Top 15 Shoes Affiliate Programs For 2024: Which One Is The Most Profitable?

Shoes may seem like a small category.

The truth is, however, that they’re necessary for everyone, no matter who they are. Some people are fascinated by them…
That, however, is a different scenario.

So, the global shoe industry generates at least US$180 billion in revenue every year. This equates to an annual expenditure of $277 per individual.

These markets are expanding at a rate of around 30 percent per year, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC).

The possibilities are endless as long as you can combine a growing market with constant demand.

The topic of shoes will be discussed in this post, along with affiliate programs and how much money you can make in this field.
So, let’s get to work.

Shoes Affiliate Programs: Overview

  1. KickUSA/Snipes
  2. Indestructible Shoes
  3. Foot Locker
  4. Puma
  5. SneakerWorld
  6. Shein
  7. Just Shoes For Kids
  8. Nina Shoes
  9. Public Desire
  10. Nike
  11. Chamaripa Shoes
  12. Footwear Unlimited
  13. Adidas
  14. AllSole
  15. Converse
  • KickUSA/Snipes

KickUsa- Shoes Affiliate Program

Snipes, which sells streetwear and footwear in Europe, has acquired KickUSA.
Established in 2002, KickUSA has more than 60 locations in Maryland, New Jersey, New York City and Philadelphia and employs more than 1,000 people. As a result of the acquisition, Snipes, a European footwear and streetwear company, now owns the company.

You can buy sweatshirts, sandals and other clothing items at KickUSA in addition to sneakers. High-end sneakers are available. Among them are Nike and Adidas as well as Converse and Reebok, Jordan and Vans.

KickUSA’s products could benefit from increased exposure in European countries as a result of the merger with Snipes, which could lead to higher affiliate sales. If you spend $125 or more at KickUSA, you’ll get free shipping.

  • Indestructible Shoes:

Indestructibles- Shoes Affiliate Program

Shoes that are stylish and comfortable for work are the goal of Indestructible Shoes.
Indestructible Shoes offers safety footwear that is stylish, comfortable, and fashionable. To that end, their footwear is built to last for decades, to be used in a variety of environments, and to provide protection from workplace hazards. All of the materials used are incredibly strong and light.

Their shoes are ideal for outdoor and hiking activities, construction and labour jobs, military and security personnel, and restaurant environments, as well as military and security personnel. However, even though they’re considered work shoes, they’re all stylish.

ShareASale manages the affiliate program for Indestructible Shoes. 10% commission on each order will be paid to affiliates. The cookie’s lifespan is set to 30 days by default. Other advertising materials will also be made available to the affiliates such as banners, text links, and more.

Very stylish shoes, and they send out regular updates on new products, best sellers, and other program improvements. There’s no additional charge for shipping to anywhere in the world.

  • 10-percent commission
  • $82.76- EPC
  • Cookie life span: 30 days
  • Foot Locker:

Foot Locker- Shoes Affiliate Program

If a product does not fit properly, Foot Locker offers a Fit Guarantee program, which allows customers to return unused products.
This retailer sells footwear for men, women and kids. There’s also a line of athletic clothing, such as hoodies and sweatshirts and tees and shorts. Some accessories are available, such as hats and socks.

The store carries a total of 14 different athletic shoe manufacturers. Running shoes or basketball shoes, for example, can be selected by the customer from a wide range of options. In addition, Foot Locker offers free shipping on regular-priced items over $20, as well as $75 or more in orders.

With the Fit Guarantee, any items that do not fit properly can be exchanged or returned at no cost to the customer.
They have a wide selection of athletic gear and sneakers, and they offer a Fit Guarantee. As an affiliate marketer, however, it’s difficult to know how much money you’ll make without first signing up, because the commission rate and cookie length aren’t disclosed on the affiliate sign-up page.

  • Puma:

Puma- Shoes Affiliate Program

To promote their highly sought-after sport lifestyle products, Puma offers web publishers the opportunity to do so through their website.
Additionally, Puma is a well-known brand in the sneaker industry, and has been in business since 1948. It is a leading sports brand in the world. There will be 5.23 billion euros in sales in 2020 alone.

Pepperjam is in charge of their affiliate program. Your earnings will increase as you generate more sales, thanks to their incentive-based commission structure. Members have access to simple tracking and reporting features, as well as frequent affiliate-exclusive offers. Currently, the cookie expiration period is set to 14 days.

Having one of the most popular sneaker brands in the world makes it a lot easier to get the word out. There are special sales and promotions for affiliates as well as exclusive deals.

  • 5 percent commission
  • EPC: TBC\
  • 14-day cookie duration
  • SneakerWorld:


In the near future, Sneakerworld will offer outdoor sportswear.
For both men and women, Sneakerworld sells sneakers, clothing, and accessories. Special pages for limited-edition sneakers are also available. Starting in 2013, the company began operations in Italy, and is now expanding internationally. There are plans to sell outdoor sportswear in the near future as well.

For new products, this company pays out a 10 percent commission and a 5 percent commission for sales and discount code purchases. In Europe, shipping is free, as are returns.

The commission rate and cookie length are excellent when compared to other sneaker affiliate programs.

  • 5-10 percent commission
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days
  • Shein:

Shein doesn’t try to be anything other than what it is: an e-commerce platform for Asian-made footwear, accessories, and clothing.
There are no fictions of magnificence or high-end labels here.

Simply said, the objective is to assist young ladies and teens in locating “on-trend trends that won’t break the bank.”
And they must be doing something right because they’ve been serving that specific market since 2008.
A market that stretches across more than 200 countries and areas on this beautiful world we call home.
Your guests should be able to find what they need here with over 3,000 distinct models of shoes in store at any given time.
As a result, you can point them here with almost complete assurance.
Shein may not be a shoe expert, but they do have thousands of pairs in stock.
Moreover, they have extremely strong performance metrics.
They pay a greater commission than Zappos and have a far higher EPC.

  • 10-percent commission
  • EPC: $28.88
  • Cookie life span: 30 days
  • Just Shoes for Kids:

Just shoes for kids

Do you remember how much fun it was to get your feet measured when you were a kid?
Your parents, on the other hand, do not.

Especially if your foot had to be held in one of those computerised measuring devices.
Just Shoes for Kids was founded by a frustrated parent who had had enough of toddler tantrums.
Rather than dragging your child to a store, you can now easily get their footwear online.

They have a pretty wonderful mix of bright and playful footwear, as well as more traditional stuff like Oxfords for kids, so you won’t be limited in your options.

They may not be able to measure your child’s feet online, but their return policy comes close.
If you’re not satisfied with the fit, simply return them — shipping is free in the United States, but not for overseas buyers.

But, hey, you can’t have it all, can you?
Here’s a little secret: kid’s shoes are ridiculously expensive.
It makes no difference how small their feet are.
However, this is fantastic news in this case because you’ll be dealing with an average order value of $77.
Or $7.70 per sale in referral fees.

  • 10-percent commission
  • $88.04- EPC
  • 45-day cookie duration
  • Nina Shoes:

Nina Shoes

Nina Footwear is a brand you may not be familiar with.
However, this hasn’t stopped them from selling ten million pairs per year.
Or maybe it’s because they’ve been around since 1953.

That’s when they recognised there was a market for fashionable shoes at a reasonable price.
So their first product was a fashionable clog.
It was a different era.
Clogs were a thing, too.

They still sell a variety of stylish women’s shoes, including bridal heels, today.
That’s a sub-niche to think about if you’re currently in the wedding industry.
With something to suit almost any budget, they should be well-liked by the correct audience.
This affiliate program offers a 5-percentage-point commission rate.
You’ll make $3.95 each transaction depending on the average price of a pair of Nina shoes.
Consider how many pairs of shoes women buy throughout the course of their lives before dismissing this offer.

  • 5 percent commission
  • EPC: TBC
  • Cookie life span: 30 days
  • Public Desire:

Public Desire

And now, with the Public Desire program, we have something that will appeal to both US and UK-based affiliates.
They are a global footwear brand with a target clientele of fashion-conscious young women, while being based in the United Kingdom.
A market for low-cost footwear that may be discarded once it is no longer fashionable.

In terms of heels, boots, flats, and ankle boots, your visitors should be able to find whatever they need here.
They also have an entire section dedicated to Perspex and clear footwear, which is clearly what the popular kids are wearing these days.
Not that I’d know anything about it.

This affiliate network pays 8% commission on all product sales.
So, assuming a $50 average order value, you may expect to make $4 per sale.
Just keep in mind that this has always been and always will be a volume sales market.

  • The commission is 8%.
  • EPC: TBC
  • Cookie life span: 30 days
  • Nike:

Nike- Shoes Affiliate Program

A Nike affiliate policy governs how affiliates can promote product launches.
If you want to buy Nike sneakers outside of its own affiliate program, you can do so through other affiliate programs. It is administered by Awin, a company specializing in affiliate marketing.

Jordan and Air Jordan shoes make up the majority of the product line, but there are other styles as well. These include hoodies and pants for sportswear.

A Nike affiliate policy governs how affiliates can promote product launches.
In the same way, customers who are browsing your site may trust a link from Nike more than they would one from a retailer they haven’t heard of before.

  • upto 11 percent commission
  • $26.93-EPC
  • Cookie lifespan: 7 days
  • Chamaripa Shoes:


When it comes to specialty research, you never know what you’re going to find.
Chamaripa, for example, sells a variety of elevator footwear.
Their products claim to increase the height of men and women wearing them by 2 to 5 inches.
They don’t just produce formal footwear; they also make sneakers and boots with the same height-increasing effect.

The best aspect is that they don’t resemble the “platform” shoes that were popular a few years ago.
They’re actually rather fashionable.
Is it a waste of time to wear an elevator shoe?
Make the most of the time you have on this planet.
If that means wearing a pair of elevator sneakers, so let it be.
The first thing you’ll notice is that they pay a 12 percent commission rate to their affiliates.
This affiliate program has the greatest payment rate of any of the ones listed here.
In addition, their average order value is $195.52.
When you consider their 6% conversion rate, you’ll find that this is a program worth investigating.

  • 12 percent commission
  • $159.38- EPC
  • Cookie lifespan: 60 days
  • Footwear Unlimited:

Footwear Unlimited

In addition to sneakers and sandals, Footwear Unlimited also carries dress shoes.
Footwear Unlimited is a women’s and children’s fashion footwear brand. The majority of the sneakers can be found in a section of the website dedicated to active footwear. Also available in this section are a wide variety of other types of footwear, including athletic sandals.
In addition, Footwear Unlimited’s average order value is over $75, despite its relatively low shoe prices compared to other sneaker brands (think around $40).

This program is run by FlexOffers, a company that specialises in affiliate marketing.
A wide range of styles of shoes, regardless of whether your affiliate program is focused on sneakers, could be a draw for some customers. 7 percent commission on returning customers and a 10 percent commission on new customers are also nice incentives.

  • A commission of 7-10%
  • EPC: TBC
  • Adidas:

Adidas- Shoes Affiliate Program

Clients of Adidas can shop for footwear based on the type of sport they intend to participate in.
Adidas, like Nike, is a well-known sportswear and footwear brand. After all, it has been around since 1949, so you know it’s selective when it comes to affiliates.

Traffic from men and women aged 18-24 must be generated by affiliates. A website’s content must be engaging and thought-provoking, and it should be centred around sports or high fashion.

For example, customers can shop for sneakers or apparel based on what type of sport they want to participate in.
Running, soccer, basketball, football, outdoor activities, and other sports such as yoga, boxing, or golf are included in the list of available sports activities.

Impact Radius manages the affiliate program.
Having a well-known brand name could help some customers feel more comfortable shopping and make a purchase decision. In addition, it may be difficult to get accepted as an affiliate because the commission rate isn’t listed on the website.

  • AllSole:

All Sole

AllSole is also situated in the United Kingdom, making it perfect for non-US affiliates.
They do, however, ship globally, so affiliates in the United States and Canada can participate as well.
AllSole does not strive to be everything to everyone.

Instead, they concentrate on popular footwear labels like Converse, Dr. Martens, Vans, Timberland, and plenty of others.
So, if your target market is looking for name-brand footwear at a discount, you might wish to recommend them to AllSole.
So, how does this offer stack up against the rest of the affiliate programmes featured in this roundup?
Affiliate commissions will be paid out at a rate of 8% on everything they sell.
Just make sure you’re a member of Awin before you begin your promotion strategy.

  • The commission is 8%.
  • EPC: TBC
  • Cookie life span: 30 days
  • Converse:


Converse shoes are almost intrinsically tied to Americana.
For nearly a century, their footwear has been a part of American society.
Converse is now a subsidiary of Nike, but they are still a distinct brand in its own right.
And “Chucks” maintain the same level of cool as they have in the past.
In their online store, your visitors can find a wide variety of sneakers for men, women, and children, as well as skateboarding and basketball shoes.

They can, however, order personalised sneakers or select from a variety of limited editions.
You’ll get 6% of any sales made through your affiliate links to the Converse store, including both mobile and desktop referrals.

  • Commission: Up to 8%
  • PC: $12.79
  • Cookie life span: 7 days

Final Verdict: Which is the Shoes Affiliate Programs in 2024?

And with that, our compilation of 16 of the greatest shoe affiliate programs we could uncover has come to an end.
The fact that these are literally the cream of the crop became apparent during the research.
A sort of “publisher’s pick” among affiliate schemes.

However, there are dozens upon dozens of other similar firms in this category for you to market, including the affiliate networks we mentioned as well as others like Impact Radius.

This has several fascinating sub-niches like elevator or bridal shoes.

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