Top 11+ Best Shopify Spy Tools To Spy On Competitors (2023)

Are you into E-commerce Business?

Do have a built on Shopify? Or your competitor’s website is Shopify?

And you’re wondering how to Spy into your competitor’s website or ad account.

We know it because you are here. And trust us you are in the right place to find the right tools to spy on your competitor’s Shopify store.

Well, we understand we are living in a competitive world and to survive in this fast-paced competitive world it is very important to know what your competitors are up to.

Standing tall in the e-commerce industry is not a cakewalk. Sometimes, despite doing everything generating high sales becomes a big task while on the other hand when you see your competitor doing well.

We know those are frustrating times when you cannot understand what you are lacking in your strategies or formulations.

Let me tell you, You don’t always need to reinvent wheels you just need to look out for what is already working and you can make it work for you. There are methods out there that have worked.

I am sure what you are thinking, “How to find those wheels?”, “How to find those methods?”. Well, we are here to tell you “Exactly How?”

In this blog, we have shortlisted the list of 11 most important and useful tools/ Softwares to spy on your competitor’s Shopify store.

So, without any further do let’s get started.

The List Of 11+ Best Shopify Tools To Spy On Competitors Like A PRO

1) Niche Scraper

Best Shopify Tools To Spy On your Competitors - Niche Scraper

Choosing a niche is the first step to start a business (Irrespective of whether the business is online or offline) you need to decide what exactly you want to deal in. Niche is basically your specialization in the business world.

In today’s competitive world it is highly important to have a “Niche”. To choose which product category you want to deal in, how beneficial it is to choose a particular niche, what is the risk percentage in that niche, etc.

Pros & Cons Of Niche Scraper

Niche Scaper can surely help you find your niche, your potential competitors in that niche, etc. Irrespective of where your competitor’s site is built on. Niche Scraper not only supports Shopify stores but also other eCommerce stores building including Amazon, eBay, WooCommerce, etc.

Instead of searching manually wasting your precious time on finding niche and competitors, use this tool,  this tool is highly recommended.

It will give you results at one click without wasting your precious time.

Two important features of this tool are:

  1. Helps you find the niche & competitors
  2. Helps you with Store Analysis (If you want to do it for a particular eCommerce store)

2) Bigspy

Best Shopify Tools To Spy On your Competitors - Bigspy

When we talk about spying on competitor it is not just about the store that does wonders but there are several other factors which lead to the success of an e-commerce store.

In today’s time, social media has proven to be a great source of generating sales for e-commerce stores.

Being a social media strategist, I have strategised and formulated several strategies for eCommerce stores and managed to bring them good returns.

In the e-commerce industry, we cannot neglect the importance of Social Media for eCommerce.

Bigspy can help you spy on every aspect of your competitor from Facebook marketing to every other social media marketing strategies.

BigSpy is an amazing free advertising spy tool.

Bigspy has a large amount of data, and you can search for any major platform creatives you want.

This tool exceptionally useful, you can search for your competitors through BigSpy, understand the creatives and advertising strategies of your competitors which are possibly helping them generate business.

Below you can refer to Levi’s Creative and other important information of its Facebook marketing campaign.

 Bigspy - Add Detailed

BigSpy covers all the important social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, AdMob, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Also, alongside we can sort in different ways, such as CTA Types, page categories, keywords, etc.

Isn’t it amazing?

 Bigspy - Adspy

Along with this, you can also see the other important detailed information of each ad which includes the following:

  • Creatives
  • Ad Copy
  • Advertising period
  • Performance
  • Locations Targeted

3) Ecomhunt

 Best Shopify Tools To Spy On your Competitors - Ecomhunt

Ecomhunt functions basically around product suggestion. Its primary purpose is to suggest and curate winning products for Shopify users.

Ecomhunt provides you with all the essential information you need to run an ECommerce Business or a dropshipping store.

Ecomhunt highlights the list of “Best Selling Products” daily. This information is gathered from the best selling dropshipping stores across the globe.

What makes Ecomhunt reliable is the fact that the information is updated daily so there is no chance of getting any old data or suggestions based on old researches.

They also give out links of the leading Shopify stores who are selling these hot products.

This way, not only will you have access to their winning products you’ll also be able to browse through the store and see the design and customization of the store.

With Ecomhunt you’ll also get more access to their top products which can be of great advantage to your own store.

Importantly, what also makes Ecomhunt an excellent software, a complete solution to your needs is the fact that it comes with a chrome extension that allows you to hunt down sponsored ads on Facebook.

Not only will you have access to their selling products you’ll also gain access to their advert on Facebook. This includes traffic countries, how long the ads have been running and other useful data.

 Best Shopify Tools To Spy On your Competitors - Ecomhunt Pricing

I would highly recommend Ecomhunt for your marketing research needs. It is a perfect All-In-One Solution. The cancellation process is easy and hassle-free as well.

Ecomhunt has both free and paid plan. The free plan is limited while the paid plan includes unlimited data for $29/month.

4) Xpareto

 Best Shopify Tools To Spy On your Competitors - Xpareto

Honestly, this is the simplest tool I have come across so far. This tool comes only with the basic functionalities which include Store Address, Daily Traffic, Rating, Best Selling & Facebook Campaigns.

The home page is not informative, it will directly land you on the tool, there are literally no picture or trends.

It directly shows reports. There is no assurance of accuracy, whether the data is old or new or live.

It is an absolutely free website.

5) BuiltWith

 Best Shopify Tools To Spy On your Competitors - BuiltWith

Curious to know “What’s behind the door?”. Well, sneaking into someone’s house is unethical but you can surely sneak into someone’s website with this tool.

Yes, you read it right with BuiltWith you can get the sneak peek of what is happening behind the facade of a website.

Do you want to know what your competitors are using to optimize their store for a better sales conversion store?

Which plugins are they using & Best Shopify Tools To Spy On your Competitors?

How exactly they are doing what they are doing?

Well, we got you a solution for all your queries. With BuiltWith, you can find out all the information at one click on your computer for free.

To make use of BuiltWith, you just need to enter the URL of the Shopify store or any store into the BuiltWith search bar.

The result will help you bring out the list of every tool, plugin and app being used on the website. This way, you’ll be able to find out the best Shopify email provider they’re using. Which plugins they’re using, the analytics etc.

 Best Shopify Tools To Spy On your Competitors - BuiltWith Pricing

BuiltWith is free to use but with restrictions. If you want to use it to the edge you can buy a paid plan.

Plan details are mentioned in the picture above.

6) Ahrefs

 Best Shopify Tools To Spy On your Competitors - Ahrefs

If you’ve been in the field of marketing for a bit now then I am sure you must be aware of Ahrefs.

Personally, it is one of my most favorite tools when we talk especially about SEO. It is the most useful tool for SEO.

It can be utilized for all features of your competitor analysis.

If you know anything about SEO, you know it can get complicated quickly. So, if you’re looking for one tool with utility in every aspect of SEO, Ahrefs is the best bet.

Ahref’s strength is in analyzing backlinks and selecting link targets.

Pricing Plan & Best Shopify Tools To Spy On Your Competitors


It is a premium tool, but you can sign up for a 7 days free trial for $7.

List of information which you can find about your competitors using Ahrefs are, Domain authority, Referring domains, New referring domains, etc.

The most important and crucial data which Ahrefs provides it, “Number of referring domains and where these links are coming from”

It’s important to know how quickly your competitors are gaining new links. If they’re acquiring hundreds of links a day, you may want to set a more achievable goal, Right?

This will help you plan your SEO strategy further.

7) Panjiva

Best Shopify Tools To Spy On your Competitors - Panjiva

Panjiva is a global trade data company, it has data and information of various businesses across the globe. Panjiva is available in 3 languages.

You can use Panjiva for several purposes including Search for international competitor suppliers or manufacturers and see where they deliver inventory (Local, National, Global).

It can also help you find new customers to target with your products and services based on detailed reports outlining who does business with your competitors.

Target new locations, demographics, and more when you learn what is being delivered to your competition.

Track competitor trade activity by keeping an eye on who does business with your competition, where your competitors source their goods, and what comes in their shipments. Basically all their trade information.

Determine high-level global trading trends. Discover legitimate suppliers and warehouses and save time and importantly it helps you monitor your supplier’s client base to find more sources of inventory and negotiate better deals.

8) Moz

Best Shopify Tools To Spy On your Competitors - Moz

Just like Ahrefs, Moz is also an SEO tool. But, Moz is a step ahead than Ahrefs.

Key features of Moz include Keyword Research, Site Crawling, Site Ranking, Content Optimisation, Analytics Reporting, Link Search, etc.

Using linking root domains (in other words unique domains linking to your domain) and the number of total links, Moz assigns a DA score and predicts how well your website will rank in search engine results.

To use the Link Explorer tool, enter the URL of your competitor.

Best Shopify Tools To Spy On your Competitors - Moz Pricing

Moz is a premium tool that comes with a 30 days free trial. And then they offer packages ranging from $99 per month to $599 per month. You will save 20% on the yearly membership.

9) Facebook Ads Info

The Facebook Ads info is a unique tool by Facebook which can help you to spy on your competitor’s Facebook ads.

You can visit a Facebook page and click the Info and Ads icon at the rear end of the left-hand-side of the Fan page.

Facebook Ads For Business

This feature will provide you with all the information about the ads that are currently running across Facebook’s advertising platform and their placements too. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, etc.

This can be an influence you to create your next campaign to promote your own product and enjoy better conversion.

10) Shopify store Analysis

I wouldn’t say it’s a tool but this is a trick and involves quite a bit of manual work.

This simple trick lets you know how much a Shopify store is doing per month. Perhaps you want to know how much a Shopify store is doing on a monthly basis; you can easily use this trick to find out.

Here’s what you have to do…

Visit the store you have in mind and buy one of the products on the first day of the month.

And then…

You have to buy a product from the store in order to get an order no. You’ll get the order no in your order confirmation email.

After that, repeat the same process using another identity at the end of the month and make sure you do it at the end of the day to buy the same product or another product you can afford for the test.

Finally, calculate the difference between the order number to get the total orders the Shopify store is running on a monthly basis.

11) Diamond SKU

Diamond SKUs are basically the top-selling products in Shopify stores.

Normally when you visit these Shopify stores you cannot really know that these products until you add these strings to the store URL.

After adding these strings to the store URL, a page with their best selling products and categories will populate, plus the other valuable informational data.

12) Fadfeed

Best Shopify Tools To Spy On your Competitors - FadFeed

Fadfeed is a Facebook ad chrome extension that’s used for spotting ads only on the Facebook platform.

If you run ads via Facebook Ads, then this might just be the tool you need to spot your competition ads and spy and on what they are selling.

Once installed and activated, instead of seeing the normal friends and family post on your Facebook feeds, you’re going to see is adverts.

This is good, because not only will you spy on ads but also see good products that people are pushing via adverts.

You’ll see their strategy and as well see their store as well as what running behind the surface that you replicate for better conversion in your store.

This tool is absolutely free to use.

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Conclusion: Top 12 Best Shopify Spy Tools To Spy On Competitors 2023

The success of the eCommerce business depends on various factors. Which ranges from content, email marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Facebook ads, etc.

Sometimes we subconsciously as we do the manual work mostly and sometimes we do miss out on some important aspects which keep us behind in the race.

But why go for manual work now, when so many of the paid and free tools do the work for you and saves you tons of valuable time.

Not only services but they also provide valuable data. Data is an important asset of every business I always believed.

We hope you find the tools, plugins, extensions, tips & tricks we mentioned above would be of great help for you.

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