Review 2021: Is It The Right Outreach Automation Tool?

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Ease of use
Fallback feature
Custom email delays
Zapier integration


  • Reach any PR goals
  • Build a healthy link profile
  • Find the perfect candidate
  • High response rate
  • Track your outreach success
  • Access high-performing sales templates
  • Find potential customers
  • Visual email funnel builder


  • More pricing options needed
  • Startups might feel expensive to use is a awesome toolbox for all your email marketing needs. Be it lead generation, email verification, competitor research, blogger outreach, or customer re-engagement, you can do all of it easier, faster, and better with And the numbers can prove it.

Price:$ 39

Email marketing is an integral part of a marketing strategy for online businesses. All activities like prospecting, influential marketing, guest blogging, feedback, and link building can benefit considerably from a conventional email distribution plan. Doing email marketing manually is not contemporary anymore. Professionals tend to automate all the processes, and email drip campaigns can be the rescue.

Besides, all email marketing tasks are challenging. It takes endless time and research to not only find the information you need but also to create an effective delivery model for the job to be done. If you cannot find the right person’s email address or, even worse, send emails to invalid addresses, the total search time is lost.

That’s why you need a reliable email outreach automation tool at your side. Moreover, it is better when you have an all-in-one toolset, so that everything you need is always at hand and in one package. is one of those tools. Review 2021 The Smart Way To Reach Out ? Outreach Automation Platform

In this review, we will quickly analyze its tool’s key features, pricing plans, and other factors that can help you decide if this is a perfect platform for your outreaching efforts.

What exactly is

Snovio reviews is an easy-to-use all-in-one platform that lets you search for email addresses by companies, domains, or professional social profiles via the app or on company websites and search results using the Chrome extension. With it, you can also verify the found email addresses, send triggered email drip campaigns, and track their performance.

Features & Benefits of

Snov email outreach process  is a SaaS platform that also provides some truly handy Chrome extensions. Let’s have a look at its features that can support you in every step of doing email marketing and help you create a list of highly-targeted leads in a matter of minutes.

Email Finder Email Finder: Features Overview

With, you can find your leads’ email addresses any way you like it:

Snov email outreach process

Domain Search: Find all email addresses connected to a specific domain. You can also use the bulk domain lookup option if you want to track multiple domains, as the tool allows searching up to 20,000 domains at a time.

Company Profile Search: Use country, industry, specialty, and other filters to find companies that fit your targeting. This will allow you to explore all the email addresses of people who work there and contact the right person in the right department.

Social URL Search: Upload a list of links to people’s professional social profiles and get a list of email addresses. Social Search URL

Emails From Names: Upload a file with a list of employees’ first and last names and their company’s domain and get their email addresses.

Linker: Find potential leads on various platforms, such as LinkedIn, Google, etc. Enter the job title, skills, and locations to get a list of email addresses. 

Extension Search: Launch Email Finder extension on company websites, search result pages, or professional social profiles to collect all emails connected to them.

Email Verifier

With this feature, you can upload your list of questionable emails to verify them. By keeping your prospect email list clean, can help you reduce your bounce rate and improve email deliverability. Email Verifier

Email outreach at Snoivio

Email Drip Campaigns

For any marketer, sending emails manually is among the biggest challenges they face regularly. This process is time-consuming, but Email Drip Campaigns offer a solution. 

How To Launch An Email Drip Campaign And Automate Sales

 Here are some key features of Email Drip Campaigns:

Smart Triggers

One of the best features of email drip campaigns is the fact that you can use triggers. These elements make multiple sequence scenarios possible. Triggers determine the next step in the automation flow by tracking link clicks and email opens. SmartTrigger

Currently, there are two types of triggers:

  • Contact opened the email
  • Contact clicked on the link in the email

When the recipient opens the email or clicks on the link, the trigger is activated, and the next email in the email flow is sent.

Personalized emails

People love personalization and more often click on the link in personalized emails. This is why comes with email body and email subject line templates. You can personalize the subject of the email with the lead’s first and last name. If the list of uploaded leads contains other prospective data in columns, you can also add custom variables to the campaign.

Send Customizable Emails

Technology Verifier

With this feature, you can review which CMS tools, web frameworks, software, analytics, and e-commerce your potential customers are using, e.g., WordPress, Shopify, Google Analytics, and other technology.

Unlimited Email Tracker

This productivity tool helps you track link clicks and email opens, reminds you about follow-ups, and sends you real-time push notifications if your email is opened or a link is clicked.

How you can set up in your browser

This process is easy and takes a minute or two to set up. You need to:

  1. Visit and click on the “Get Email Finder for Chrome” option where you will be redirected to the chrome web store.
  2. Click on “Add Extension”
  3. After the installation, it will take you to the signup page, where you can create your free or paid account if you want additional features.
  4. Once done, you are ready to go and find legitimate emails.

Benefits of using for your business

Snovio Email marketing

  1. No more manual search: With the Email Finder extension, you can scan any website you need to enrich, segment, and later use potential customers’ emails.
  2. Bulk options: Upload your domain or email list to the platform and let the tool do the rest with massive domain search and email verification. supports various formats (XLS, XLSX, CSV, and TXT).
  3. An all-in-one platform: According to a study by the American Psychological Association, “even brief mental blocks created by shifting between tasks can cost as much as 40 percent of someone’s productive time.” This means that every time you need to change platforms to search for email addresses, track emails, create campaigns, and analyze results, your productivity decreases.

Having a complete outreach toolset on a single platform solves this problem and provides a convenient and efficient way to navigate through the daily workflow.

How to Write Cold Emails That Always Get Read

  1. Automation: You can save hours each day by automating your lead generation, email verification, and email sending processes, among others.
  2. Email campaigns with activated filters: You can send emails to multiple prospects with filters of your choice.
  3. Price: With a comprehensive platform and affordable subscription, is an effective solution that your marketing and sales departments can use daily. Pricing Plans

Snovio pricing plans  comes with four monthly-paid packages. Yearly plans with discounts are also available. You can choose your package depending on the size of your company and your needs. What is more, a freemium plan is also provided.

Credit is a payment unit you spend on finding emails. For example, charges 1 credit for 1 company viewed in the Company Profile Search, 1 credit for each email in Emails From Names Search, and 1 credit for every prospect found via Social URL Search.’s every plan, including the free one, gives you full access to all tools, extensions, and features on the platform. In the free plan, you are only limited by the number of credits for email search or verification. customer service

Snovio Testimonial and reviews Snovio Testimonial and reviews  has its Knowledgebase that contains answers to the most asked questions about its tools, services, billing, and pricing plans. If for any reason, you cannot find an answer to your question in it, you can contact them via chat, email, or phone. They take care of their customers and react quickly. They are active 24/7 to give you the utmost support every time.

Pros & Cons Of


  • Has multiple email search features
  • Collects leads’ emails from any website or professional social profile
  • Keeps your email list clean with email verifier
  • Sends triggered sequences with email drip campaigns
  • Provides email tracker for Gmail
  • Has a technology checker
  • Comes with a free plan that opens access to all tools
  • Automates email outreach and follow-ups
  • Is more affordable than other competitors on the market
  • Has robust knowledgebase


  • Doesn’t find emails on Facebook
  • Has limits in credits, export, and integrations on the free plan 

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Snovio Testimonials Snovio customers is a useful tool for generating leads, reaching out to the prospects you need, and bringing your idea directly to their inbox. This toolset can help you significantly save time by automating email finding, email verification, and email sending processes. All you have to do is download the Chrome extension and sign up for one of their plans. Since they have a freemium plan, there is no reason not to give a chance. 

We hope you found this Review helpful. Let us know in the comments section below what you think about and its features.

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