle finding what they require, however, it’s one euphemism of a maze for everybody else.

In fact, the overwhelming majority of complaints from Shareasale affiliates are concerning it’s overwhelming, rigid user expertise. It’s a turn-off for any newcomer affiliate. I get pissed off with their design and have already notified about this annoying feature.

Some Tips to induce additional Affiliate Sales

Are you troubled the way to get additional income from ShareASale? during this section I’ll justify how I created cash by promoting the product through a shareasale affiliate network.

Choose the product that suits your niche:

I would say just select product that suit your niche and topic of blogging. In the end, we don’t need to hurt our readers by promoting tangential things.

shareasale merchants look up
shareasale merchants look up

Promote product you use or have a thought of it. this may assist you in serving any doubt that the customer asks you before shopping for a product.

What Kind of Products to Promote On Your Blogs?

As we all know that affiliate marketing is all about choosing the merchants wisely and if you are not doing that task wisely you may end up with few problems. I would like to say just the products and merchants that basically comes under your niche. Like for examples if you are a blogger and writing articles about WordPress, SEO or technology then you should promote products like WordPress themes, plugins along with best SEO Tools and more. I just wanted to say if you promote products according to your niche then it will help in finding potential customers and more sales as your customers may also be looking for the same products you are promoting as their niche is also same as yours.

Just promote those products that you have used or you are confident about and that also helps your users in some way. As you users value your opinions and really trust your content that is why they are on your blog. And you should also convince people that the products you are promoting is actually good and this will solve their particular problem.

And you can also do one thing, just write a review article of those products where you should explain all the details including the pros and cons and there easily insert your affiliate links and get started earning good affiliate income.

I choose WP Engine and SEO Powersuite that paid me the good commission, I made a good income with Wp  Engine which pays 200$ per sale. So this is big guys. Choose these kinds of products which payout very high.

Do change Ugly Shareasale URL. 

For example: A link that looks like this:

For example: A link that looks like this: Becomes like this after using the above plugins:

Use these plugins to hide ugly URL’s

Redirection, Gocodes Pretty Link Lite these 3 plugins are very good to hide ugly URL’s ShareAsale have for promoting products.

See how my URL’s look after Redirection plugin

It is better and clean.

Below are the highest paying affiliate programs in ShareASale that you should definitely join to earn huge commission:

OptinMonster Affiliate Program

The way OptinMonster is considered by different types of individuals. It is one of the best programs which can help the business in boosting their sales and providing lots of benefits. It works on the online basis. There are different types of services provided by the software. With it, you can take its help in making money. The OptinMonster also works as the affiliate program.

For it, the interested individuals are required to place its referral link on their blogs, websites. Another thing is that, the individuals can avail its services by considering the way of social networking websites. You can earn money with the help of facebook, twitter, and some other social websites. There are numerous benefits associated with its use.

Benefits of choosing the OptinMonster:-

  • It provides support to the users in market
  • The users can earn 20% commission by its affiliate program services
  • It is helpful in creating different types of website related things such as – floating bars

The structure of paying commission is giving below:-

It has three main plans those are tagged with the price of 108$, 228$ and 348$. The users can get commission of –

  • 21.60$ on the sale of 108$ plan
  • 45.60$ on the sale of 228$ plan
  • 69.60$ on the sale of 348$ plan

For availing all these benefits and making lots of money, you should join the website.

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

As we know that, most of the individuals are trying to design their own websites. For it, some are taking help from the professionals and some choose the way of online sources.

The wordpress is the biggest source which can help the individual in creating an impressive website. The attractiveness of a website is based on the theme. The themes of wordpress are paid and the users can easily buy them from MyThemeShop.

With it, the MyThemeShop also helps the users in making lots of money. According to the recent trends, there are several users are availing its services for making a big amount of money. All these things become possible only with the help of its affiliate program services.

Benefits those you can avail by choosing it:-

  • The affiliates are able to receive 55% commission on their each sale.
  • It is available with higher conversion rates which help in making more money.
  • The affiliates have 150 options to sale those are helpful in selling one thing easily.
  • The banners of MyThemeShop are created by adding creativity
  • The payment method of the website is based on the monthly system.
  • There is not any type of existence related to minimum payment limits.
  • The users can avail the return cookie services with the time duration of 60 days.

For all these benefits, the users need to enter their name and some other additional information only.

Grammarly Affiliate Program

Many individuals have hobby of writing and some are trying to make money by it. For it, the individuals are required to provide proper content to the clients. The most important thing is the grammatical errors.

The grammarly is a software or a source by which the users can identify the errors in their content. The company is offering two types of services premium and free. The premium services are helpful in eliminating all types of errors from the content.

With it, the grammarly is also offering services as the affiliate program. The individuals those want to earn lots of money they can join its affiliation program. For these types of services, the individuals are required to follow a simple process only. By it, you are able to create an account in grammarly which will consume only 60 seconds of the users.

Benefits of considering it:-

  • The conversion rate is 20% to 30%
  • The users can receive activation bonus of 25$
  • It provides tracking on the basis of cross-device
  • Additional incentives on regular performance

DMCA Affiliate Program

The way of online sources is considered by different types of individuals. By considering this particular way, the users are able to boost their sales and connect to more customers. With the increasing trend of online things, there are several new bad and good things appear. It helps the websites in maximizing profits but it also invites some online thieves.

The DMCA is a source which provides protection to the websites from online thieves. Almost all types of website owners are finding these types of sources. There is another side of DMCA is available. This particular side can help you in making lots of money. It is the face of website as an affiliate program. The users are able to make money by selling its plans.

Benefits of considering the way of DCMA:-

  • The website provides a commission to the affiliate on every sale made by him.
  • The amount of commission lies between 10$ to 25$. It depends on the value of product or plan sold.
  • The way of signing up is so easy and it does not consume lots of time.
  • The payment is provided by the website via PayPal.
  • The affiliates can check their sale records any time on own devices easily.


  • StudioPress Themes & Genesis Framework
  • NameCheap Affiliate Program


You can always check Merchant Status Via Dashboard

ShareAsale Affiliate Program: Review



Shareasale will offer you lot of top affiliate programs to join in your relevant niche, choose offers according to your needs and you can start promoting the best offers you like but always read their terms and conditions before promoting some advertisers don’t allow PPC bidding on brand terms. So you must read their terms & conditions.


ShareAsale Affiliate Program: Review



Merchand Datafeed gives you an idea about each affiliate program commission structure and how much can make per sale.

ShareAsale Affiliate Program: Review
ShareAsale Affiliate Program: Review



Search for your favorite brand Coupons In Shareasale database this will get you more change to increase your commissions as more bonus you offer to your customer more they will buy from your affiliate link.


ShareAsale Affiliate Program: Review



Sharesale revenue report

Shareasale gives you an option to take a look at their revenue reports from which you can see that which month you had better performance.


ShareAsale Affiliate Program: Review


You can track you daily sales status via activity details section on Shareasale dashboard.

ShareAsale Affiliate Program: Review

Quick Links:

Conclusion:  ShareAsale Affiliate Program: Review June 2023

I hope this ShareAsale review was helpful and cleared any doubts you may have had if Shareasale is legit or just another scam. ShareAsale Affiliate program is best to make money online from your blogs/sites. If you have anything to add to this affiliate program ShareAsale review good or bad -please leave a comment below.

Sign up for a ShareAsale account & Get 150$ Per Referral


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