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Shopify is the best e-commerce website, used by people all over the world. It provides great solutions for the e-commerce website and has been proven

Convertri offers include Building Landing Pages, A/B Split testing, in-built shopping cart, ready to use landing page templates for creating landing p

  • Inventory Management
  • Unlimited Sales
  • Product Search
  • Free-Form Funnel Builder
  • Dynamic Text
  • Share and Import Funnels
  • Provides a wide range of themes and flexibility.
  • Provides more apps and integrations
  • Offers the feature of multi-channel selling through various social media sites
  • Affordable in terms of pricing
  • Convertri helps making a funnel within a few clicks
  • A/B Split testing which allows you to choose a campaign
  • You have to use third-party applications for selling digital products.
  • No in-built membership option
Ease of Use

Shopify has a very user-friendly interface and navigating through it is also very easy

The user interface is really easy to navigate and it seems really easy to build a funnel with Convertri but still it lacks a few things which ClickFunnels offers.

Value For Money

It is a bit costlier than other platforms.

For a small businesses, it is a really good option in terms of its pricing but when we talk about things on a bigger scale then Convertri is not as good as ClickFunnels.

Customer Support

Shopify provides support online as well as on the phone

The backend and support team are always available and most of the customers are extremely happy with the support. It surely leads to customer support when compared to Shopify.

If you are a passionate individual, company, or business owner who wants to diversify their business online and streamline sales funnels. Then you must be trying to find the best one out of Shopify vs Convertri.

Customers always want something new to be brought to the table and to do so understanding your customers is extremely important.

If you want to start your business right from scratch, doing without these tools is extremely difficult. Be it opening online stores, selling in multiple locations, or targeting a particular customer segment, they do it all for you.

For any person or entity offering products or services to B2C/B2B customers, agencies, or local businesses, integrating and using these tools can make your business reach a better audience and gain more return on investment.

Even if you are someone who sells products for others i.e. an affiliate marketer/network marketer, such tools will help you sell products better.

Shopify vs Convertri 2023: In-Depth Comparison (Pros & Cons)

About Shopify

Shopify is one of the most efficient e-commerce platforms that allows you to start, manage, and grow your business.

Shopify provides a wide range of services to online retailers, right from payments, shipping services, customer engagement tools, and payments to making the process of running an online business much simpler.

Shopify was founded in 2004 to start an online snowboarding equipment store. It was not until 2010 that they launched their app on the Apple App store for business owners to remotely control and manage their stores from their mobile devices.

In 2013 they came up with Shopify payments. This removed the need for a third-party payment gateway as merchants could accept payments via credit cards. The biggest highlight for Shopify was undoubtedly its integration with Amazon.

Partnering with the biggest e-commerce giant, opened new avenues and stock prices rose overnight. Merchants could sell products from their respective Shopify online stores on Amazon.

Shopify Overview

One thing that Shopify has done right from its advent is diversified its services and products. They understood the market trends, and customer needs, and applied appropriate technology to capture the market accordingly.

In 2019 they launched yet another fascinating product called Shopify Studios. It is a television and film production house. They also went on to partner with Snapchat for integrating Snapchat ads for the online retail store owners.

About Convertri

The one-stop solution to having the right landing pages, generating squeeze pages, and building a rock-solid sales funnel is Convertri. It is known as the world’s fastest-growing funnel builder.

It is said so because pages built on the Convertri platform load the fastest compared to any other platform available on the internet as of now.

Convertri was founded very recently in 2016 and has substantially grown in such a short period.

Building traceable, goal-oriented, and efficient digital marketing campaigns are so much easier with convertri. The ease with which you get access to creating landing pages, page importers, or automatic mobile pages for your business is unparalleled.

The functionalities of creating OTOs, bump offers, and upsells in a short time with speed is something that attracts a large audience. When it comes to creating complicated funnels, it is not the best option.

Convertri Overview

If you are a small business owner and new to online marketing, this is the best option for you. They also support you by providing online tutorials.

This helps first-time users get a hang of the tool. They want to better themselves and evolve consistently. Each week they introduce new features or fixtures, which help users look forward to something exciting coming their way.

Working Overview of Shopify:

Shopify helps you create and customize your retail store and sell it in a multitude of places. Some of these include the internet, mobiles, online marketplaces, brick-and-mortar stores, pop-up shops, and social media. Be it managing your products, the payments, products, or shipping, Shopify has it all covered for you.

Shopify is a cloud-based software and it is a hosted solution. This implies no need for buying web hosting or using other third-party software. There is no need to worry about software maintenance or web server maintenance.

This is the reason why so many retailers can smoothly run their business from any nook and corner with an internet connection.

Shopify - Product

The product does not belong to you, nor do you own a copy of it, but pay a monthly amount to use it. Hence it allows you to manage your store from anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to the internet.

It has made the lives of so many retailers and merchants simplified and at ease. The key elements needed to get your online store up and working include, good email marketing tools, a blog to support your store by driving more traffic, and a payment processing tool to handle all your transactions. These are called the ‘out of the box features.

Customizing your online store is also super easy. Just adding a few apps to meet the needs of more numbers of customers or using a custom code does it for you.

There are a large number of different theme styles available to create your brand image. Go with whatever resonates with your brand requirements and enables you to sell your products physically and digitally.

The most important aspect of the working of Shopify is the ease of use for people from a non-technical background. The aim behind Shopify was to help users build their online store without possessing coding or designing skills.

There is no need of hiring developers or designers. However, if you are someone with good HTML and CSS skills, you will be amazed to discover that the platform allows you to work in both languages.

Working Overview of Convertri

With Convertri you can develop fast-loading landing pages and all the other pages. This is achieved by minifying HTML and JavaScript automatically into smaller spaces. On any other normal site, you need to pay for web hosting and web plug-in.

However, convertri will take care of all your hosting requirements and help you store, compress, and auto-scale images before transmitting them.

Convertri Advaced Funnel

Another powerful working feature of Covertri is the dynamic text replacement (DTR). It allows you to make changes in your page copy based on the URL parameter. In short, this not so acknowledged feature of Convertri lets your visitors come across served landing pages that match their search results from search ads.

This way you will never lose out on visitors. It boosts up the conversion rate and also helps you make more money.

Shopify integrates with:

  • Hubspot
  • Razorpay
  • Zapier
  • Google Analytics
  • Oberlo
  • Lucky Orange
  • Zen.AI
  • Pixafy
  • JetRuby Agency
  • Codeless
  • Web Profits
  • Swanky Apple
  • Flodesk
  • Vend
  • 15+ payment gateways

Convertri integrates with:

  • Mailchimp
  • Drip
  • Stripe
  • Aweber
  • InfusionSoft
  • Burst SMS
  • Google sheets
  • Active Campaign
  • Text Magic
  • Hubspot
  • Shopify
  • High-level
  • Trello
  • LearnDash
  • Automizy

Comparative Analysis of Shopify Vs Convertri

Audience catered

Shopify: is best for small and medium-sized businesses/companies and freelancers when it comes to their standard plan. It is ideal for enterprise companies to use Shopify Plus

Start Your Online Store Now - Shopify

Convertri: is the best to use for anybody dealing in sales of products/services to customers such as local agencies, affiliate marketers, B2B and B2C local businesses, etc.

Convertri - Templates

Pricing options 

Shopify: four plans exist .e.Shopify Lite at 9$/month and Basic Shopify at 29$/month. Shopify at 79$/month and Advanced Shopify at 299$/ month.

They provide a 14-day free trial period to their customers as well. It is surely one of the most affordable options as compared to most of its competitors.

Shopify Pricing

Convertri: Three plans that exist are Convertri Standard plan for 59$/month, Convertri pro plan for 69$/month, and Convertri agency plan for 199$/month. For availing of the 14 days free trial period also an amount of 0.01$ needs to be paid first.

Convertri- Pricing Plan

Ease of use 

Shopify: Most customers feel that Shopify is very user-friendly and provides a seamless experience. A lack of technical knowledge does not create a barrier when using it. People also feel it is very intuitive and the team comes up with new features catering to the needs of the customers.

Start Your Online Store Now - Shopify-Themes

Convertri: Most of the users have positive things to say about Convertri. The ease of creating landing pages and funnel pages is unparalleled. However, a lot of people felt that the platform lags in intuitiveness compared to its competitors.

Convertri - Clients Consistently

Customer Support

Shopify: The majority of the reviews reflect good 24/7 customer support catering to the needs of their customers. However, they can work on improving it to the level of their competitors.

 Shopify - customer-support

Convertri: The backend and support team are always available and most of the customers are extremely happy with the support. It surely leads to customer support when compared to Shopify.

Features & Functionality

Shopify: Be it the availability of free templates, hosting benefits, plug-ins, email marketing options, or integrations with different platforms. Shopify has a lot of features to explore. However, a lot of its competitors are providing some extra features at different price ranges.

Shopify Ecommerce Templates

Convertri: When it comes to features, Convertri will spoil you for options. Right from speedy page loading, customized templates, Free SSL and split testing, or be it their customer support team. According to most reviews, Convertri has a wider range of features than it offers when compared to Shopify.

Convertri- Performance Grade

Platforms and Training Supported

Both Shopify and Convertri are supported on Windows, IOS, and cloud platforms on the web as well as on phones. Coming to training, both of them have the facility of webinars and online tutorials for helping first-time users and beginners.

They also have appropriate documentation available on their official website to support their users in every way possible. Both stand at par in this sphere.

Languages Supported:

Shopify: When we talk about user languages supported, Shopify provides a large number of languages to access the platform. A few of them other than English are:

  • Chinese- Simplified and traditional
  • Czech
  • Spanish 
  • Swedish
  • Finnish
  • Thai
  • French 
  • German 
  • Korean 
  • Japanese and many more

Convertri: As compared to Shopify there is hardly any variety. As of 2020, they are only supporting English as a platform to access language. This is something they need to work upon to increase their customer database.

Shopify vs Convertri: Pros & Cons

Shopify Pros:

  • 9 free e-commerce templates or themes and 100+ professional themes
  • Customize your themes as per brand requirements
  • Powerful marketing features such as payments gateways and easy to use reports
  • Large catalogs can be imported quickly and easily
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Carts left behind or abandoned get recovered automatically
  • No need to worry about maintaining the online store or worrying about the technical aspects
  • Full-fledged blogging platform
  • Dropshipping and flexible shipping rates
  • Availability of marketing, SEO, and analytical tools

Shopify Cons:

  • If using a third party payment gateway an extra transactional fee is charged
  • Only 3 product options are available
  • For accessing the key features ice ‘out of the box the app needs to be installed
  • Professional reporting features can only be accessed in premium/advanced versions
  • To make your site GDPR compliant, third party banners with cookies have to be used
  • The email marketing features provided are pretty basic and options are limited

Convertri Pros

  • Free customized stand-alone and funnel templates
  • Easy to use drag and drop editor to change texts, media, and design buttons.
  • Mobile-specific funnel and landing pages along with desktop pages
  • Pop up and sticky header features to catch the eye of potential customers
  • Amazing flash lighting landing and funnel page loading speed
  • Stellar support team and development team
  • Always upgrading themselves and coming up with better features
  • Integrated shopping cart and easy to use page imports
  • Split testing and free SSL

Convertri Cons:

  • The built-in forms are not very feature-rich and you need to buy a quiz builder to do so
  • It does not offer readymade funnels for standard accounts
  • It is not very intuitive compared to other competitors
  • Sub-accounts are only available if you have a Convertri agency plan
  • The pricing is not something very affordable
  • Not many integrations supported compared to its competitors
  • No inbuilt funnel area and affiliate member program

FAQs On Shopify vs Convertri

👉🏻Do these platforms provide any discount plans?

Well, very few sales funnel and online store software provide discount plans in general. However, Shopify provides a 10% discount on annual plans and a 20% discount on biennial plans, when payments are made upfront. Coming to Convertri, they have no facility of any kind of discount plans and they seem to be including this not very soon. Even if you want to avail of a 14 day free trial with Convertri, you need to pay 0.01$.

👉🏻What are some alternative tools and software similar to the ones mentioned above?

Some of the well-known names in the market when it comes to online store management and sales funnel building software are as follows: Ecwid PayKickstart Magento ‘ Kartra Click Funnels Unbounce Instapage However, both Shopify and Convertri have made a mark for themselves. Their user-friendliness and beginner friendliness is helping them grow exponentially.

👉🏻How safe and secure are the above-mentioned tools?

Both the above-mentioned tools are very safe to use and have high levels of security provided to their customers. Shopify is a publically traded company and has huge investments made in the software and security engineering aspect. Shopify operates on Level 1 PCI compliant servers i.e. it is compulsory to make payments via credit cards. They also have an SSL encryption i.e. 256-bit length key encryption for all the Shopify stores. Mandatory to accept credit card payment to make sure that their customer’s data is safe, they do not maintain a backup unless an emergency occurs and the online store has to be revived again. As far as convertri is concerned they also make sure that their customer’s database is safe and secure. SSL protection is used for their websites and landing pages. So all in all both are quite safe to use and they are reliable tools.

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Conclusion: Shopify vs Convertri 2023 |

When it comes to looking out for software and tools as a new business owner or a small-medium-sized company, both Shopify and Convertri are in-demand tools.

Although most of the features provided by both of them are not the same, they surely operate in similar ways. Customer needs and market trends are kept in mind by both tools.

As far as the pricing and high security are concerned undoubtedly Shopify is king, On the other hand, if you are someone looking out for a more feature-rich and intuitive platform, then Convertri is your cup of tea.

Ultimately it is all about understanding your business and brand requirements and accordingly choosing the best online marketing/sales funnel tool in the market. Make an informed decision after reading various reviews, doing proper market research on all alternatives available, affordable pricing, and weighing all the pros and cons.

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