Top Shopify Multilingual Apps 2023: The Ultimate List (Pros & Cons)

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Are you excited to find apps that can translate your Shopify website into a multilingual website? I believe you are.

Shopify is a great platform for setting up an online store and retailing your products, but wouldn’t it be better to have a multilingual Shopify website? 

A multilingual Shopify website could reach a larger audience because it wouldn’t impose any language barrier to your possible customers and can be understandable to all. 

A multilingual Shopify website is a prerequisite especially if you’re targeting global audiences. It would bring foreign customers to your online store and would boost your performance in the foreign market. 

It would also provide you with multiple languages SEO indexing and unique marketing techniques. 

For that matter, Shopify App Store provides you with numerous Apps that can make your website multilingual in just a few minutes. 

 Of course, choosing a specific App that’s best for you out of all them offered by Shopify is a lot of work. 

But, don’t you worry, I am here to suggest some of the best Apps for transforming your Shopify website into a multilingual Shopify Website with their detailed description.

So, let’s move on to the best Apps available.

Top Shopify Multilingual Apps 2023

While Choosing an App for translation of your Shopify website into different languages, you need to consider various aspects like user-friendly interface, easy installation, which kind of translation it is offering and through which platforms, pricing, pros and cons, etc.

Let’s cover every aspect of each App one by one. So, that you can have a clear picture of all the apps and can choose the best for yourself.

1. Weglot:-

Weglot Overview- best wordpress transaltion plugins


Weglot is an incredible translation app for Shopify, it simplifies the whole translation process for Shopify users. 

It offers an easy-to-use and dependable service to transform your Shopify store website into a multilingual website. 

It translates your website in less than a few minutes and very efficiently manages all your translations. 

Weglot very effortlessly incorporates it into your website, gets adapted to its technology,  and then translates it into any required language within no time. 

Weglot offers you more than 100 languages for automatic translation and you can also get your website translated with the help of a team collaboration or by a professional translator. 

It also has very effective translation management that manages all your translated content in one place.

Weglot offers SEO optimization in translated contents. Translated pages get automatically indexed on Google.

It is trusted by more than 50k businesses and is consistent with various web technologies and content management systems.


Weglot features- top shopify multinlingual app

  1. Weglot offers very easy installation and is compatible with various content management systems and web technologies.
  2. Weglot provides you with a service for the automatic detection of your content. So, that you don’t have to worry about technicality and can focus on translation.
  3. You can also invite your team members to collaborate and translate your content.
  4. Weglot offers easy management, you can translate your content and then edit and review it at the same place. 
  5. Weglot provides an In context editor as it’s simpler for translating your content while having a context. 
  6. It offers both Automatic and manual translation. 
  7. It provides access to numerous Professional translators. 
  8. Weglot provides automatic indexing to your translated pages on Google which is the best in terms of SEO optimization. 
  9. It has a redirection feature that redirects your possible consumers to their preferred language. 
  10. It also allows the translation of emails and invoice integration for sending documents to consumers in their preferred language. 
  11. Weglot offers a support team to solve any of your queries. 


Weglot pricing review- top shopify multinlingual app


Weglot offers various pricing plans which depends on two main variables I.e. the number of languages you need to translate your content in and the total number of words in your content. 

It offers one free version and five paid versions for translation. While using the free version, you can translate up to 2,000 words and in only one language. 

Let’s check out their paid plans. 

  • Starter- This is the most basic plan offered by Weglot and it can cost you €99/year. Employing which you can translate into one other language and up to 10,000 words.
  • Business- This plan can cause an expenditure of €190/year and can translate up to 50,000 words and in 3 preferred languages. 
  • Pro-  It can cause an expense of €490/year and can translate up to 200,000 words in 5 translated languages. 
  • Advanced- It can cause an expenditure of €1,990/year and you can translate up to 1,000,000 words in 10 preferred languages. 
  • Enterprise- It’s the most premium plan offered by Weglot and its pricing starts from €4,990/year and you can translate a defined number of words in a defined number of languages. 

Pros & Cons-


  • It provides more than 100 languages for the translation of your Shopify website. 
  • It allows SEO optimization through indexing on google for translated content. 
  • It allows both automatic and manual translation and also provides access to professional translators. 


  • It allows a very less number of words to be translated in the free version. 
  • Several words for translation is restricted in all the paid plans. 
  • Weglot does not provide any import or export option. 


GTranslate - wordpress translation plugin


GTranslate is a great app for the translation of Shopify Stores. It employs Google translate for translating your website automatically.

It offers more than 100 languages for automatic translation within few minutes and can enhance your global market and reach out to a substantial number of audiences.

GTranslate can do a translation of most of the third-party apps on Shopify. Unlike other Apps, Most of its features are available for free but some premium features come with paid plans.

It provides your website with complete SEO optimization by assigning specific subdomains to different translated language contents. In this, it can increase your ranking in search engine results for different languages and bring more foreign customers.

In its paid plans GTranslate does not restrict the number of words to be translated or the pageview numbers.

If anyway, you are not satisfied with the automatically translated content, you can always fit it manually and you can also track your translations.


  1. It offers automatic translation for more than 100 languages, and if not satisfied you can edit it manually.
  2. It provides you with a language selector for your store.
  3. It offers SEO friendly services and enables search engine indexing for your translated pages.
  4. It assigns distinct domains or subdomains for each language so that each translated content can be hosted by different domains or subdomains.
  5. GTranslate offers URL translation and search engine friendly URLs.
  6. It also offers translations of meta tags and check out pages.
  7. It provides your website with In Context translation. So that your content can be translated without losing its context.
  8. You do not have to worry about updates and backups of your translated content, as this app will take care of it.
  9. For better ranking in search engine results, it translates microdata.
  10. It provides a reliable customer support system for any queries or doubts.


GTranslate offers a free version and four paid versions of its service. You can get access to automatic translations in all languages and unrestricted word counts and unlimited page views with the free version.


Let’s check out the various features and services of paid version of GTranslate.

  • Custom- This is the most basic paid plan of GTranslate and it might cost you $7.99/month. It involves bilingual translation, neural translation, and editing of translated contents. It also offers search engine indexing and allows unrestricted pageviews and word counts.
  • Startup- This plan can cause an expenditure of $17.99/month and involves multilingual translation, neural translation, editing of translated content. Apart from that, it also offers search engine indexing and access to unlimited word counts and page views.
  • Business- This plan offered by GTranslate can cost you $27.00/month and involves translation in multiple languages, neural translation, edit translation and a special feature that is URL translation. It also allows access to unlimited page views and word counts.
  • Enterprise- This is the most premium or advanced plan offered by GTranslate and can cause an expense of $37.99/month. It involves Multilingual translation, neural translation, edit translation, Url translation and access to unlimited pageviews and word counts. It also offers your website with language hosting.

Pros & Cons-


  • It offers URL translation.
  • It provides Shopify users with a free version including basic features for translation of a Shopify website.
  • GTranslate offers SEO support in its translated content.


  • It does offer a service of import or export.
  • Its free version does not support URL translation.
  • The free version is not SEO friendly.


Langify Overview- top shopify multinlingual app


Langify with its simple setup and easy-to-use interface is an amazing app for translating your Shopify website.  After installing Langify you can start translation straight away without even wasting time in theme creation. 

Langify will create the theme on its own for displaying your translated content perfectly.  You can translate your products, themes, blogs, pages, page title, Navigation, page description, etc. 

However, products on the checkout page and in your notification cannot be translated and will always show up in the base language. Other than that, the shipping or payments text on the checkout page cannot be translated too. 

Langify does not offer automatic translation, but it manages already translated pages systematically. You can translate your content manually with a personal touch and in your way. 

Langify does not restrict the number of languages you can translate your content into. So, you have an unlimited number of languages.  Langify supports various Import/Export formats for your translations such as XLIFF, JSON, CSV, and PO/MO(gettext). 

Langify lets you assign distinct domains to different languages you have translated your content into. 


Langify Features- top shopify multinlingual app

  1. Langify provides you with full SEO support including the translation of meta tags. 
  2. Langify can automatically detect the language of your customers and then they’ll be automatically redirected to their desired language. 
  3. Langify allows you to assign distinct domains to different languages in which your content has been translated into and then your translated content can be hosted on distinct domains. 
  4. Langify provides you with a customizable language switcher, using which your customer can switch on to their preferred language whenever they want. 
  5. Langify provides support for all different kinds of languages. 
  6. Langify also supports the translation of images. 
  7. It supports right to left translations too. 
  8. Import or export of translations have different options like CSV, JSON, XLIFF, get text. 


Langify Pricing- top shopify multinlingual app


Langify offers only one plan and they cover it all in that one. It can cause an expenditure of $17.50 per month and includes a free trial of 7 days. 

It offers unlimited translations that you can do manually,  complete SEO support, unrestricted Import or Export and 24*7 Support. 

Pros & Cons-


  • Langify has a very user-friendly installation. You can install it easily and start translating your content. 
  • It offers you an unrestricted number of languages to translate your content into and that too in an SEO friendly manner. 
  • Langify offers very convenient navigation. 


  • Langify does not offer automatic translation. You have to do it manually. 
  • Langify takes some time for setting up. 
  • It has only a single plan to offer. 


Langshop Overview- top shopify multinlingual app


LangShop is a great option for translating your Shopify Website in multiple languages. LangShop has been a part of the Shopify App Store since 2016 and have 10K+ translated stores. 

It allows your website to be accessible and understandable for foreign markets and customers as well. 

It is a highly Customizable App and offers a bunch of configuration options for your website and takes care of the fact that your website is unique and has a distinct identity and look among all others. 

LangShop provides you with unlimited languages for automatic translation of your website and also SEO optimization support.  It translates every page of your website including description, title, currency, etc. 

It allows you to input your flag images and even involves a currency switcher which allows your customer to switch currencies in their preferred languages. 

Currency Switcher is a great idea for an eCommerce website, as it’s more convenient for customers to see prices in their native languages. 

Unlike many other translation apps, LangShop allows you to translate your checkout page as well. As the Check out page is a crucial part of any purchase, it’s very beneficial if your customer can have it in their languages. 

LangShop helps your Shopify Website in being Search engine friendly and provides your translated pages with dedicated URLs for effective SEO optimization. 

LangShop allows you to translate images on your website too. 


Langshop features- top shopify multinlingual app

  1. LangShop allows Auto-translation for 241 foreign languages and adds new languages to its growing list every day. 
  2. You can also edit the automatically translated content or translate the content manually from scratch. 
  3. LangShop manages all your translated and untranslated content and you can look for what content has been translated into different languages in its analytics section. 
  4. It allows media files uploading. 
  5. The translation history of every type of content gets displayed and you can choose the most appropriate translation or can make backups. 
  6. Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, Watson have been used by LangShop. 
  7. Langshop automatically detects your customers location and then switches the website to the preferred language and currency of customers. 
  8. LangShop allows professional translation as well. 
  9. LangShop translates content added by third parties with the assistance of JS or scripts. 
  10. LangShop provides customer support for 24*7.


LangShop Pricing- top shopify multinlingual app


Langshop offers only one plan which includes all the crucial features and services. It can cause an expenditure of $34/month with no other charges. It also includes a trial period of 14 days. 

It will give you access to all 241 languages and automatic translations. It allows you unrestricted translation for all the products,  pages, descriptions, etc. 

This plan will also allow access to the static as well as dynamic translations and the statistical data of already translated content. It allows support for right to left language translation and the translation of the emails and SMS. 

Complete translation of the checkout page is also involved in this plan. 

Pros & Cons-


  • It provides various configuration options for the entire customization of your Shopify website. 
  • It provides you with an inbuilt currency switcher for allowing your consumers to switch currency at any time. 
  • It offers Automatic Yandex API translation. 


  • It offers only one plan to choose from. 
  • It does not support RTL text. 
  • It has too many settings or options. 

5.Multi Lingo:-

MultiLingo Overview- top shopify multinlingual app


Multi Lingo is an incredible translation App for Shopify websites. While using it, you can translate any Shopify theme and allows the translation of the entire website including homepage text, pages, checkouts, products, menus, etc. 

Multi Lingo offers automatic translation by using the Yandex Translation engine. 

You can choose any theme you wish to have on your multilingual website, Multi Lingo will then create a multi-language version of that theme and will install it in your shop, without even touching your original theme. 

You can always add new languages in multi Lingo and then have your content translated automatically. 

Though multi Lingo translated everything on your website, you are supposed to manually start the translation of each element separately. 

It’s a very easy to install and easy to navigate app and you will never face any uptime issue or load time issue with this app as it has been hosted on Amazon’s cloud servers. 

It also offers support for RTL translations and options for customizations of few aspects of your Shopify store. 


  1. It can develop a multi-language version of any Shopify theme.
  2. Multi Lingo offers specific URLs for different languages.
  3. Whichever language is incorporated in your theme gets available on Multi Lingo immediately.
  4. It can translate every aspect of your Shopify website including products, pages, menus, titles, etc.
  5. Multi Lingo provides you with SEO optimization in your translated pages.
  6. It automatically strengthens your themes by adding a language selector to it. You can develop your own styles and positions or can choose from 5 styles and 2 positions available.
  7. It provides you with the translation of your check out pages including your product names.
  8. It also allows automated notification emails translation and translation of right to left languages.
  9. All your translated contents get stored on the Shopify server. So, no access to third-party tools are required.
  10. It offers per item basis automatic translation and redirection that is based on browser language.


For the amazing features and services of Multi Lingo, you will have to pay $7.99/month. You are supposed to make all the payments in USD and after every 30 days.

Multi Lingo also offers a free trial period of 5 days, for you to try and test its effectiveness.

Pros & Cons-


  • RTL Translation is supported by Multi Lingo.
  • It has a very simple setup and navigation.
  • It provides you with automatic Yandex API translation.


  • It has very few customization options.
  • Because of less customization, its design or user interface does not look up to date.
  • It does not incorporate efficiently into the store.

6.Panda Language Translate:-

Panda Apps Overview- top shopify multinlingual app


Panda Language Translate is a great app for your Shopify website translation if you also wanted an app that takes no time to set up and has an easy setup.

Its user interface is very easy to understand and has a simpler functionality. It offers automatic translation in multiple languages and also offers RTL translation.

It provides you with more than 100 languages for automatic translation and automatically switches language after recognizing customers language.

Apart from that, it also provides customers with a flag option where they can choose their preferred language very efficiently. Unfortunately, this app uses Google translator which is not that accurate sometimes.


  1. It offers more than 100 languages for the automatic translation of your website’s content.
  2. It has a very easy to use set up or installation and a very simple and understandable user interface.
  3. You can use it for translating various aspects of your web site including your cart page.
  4. Panda Language Translate allows you to change language settings according to your requirements.
  5. It supports all types of languages, be it right to left languages or left to right languages.


Panda Apps Pricing- top shopify multinlingual app


Panda Language Translate will cost you $7.99/month and includes a free trial period of 7 days.

Pros & Cons-


  • It provides automatic translation in multiple languages.
  • It has a very simple user interface.
  • It is easy to set up and consumes less time in setting up.


  • It uses google translate for automatic translation and because of which translation are inaccurate sometimes.
  • You cannot customise your website using it.
  • It has a very unprofessional integrations.

FAQs on Best Shopify Multilingual Apps

💥 What is the need for a multilingual Shopify website?

A multilingual Shopify Website is a necessity if you want to reach out to greater audiences or expand your business to the global market. As a website that is in only one language is not understandable by others in foreign countries who are not familiar with that language. It's always advisable to have a multilingual website so that a larger number of customers can understand it and can feel connected.

✔ What are the benefits of having a translation app that offers specific domains for each language?

An app that is providing you with a specific domain for each language can offer additional benefits in the form of being SEO friendly and can provide better ranking in the search engine results. In turn, it will increase traffic to your website and will enhance your conversion rate.

🔥 Is it better to have a translation app that translates check out pages too?

Yes, it's always a plus point if you opt for an app that is translating check out pages too. As the check out pages are a very crucial part of a purchase process and if your customer will get it in their native language it would be convenient for them to understand and make a purchase easily.

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Conclusion: Best Shopify Multilingual Apps 2023

I hope that this article has given you a clear insight into different Shopify translation Apps. All the above-mentioned apps have distinct features and one is better than the other in different aspects.

You need to consider various parameters before selecting a perfect translating app for your Shopify store.

It depends on you and your requirements that which one above you choose but please keep in mind that opting for an app that you think would meet your website’s demand, would help you in increasing your foreign market and would enhance your conversion rate.


If I’d be in your place, I would have definitely gone for Weglot for translating my Shopify website into multiple languages. I wish you, All the best for selecting a perfect translation app for your Shopify website.


Weglot is an incredible translation app for Shopify, it simplifies the whole translation process for Shopify users.  It offers an easy-to-use and dependable service to transform your Shopify store website into a multilingual website. 

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