Sigmento Review 2023 : Structured Product Information For Retailers

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The sigmento tool provides a well-structured information of the products to the retailers. It is built exclusively for all the retailers on the websites such as magento, ebay, amazon etc. It basically helps the retailers to sell more and hence profit more using this particular website. It functions by providing you with the product information just at your fingertips. It functions by reducing the cost and increasing the sales of a particular product.

Sigmento review

You use it by just adding structured product information to your own catalogs by means of a few clicks. It comes with a number of different features which will help the retailers to sell more and grow their businesses more and more. We shall discuss the various features and advantages of sigmento tool in the following section of the article.

Features of Sigmento

Sigmento provides its users with all the important and relevant specifications and features which are necessary for the customers to make a decision for a particular purchase. It provides each and everything which is appropriate to the customers including the size and the colours.

It allows to maintain and provide a very standardized data to the customers. All the data related to the product is completely standardized in order to enhance the readability of a particular product information. It functions by improving the overall look of the pages of your product.

It increases the value of the brand and enhances the trust among all the customers by providing a valid as well as accurate information of the product.

Batch Manager

The batch manager of the sigmento allows you to view all of the metrics of the product information in a very neat and clear, concise format.

Sigmento Review - Batch Management


Sigmento Review- Sigmento Analytics

With the analytics feature, you can very easily insight down to each of the possible product attributes. You can watch all of your catalog getting optimized at a scale.

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Catalog Management

It comes with a catalog management feature which functions by managing your catalog accurately and efficiently.

Sigmento review - Catalog management

Channel Management

Another amazing feature of this software is the channel management which takes care of the particular channel and manages it very efficiently. This feature helps you to sell more and get more profits out of it.

Sigmento review - Channel Management

It has product configurator associated to it, which configures the particular product and provides a very well-structured product information. This feature is very useful to all the retailers, as it helps in configuring their individual products and help them to keep a track of that configuration. This one feature has a lot of importance associated with it.

Multi-Store Management

The multi-store management feature of the segment software is one feature which manages the retails of the products at more than one store. This level of management is very rare and is used effectively to manage all the properties and features of a particular product.

Sigmento Review - MultiStore Management

SEO Management

Another feature is the SEO management feature, this feature helps in getting more and more of visitors to the website and in turn it helps to convert these visitors into valuable customers over time. It manages all the search engine optimization procedures and helps in the growth of the business.

It comes with a SaaS, web and cloud-based deployment system.

Pricing of the Sigmento

Sigmento Review- Sigmento Pricing

It comes with a free trial during which you can use all of the features and specifications of this product for free in the beginning. After the free trial has expired, the pricing starts at $0.25 for a single time. The pricing of this tool is based and is priced according to per product sale.

Advantages of sigmento

  • It functions by increasing the sales of the products associated to it and hence, it is an extremely useful tool for the retailers associated with the Magento, Amazon and other such sites. It does so by adding listings associated with the product. It SEO management from the marketplaces as well as the search engines.

Sigmento Review- Sigmento Advantages

  • It reduces the cost to as much as possible and makes it easy to afford to the clients. It functions through the means of the automated sourcing and creation of the product and allows the people to do all the work.
  • It allows you to expand the online store more and get more of the customers by the means of different features associated with it. It allows you to offer your customers with the “endless aisle”.

Plans of the Sigment

Sigmeto comes with three different pans to choose from

  1. The basic plan – it is a free plan and allows you with approximately 20 products for a month to handle.
  2. The professional plan – it is a paid plan and prices for $99 for a month. It comes with a limit of 500 products for a month.
  3. The enterprise plan – it is the most advanced version, and allows the use of more than 500 products for a particular month.

Final verdict: –

The sigmento software is a live product database which contains a number of different products, it simultaneously keeps updating new items and unique contents. The product information as a service platform, allows you to find and export rich, accurate information of the products present in the entire catalogue.

It is one valuable tool for all the e-commerce retailers associated with the magento, amazon, shopify etc. all the automated specifications of the sigmento tool helps the retailer to sell more at a reduced rate and hence, helps to grow the business more.

It has a free trial due to which you can use it for free and check all the features until you are sure of the tool. It has 3 different pricing plans to choose from and as a whole it is an amazing tool for the product based businesses.

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