Smartstore Review 2024 : Best E-commerce solutions ? (Top Features & Pricing)



  • CMS Features
  • Scalable & efficient
  • Open & extensible
  • Fast time to market
  • Easy Administration
  • .NET e-commerce platform


  • Limited Pricing Plans


Price: $ 1765

Different brands are experiencing a lot of success because of e-commerce. However, due to the market’s saturation, it is difficult to expand.

That’s why you’ll need a platform that can give you the tools you need to expand your e-commerce firm. Using dependable e-commerce solutions, you can effortlessly expand your business. So, today we’ll look at Smartstore, a company that provides e-commerce solutions.

We’ll walk you through all of the benefits that Smartstore has to offer. This will allow you to quickly assess whether or not you should use SmartStore’s e-commerce solutions.

Smartstore Review

About Smartstore!


Smartstore is a piece of software that allows you to set up an online store utilizing E-Commerce. Order, customer, and warehouse management, as well as product reviews, assessments, and multilingualism, are all covered. The shop’s system is mobile-friendly and designed for use with search engines.

The open-source Community Edition comes with all of the features you’ll need to start your own online store. The company, which was founded in 1999, was a pioneer in establishing some of the most popular e-commerce systems.

What does Smartstore offer?

SmartStore Review - Overview

Smartstore includes all of the features needed to build multilingual and cross-currency stores for desktop and mobile devices, as well as SEO-optimized extensive product catalogs with support for an unlimited number of products and categories, variants, bundles, datasheets, ESD, discounts, coupons, and more. Smartstore is a robust all-in-one solution that will fulfill all of your demands thanks to a comprehensive range of tools for CRM and CMS, sales, marketing, payment and shipping, and so on.

  • High-Quality Code

When it comes to ASP.NET e-commerce solutions, Smartstore is without a doubt the most popular. They have a sizable partner network as well as a vibrant development community. SmartStore creates extremely high-quality code (Clean Code) that is immediately comprehensible.

  • The most effective frontend

Smartstore can always supply you with the best frontend in the world, whether you’re a theme developer or a web designer. Their frontend is built using Bootstrap and can be easily customized using a Razor template. Their CSS code is likewise quite granular, both in terms of structure and file size. So, in essence, Smartstore also supplies you with cutting-edge web technology.

  • Powerful Theme Engine

The Theme Engine was created specifically for Smartstore and is updated on a regular basis. The Theme Engine has advanced significantly over the years as a result of years of improvements. The templates, Sass variables, and themes can all be passed down to any level with ease. As a result, you can easily update anything without introducing new technologies.

  • Message Templates

Another fantastic feature of Smartstore is that you can create extremely personalized message templates. You may quickly edit the message templates to meet your specific requirements. There are also master templates to choose from.

  • Plug-in Architecture

Without touching the program’s core, you can quickly expand, update, or replace anything in Smartstore. Because of Smartstore’s plug-in architecture, this is possible. Working with Smartstore does not necessitate a monolithic strategy, thus the majority of risks are immediately mitigated. Your code will always be safe, and you’ll be able to migrate with little to no effort.

A quick overview of Smartstore features

  • Web API: includes additional endpoints for uploading and managing media files, as well as support for OData version 4 (which has been greatly expanded).
  • OCI connects to e-procurement systems via industry-standard protocols. OCI is an acronym for “Organization for Cultural (commercial plugin)
  • cXmlPunchout connects to e-procurement systems using industry-standard XmlPunchout. cXmlPunchout cXmlPunchout cXmlPun (commercial plugin)
  • In the product media gallery, there is video support.
  • As a Page Builder block, you may create a Media Gallery in a variety of ways.
  • Media Manager
  • Product packages
  • Multi-store support
  • RESTful WebApi
  • Rule Builder
  • Multilingual and RTL support
  • CMS Page Builder & Menu Builder
  • Based on Bootstrap 4, this theme is modern, clean, SEO-optimized, and absolutely appealing.
  • Framework for ultra-fast search with faceted search capabilities
  • Because of output caching, REDIS, and Microsoft Azure support, it’s extremely scalable.
  • Authorization management (ACL) based on a tree with inheritance support
  • Trustworthy transactions require pre-certification.
  • Compliant with German law to the nth degree
  • Comprehensive CRM functions
  • CMS (blog, forum, custom pages & HTML content etc.)
    And many more!

Smartstore Technology & Design

Smartstore is a sophisticated open-source e-commerce system that features a gorgeous design, intuitive user interface, and cutting-edge architecture. Its very flexible design makes it an excellent e-commerce platform for.NET developers.

  • ASP.NET 4.5, ASP.NET MVC 5, Entity Framework 6, and Domain-Driven Design provide cutting-edge architecture.
  • Its modular design makes it simple to extend and incredibly flexible.
  • With full-page caching and support for web farms, it’s extremely scalable.
  • Thanks to theme inheritance, a powerful theming engine allows you to design themes and skins with minimal effort.
  • Theme Configuration with Point & Click
  • Lucene .NET-based search platform that produces ultra-fast, multi-faceted search results.
  • Media manager that is both powerful and quick.
  • Visually create business rules with this powerful rule system.
  • In the frontend and backend, consistent and advanced usage of Bootstrap 4, Vue.js, jQuery Sass, and other technologies.

Does Smartstore offer SEO functionality?

Smartstore is quite sophisticated in its approach, which is why they’ve included all of the basic SEO techniques in every section. This makes them visible to everyone who uses a search engine. This is really useful because anyone can simply find your page using a search engine such as Google. It puts your storefront and center on the internet. The design is really responsive, which contributes to the overall experience.

The Ultimate .NET Platform

Commerce Platform

Smartstore is your best bet if you’re seeking for a platform that employs the newest Microsoft technologies. Microsoft’s technologies are used to build this open-source platform. There are extensive development tools available, and its open-source architecture makes it the greatest place to put your unique solutions in place.

Is Smartstore open source?

Because of its open-source nature, Smartstore is a completely open and transparent platform. GitHub hosts all of the Smartstore code. You can see the code, and you can make judgments based on what you see. This feature gives you greater flexibility and allows you to simply customize the platform to your needs.

Microsoft Technology Stack

Smartstore is the finest option for you if you’re a.NET developer with precise requirements. Entity Framework, Domain Driven Design, ASP.NET MVC, MS SQL Server, IoC, and other Microsoft Technology stacks are all available at Smartstore. As a result, this is a fantastic platform for developers looking for a customized experience.

How much does Smartstore cost?

Smartstore stacts

Smartstore offers customers to choose from three different packages. There is a free plan which offers some limited features. Next up, the Professional Edition is priced at €1,490 one-time, followed by the Premium Edition for €3,990. All these charges are one-time. The apex package is the Enterprise Edition, which offers custom pricing and is aimed more at upscale companies.


Description: Ideal for amateur users who are beginning with their e-commerce activities
Price: FREE

  • Open Source
  • Responsive Theme (Flex)
  • Unlimited products
  • 100% legally secure
  • SEO-optimized
  • Multishop
  • Multi-language


Description: A suitable plan offering a fully functional online shop for users and small businesses who are setting into e-commerce.
Price: €1,490 (One-time)

  • All the Community Edition features
  • Mega Search
  • Mega Menu
  • Content Slider
  • Export (CSV, XML)
  • PDF Catalog
  • Payment/shipping filter
  • GDPR compliance
  • URL-Rewriter


Description: A feature-rich premium package for universal use
Price: €3,990 (One-time)

  • All the Professional Edition features
  • Mega Search Plus
  • Output Cache
  • OpenTrans & BMEcat
  • Azure BLOB Storage
  • Plug-Ins (Multishop)

Smartstore Premium Flat

There is also a monthly rental version available for the Premium Edition. The Premium Flat Edition is priced at a much affordable rate of €299 per month. Expenditures can be sustainably lowered with the Smartstore rental model, for example, lesser investment costs are incurred, resulting in tax benefits.

  • All features of the Premium Edition
  • Media Manager
  • Mega Menu
  • Email Reminder
  • Platinum Support: Phone Support, Emergency -Support, Written developer support, custom developments support.
  • Updates and Upgrades
  • Update service for version updates
  • Including backups for updates
  • Marketplace-Plugins: Geo-Blocker, Personalized product recommendations, VIVEUM, Paypal, Paydirekt, Amazon Pay, PostFinance Payment, PAYONE Payment, 1&1 ipayment, SOFORT Bank transfer, and more.


Description: A package developed for large scale businesses looking to revolutionize their business model
Price: Contact Sales for individual prices

  • All the Premium Edition features
  • Highly scalable
  • Webfarm support
  • Plug-Ins (Open source)
  • Shop Connector
  • Redis

Smartstore offers a 30-day trial on request for all editions, which you can try out before deciding on anything. For more information regarding their plans and prices, visit the Smartstore product page right away!

5 Reasons why we recommend Smartstore!

If you’re seeking any kind of e-commerce solution, Smartstore is the place to go. It’s also an open-source platform that offers B2B, B2C, and enterprise applications in addition to e-commerce. Smartstore’s solutions are appropriate for all types of enterprises, whether large or small. You can quickly address all present and future difficulties with the help of Smartstore.

Seamless ECommerce Functions

Smartstore makes e-commerce a breeze. All you have to do is download, install, and configure it, or utilize it as a PaaS on Azure. After that, you’re all set. It’s incredibly simple to use and adjustable as well. With this platform, you also gain a lot of scalability and performance. There are smart marketing solutions available that make e-commerce really simple and straightforward.

Design & Usability

Smartstore is one of the best features because it allows you to produce compelling content with only one click. The system as a whole is quite user-friendly, with a simple interface. It has a design that may be customized with hundreds of various options. Everything is much easier to operate from your smartphone to your PC thanks to a new design. Smartstore has a really appealing modern and aesthetic appearance.

CMS page builder

Smartstore also has an amazing CMS system if you wish to manage and stay organized with all your content on a single platform. It’s simple to use and has a straightforward content management system. Because it is built on the drag-and-drop concept, the page builder is also incredibly simple to use. Using the Menu Builder, you may construct multiple menus, each with its own content and pages. By using Smartstore, you can easily highlight your products and effectively boost the awareness of your brand.


When shopping online, security is extremely important, which is why Smartstore also offers online security. They’ve put in place a variety of online security measures to ensure your safety at all times. A new upgraded rights system is also available, allowing for more granular administration of rights/permissions. As a result, when working with Smartstore, internet security is not a concern.


This is perhaps the most significant advantage of Smartstore over other options is the ability to construct several shops from a single database. As a result of this functionality, you may easily run a B2C shop, a B2B shop, and another brand, each with its own distinct style and design. You can save a lot of money by using this option.

Conclusion: Smartstore Review 2024

E-commerce management might be difficult, but with Smartstore, everything becomes much easier. It’s a plug-and-play architecture developed on an open-source platform. It is extremely transparent, allowing you to see everything at all times. Smartstore is also a customizable platform, allowing you to quickly meet your needs.

The program comes with all of the necessary capabilities to build a comprehensive webshop straight out of the box, with no additional fees. If you have any issues with your projects, Smartstore can assist you in resolving them. The platform is simple to use and understand. So, if you’re searching for a platform to put up several e-commerce sites, Smartstore is the way to go.

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