Skipio Review With Discount Coupon Codes 2023: Get Upto 40% OFF

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Startups are the most important part of today’s age. You need to consider various factors to boost your business and get your customer’s support. Starting from the social media promotions or be it the discount coupons, each of the factors is important.

If you are providing the services or selling something, you need to deal with your customers and stay in touch with them. Though your customers can reach you via mail or live chat sometimes they do need more assistance and thus your customers need voice support.

This is where the text messaging and voicemail helps. Skipio gives businesses a boost that they need with the uninterrupted text and voicemail services. It offers the business an automated personal messaging for scalable results.

In this post, we have featured Skipio Review With Discount Coupon Codes June 2023. Hurry! Avail the discount offer before it’s gone. Get Up to 40% Off Now.

Skipio Review With Discount Coupon Codes June 2023: Get 40% Off

How to use Skipio Discount Coupon Codes?

Skipio gives the discount coupons with over 40% discounts. We have laid the proper steps on how can you get the discount coupon codes for the Skipio.

  1. Start and create your account by clicking on ‘Experience Skipio’.
  2. Fill in all the details such as the Full name with email as well as the mobile number.
  3. Click on Buy Skipio in the next step.
  4. Fill in the details about the payment and the transactions.
  5. In the checkout page, paste the coupon code above and redeem it.

Detailed Review of Skipio Messaging & Voicemail Software for Businesses

Skipio is basically the mobile-based communication platform for business owners. It is fully automated and improves your business by making the use of texting technology.

Skipio Review- Messaging Platform

It is an active voicemail software for professional marketers. It gives you a 10-digit phone number with the traceable links as well. For the individuals, you can send the text messages and receive calls as well.

Moreover, not all the customers prefer the calls and thus text is the best way to communicate with your customers. It can help you generate more leads and sell more stuff.

Skipio is a simple and automated mobile communication platform for business marketing. Skipio uses sophisticated text messaging technology that provides a great platform to strengthen relationships between businesses and their customers.

The features offered by Skipio are designed to put human interaction at the center of communication while taking advantage of the latest technological advances.

The functions include; No-ringtone voice mail, personalized communications, keywords, campaign managers, integrations, analytics, individual group messages, and trackable links. Individual group messages provide an excellent platform for sending one or more messages via SMS.

Individual group messages also allow the personalization of messages by being personalized. Skipio offers traceable links.

Traceable links allow you to view the messages your customers have opened and the links they clicked on. Skipio provides the analysis function that allows you to understand your customers’ answers and connect them to your mobile marketing.

Skipio Review - height of hit

Skipio enables integration with customer relationship management systems, accounting systems, and web systems.

With the campaign management feature provided by Skipio, you can multiply your campaigns for all your customers. With Skipio, you can animate your business by providing a great platform for sending text messages with emoticons, pictures, voice messages, and videos.

Skipio allows you to use emoticons to deliver more than just words in your messages by placing suitable graphic icons for them.

Skipio facilitates the use of keyword campaigns as a great platform for its customers to join its marketing platform. Skipio supports personalized communication with the help of intelligent attributes.


  • Fully Automated

Skipio is a fully automated software which helps you gather more leads. Just create the right campaigns. Create the automation and set up the tasks by such as the follow-ups as per your schedule. You can also set the custom messages and send them automatically when they join.

It suggests the keywords for your campaign and how to send text messages to each of your customers. There is also a skip link option available for the customers. You can get a link and use this link where the customer will be redirected to a page. The customers can then fill the details on the contact form and you can add them as your contact.

  • Create Message Library

Skipio is incredible software to store all your messages and save the repeated messages in your library. It saves the messages including the images, links and other attachments which you can use from the saved library and send it to the other customers to increase engagement and save time.

It makes the intelligent recommendations, saves the messages from the library. Creating a message in Skopio is fairly easy and thus you can easily create and save messages for different customers.

  • Create Smart Campaigns

Use the Smart campaigns feature for the Skipio to make your contacts work automatically for you. Create and sort the contacts automatically into individual campaigns. You can access your smart campaigns by creating a new campaign.

In the dashboard, create a new campaign and write a message for the clients. Create a message including all the necessary details with a link.  You can also add the rules to your message box. You can choose what action you would take if the contact clicks on the link.

Smart campaign is really easy and beneficial if you are looking to create contacts for the businesses. You can automatically send the messages and create a quick follow up for the contacts. Thus, the Smart Campaigns create an automated workflow and keep your customers going through a campaign funnel.

  • Track your Campaigns

It is really important to keep track of the campaigns that you have created. Skipio gives the real-time data for all the campaigns that you create. In the Campaign Manager, you can view al the analytics for your campaign.

It gives you the data such as the response rates by sentiments, Click-through rates, number of pending messages or the number of sent messages. It also gives the number of links that people have clicked through.

  • Multi-media messages

The text message doesn’t merely work. You need better things to keep your campaign too. Send messages to your customers and contacts including the images, videos, GIFs. You can also attach the links for your Instagram and Facebook.

Send video messages, voice messages all from a single dashboard and watch the table turning to you.

  • Search the Right Keywords

Keywords trigger campaigns automatically sending out targeted messages. When someone texts in your chosen keyword to the campaign they would automatically receive the first message in your campaign exactly when you want them to than the next. It all happens automatically with zero stress on your part. Keywords are great for lead generation, events, presentations, and more.

The campaign creates the automatic followups with the triggered messages and you don’t need t login again and again for the same.

  • Get your Phone number

Your business line gets even more robust with the 10-Digit phone number feature. This feature lets you send text messages and create the ringless voicemails. Besides this, you can use the keywords and receive incoming calls to a number of your choice.

10-Digit phone number creates a sense of trust among clients. The customers will receive your text and get a message from your 10-digit phone number.

  • Personalized Messaging

Skipio lets you send the personalized messages to over 1000 contacts in one go. With Skipio, you can create your personalized messages for each of your clients. Just go to the create a message and select the group which you want to send the message to.

Write your personalized message and schedule the message so that it reaches at the desired time period. The messages will be sent to each of the contacts by their specific names.

What are the Benefits?

  • allows you to understand your customers’ answers and connect them to your mobile marketing
  • Easy integration into your CRM
  • Enables personalization of messages through personalization.
  • You can multiply your campaigns for each customer
  • Transfer more than words to your messages by placing suitable graphic symbols for you.

Why Skipio is the best Text and Voicemail platform for Business?

Skipio is certainly the best in the business when it comes to choosing your perfect partner for the text and voicemail. It solves all the problems at one go.

Skipio Review - emailing and speech

  • For Marketing

You can’t keep Skipio away from your marketing campaigns. When it comes to market for your business, Skipio gives you the best returns overall.

The Skipio toolbox has got all the marketing widgets that satisfy your business needs. It includes the keyword toolbox which captures the customer information merely by the keywords. The campaigning toolbox gives all the marketing satisfaction that you need.

  • Get more leads

Build your business and Skipio has got the better rate of conversions as compared to other platforms because it gives the customer an easy way to communicate by text.

Nurture your campaigns and capture more leads. Start scheduling the messages and send the personalized text messages.

Start with Skipio: Campaign Creation

After registering with Skipio, you should first create a campaign.

Thankfully, Skipio is very easy to use. Just navigate to the Campaign tab and click New Campaign.

You will then be prompted for a name, description, and whether you want to run a keyword campaign. Keep in mind that a keyword is a word that the recipient sends via SMS and usually triggers another action on your part. For example, they return the message “ENTRY” and send them a discount code.

Skipio Review - campaign create

The next section is about creating messages where you can create a set of texts for each campaign.

First set the time. You decide when the texts are sent. For example, if a new user chooses the program, he can wait one day before sending a welcome message (or at any other time before).

Then a reference name is defined for this message. If it’s a thank you for sending to an opt-in, you can call it a “thank you” or “welcome.”

Finally, enter the content of the message. This can include simple text, pictures or videos. You can also personalize the message by name.

If your campaign has more news, create it here as well to form a complete conversation flow.

The entire configuration is simple and intuitive. If you need proof of the power of Skipio, check out this video from Elance. They used Skipio during the summer sales and achieved four times more sales than in the previous year.

Textiful vs Skipio: main differences

Let me first say that these are two excellent text marketing tools: they provide clear and quick text and mark all the boxes above.

The biggest difference between them is the approach, and whoever you choose ultimately depends on your goals.

Skipio is completely dedicated to the marketing of SMS. It is considered the newest and most efficient tool that can go beyond e-mail.

Skipio Review - skipio sheet chart

Skipio is mostly in the warehouse, where users prefer to be contacted via SMS. After all, they spend their time there anyway, and by communicating with them, they finally establish a more personal connection with each customer.

Textiful, on the other hand, has a more integrated approach.

They are integrated with software such as MailChimp so you can create an email distribution list. While they offer pure text marketing services, one of their main selling points is to use the text to collect more emails.

In this sense, the best option for your business depends on how much you are willing to invest in SMS marketing.


The pricing plan for the Skipio is quite amazing. It has just one pricing plan which is quite reasonable.

With the monthly subscription, you get all the features for nurturing your business.

Skipio Review- Pricing Plans

It costs $199 per month and no setup fee.

  • 10-Digit Phone number
  • 320 character Text messages
  • Smart Campaigns
  • Message Library
  • Mobile App
  • Ringless Voice Message
  • 2500 Contacts
  • Unlimited Messages
  • Call Forwarding
  • Customer Support

Pros and Cons of Skipio


  • Dashboard: Skipio has got the most intuitive dashboard and helps to capture more leads in a single campaign. The dashboard gives you all the features to send the personalized messages at one go.
  • ROI Calculator: Calculate the ROI for your campaign. You can calculate how much your campaign can make through by your text messages.
  • Track Campaigns: Easily track your campaigns and measure the performance of your campaigns. Look for which campaign will help.
  • Fully Automated


  • It Only Offers A Single Program
  • Customer Support Needs Improvement

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The Verdict: Is Skipio the Best Solution for your Business needs?

Skipio is a great messaging platform for your business needs. It gives all the automation and nurtures your leads using the simple text messages. It gives the multi-media message with the use of pictures, images, and links as well as the emojis.

Overall, it gives the attractive coupons and with a heavy discount. The pricing plans are quite reasonable for the big and medium-sized businesses. You can start your Demo anytime.

This was my detailed review of the Skipio text messaging platform. If you have used t earlier, please remember us to give the feedback in the comments box.

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