What is Siberian CMS? Open Source App Builder For iPhone and Android

What is Siberian CMS?

Siberian CMS is an open source app building platform developed by France based company named Xtraball, which also happens to be a free CMS. Founded in 2012, Siberian CMS is taking a very interesting approach to app making.

Siberian CMS Review

They solely believe that app ownership is the main concern of their users. Thus, you actually have to install it on your own domain and not use the platform on their website. They also let you create an app for free and even give you the full source code.

Siberian CMS: Highlight features

Siberian CMs literally packs the maximum punch among all the app building tools we have tested so far. The most prominent feature is that its open source, and white label in a real sense. You just need to buy your CMS, and every app you create from there onward is your sole property.

Siberian CMS Review - Features

There are other amazing features such as the Newswall, RSS Feeds, Unlimited Page customization options, social media integration, Images galleries, loyalty cards and a lot more.


They offer the most efficient organization in its niche with the ability to handle effective Booking, Appointments, Calendar, Job, Folders, and Padlock.


M-Commerce, WooCommerce, Loyalty Card, Admob, QR Coupons, Catalogue, Set Meal, Discounts and Taxi Ride.


There is the proper integration of Classfields, Places, Weather and maps.

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Facebook, Twitter, Newswall, Fanwall and Chat


Inbox, Push notifications, Topics and Scratch cards


Audio, Video, Radio and Gallery


RSS feed, Surveys, Contacts, Quiz and form


Custom pages and links

Siberian CMS Back Office

The Siberian CMS Back Office empowers Team management with features that let you decide which user can access which option of the editor. You can define user roles and set access limitations as per your requirements. This allows you to have a complete control over who has access to what.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Define User Roles so that a particular user group can include only a particular set of features.
  2. Define the access limit of each app user by making an Access Control List.

Siberian CMS back office also allows you to make custom sales plans with the Platform Edition. You can decide if the users have to pay a subscription or a one-time fee, or even both if you want. And the more the better, you can create as many sales plans as you wish. And once you have users, the invoices are automatically managed by the software!

Why join Siberian CMS?

Easy to use

Siberian CMS is very easy to use and to master. The design of the app maker has been made thinking of the user. It ensures that you won’t get lost while designing your app. Each step helps you create the really app you want in a flash and has its own importance

Siberian CMS Review - Feature Analytics

Design flexibilities & Customizations

Siberian CMS allows you to use their extremely customizable templates and layouts as soon as you start building your app. You can use the tips they provide and add options to your layout so that your app really looks the way you want. In short, Siberian CMS helps you achieve building your app the way you imagined it!

Multilingual Support

Siberian CMS offers free language packs for the most widely used languages around the world. You can also make apps in your native language, you just need to translate the necessary files in this CMS so that it can support the language, and you’ll be able to make region based apps.


Once again with the E-Commerce integration, Siberian is one of the most complete app makers. You can create your own store with payment gateways integrated with popular options like PayPal and Stripe.

Siberian CMS Review - Build your app

You can also further integrate another payment gateway if you need too. You can also add their native WooCommerce module to your app and also add links to your Volusion, Magento or Shopify stores.

Social Media Integration

You can log into your apps through a Facebook login, and you can add your Facebook fan page. A Twitter feature is on its way to display your Twitter account as well.

Regarding other integrations, you can add pictures galleries from Instagram, videos from Youtube, Vimeo or even video podcasts. On the other hand, you can add music from iTunes or podcasts.

Excellent Support

Siberian offers a great overall documentation on how to build your apps, how to manage your clients and everything from the back office, including videos. This enables users to quickly master Siberian CMS in a matter of minutes. And in case you would have any doubt, just drop them an email and they will answer quickly to help you out.

Regarding the technical assistance, their support team is really efficient and they do everything they can to solve any issue you may have as fast as possible.

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Cross Platform Support

As most of the app makers available on the market, Siberian CMS allows you to create apps for iOS, Android, and also a HTML5 webapp that you can use on Windows Phone for example.

Plans & Pricing

Siberian CMS Review - Pricing

Siberian CMS has three editions and both are completely white and legal:

The Single-App Edition

It’s free and allows you to create one application.

The Multi-Apps Edition

You can create as many apps as you want, for as many clients as you want.

  • €399 one-time fee if you host Siberian on your own server
  • €79 per month if you want to be hosted on their server

The Platform Edition: you can do the same as with the Multi-Apps Edition but it also allows you to launch your own app platform and have your own resellers. Which means your clients will be able to self-register, create their app and pay online according to the payment plans you have set up.

  • €799 one-time fee if you host Siberian on your own server
  • €149 per month if you want to be hosted on their server

Visit their official website www.siberiancms.com if you want more information regarding their offers, services, and pricing.

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