SiteGuru Review 2023 : Is SiteGuru SEO Audit Tool Worth It?

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Ease of use


  • Website crawler
  • Creates SEO to-do list
  • Collaboration features
  • Keep track of changes
  • Great exporting features
  • Integrates Google Search Console and Google Analytics
  • Creates Page titles, descriptions and sitemaps


  • Lacks internal linking analysis

Free website audits and analyses are performed by SiteGuru, a powerful SEO tool, to identify areas for improvement and usability issues. In order for search engines to send more traffic to a website, SiteGuru assists with the proper optimization of the website.

Price:$ 29

Does your website only get a few visitors?

SEO is constantly evolving, five years ago, we might have easily landed on the top page of Google for our target keyword. But what about right now?

As a result of the changes in the competition, ranking has become much more difficult than it was previously. We do, however, have a chance in this situation.

On-page and off-page optimization can provide us an edge over our competition, if we manage them appropriately.
All we need to know is what parts of our blog content are missing. The SEO audits can help here.

An intelligent SEO audit tool will be introduced in this post. If you’re considering purchasing SiteGuru, we recommend that you read our whole review first.

So, lets’s get started with the review.

SiteGuru Review 2023 – Powerful SEO Audit Tool?

Beginners should avoid manually performing SEO audits.

However, hiring someone to do the job will cost you a little bit more. Fiverr, a well-known freelancing site, for example, employs a number of SEO experts. To get their services, though, you might expect to pay $300 or more.

In the beginning, you cannot afford to spend $300 on a single SEO assessment. Unexpectedly, though, we have a treat in store for you. If you want a cutting-edge technology report at a fair price, you should try SiteGuru.

You may crawl your entire website with the help of SiteGuru, and it will offer you with actionable to-do lists.
SiteGuru is also extremely cost-effective compared to its competitors.

There are so many options in SiteGuru that an amateur can develop unique SEO audits for his website.

What is SiteGuru?

SiteGuru is a powerful SEO tool that does free website audits and analyses to identify areas for improvement and usability difficulties.  SiteGuru assists with the proper optimization of websites so that search engines may route more traffic to them.

It aids in the proper optimization of elements such as Meta descriptions, Page titles, Sitemaps, and other critical elements.

Site Guru Review

SiteGuru gives users’ websites a stable foundation, and crucial SEO technicalities (redirects, broken pages, language settings) are thoroughly examined to ensure that visitors are satisfied and want to return.

The tool provides users with a complete picture of their website, including the less evident faults that are harming it.

Auditing, content management, dashboards, and link management are all significant aspects (to ensure that it actually leads to your webpage).

Users can use SiteGuru for free by entering their website address (SiteGuru can discover all webpages and requires no additional code or software installation), and SiteGuru will provide weekly issue reports.

Top 10 Best SiteGuru Features

SiteGuru Features

Let’s take a look at some of SiteGuru’s most popular features.

1. Pagespeed Checks:

Are you using Google Page Performance Insights to analyze your page’s speed and other critical web metrics such as the largest contentful paint and cumulative layout shift? That is an excellent suggestion since page speed is critical for both SEO and user experience.

Stop manually testing each page: SiteGuru will help you check hundreds of pages using the Pagespeed API and provide you with the findings in a single summary.

This saves you hours of time by identifying sluggish sites, and they do it weekly, so you’ll always be aware of new page performance problems.

2. Integration with Google Search Console

If you’re a busy individual, it’s not recommended that you check GSC on a regular basis.

Google Search Console and SiteGuru can be used to track your website’s visitors’ keywords. A SiteGuru dashboard allows you to see your CTR.

It’s possible to see every keyword that your website visitors use. SiteGuru will also regularly update the statistics. In this way, you will always have the most current information at your fingertips.

SiteGuru Analytics Integration

3. Google Analytics Integration

For the most part, we use Google Analytics to keep tabs on how many people are visiting our websites. Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google.

It allows you to track your website’s traffic. Bloggers and business owners will be able to track the number of visitors to their websites or app downloads with the help of this tool.

SiteGuru Search Console Integration

Visitors’ information is automatically transmitted to Google Analytics when you use this on your website. Your website’s daily traffic and most popular pages can be tracked.

SiteGuru also combines Analytics and Search Console information to give you an in-depth traffic channel overview: which channels bring you more traffic, and what’s exactly behind that?

4. Title and Meta Description Optimization

There are a few SEO plugins that will inform users when they use a long title. For example, Rank Math recommends keeping your title at 70 characters long.

As a result, try to keep the number of people at around 70. As a blogger with hundreds of posts, you can’t manually check all of them for SEO title length.

SiteGuru Title Optimization

Additionally, keep your meta description within 160 characters. SiteGuru has the ability to analyse your meta description as well.

Using this method, you can ensure that the SEO titles and meta descriptions of your blog articles, pages, or custom post types are optimised for search engines. Your content will rank higher on search engine results pages if you do this (SERPs).

5. Broken Link Analyzer

To help website users find more related content and reduce bounce rates, we virtually always add internal links when writing new articles.

Occasionally, we’ll post connections to external websites as a resource for our readers. While most beginners will never check these links after they’ve published their blog post, more experienced bloggers are more likely to do so.

SiteGuru Broken Links

In some cases, we’ll delete our internal pages, or third parties will delete their blog posts, or the domain name will be abandoned for whatever reason. Because of this, it is not a good idea to have broken links in our content. Checking these broken links by hand can take up to a week.

It’s better to use third-party services or other solutions, such as a broken link checker WordPress plugin, if your CMS is WordPress.

6. Structured Data Analysis

Integrating codes into your blog posts and web pages can aid with crawling and indexing. Yoast and Rank Math are two SEO plugins that provide Structured Data interfaces.

When you enter a code, how do you know if you’ve entered it correctly?

SiteGuru Structured Data

Using the Google Structured data testing tool, you may check a specific page for problems with structured data. In contrast, studying each page individually will take a lot of time if you have a lot of content to test.

Hiring someone to double-check the results is obviously a bad idea. Structured data kinds can be viewed after your website has been added to SiteGuru and analyzed.

Thankfully, the service supports all forms of structured data on your website, and it may also be used to filter problems. Data that is well-structured is essential for better search engine ranking and positioning.

Consequently, it’s vital to keep things secure.

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7. Hreflangs Optimization

Using a plugin such as Weglot or Polylang, you can easily translate your website into any other foreign language without having to write any code.

Siteguru HTML Validation

Verify that your Hreflangs are working properly if this is the case. As a result of working on an international site and performing SEO for it, Hreflangs are a thing.

Your site’s languages and any faults with them can be examined using SiteGuru’s Hreflangs. Finding and fixing problems with Hreflangs is therefore simple.

8. Image ALT Checking

For search engines, the use of ALT text in images will help them understand the image’s information.

Be sure to add ALT text to your photographs before embedding them on a page to optimise their ranking in search engine results pages. As a result, picture SEO will be challenging if you don’t follow these simple steps.

Photographs without ALT text can be detected by SiteGuru’s image analysis software. Thus, your photos might be better optimised for search engines. In this approach, you can boost the rating of your article.

9. Weekly Update

Once a week, they’ll provide you a report on your website’s performance. You’ll benefit from the automated site reports if you’re a busy blogger who spends the most of his or her time working on projects.

Focusing on content production or link building is a viable option at any point in time. A unique SEO report will be generated every week and sent to your email address.

10. Invite Unlimited Users:

If you work with a complete team, or have multiple employees under you that may need to use your account, you can do that.

Unlimited users can be added at SiteGuru, making it an incredible platform for teams, big businesses, and enterprises.

SiteGuru Pricing Plans – How Much Does SiteGuru Cost?

Site Guru Pricing


SiteGuru now offers three premium pricing levels.

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Agency

They also provide monthly and yearly billing options. If you want monthly billing, the fees are as follows:

  • Small– $29/ month
  • Medium – $49/ month
  • Agency – $149/ month

On the other hand, annual billing will cost you:

  • Small– $23.20/ month
  • Medium – $39.20/ month
  • Agency – $119.20/ month

Use of SiteGuru for an extended period of time is best served by an annual membership. Also, choose a plan based on how much you’ll be using it.

As an example, if you only need to monitor two websites, the Small plan will enough. If you need to track five websites, check out the Medium bundle.

You will have hundreds of clients if you work for an agency. As a result, the Agency plan is ideal.

Tracking websites can always be expanded while using the Medium plan. Per month, each site costs $10. As an alternative to the Agency plan, this is a great option if you have more than five clients and can’t afford the Agency plan.

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Conclusion – SiteGuru Review 2023 – Should You Try It?

Free website audits and analyses are performed by SiteGuru, a powerful SEO tool, to identify areas for improvement and usability issues. In order for search engines to send more traffic to a website, SiteGuru assists with the proper optimization of the website.

Meta descriptions, page titles, sitemaps, and other critical elements can be properly optimised with it.

To ensure that visitors are satisfied and want to return, SiteGuru provides users with a solid foundation for their websites and thoroughly examines crucial SEO technicalities (redirects, broken pages, language settings).

Your WordPress installation or static website will not require any additional scripts or HTML code to be added to SiteGuru to generate SEO reports.

It has already been stated that there is no credit card required to participate in a free trial. Users of their SEO audit tool are entitled to 15 days of use during that time frame. Select an SEO audit package that suits your needs and get to work!


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