ShopInspect Review 2022: Can You Really Find Profitable Products? (Features & Pricing)

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Ease Of Use
Smart Score
Product Research


  • Easy to use interface
  • Predict Your Sales
  • Create customized videos for your products
  • A robust seasonality indicator
  • Access to traffic analytics (estimates) from the top 100 Shopify stores
  • Enables you to find profitable popular products to sell
  • Gives you insights and information regarding monthly search estimates
  • Discover the best-selling items and sell them to WHO.


  • Limitations are there in the starter plans

ShopInspect is a tool that helps you find products to sell. It will help you find dropshipping, inventory-based eCommerce, and other types of products.

Price:$ 16

ShopInspect is a new way to find products. There are many of them on the internet. This review will answer all your questions about ShopInspect.

The rise of eCommerce has changed the way people shop. In fact, 63% of online shopping is done from a mobile device.

The problem with this trend is that many shoppers are not aware of all the products available on the market. They often rely on ads and other information to make their purchasing decisions. This makes it difficult for you to stand out as a store owner or seller because your product listings might be buried in search results due to lack of information about your product.

ShopInspect helps you find trending products by analyzing data from Google Trends, Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR), price history, and more than 2 million reviews across different sources like eBay, Etsy, AliExpress etc., which allows you to take actionable steps for your business growth such as planning inventory purchases or setting up new dropshipping stores quickly without spending too much time searching for hot items.

Bottom Line: 

ShopInspect is an online tool that searches for specific keywords that you type into the internet. The tool has been designed to help you find products or shops and then the tool will provide you with a report. ShopInspect uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Discover Viral, Trending Products BEFORE They Go Viral! Get started With Shopinspect here.

Shopinspect reviews

So, the big question is, will ShopInspect help us find possible hot items for sale on our website quickly? The Easy Answer is Yes!

ShopInspect Review: Is ShopInspect worth for dropshippers?


The ShopInspect report includes essential details such as interest over time, the pattern of how many people are searching over time for that keyword, other terms used by people related to your quest, and items you can sell on your website.

5 cool things you can do with ShopInspect!

Using ShopInspect , one can effortlessly check the internet for common user-typed keywords. Users can search for products or shops, and a report will then be generated by the app. ShopInspect’s data scientists comb through data from all Shopify Stores across the world and more than 60 million items to find the best sellers for any searched item.

Here are 5 things that you can do using ShopInspect!

Quickly find the best and trending products:

Do you have no idea what to sell in your store? The tool tells you exactly the best-selling items are fast-rising today! Find Viral Items before they even go viral-and add them with just 1 click into your Shopify store.

ShopInspect-Find best and trending products

Predict Your Sales:

See what the projected sales on a given store are for a company. Use the information to determine whether to sell similar goods. Search by Product to dig deep or search through Shop to see what other products are selling in winning stores.

ShopInspect-Predict your sale


Create customized videos for your products:

  • Free or paid premium videos to choose from
  • Set these videos to suit your own ad campaigns.
  • Sell More to Consumer Downloads!

ShopInspect-Customized Product Video

Uncover, explore and dominate!:

  • Discover the best-selling items and sell them to WHO.
  • Find out what more goods the rivals are offering.
  • See how social media market their own.
  • Find products similar but more profitable for selling.

ShopInspect-Uncover The Dominate


Search by brand or keyword to see what ads have worked on Facebook and Instagram. See how many likes or shares an ad achieves, and who it targeted. If they can do it, so can you.


ShopInspect is packed with powerful features

You want to spend money on something that will give your investment a return. ShopInspect is a tool which helps you make informed business decisions. Instead of picking a product you think is hot at random, this tool will tell you whether it has a lot of orders or not.


You’ll see a dashboard after signing in, which makes it easy for you to do a job. Here, you have sections that show you hot products automatically, so you no longer need to manually search for the products.

Hot Shops:

The dashboard also has a button that shows you the hot stores. These are Shopify online stores that have many monthly visits. Because these websites have a lot of traffic, you can use the same technique or style on your store to visit the sites and see what they are doing well.

ShopInspect-Hot Shop

Hot Products:

If you click the button Hot Products, you will see the products which have the highest factory orders. It also shows the percentage of each hot product’s sales increase alongside its selling price.

ShopInspect-Trending Products

If you want a specific search you can choose to set the filter at the top right corner of the page.

Product Search:

You can either type a keyword for a product name or the name of a store. If you type Dog Collar, you’ll see a report like the one shown below about that search.

ShopInspect-Trending Products

Smart Score:

In the left side there’s a box showing you the Smart Score and the average monthly web searches. A Smart Score is ranked between 1 and 100. It’s a mathematical formula that has to do with the number of product searches, and how many stores are carrying that product.

What you want is to have a high search volume product but a smaller number of sellers. The smarter the score the higher the better! A line graph will also be displayed showing you the search volume for a specific keyword. It is ranked 1 to 100, with the lowest number of searches being 1. The higher the volume of searches, the more people search for that product.

Word Cloud:

The word cloud is a list of other search words which are relevant to what you are researching. You can expand your search with the words people are searching for, and then get the Smart Score for each of them, until you find a winning product.

Top Dropshipping Products:

You can see the monthly page visits for that product, then the price, and then you can also see how much per month the product earns. If there are huge numbers of sales, and the product sells, you may want to sell the same product.The problem is that many vendors can be selling the same goods. The trick is to find a way to deal with them, such as lowering the price or giving off discounts.

How does ShopInspect work?

ShopInspect allows consumers to identify emerging products more easily by showcasing exactly the best-selling product and viral goods that are experiencing rapid growth. The customer will search in a specific store for projected sales of goods and use the information to determine which product to sell and which not to.

Finding viral products with Shopinspect:

This is one task for which you must commit around 55 % of your time.

Product search TAB

Smart score: This gives you insights and information regarding monthly search estimates ranging from low to medium, with a limited number of sellers competing in that niche, so much quest with a couple of sellers, the better the higher.

Seasonality indicator: It’s a trend line to google showing the number of daily and monthly searches in the U.S. for a given question.

World cloud: This is simply an extended search list showing an average monthly income and the latest social media connections to find out more. This will show you the collection of real products sold every day on Shopify.

Shop search TAB

This tab shows you the actual store that kills for the mentioned keyword or product. You can effortlessly browse through all the trending and winning products that are selling and are the most profitable for each store listed.

Hot Products TAB

Using a super-powerful AI algorithm, it helps you to get a cheat sheet featuring all the top selling items from across the internet. Once you’ve identified the product, you can easily download them to your favorites section and finally upload via a created CSV file to your Shopify store.

Hot Websites Tab

It gives you instant access to traffic analytics (estimates) from the top 100 Shopify stores including data like which apps and devices they use inside the shop, and you can also search through the fastest growing shop with a percentage rise in traffic compared to last month.

Building the ideal Shopify store:

People usually spend a fair amount of time, sometimes months trying to find out / build the perfect shop, but it shouldn’t take more than a day to get your shop entirely up and running. The key things to keep in mind at are the website looks nice, not spammy, designed for users of mobile and desktop. You will devote 5 percent of your time to this.

Building out your Facebook or Google ads:

Directing traffic to your store does not take 40-45 percent to set up and get your FB ad campaigns up and running, but mostly to find the right market for all the products. This ideally should be your long-term goal.

How much does ShopInspect cost?

A good thing is that ShopInspect offers a free trial, that lets you make three searches for free. If you choose to sign up for an account, you’ll still need to. You’ve to pay a monthly fee after your free trial is over.

  • You can choose between a monthly payment of $47 for the paid service, or you can bill $19 a month once a year. For a total of $228, that will be paid one-time.
  • When you opt for a monthly subscription, the average 12-month charge is $564.
  • Do you think that you’re going to use it for a long? If you do, you’re better off paying for the annual one-time subscription.


For both types of membership, there are no differences in the services that you get. It’s just that if you opt for the annual plan, you will save a lot of money. If you’re unsure, first try the free trial edition and then test how you can find trendy items with it.

Why should you try ShopInspect?

ShopInspect boasts of a state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and robust search results algorithms that have been developed to bring you the most profitable products you can sell on Shopify with a click of a button. The software is one of the top-secret tools that top tier e-commerce marketers use to put a range of awesome resources into play to help you boost your online selling game and dominate your rivals.

  • Estimated Sales
  • Store Search
  • Product Search
  • Trending Products
  • Social Accounts
  • Keyword Search
  • Smart Score
  • Seasonality

ShopInspect vs. Niche Scraper

ShopInspect vs Niche Scraper – two of the most popular eCommerce product researching tools out there. However, they each have their own unique features to help you find what your looking for on dropshipping platforms like Amazon or Ebay!

These two tools are the best way to find products with high conversion rates and viral marketing potential.
Both ShopInspect and Niche Scraper use search engine optimization, data mining techniques like machine learning algorithms or human curation for their product database that helps you get an edge in eCommerce store competition by providing insights about what items will work well together on your site – before you even start uploading anything!

Ease of Use :

ShopInspect’s user interface is clean and simple to use, which makes it easy for beginners as well. The company offers 24/7 support through an AI chat button within the software or by contacting their team via email if you need more personalized assistance than what’s offered online; they’re always happy put in some extra time helping newbies learn all there is know bout this great tool!

The Niche Scraper team provides excellent support from the very beginning with helpful videos on their Getting Started page, including five free tutorials. They offer an additional six-video course that cover various topics associated with dropshipping and other related information for entrepreneurs who want to start or grow a business from home through eCommerce store building software like Shopify Plus!

Pricing : 

ShopInspect’s two plans are perfect for those who need more data and functionality. The Standard plan costs $16 monthly or$190 annually while the Legendary option is priced at only a quarter per day ($7) but comes with 2500 searches daily!

Niche Scraper is free for as long as you use it! The limited version of Niche’s scraping service comes at no cost. However, there are PRO Membership options available which provide access to the Hand-Picked Products tool and Facebook video maker among other things including reports on your competitors’ marketing campaigns – only $39 per month or discounted $199 if purchased annually instead of monthly payments.

ShopInspect is a great tool for those who are thinking about investing in their store. It has all of the features that you could ask for, and they offer unlimited searches as well! With impressive support options too – we really think this product 100% worth investing into because what good would your business do if it’s not successful?

Niche Scraper is an also excellent option if you are looking for a cheaper alternative that will work almost as well.

Faq’s Related To ShopInspect Reviews

👉 How is the Standard Plan different from the Legendary Plan?

The basic package includes all the programs offered by ShopInspect, except for AdInspect. Another difference is that you get less searches every day. About 90% of drop shippers on Shopify prefer the Legendary Program, and with good reason. The benefit isn't even a contrast when compared to other similar tools in the market. You get access to more tools that guarantee more precision for a lesser price!

👉 Does the Legendary Plan include everything?

Yes! The legendary plan includes all the features and in case you are not satisfied, you CAN CANCEL your subscription at ANYTIME.

👉 Does ShopInspect offer any training for the software?

ShopInspect conducts live trainings every week in their Facebook Group. There you can get all your questions and doubts answered. They also organize live demo’s so you can understand things on the spot and so much more with the aim of teaching their users the most advance and efficient dropshipping strategies and tricks in the world!

👉 How does one find trending products to sell?

ShopInspect offers numerous tools to help you scrape sales data from various competitor sites in your niche such as AliExpress daily. You can find and identify the products that showed a lesser growth in the previous month and then faster growth this month. The fast-growing products that they identify are shown to you every four hours and the fastest of those are tagged as HOT.

👉 How does the AdInspect tool work?

Most of the dropshipping sellers in today’s time use Facebook to create advertising. AdInspect helps you to copy can works. You will see all the updates from Facebook and Instagram, and how good it went.

👉 What does ShopInspect help me do for my brand?

The dedicated tool called “Shop Store search” offered by ShopInspect can test for viral and trending stores then combine them with the results obtained from the Product Search tools. That is a lethal combination to find the best and most ideal product to begin your business of dropshipping.

ShopInspect Customer Reviews

Shopinspect reviews by dropshippers

Conclusion: ShopInspect Review 2022– Is it worth it?

Overall, getting an all-in-one platform for selected products is great, I can’t forget the constant copy & paste between Google Trends and Aliexpress Tabs Dropshipping Hub. This one seems to be 1 step ahead of well-designed competitors on the website (Ecom Search, Pexda, ProductMafia, AdSpy, Niche scraper), a very fast, robust and smart interface!

Only think about it, you’re going to pay $228 a year, and you’re going to have endless searches. Price is fair, the annual package is the best ever, but most significantly, the database offers ample data to select a winning selection. Upon building your Shopify store and discovering a product that makes you a profit of $100 a month is equal to $1,200 a year.

You’ve already got your investment back with just one product! The investment is worth it, and paying for this service is a lot easier than wasting the time manually testing the items. Start the FREE TRIAL and check yourself the app!

Explore what ShopInspect has to sell, then determine whether to obtain a monthly or annual subscription!

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  1. After using ShopInspect I can say that I’ve no problems to it. There are only pros of using it like:
    •Provides with smart scoring for product keywords.
    •Provides more search terms similar to the search searchseed keyword.
    •Stores visitors and revenue data
    •Shows best sellers of other shopify stores

  2. ShopInspect is an automation tool that helps in finding trending products by analyzing Shopify stores. For each keyword, ShopInspect displays the stores that are crushing it on Shopify.
    And the best part is that you get to see all their winning products also.
    ShopInspect does offer a nice user interface that’s generally easy to use.
    All together Great thing !

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