ShopGenius Ad Spy Tool Review 2019: (Discount Coupon 50% Off Hurry)

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Facebook ads are the best way to get traffic to your online store. You can optimize your campaigns to easily get a positive return. It is very suitable for the commercial model of direct shipping. The only problem is that it’s difficult to find ads and landing pages that work. It is a mistake of trial and error to use the campaign properly.

However, at the moment ShopGenius claims to solve all these problems. In this way, you can spy on other Facebook campaigns to understand how to create your own campaigns. The test and the bug are insignificant because you can view other recent campaigns for other e-commerce stores online.

The question is whether ShopGenius is effective. We will answer that question today in our review ShopGenius.

What is ShopGenius? ShopGenius Ad Spy Tool Review 2019: (Discount 50% Off Hurry)

ShopGenius is an advertising search tool on Facebook. So you can spy on your competitors in real time. You can instantly see your competitors’ ads to find out what’s right for them and what’s not right for them.


According to Facebook, this is a download solution on Facebook. If so, you can be sure that you can trust him for a long time. In the past, many of these tools were closed to buy ads for non-compliance. ShopGenius seems to be a step forward in this regard. That’s why we decided to run a Shop Genius test to help you better understand this tool.

This is a Facebook-sky tool for e-commerce businesses that need to generate value.

ShopGenius sets you apart from the competition by:

  • Reverse advertising technology
  • Advanced filtering of ads
  • Landing page overview
  • Reveals dark publications (mobile, tablet, desktop)
  • A complete exhibition of advertising
  • Instant ad ideas

ShopGenius Review 2019: Get Ads Spy Tool At $60 Discount


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ShopGenius Features:

Some of the features of shopGenius that make it very useful are:

• Monitoring of three types of devices:

With ShopGenius you can monitor advertising on all three device types. You can monitor your ads on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets. That way, you can monitor your competitor’s entire campaign.

• Tracking of ads in the US and UK markets :

In particular, you can track EE campaigns. UU and the United Kingdom. You can visit the developed market pretty easily.

• Reverse Ad Engineering:

With ShopGenius, you can not only see ads, but also other features, including targeting. You can filter ads based on the target device. Geographic targeting is also possible. You can also see the complete segmentation, including the frequency of the ad. Therefore, the reverse engineering of the entire advertising campaign is possible.

• Landing page overview:

ShopGenius features

When you see an ad campaign, you can see the preview of the landing page. This will help you to understand how the shop advertises products. You can emulate the landing page to increase the ROI of your campaign.

• Ability to save the desired ads:

If you come across a useful advertising campaign, you can easily save it in your folder. The next time you want to access this data, you need to see the same campaigns and find them easily.

• Search for ads based on tags:

If you want to spy on your niche ads, this feature is very useful. This label-based advertising feature ensures that you can use labels like shoes and fashion to discover other campaigns in the same niche. In this way, you can monitor the entire niche rather than just one business.

• Advanced filtering:

There are many filters available. You can choose between filters such as the media type, the type of website, the type, and even the type of business e-commerce platform. It’s easy to find the right campaigns.

• Complete the cursor of the ad:

With ShopGenius you can see the entire range of images used in the ad. You can see the entire cursor. So you can find the pictures that convert the best. Therefore, you can insert similar images in your campaign. This allows no trial and error.

These are just some of the features of shopGenius that make it a useful tool. The only problem is that it’s just one side of the spectrum. It only helps to spy on Facebook ads. This does not work in the drop-shipping site. It can be expensive and time-consuming to work with another direct-to-home tool.

If it’s a complete spectrum tool, you can search for direct shipping before they become viral and search for ads on Facebook. Therefore, it offers you a complete package instead of information about Facebook ads.

Webinars & Tutorial Videos

This is one of the great features of ShopGenius and therefore different from other Spy tools. It took them a while to introduce their users to the entire segment with webinars and tutorials. While more and more people are trying to make more money, and most of them have little or no knowledge of dropshipping.

ShopGenius Review- Analytics

Accessing ShopGenius tutorials and webinars is very helpful. The disadvantage is that most webinars and tutorials are only available to professional members. If you are a free member, it means that your access to it is limited. The value acquired is more important than the price paid. So it’s a win-win situation because it’s worth it.

Ease of Use

ShopGenius Spy has an attractive design that makes everything easy and user-friendly. When you log in, the various functions will be hard to ignore.

Winning products with the Facebook spy tool, the Shopify dropshipping spy tool, various search tools, etc. Even a novice can easily navigate the board and understand everything that ShopGenius Spy offers its members.

How To Do Ad Spy For Shopify Dropshipping With Shopgenius?

If you plan to create a Shopify store for drop shipping, or if you have already done so, you want to have a product that can simplify all your complicated tasks. Drop shipping is becoming an increasingly popular way to sell products online, and a great way to start e-commerce in 2019.

You probably know how drop shipping is on the boom this year. In Shopify, you can do direct delivery with just from your Shopify stores without any involvement of a middleman. For example, execute orders from your store. Manage the e-commerce store through a platform like Shopify. Produce marketing, eg. Through Facebook ads and customer service. However, you do not have to invest or wait for stocks.

ShopGenius Review- Dashboard

You never want to leave your product search by chance. Using online spy tools like ShopGenius, you can look for popular and popular products in thousands of paid social ads.

Manually searching for competitor ads on social sites like Facebook is possible if you own one or two products. However, this can be difficult and time-consuming because your competitors may have multiple pages and account for their businesses.

Indeed, in mid-2018, Facebook added more transparency to the running ad pages by adding a new link to an informational ad. This page shows the (current) ads that are being served on a page (store) and is a great way to spy on free FB ads.

You need to consider the time and energy consumption you need, manually search for ads, add data to spreadsheets, and generate reports. A spy tool like ShopGenius does the hard work for you.

Even if you want, ShopGenius is not an easy formula to find the best drop shipping products in your Shopify store, but you get the ideas and inspiration you need to get started.

If you ask for it, you can simply scroll through the ads. Once you’ve found something you like, you can save the ads in your collection and start watching all the ads from that store (advertiser).

To simplify matters, you can manually tag ads and stores in popular tags. This gives you the ability to click on popular tags such as fashion, technology, beauty, home, gadgets, jewelry, watches, pets, T-shirts, supplements, and more. and see the product ideas immediately.

With a keyword search, you can not only search for text in the ad, but also for text on the landing page of the site. This is extremely powerful because the ad text generally does not contain the product’s keyword or model number. The landing page can contain the current model number of the product.

ShopGenius Review- ShopGenius Ad Spy Tool

This is very common in Shopify stores that use automated tools to import products and import product lists directly from AliExpress, and so on. Most of these tools import the same information, and although store owners change the title and description of the product, they tend not to change the product / SKU codes.

Thus, you have seen some major benefits and features of the ShopGenius tool that will help you find the best products for your 2019 dropshipping store with the help of the ShopGenius Spying Tool.

What should you know before buying ShopGenius?

In some areas, Shop Genius faces an obstacle. This includes:

1. Search based solely on Facebook ads:

With this tool, you can only spy on stores that run ad campaigns on Facebook. You can find products that are only suitable for FB ads. There is no place to find products independent of Facebook ads. You can only spy on your competitors and find the products they advertise.

2. Limited features of the basic plan:

You can not follow the advertiser with the $ 29 per month base package. Also, you can not see cell phone ads. If you want the full plan, you pay $ 39. The problem is that the baseline lacks some features, such as the inability to spot video ads or Carousel Slide ads. There is also no preview of the landing page.

That’s why; They have no choice but to decide on the expensive plan. If you choose the expensive plan, other software will become a much cheaper alternative covering the full spectrum, including finding the best products at Aliexpress, Amazon, and e-bay. It also offers its users a free Facebook search tool.

You must consider these few shopGenius defects before making your purchase decision.


  • Allows monitoring of displays on all 3 device types.
  • You can use filters to find the right ads
  • Allows tracking of advertisers.
  • Overview of the landing page
  • Spying in real time
  • Allows you to save ads
  • Allows you to monitor different types of ads.


  • Restricted functions in the basic plan.
  • Best available alternatives
  • The search is based solely on Facebook ads.

Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

We know that buying software online can be a daunting task. We, therefore, want the claim of ShopGenius to be risk-free.

Try it out for 30 days to see if it really can help you quickly and easily identify the winning landing pages your competitors are sending traffic to.

If you believe that this does not work the way we say it, or if you just feel it’s not for you, let us know before the end of your testing period, and they will repay your investment in full.

Spy out your competitors and climb into your Shopify-Shop within the next five minutes!

Are you ready to end your advertising campaigns in eCommerce with ShopGenius? Try the tool and you will not regret it.

ShopGenius Pricing Plans: ShopGenius Discount Coupon 50% Off Hurry

ShopGenius pricing




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Conclusion: ShopGenius Ad Spy Tool Review 2019: (Discount 50% Off Hurry)

ShopGenius is doing well. You can search for products based on your Aliexpress statistics as well as e-commerce statistics. Let me know in the comments section below what features of ShopGenius you loved the most, also share your opinions about ShopGenius Review and your personal experience for this product.

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