Simvoly Vs Duda 2023: Side-By-Side Comparison With Detailed Features (Pros & Cons)

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When it comes to website builders, the most popular comparison that most people make is Simvoly vs Duda.

Continue reading to learn which platform is best for you to start with and WHY Simvoly is the BEST VOTED Website Builder.

We compare Duda and Simvoly to help you decide which is the better option for you. Here’s everything you need to know about Duda vs. Simvoly, from pricing to features to results.


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Pricing $12 $14
Best for

Ecommerce brands and entrepreneurs that want an all-in-one solution for their ecommerce needs that include a website builder, online store functionality, sales funnels, membership areas, shopping cart solutions, and native CRM functionality to drive better conversions for their eComm business.

Duda is a responsive website builder that specializes in allowing customers to develop mobile-friendly websites. Duda is Google PageSpeed optimized, which means that websites built with it are light and quick. When compared to standard Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, building small business websites with Duda takes far less time. The company provides an appealing website builder with user-friendly features such as drag and drop to make development easier.

  • Email Marketing & Automations
  • Website & Funnel Builder
  • E-Commerce
  • Drag-and-Drop Design
  • Widget Builder
  • Personalization and Dynamic Content
  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • 100% White Label Solution
  • Simvoly Funnel Academy is a great plus.
  • Clear Interface
  • Free site Option
  • Strong mobile site building.
  • No round the clock customer support
  • No photo editing tools
  • Lacks widget MarketPlace
Ease of Use

It comes with AI-based website builder. All you need is to tell them your needs.

Comes with drag and drop builder but lacks modern interface.

Value For Money

Low-priced and offers incredible value for money.

Duda is one of the most expensive website builder tool.

Customer Support

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Simvoly Vs Duda is the common comparison that most users make when comes to choosing website builders.

Overview: Simvoly vs Duda 


Simvoly vs duda-Simvoly website builder

For SMEs, agencies, and freelancers who want to quickly design personalized websites, on-line shops, blogs, and funnels, Simvoly is also a web developer.

This is a basic platform that allows people without IT skills to implement their ideas and interests. The method enables non-technicians without the support of skilled developers and designers to create websites.

Simvoly also offers solid e-commerce technologies that facilitate the easy selling of products and services by contractors, business owners, photographers, and graphic designers.

Simvoly is a fantastic alternative for non-techies who are wanting to establish a website in a jiffy, offering a suite of fully customizable templates, a drag-and-drop interface, and blocks with widgets.

The target audience is people who want to sell online. The funnel system, which allows your visitors to create a roadmap for their navigation, the design, and testing of the landing page, are all state-of-the-art and excellent.

This is simply because its capabilities are limited. There is no app store that can link to software from third parties, and you can only optimize the basic search engine.

On the other side, if you don’t want the all-inclusive bundle, Simvoly may be a choice. Read our Simvoly review to see if it is one of our best website constructors.


Duda Website Builder Overview- Simvoly vs Duda

Duda is a responsive website builder that specializes in allowing customers to develop mobile-friendly websites. Duda is Google PageSpeed optimized, which means that websites built with it are light and quick.

When compared to Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, building small business websites with Duda takes far less time. The company provides an appealing website builder with user-friendly features such as drag and drop to make development easier.

All of the necessary development pieces are available on a customized dashboard, and users can add new tools as needed. It also features a coding-based customization option.

Duda’s website builder, which attempts to “make web design painless” through its simple and imaginative designs, is used by over 450,000 organizations. You can start developing your Duda website in minutes with just an internet connection and no technical knowledge.

It works by providing you with a variety of templates to pick from, which you can then customize by altering text, adding graphics, adding additional pages, and even designing your own widgets.

Simply publish your website online once you’ve customized it — Duda will host it for you, so you won’t have to worry about extra charges or technical issues.

Simvoly Features

Simvoly website builder features-simvoly vs Duda

It is high time your organization was placed on the map. It necessitates increased client exposure and success rates. Every business owner wants to see their company grow and flourish, even if it is currently small. As a result, establishing a website is a good fit for your company’s growth.

Simvoly gives you the ability to do more than just create your own website. It also allows you to post content, generate leads and conversions, and improve your search engine ranking.

Simvoly is a one-stop shop for drag and drop workers, funnel builders, quick-checkouts, CRMs, and the e-commerce business of Simvoly. It comes with a number of fully adjustable layouts to ensure that every business has a theme.

Most of these are contemporary, with adequate room to showcase products or even high-resolution images from your internet store.

Themes from Simvoly are broken up into three categories: funnels, website themes, and online shops. These three categories include a wide range of subjects ideal for a variety of companies.

Simvoly combines artificial intelligence with an easy-to-use website designer. You can select the type of website you want from this wizard whether it is a photography site, a food dealer, or anything. The ideal template for the type of website chosen is then proposed. The template can then be customized with the design of your choice to match your exact requirements.

Some of the features include:

    • Global Styling
    • 900+ Fonts
    • Pop-Up Builder
    • Header Builder
    • Shape Divider
    • Animation & Delays
    • Page Speed 
  • Drag And Drop Builder

With the Simvoly website developer, you may construct your ideal website. Anyone with little to no code capability can develop a lovely website with these basic features.

You can redimension, enlarge, drag and drop the image as required. This simplifies the design of your website and enables you to control your market online fully.

  • Upsells and downsells with a single click

The 1-click Upsells & Downsells Website of Simvoly is aimed at improving how money is earned. This enables you to make more money by improving the value of your orders by providing your clients with greater value products or services.

  • Selling subscriptions and memberships

Simvoly enables you to develop subscription and membership sites that enable you to make recurrent income from various products, courses, and services.

  • Building for freelancers and agencies

Simvoly is a way to develop websites and funnels for agencies and freelancers using their own white-label builder. Agencies and freelancers get saved on their subscriptions in exchange.

Simvoly is versatile enough to connect your recently established site to popular applications such as:

Email Autoresponder: The three autoresponder providers are ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, and GetResponse.

Google Analytics: A free data analytics tool that is connected to your site for your business.

Automation:  Zapier provides for the automation of tasks like as sending a scheduled email sequence to promoting customers and supporting customers.

Payment gateway: It was never much easier to use Stripe and Paypal to deal with online sales and payment transactions.

Duda Features

Simvoly vs Duda - Features of Duda

  • Drag-and-Drop Design

You may avoid as much web coding and development as you like with Duda’s responsive website builder. You can utilize their widget-based modules to create WYSIWYG designs and functionality, or you can use Developer Mode to customize HTML and CSS coding using your web programming expertise.

Duda’s site builder has over 100 fonts, stock pictures, parallax effects, and flat icons to pick from, all of which are responsive. 

You can also copy and paste elements between sites or between various portions of a site. You can also clone a site to make a new one or make a template out of it once it’s been made.

  • Widget Builder

You can develop your own custom-made modules if you don’t find what you’re looking for among the ready-made widgets. The site builder stops your custom widgets from damaging the existing ones, despite the widget builder’s ability to customize.

You can even allow your customers to edit these custom widgets from their own dashboards by setting the site’s permissions.

  • Personalization and Dynamic Content

The ability to add dynamic content to any website — even on free plans — is one of Duda’s Sitebuilder’s most distinctive and outstanding features. You can show customized information to a visitor based on a variety of triggers, including actions, time of day, day of the year, geolocation, and a number of previous visits.

Triggers can then display coupons, holiday-themed pictures, pop-ups of various types, feedback requests, and Facebook “Like” buttons, among other things. You can also make your own actions and triggers.

The capacity to offer dynamic personalized content as a web producer, entrepreneur, or agency is a great difference for you over your competition.

  • Manipulation of images

Duda’s site builder enables basic photo manipulation such as cropping, rotating, and resizing in addition to adding free stock photos or your own images.

You can use Dropbox, Google Drive, and Facebook to upload photographs. Widgets for creating galleries, image sliders, and Facebook albums are also available. There are also over 1,000 icons to choose from.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Automatic sitemaps, Open Graph connectivity with Facebook and LinkedIn, customizable metadata, picture alternate text, and 301 redirect support are all included in most plans.

  • Developer Mode

Some site builders don’t let you upload your own HTML or CSS code, but Duda gives you complete control over your site in addition to the drag-and-drop interface.

  • Multi-Language Translation 

Duda’s Sitebuilder makes it simple to generate different versions of your site in 55+ languages using Google Translate. You can even make changes to these pages after they’ve been generated to ensure that the translations are flawless.

  • Custom Domains

Sites can be created on custom domain names using the top-tier premium options. (The site builder’s free edition only allows for a subdomain, such as

  • E-commerce Solutions 

Replicating e-commerce sites can be difficult. Fortunately, even on the free plan, Duda’s site builder allows you to effortlessly create an online store using the same WYSIWYG interface.

Simvoly vs Duda-eCommerce builder Duda

The e-commerce capabilities are remarkable for top-tier plans, especially when compared to other site builder hosts. The number of items and integrations are the main differences between plans. The site-building plan you choose includes e-commerce capability. Because the storefront is a part of the website, it inherits the same design elements as the rest of the site.

  • Reseller Program for Duda

The reseller scheme at Duda is a little weird. They provide a different package that allows you to sell Duda to other web businesses. Hosting is given for free, with no restrictions on bandwidth or page size. Duda’s API is available to developers on the DudaPro reseller plans.

If you need assistance, resellers have access to the highest level of support, including phone hours in a variety of languages. A free 30-day trial of DudaPro is available.

  • Support

Duda’s support channels are tiered dependent on the plan you select. The cheapest paid plans include e-mail support, while the most expensive plan includes phone help.

The free plan must make use of the community forum or the knowledgebase’s existing tutorials.

Benefits Of Using Simvoly

Simvoly Integration- Simvoly Vs Duda

  • Various themes

The broad array of fully customizable themes are a pleasant quality of Simvoly. The themes are grouped into three broad groups – online shop, funnels, and website themes.

The three divisions offer a variety of topics for art, consulting, membership, fashion, immobilization, photography, restaurants, and schools. This large range makes it easy to establish a lovely website or online shop without any fight and assures it is an issue for everyone.

  • Ease of use

A nice website wizard with artificial intelligence is included in Simvoly. You have to describe the website you want, such as restaurant, company or photography, with the wizard.

The Wizard proposes a website template based on the type of website selected, which sets the method for creating the AI site.

Next, you can alter the major components of the site you are created by using the simple site builder. Thanks to the drag-and-drop capability you may personalize your website accordingly.

  • Increase conversion rate

Simvoly also allows us to create A/B split tests. The A/B split tests help you to monitor traffic, measure conversions, and assess sales. The test offers important insights that will allow you to convert more website visitors or online shop visitors.

Benefits Of Using Duda

Simvoly vs Duda- Duda website builder integrations

  • In the same platform, Duda includes both drag & drop and coding customization features. The signup process is a bit old-fashioned. There is no way to interact with someone directly through a social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.
  • After you’ve signed up, the dashboard will allow you to choose a template and begin developing your website. Duda features a large library of responsive and fast-loading professional templates. To begin, choose between the responsive site feature and the mobile site feature. Both have their own set of personalization and theme options.
  • The website builder has a valuable function that displays how the website appears on various platforms such as a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. In this manner, you can quickly customize the appearance of your items and progress with the site design.
  • Duda provides HTML5 and CSS3 access, which is a handy option for those with coding skills who wish to personalize the website to meet their specific business, brand, or company demands.
  • The user interface is completely flat, which makes constructing a website easier on the eyes. The dashboard provides access to features such as copying and pasting material, page duplication, and content import.

Simvoly Pricing

simvoly pricing plans- simvoly vs Duda

Simvoly does not give a free account, unlike several other famous website builders. The good news is that before you upgrade to a Personal, Business, or ECommerce account you may check out all the wonderful features of Simvoly for up to 14 days for free.

The most basic account, which provides up to 5 GB of storage and 10 GB of bandwidth, as well as your own domain, can sell 5 products up to 20 pages via your website analysis, online shop, and customer support.

The updating of the business plan provides you, among other perks, with unlimited pages, bandwidth, storage, and contributors.

A free domain name, hosting, and analytics are included in the business plans, as is the possibility of selling up to 25 shop products and priority customer assistance.

Simvoly is the most expensive e-commerce account but its advantages are incredible particularly if you want to offer additional things in your online shop. This plan gives unlimited bandwidth, storage, pages and contributors, storage, and support for up to 100 store products.

An infinite amount of e-commerce products can be sold for an additional $10 each month.

I appreciate that without having an account you may start to construct your website, which you can do later.

Simvoly’s Personal Plan costs Rs.886 per month.

  • 5 GB of hosting storage
  • Personalized Domain
  • Site has a total of 20 pages.
  • Shopping Cart

Simvoly’s Business Plan costs Rs.1328 per month.

  • Hosting Storage- unrestricted
  • Personalized Domain
  • Site has an unlimited number of pages.
  • Shopping Cart

Simvoly’s E-Commerce Plan costs Rs.1919 per month.

  • Hosting Storage- unlimited
  • Personalized Domain
  • Site has an unlimited number of pages.
  • Shopping Cart

Duda Pricing

Pricing Plans -Simvoly vs Duda

You may have observed that while Duda’s ratings are generally positive, its value for money score is extremely low. That’s because Duda is the priciest website builder we’ve seen so far, with monthly fees starting at $14. (billed annually).

When invoiced annually, there are three price levels to select from, ranging from $14 to $44 each month. A Custom plan is available for people with hundreds of websites who require a custom quote.

There is no free plan, but the $22 per month Team plan comes with a 14-day free trial. After you’ve tried it out, you can sign up for any plan – here’s a brief summary table to help you determine which is best for you.

You can save up to 25% by opting for an annual plan rather than a monthly plan – both are available, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

Now let’s take a closer look at each of the price plans. Continue reading for a quick rundown of each plan’s highlights:

Basic Plan: $14/month, billed annually

  • Website personalization tools
  • SSL security
  • Multi-language tools
  • Connected content library (limited)
  • Millions of free and premium images

Team Plan: $22/month, billed annually

  • Users and permissions settings for team members
  • White label client access (custom branding and domain)
  • Users and permissions settings for clients
  • Site comments
  • White label sales and marketing materials

Agency Plan: $44/month, billed annually

  • Instant websites
  • Website export
  • Widget builder
  • API integration (limited)
  • Connection to Google Sheets and Airtable

Ecommerce Add-ons: $7.25 – $39/month, billed annually

If you wish to sell online, each of Duda’s price plans includes an eCommerce add-on. There are three eCommerce add-ons to pick from, and the one you choose is mostly determined by the number of products you plan to sell:

  • Standard: $7.25 per month – 100 products
  • Advanced: $19.25 per month – 2,500 products
  • Unlimited: $39 per month – infinite products

All of them are charged per site, which is important to consider if you plan on running many internet stores. There are no transaction fees with any of these plans, and they all provide unlimited storage.

These plans are available on a monthly basis rather than annually, with prices ranging from $8 to $49 each month.

Duda Pros and Cons:


  • Clear interface.
  • Strong mobile site building.
  • Free site option.
  • Social media integration.
  • Powerful site-traffic analysis.
  • Capable web store tools.
  • Even free accounts can sell products online.


  • No third-party widget store.
  • No email newsletter integration.
  • No ability to port site to another host.

Simvoly Pros & Cons:


  • Clear, friendly drag-and-drop interface
  • Attractive, customizable, responsive-design site templates
  • Store functionality with digital download sales
  • Site stats included on dashboard


  • No photo editing tools
  • Cannot customize mobile sites
  • Lacks widget marketplace
  • No shipping service integrations

Who are Simvoly’s most likely users?

Simvoly vs Duda- Elements

For everybody who wants to offer their goods and services online, Simvoly is great. The clever website builder aims to engage the public, transform leads into consumers and maintain the appearance of your website.

To simplify financial transactions and enhance customer confidence, Simvoly can be integrated with automation tools and payment gateways. To illustrate this, Simvoly provides space, no matter what, for your idea and company plan.

Who are Duda’s most likely users?

Duda can help you grow your business if you are a web designer, developer, or writer – or a mix of all of these three.

Its drag-and-drop site builder allows you, as other content management systems (CMSs), including WordPress, to upload and operate websites for your customers more quickly and easily.

Customer Reviews: Simvoly vs Duda


Simvoly Vs Duda- Reviews

Simvoly Vs Duda- Testimonials



Success Stories Duda- Simvoly vs Duda


Frequently Asked Questions On Simvoly vs Duda

🔥Is there a free domain with Duda?

Unfortunately, Duda does not include a free domain with its services. You'll need to look at builders like Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace if you want a free domain, as they all include it with their annual subscriptions.

💥How do I cancel Duda?

Duda offers a no-strings-attached free trial that you may take advantage of. If you have a paid plan, you have the option to cancel it during the first 30 days and receive a refund. If you cancel your plan after the first 30 days, it will end according to the terms of your contract.

👓What exactly is DudaPro?

DudaPro is a tool for agencies, developers, and resellers who wish to offer fully customised websites as a service to their clients. It allows them to have complete control over a website project. A reimbursement will be given for each website built with a DudaPro account.

✔ Are the Duda websites safe to use?

Customers can get an SSL certificate for their website from Duda. This informs visitors that the website is safe to use. Intrusion detection systems and malware prevention are installed on Duda's servers. AWS also checks for security upgrades on a regular basis. A central firewall protects all data transmission networks with external access.

👓What is the best thing about Duda?

Duda's finest feature is its drag-and-drop capabilities, which is extremely simple to use. The Duda site builder's multilingual features are another outstanding feature. Duda's ability to construct multi-language responsive sites makes serving international visitors a breeze. Users can choose from over 55 different languages from around the world.

✔Is Duda a suitable platform for creating websites?

Yes, Duda is a great website builder, especially for freelancers or companies who need to quickly create several sites. The platform's drag-and-drop capability makes it simple to use, and users will have access to a variety of appealing templates. It is, however, an expensive choice.

✔Is it possible to export my Duda site?

Duda does not yet provide a means to export your site. This is due to the sort of service they provide (SAAS) and the way your site is developed with them, according to Duda. If you're using Duda's white label version, keep the following in mind when creating tech specs for your client: Although Amazon Web Services is a reputable host, the client will not be able to port the site to another host.

😎What kind of advantages does a responsive site offer me?

Because more than half of internet users access the internet via mobile devices, a responsive design will ensure that your site performs optimally on these devices. Otherwise, you risk losing a pleasant user experience when they access your site via different devices. The bulk of searches are now conducted on mobile devices, and this trend will continue.

👉Is Duda just for business websites?

Duda is a great method to establish a small business, but it wasn't designed with large companies in mind. It's powerful enough to start a small project for someone just getting their feet wet in website development. If you're a freelance web designer or marketer, or if you own an agency, keep in mind that Duda offers Duda Pro, a white label version of their site builder that you can use to quickly turn sites around for clients.

🔥Who are the most common Simvoly users?

Simvoly's typical clients are as follows: Freelancers, huge corporations, medium-sized businesses, non-profit organisations, and small enterprises are all represented.

✔Simvoly is compatible with which languages?

The language of instruction is English.

👍Is Simvoly mobile device friendly?

We are not aware of any devices that Simvoly supports.

✔ Is Simvoly API available?

Simvoly does provide an API that can be accessed.

✔ Can I create a free trial site for Simvoly?

Yes. In Simvoly, you can create web pages for 14 days of free trial. Before you choose to buy your subscription, you can undertake an unlimited number of tests at the Simvoly platform.

🔥Is it possible after I purchased my package to terminate my Simvoly subscription?

True, true. True, true. A 14-day cash-back guarantee is provided by Simvoly for annual subscriptions. This means that you will be reimbursed if your subscription is cancelled within 14 days of purchase. On the other hand, subscriptions paid monthly are not reimbursable.

✔ Is Simvoly compatible with other applications?

Simvoly works with the following programs: Among the services accessible are PayPal, ActiveCampaign, Zapier, Stripe, GetResponse, Facebook, 2Checkout, Mailchimp, Braintree, and AWeber.

👓How is Simvoly's customer service?

Simvoly provides services as follows: Forums, email/help desks, chat and a knowledge base are provided. 24 hours a day, seven days a week

✔Is Simvoly good?

Simvoly is an increasingly popular new site builder. In order to compare the finest website builders based on simplicity of use, models, customer service, and overall value for each platform, we tried to develop the same site.

Final Verdict- Which Is Better Website Builder? Simvoly Vs Duda 2023

Duda facilitates the creation of a website for small business owners. They provide website advisors or agencies with several opportunities to expand their businesses. The Responsive Builder can make adding new customers easier and quicker.

You can also choose to be a reseller for the Duda or to locate subcontractors. Those who design live websites should take Duda and its rich features for small firms seriously into account.

The excellent website builder Simvoly has several really different features. Although it has various features and shortcomings (one of which is the lack of email marketing skills), it is truly a superb website builder with some rather unique features (the sales funnel creation tool).

Simvoly is an excellent tool to build funnels for a small company or a side project. It might be a very attractive shop and one of our top website designers.

Pricing packages offered by Duda and Simvoly are almost as important as functionality and client support quality. While prices are not a decisive factor, it is certainly an essential consideration. A flexible price plan should be looked for which you can adapt and scale up effortlessly when the company develops.

Make sure you do not select bundles with additional tools and try to contact the supplier directly, as companies normally can count on special prices.

To spend at least some time working with any software, you should test out a free trial or demo. It’s a valuable experience that doesn’t cost anything and gives you a good sense of how Duda and Simvoly work.

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Simvoly is an excellent tool to build funnels for a small company or a side project. It might be a very attractive shop and one of our top website designers.

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