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Luminar is an extremely powerful and fast photo editor that can not only play with the most basic settings but also redefines your photos with millions of “looks”. It is an extremely easy and fun task to edit a photo with luminar and is suitable for all skill levels.

Anyone who has more than a passing interest in photography knows that this is one of the basic disciplines for photo editing and most of the tools of skylum luminar are widely used. This is especially true for RAW processing software.

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With Luminar, Skylum (formerly Macphun), they haven’t created an image editor or RAW processor specifically designed for a single photographic discipline, but they did their best. They have created a program that can be adapted to different styles of photography.

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What’s new With Skylum Luminar 3?

Luminar is available for both Mac and Windows computers. The latest update promises speed improvements on both platforms. Windows users can see a jump up to 5x, while Mac owners get a 12x boost, according to Skylum.

The software now supports automatic lens distortion corrections and an improved RAW image conversion module, the ability to remove chromatic aberrations and sharper gradients. There are new camera profiles, including Portrait, Standard, Landscape, Adobe Standard, Live etc.

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In addition to the new tools, Luminar supports layer editing and includes many one-click fixes and photo effects. It can be used as a stand-alone editor or in addition to Lightroom or Photoshop.


  1. The cursor of the AI! A simple slider that can dramatically affect your photo.
  2. The speed! It’s much faster than Lightroom to edit photos. My Lightroom is working recently and Luminar is very fast.
  3. Customizable plates: If you use landscape only, not portrait, you do not have to have all of the portrait panels to confuse the situation.

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Skylum Luminar 3 User Interface

While many software packages have customizable tool sets, Luminar has a slightly different version with its “workspaces”. You can select among one of eight custom workspaces for a particular photo type, such as Black and white, aerial, portrait and landscape.

Each section contains an organized selection of editing tools that appear on the right track. Select the “professional” workspace and almost all tools will be displayed. You can also customize and save your own workspaces which is a good contact.
The Luminar interface is very clean and intuitive.

I personally love the before / after the cursor, which splits your image in half, so you can easily compare your changes to the original file. There’s also a gradient button that shows all your changes, so you can easily bring your photo back to a previous state if it’s different from yours.

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However, there are some peculiarities in the user interface. The image is enlarged in increments of 25% when using the drop-down menu or +/- buttons. However, you can not enter a specific magnification value.

You can use the mouse wheel to get different zoom levels, but they will not work smoothly in 1% increments so you need to jump at seemingly random intervals. There is also an export button at the interface. You must access the drop-down menu or use a keyboard shortcut.

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Performance and Edits

Luminar mention it as editing tool filter, which should not be confused with the presets at the bottom of the programs for quick fixes and effects. Like presets, some filters can be applied with one click and adjusted with an opacity slider.

Many preset provide very impressive results, and you can apply them to many photos at the same time (unfortunately, you can not display the effect when batching is performed, only when working with individual images).

Skylum Luminar Modes
The AI focus is one of the remarkable filters. It analyzes your photo with an artificial view and makes specific corrections to create a more spectacular and enjoyable image. The filter has a boost slider to increase or decrease the effect. We compared Luminar’s exported JPEG with another AI-based fast program, Photo Lemur.

The issue of Luminar was a bit lighter but otherwise almost identical, and both were very nice.

Luminar does not have an extensive catalog of movie simulations that you can find in Alien Skin, but between presets and LUTs, it’s very easy to give your files a variety of aspects without too much work. You can overlay presets and apply lookup tables and save everything as a customizable preset to speed up your workflow.

In terms of noise reduction, I have compared a file taken with a Nikon D200 in Luminar and in DxO Optics Pro 11 with ISO 81.274. The latter produced a cleaner and more accurate file, while Luminar tended to erase details and make the overall picture darker.

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The differences were less pronounced at lower ISO values. For example, in ISO 6400, both Luminar and OpticsPro effectively eliminated offensive noise without attenuating the details, although OpticsPro provided a final JPEG file with slightly lighter colors.

In general, Luminar has been working with RAW camera files from most of the major Mac manufacturers (Core i7 2.6GHz, 16GB RAM with Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics). but I really did not like RAW files on Mac. Hasselblad X1D, which repeatedly put the program in a stalemate during export.

What slows down the program is the lack of a built-in file browser: you need to search and open the images individually to use them. However, Skylum points out that a Digital Asset Manager will be added to the program shortly.

Performance And Results

  • Artificial Intelligence tools work amazingly well
  • A little back here and there
  • It would be good to better control target corrections

The tools offered must satisfy the average user who is looking for complete control, although here and there are areas where Adobe Camera Raw has an advantage.

For example, noise suppression is essential, limited to color and brightness controls, while color deviations can only be processed with a single checkbox and not with a combination of sliders. Different colors to try different shades.

Considering the cost of software associated with a subscription to Adobe CC, it may not make sense to expect similar functionality, but you probably have in mind that you are used to this kind of control and that I think about doing it. change

Skylum Luminar AI Effects

A very interesting feature is the custom white balance control. Although not fundamentally different from the one suggested for Adobe Camera Raw, the implementation is much better because the red, green, and blue values appear in the same place as your selection. It’s a small detail, but you’ll notice and soon appreciate those little things sprinkled with all the software.

When processing raw files, the program usually does what it does well. Earlier versions of the program were criticized for being sluggish, and a bit of it is obvious when reopening quickly edited images with many adjustments or when they are 100% in-frame and expect full processing. However, if you are working with pictures, this is not a problem, as the settings are taken over without delay.

Do you feel lazy? Various artificial intelligence tools are available to make the enhancements quick and easy. Although some of them are too automated for the target audience, they can work impressively.

AI Sky Enhancer, for example, does a great deal to increase the blues in the sky, while the rest of the scene remains relatively calm, though it’s great for clouds in clear skies.

The Accent AI filter also lets you save lights, remove shadows, increase contrast, and adjust saturation with a simple slider. It’s unlikely that you want to leave your problem there or use it in its 100% configuration, as this can create noise in many shadows, but it’s a good thing to play it.

It’s also worth it when you see a picture. Enjoy something, but you do not know exactly what it is.

The original RAW file is slightly underexposed and requires color adjustments.

Skylum Luminar 3 Pricing

  • Skylum Luminar 3 costs $69, but with our Discount Promo Coupon Code you can get it in $59.

These great photographers use Luminar


  • Excellent editing tools in one click
  • Customizable interface Intuitive interface Reactive editing tools.
  • Very good control.
  • Cataloging makes things much easier.
  • One-time fees (without subscription)
  • AI cursors can work impressively


  • Missing file browser: The magnifying glass of the picture is awkward with noise reduction tracks.

Final Verdict: Skylum Luminar Coupon Code

Although Photoshop CC is the alternative way to master image processing, Luminar 3 combines come with unmatched useful and effective processing functions with an easy-to-understand interface, convenient automated functions, and a logical cataloging system. It is a great tool for raw photo processing with powered AI facilities.

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