Review 2023 : Earn Money {$$$$} While Referring Short Links

Affiliate disclosure: In full transparency – some of the links on our website are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!).

Why do you do blogging? Ha, Ha don’t try to lie. I know you are doing it to make some money. You searched a lot about the ways we can earn some bucks many times. You applied for Adsense and disappointed by seeing the rejection. You joined sponsored post sites, but still luck was somewhere else. Is it your case?

You are looking for another comparatively easy way to make money ? Are you hate the so called apply and approve (or reject) feature? Then you are at the right place. Review earn money

What is

As the name suggests, it is a link shortener service based on Europe. You are already familiar with, right? This one is far way better than that. Actually this service is linked with an advertise network which helps us to earn the money.

It’s the best and quick way to earn money so far. Read on to know more.

How to Start?

Shortest Review

  1. Just visit the site by typing and enter
  2. Click on the link join on the home page
  3. You are a single step away from the success. Just enter email id two times and the password then click register.

Hurray, you are done! Have a look in your inbox for the activation mail and activate. That’s all. Enjoy monetizing your links and be prepare to give me a party 😉

Features benefits

  • High commission compared to other networks
  • Don’t have to wait for the approval
  • User-friendly interface and interesting tools to bag the highest
  • Referral System with high payout
  • Real-time statistics to be aware about your earnings

How to Earn Money? make money from links

Though there are not a single way to earn money with, the primary way is to shorten the links. We will credit with money to our account when someone clicks on our link and see the ad.

Several ways to earn from short links

  • You can earn by sharing your link on FB groups, Google plus, twitter and wherever people gathers. Try to choose an interesting source. So that you will get a higher Click Through Rate.
  • Just shorten the link of all your blog posts, when someone asks for your blog or a post links, give them the shortened link.
  • Do you have a WordPress blog? Then there is also a plugin available. Install and automate all the shortening (not much recommended)

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What are the Other Ways? referral program

You can also earn money through their referral system. It gives 20% commission for every referrals we bring in and it surely boosts our income. There are several tools also.

Quoting from their own site,

  1. Developers API

Simple JSON API for more advanced users. With API you can shorten links without placing any scripts on your website.

  1. Full Page Script

This script will monetize your external links, thus making them profitable. Easy to use- copy and paste.

  1. Social Share Widget

Have viral content that is shared all over the web? This tool will monetize every share your users make.

  1. Bounce Rate Monetization

Have high bounce rate? Make use of this. This script will turn your bounce rate into profit.

  1. WordPress Plugin

Do you have a WordPress Blog? Then be ready to automate the link-shortening using this plugin.

  1. Mass Shrinker

Want to shorten more than one link at a time? This tool is for that purpose. Mass shrinker will let you shrink up to 20 links at a time.

There is another effective way to make money through They will provide you a unique referral id (only for you), you can use it with the awesome group of banners they are giving. Several sizes and several colours and apt for any areas on your blog. You can manually copy the URL of image and insert your unique id as a link. Are you too lazy to do that, then will provide you a ready-made code with image as well as your referral id as a link.

Rates and Payout Methods

There is no fixed rates available. Rate varies with the need of advertiser. But you can expect from $0.15- $7.78. Make sure to bring more traffic from U.S. and European countries. Because they have more conversion rates as well as the best payout.

This network possesses a threshold to withdraw money. That is not much high unlike the competitors, but only $5. So cheer up.

Currently supports WebMoneyPaypal as well as Payoneer. So have an account of either of these before starting with

Check step by step guide  of setting up account in this video turorial below:

Final Verdict

I hope you liked this review, this is one of the best money-making idea for anyone, for bloggers as well as for anyone who don’t even know what a blog is. Register with them, shrink URLs and share it. See the hike in your monthly earnings.

That’s all. According to me, beats all its competitors in terms of rate and features.
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Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani is a Digital Marketing Practitioner and renowned international keynote speaker who has embraced the digital nomad lifestyle as he travels around the world. He founded two successful websites, & Digital Marketing Agency DigiExe of which his success stories have expanded to authoring "Inside A Hustler's Brain : In Pursuit of Financial Freedom” (20,000 copies sold worldwide) and contributing to “International Best Selling Author of Growth Hacking Book 2". Jitendra designed workshops for over 10000+ professionals in Digital marketing across continents; with intentions ultimately anchored towards creating an impactable difference by helping people build their dream business online. Jitendra Vaswani is a high-powered investor with an impressive portfolio that includes Imagestation. To learn more about his investments, Find him on Linkedin, Twitter, & Facebook.

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  1. guys is it still working in 2022 im really scared because i have 2$ and im afraid that they wont pay me because the are not awnsering my emails

  2. Great post! You should write a review of ExoBucks. Their system analyzes each visitor you send, detects which URL shortener will pay the most for that visitor and then sends them to it. That way you can automatically rotate which shorteners that visitors are sent to and earn the most for each of them.

    Plus, they have a great referral program that let’s you earn from 50+ URL shorteners (useful for affiliates).

  3. Hello, it is a totally great put up I cherished it and after analyzing this I have used it in my each day life to shorten my website URL and this labored for me. Thank you very a great deal, bro…….!!!!

  4. Hi, Jitendra it is a very nice post I loved it and after reading this I have used it in my day to day life to shorten my website url and this worked for me. Thank you very much broo…….!!!!

  5. Hi Jitendra,

    That was an awesome job you did up there.
    But have you seen safelinkconverter[dot]com.
    I’ve been using it for about 3 months now. I started using them when I did not had my Adsense account and got regular payment and their CPM is somewhat more than shorte.
    Lately I’ve got an Adsense account and I am earning around $20/day where the traffic of my site is mostly Indian and the rank of my site is also not that good.
    They have also provided a new option where the review page will be shown on your own domain.
    I mean so many features, like, a review page, earning with adsense and without adsense, and also link converting. The best part is if someone copies my link I get paid.

  6. Hello Jitendra, thanks for introducing such a great monetization method.

    I’hv a question.

    Is it Google Adsense safe ??

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