Sleek Bill Online Review 2023: Solve Your Invoicing Problems With GST

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If you own a business in today’s time or are planning to build up one, then one thing is for sure, you will be making countless financial transactions on a daily basis. It is very important for you to know what’s happening with your money, where it is coming from and where it is going. It wouldn’t be a good thing if you lose track of your money, bills or payments due to the lack of a good invoicing software.

Keeping a track of money through proper billing and invoicing helps you monitor where and how your money is moving. That would include everything including Sales, Taxes, Funds, Credit, and Inventory.

When it comes to financing, tracking and managing your finances is indeed a very important thing to do, especially with the rapid transformations in currencies and introduction of newer taxes and tariffs like GST. Due to this factor, money and finance are quite often subject to frauds and complacence.

Proper billing and invoicing also help in various accounting aspects like efficiently following your cash flow or keeping track about the whereabouts of your money, which further may help you in setting a budget for monthly expenditures as well.

Today I’m going to give you a well-elaborated description and review of this popular invoicing and billing software Sleek Bill Online.

Finance tracking issues post GST

Once the process of demonetization was dealt with and brought down to a controllable level, the Government of India introduced one exclusive new tax called “Goods and Services Tax” (GST). Doing so, the government canceled all other taxes like VAT, CST, TDS, etc. applying ONLY GST on products and services.

Though this was actually an innovative and bold move from the National perspective, public and businesses have put forward their disappointments regarding the confusions surrounding how GST works and how does it vary from product to product and service to service.

Invoicing Problems

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Particularly businesses in India had shown their frustration with GST as invoicing, billing and Tax filing processes have become confusing and time-consuming. It has been over 7 months from today and people are looking for effective tools for making invoicing and billing easier post the introduction of GST.

So, if you want to manage your finances and are looking for a reliable and effective tool for Invoicing and accounting, then Sleek Bill Online is the tool for you.

SLEEK BILL ONLINE: Brief Introduction

Sleek Bill is an online invoicing and billing tool that has been ideally designed to suit the small and medium Indian business market as well as freelancers, especially after the introduction of the GST earlier this year. It is regarded as one of the fastest billing and invoicing software solutions of its type right now.

Sleek Bill Review

The tool offers multiple invoice templates, tax management, GST filing and much more. It helps users easily create invoices, proformas, quotations, and challans.

If you have a careful look at the about section in the Sleek Bill official website, then it clearly states that their primary mission is to empower business owners to streamline their billing process through fast, smooth and hassle-free billing and invoicing.

The Sleek Bill team claims to focus more on helping small and medium businesses in making money and growing their company, rather than wasting their valuable time and money over complicated software solutions. They intend to make Invoicing and billing a simple and friendly experience that is easy to do without any previous training.

SLEEK BILL ONLINE: Highlight features

The Sleek Bill software is loaded with useful features that can make billing and invoice a hassle-free and seamless experience. The software no doubt is advanced, quick and most importantly, easy to use.

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It is the ideal tool for the Indian businesses that are struggling to handle and track their finances due to the confusions regarding GST rates.

Online Invoice Software for India - Sleek Bill Review

Here is a list of highlight features that make Sleek Bill the “Go to” invoicing tool for Indian businesses.

  • Easy invoicing creation that is GST compatible with multiple possibilities of customization (adding bank details, tax tables for easily identifying GST rates and amounts, 2 formats available – portrait and landscape, customizing by color, etc.), possibility to send by email, print, save as pdf, add payments to invoices and more.
  • Creation of documents such as quote and proforma invoice, delivery notes (challan), credit note.
  • Storing your client list or product list (With the possibility of keeping track of your stock).
  • Getting reports on invoices and payments.
  • Creating GST Reports such as GSTR1 and GSTR 3B and filing GST straight from Sleek Bill Online (for premium users).

Sleek Bill claims to update their software along with all other features that will be improved in time according to the GST changes.

SLEEK BILL ONLINE: Plans and Pricing

Here is the entire list of the Sleek Bill plans and prices along with the features for you to check out.

Pricing Sleek Bill


Price: N/A

  • Limit of 10 documents per month
  • Sleek Bill branding on issued documents
  • 100% GST compliant
  • Cess tax option
  • Basic reports
  • Basic GSTR1 & GSTR3b export
  • Limited support

Premium Business

Price: 1,999 per year

  • Unlimited documents
  • No branding on documents
  • 100% GST compliant
  • Cess tax option
  • Credit Notes
  • Transport Labels (Waybill, Challan, Vechicle etc)
  • Document Labels (Original, Duplicate, Triplicate)
  • Advanced reports
  • Export & Import functionality
  • Dedicated priority support
  • GSTR reports & GST automated filing

One good thing though is that they also offer a free 14-day trial to test all the premium features. Visit the Sleek Bill Online website for more information regarding the plans, features, and services.


Sleek Bill is an online invoicing tool that is designed specifically for small businesses, medium businesses and freelancers and lets you take charge of your own billing, invoicing and accounting and get an overview of your business finances.

A big plus is that the software offers very easy to use invoice templates as opposed to those created in Word or Excel that are easily customizable and help you create unique invoices that serve your purpose best through intuitive and beautiful invoices with professional templates.

Online Invoice Software for India Sleek Bill Online

The billing software also allows its users to stay on top of the payments be it money, bills, payments, Sales, Taxes, Funds, Credit and Inventory, in a much more organized and straightforward way.

A major highlight is that it helps you build all your necessary invoices, proformas, quotations and challans in accordance with the latest GST rates being applied by the Government of India.

Altogether, Sleek Bill is undoubtedly the best invoicing and billing software for small and medium Indian businesses and freelancers that is both promising and value for money.

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