ShortStack Review 2021 Best Software to Design Contests? (Coupon Code Save 20%)

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Ease of use


  • A free trial is available
  • White labeling option for agencies
  • Engaging templates
  • Complete customization
  • Built-in analytics
  • Contest management tools
  • Automated emails
  • Refer-a-Friend Contests
  • Platform Management & Account Services
  • Create Custom Templates & Themes
  • LEARN MORE Landing Page Analytics
  • Account & Data Security
  • Data Privacy Law Compliance
  • Unlimited Hashtag & Retweet Contests


  • May take new users some time to understand
  • Slightly expensive for individuals & beginners

Price:$ 99

You need better marketing skills even if it is anything. Be it the blog, a marketplace or anything you want to sell, you need the strategy to sell your products and market your products on the internet.

There are scads of tools on the internet when it comes to branding but the question is- “Which is the right tool for the branding?” You have to be cautious while choosing a tool that suits your needs.

I think I have found a perfect tool to create more than 150% ROI.

Bottom Line Upfront :

ShortStack is one of the best tools to grow your brand or blog by branding or marketing. It is a cloud-based app crafted for the purpose of getting more leads and traffic to your website. You can easily create unique landing pages, run social contests, send emails and analyze results (no coding required). With ShortStack you can gain further insights by adding tracking pixels from your favorite services, like Google Analytics, Facebook, Google Adwords and more. ShortStack offers more than 40 customizable templates, custom campaign design services, and integrates with other popular platforms.

ShortStack platform boasts a 99.99% uptime, giving you peace of mind that your landing pages will be accessible when you need them to be. Your data is housed in facilities that meet or exceed ISO 9000 standards. Plus, ShortStack is committed to data privacy and complies with data privacy laws, including the GDPR, CCPA and more. Try ShortStack for Free.

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I have given a detailed review of the ShortStack tool that can help you get more ROI. Let’s get started with Shortstack Review 2021.

Detailed ShortStack Review 2021

About ShortStack

ShortStack is a great platform to create the contests, giveaways and the rewards to the users for the marketing purpose.

The Sign-up process for the Shortstack is too simple. Upon signing up, you will be redirected to the dashboard where you can Build an email list by creating the giveaways, run a photo contest or even create a landing page which is nonetheless than any other better landing page builder.

ShortStack Review- A Reliable Platform For Getting High ROI

The dashboard is so user-friendly and it shows all the stats so comprehensibly. Either you choose the templates or the email campaigns, each of the stats are available on the dashboard.

In the dashboard, you can see the scorecard for the day. The stats consist of 30-day view, stored entries, and the latest shares.

The dashboard has the email, landing page builder, campaigns and all the entries.

Features of ShortStack Reviews and Pricing

ShortStack Feature Spotlight | Make Contests Fun with Games (Webinar)

The best part about the Shortstack is that it gives the features for both Small businesses or agent and enterprises. This way you can get more leads for both kinds of business.

  • Templates & Themes: Cut off your production time by using the customized templates and amazing themes. There are over 60+ templates and 25+ elegant themes.

 ShortStack Review- Templates for Contests

  • Drag and Drop: The drag and drop feature lets you add the widget and drop it on the landing page. There are over 25 widgets that can be added to the builder such as form, poll, social media, gallery, voting and many others.
  • Edit Campaigns: In the dashboard, you can edit the campaigns as well as edit the customized colors or fonts and even add texts to the campaigns without much hard work.

 ShortStack Review- All In One Builder

  • Stats: Get the real-time data and all the analytics of the campaigns that you build. After you have built the campaign, you can track the campaigns for the stats such as the most viewed and shared campaigns. You can also get the data for where the traffic comes from.
  • No multiple accounts: Most of the times, you would need different accounts to organize the campaigns for different clients. Well!! That’s not the case with Shortstack, you can manage every campaign and each of the clients with only one Shortstacks account.
  • Automatic email: You can connect with your email participants at the scheduled time and hour. It sends the automatic emails at a scheduled time or date.

 ShortStack Review- Automatic Emails

  • Stores the data: Shortstacks keeps all the relevant information such as the contact info in a database which is easily searchable and exportable.
  • Frauds: If you have created the contests, the make sure that no entries repeat itself. To ensure that, Shortstack restrict the entries by verifying the authenticity and thus the chance of fraud becomes less.

ShortStack Pricing

Shortstack pricing plans are really attractive. It has a free plan which has some limited features. You can still get a good number of leads with the free plan.

ShortStack Review- Pricing Plans

The free plan includes:

  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • 5,000 views per month
  • Professional themes and templates
  • Fully customized panel
  • 24/7 support

Starter plan: It starts at $29/month. When you pay annually, you can save $189.

It includes:

  • Unlimited Emails
  • Collect thousands of entries
  • You can also export the data to use in the other apps.
  • Create the Contests and giveaways.
  • Export all data and images
  • 10,000 views per month
  • 2,000 entries
  • 24/7 support

Business plan: It starts at $99/month. When you pay annually, you can save $489.

  • 10,000 entries
  • 50,000 views per month
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Intuitive Design
  • Custom CSS and Subdomains
  • Incentivize Sharing with Referral Contests
  • Integration with other platforms
  • Created embedment on your website

Agency plan: It starts at $199/month. When you pay annually, you can save $480.

  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Professional themes
  • Team collaboration
  • Unlimited emails
  • 50,000 entries
  • Customer support
  • No Shortstack logo on your campaigns

Brand plan: It costs $499/month.

  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Professional themes
  • Team collaboration
  • Unlimited emails
  • 500,000 entries
  • Customer support
  • No Shortstack logo on your campaigns
  • White label campaigns
  • Digital Rights management
  • Hashtag Contests

ShortStack Service

Getting Started with ShortStack

If you are occupied and can’t get enough time for your campaigns, Shortstack gives the service where they can build the campaign for you. You wouldn’t need anything else.

If you choose this service:

  • You will get the proper plan and focus tactics for the campaign that you want to start. A customer executive from the company will assist you about the campaign. Everything including the budget, delivery, less and objectives will be clearly mentioned.
  • Creates the campaign according to your needs. Taking different things into consideration such as the objective, timeline, and requirements, your campaign management becomes easy. Everything including the email automation or the compelling forms, necessary integrations will be assisted by the customer care.
  • After the campaign has been created, the campaigns are optimized well first. After each campaign has been tested, they are then promoted. They use different strategies for social media, PR, advertising, etc.
  • After the campaign is live, the company will give you the real-time tracking for your campaign. They can also do necessary changed if the campaigns are not bringing any great success.

Customer Support

There’s a wide helpdesk for the customers using ShortStack. This helpdesk was impressive to some extent. In the help dashboard, I found email support as most helpful.

The thing that I didn’t like about the Shortstack is there is no live chat available. The live chat should be one of the most important when it comes to the customer support system.

If you need more assistance, you can ask to schedule a call. After you have requested the call, the team would call you within 24 hours. There are a number of webinars and resources available on the site which can guide you about the customization as well as all other marketing campaigns.

ShortStack Products

ShortStack gives scads of products and services which include giveaways, photo contest, hashtag contests and various others.

  • Photo Contest: Photo contests are a great way to gather the traffic. Be it the Instagram or a dedicated landing page, you can use the hashtag to create the photo contest and ask the subscribers to hare the photo to get rewards.

ShortStack Review- Increase ROI

  • Landing Page: Create an impressive landing page and change between your ads, emails and promotions. You will also get the user-friendly elements for the landing page.
  • Giveaways: They are the best way to get more traffic and boost your marketing. Make them your fan by creating the amazing giveaways. Create a follow-up and start getting more customers.

ShortStack Review- Giveaways

  • Contact Us Page: Create an interesting contact us page and make it convenient for the customers to contact you. Two-on-Two communication is vital and it is a must. If you own a restaurant or any other thing, you can make it convenient for the customers.
  • Newsletter: The sign-up form and the newsletter are also the vital part of the branding. You can update your customers by creating the loop about the events, announcements or anything that you want to promote.

 ShortStack Review- Landing Page

  • Gallery: If you want to promote a product that has just launched, you can create a gallery where you can include all the products. Create a limited time sale for the products and services that you want to include.
  • Coupons: Coupons and discounts are great ways to get more leads. Do not miss the opportunity to get more customers during festive or any occasion. Whenever you create the discount coupons or any promos, you can convey the message through email. Collect the valuable data with it and you can make a profit.

ShortStack Review- Coupons

  • Create Quizzes: Create quizzes and tasks that are fun for your customers and before showing the results, you can ask them for the contact information. This is one of the best strategies to collect more leads for the Facebook.
  • Refer-a-friend: Most of the brands prefer this way to spread the word about their brand or the products. You can ask the customer to encourage their friends to us your brand and earn by referral. Each of the customers gets a unique referral link for that.

How Does It Work?

Shortstack has a single dashboard to manage all the campaigns and build the landing pages for your campaigns.

The dashboard has different tabs which have Builder, campaigns, entries or lists and emails and media as the tabs. The dashboard shows all the stats and the active campaigns or the landing pages.

Campaign Builder:

The campaign builder has got the different widgets that can be easily moved from one place to another. I needed some widgets for my campaigns and I got that.

There are 20+ widgets on the dashboard and you can filter them according to the usability. The widgets are sorted according to the layout, collection, display, socializing and embedding.

You can add or edit each section of the landing page when you choose a template. If you are not satisfied with the image, upload the image or embed it.  The best about the builder is that you can add or remove any column that you want. Also, you can test each of your campaigns before publishing it.


After you have chosen the right template and added the widgets, the next part is styling and designing. Necessarily, you might not like all kinds of template designs. Thus, you can always customize the template and change the fonts or the font colors.

The styling pane has three different sections; Global, All rich text and this rich text.

While the Global section would edit all of your features such as colors, page, links, button, widgets and popups, the All rich text section edits all the aspects of the text such as paragraph, headlines, subheads, titles, and divider as well as the lists.

You can change and edit each and every element of the page. If you wish to change the color of any of the part, you can choose that part and select the desired color.

Manage Emails:

After styling your email, you will need to manage your email. You can create an email list and add as many contacts as you want in your email list.

Before creating the email list, you will have to choose the kind of email that you want to create; an auto-responder, scheduled mail or the follow-up email.

After choosing the kind of email, you can choose the desired template and later proceed with sending the bulk email by creating that email.

When you are done, publish your campaign. Check the analytics and get deep insight into your active campaigns.

ShortStack Customer Testimonials

“I’m really liking the interface. Easy to use but detailed enough to allow total customization. Other platforms have left us feeling really limited. We don’t want to bug our developers every time we want to run a social contest.”

Amanda S.

“I wanted to take a quick moment to congratulate you on a brilliant product with ShortStack and its available features. Fun and easy to use … and best of all, solves and simplifies an everyday problem.”

Michael P.

“ShortStack works to make it easy to add any sort of campaign — a staggering number of options, really — to your page. Start with templates, or build a campaign from scratch, using an intuitive visual editor.”

The Next Web

“We’re able to build giant campaigns for worldwide brands, where more than 300,000 people participate, all on our own. ShortStack makes us look good and keeps our social media fans engaged and excited. It’s a high-quality service at a low cost. How can you go wrong with that? ShortStack is a MUST for small businesses and huge agencies alike!”–

Lauren P.W.

“I only recommend a product if I use and love it. And I use and love ShortStack. It’s made my life easier and has helped me create campaigns that look much better than anything I could have created (and have previously created) from scratch or another tool.”–

Jon Loomer (Jon Loomer Digital)

Shortstack customer reviews Shortstack customer testimonials

Pros and Cons of Shortstack


  • User-Friendly: The dashboard and whole of the software are user-friendly and too easy to use. All the features are clearly visible and managing the campaigns is the breeze.
  • Free plan: Not all of us want to pay for the services at the beginning. Thus, the free plan is a big plus for this kind of tool where you can boost your marketing skills and later upgrade.
  • Referral Program: You can refer Shortstack to someone and earn an appreciable amount of sum from it.
  • Mobile-friendly: The mobile-friendly layout for Shortstacks makes it even more convenient to use.
  • Real-time data: Tracking and analyzing your campaigns is done by Shortstacks. You can clearly check which campaign is bringing more leads.


  • No Live Chat


ShortStack Affiliate Program:

Earn $$$ by referring ShortStack. When someone signs up for a paid subscription after clicking your unique link, you’ll earn a 15% reward. Plus, you’ll earn another 15% for each month your referral continues with their paid subscription, for up to one year!

Here’s the commission breakdown by subscription plan:

  • Business Monthly at $99/month: Earn $14.85/month
  • Agency Monthly at $199/month: Earn $29.85/month
  • Brand Monthly at $499/month: Earn $74.85/month

If your referral signs up for an annual plan, you’ll get a single 15% reward for the full year:

  • Business Annual at $948/year: Earn $142.20 total
  • Agency Annual at $1,908/year: Earn $286.20 total
  • Brand Annual at $4,788/year: Earn $718.20 total

Conclusion:  ShortStack Review (ShortStack Coupon Code (Save 1200$))

Shortstack is certainly a great tool for generating more leads and to boost your marketing needs.  It fulfils all your needs to create an effective landing page and also advertise your blog more by creating the contests and the giveaways or the referrals.

It integrates well with all kinds of social media such as YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, MailChimp, Constant Contact and many others.

To conclude, I would say that it is a great way to get more traffic and generate more leads. It works flawlessly. I hope you have liked my review on Shortstack with ShortStack Promo Discount Coupon Code (Save 1200$) If you have used it earlier, please share with us in the comments box.

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