Soax Proxies Review 2023: In-Depth Review

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Ease Of USe
Proxy Server


  • Excellent Location Coverage
  •   Large Proxy Network
  •   Proxy Connection Speed
  •   Neat and intuitive dashboard
  •   Flexible Payment Options
  •   100% anonymous & secure
  • 24 Hour Customer Support


  • Price To be high

Soax is a residential proxy provider with back-connect, with over 8 million residential IPs. Their residential IPs range from devices for laptops, tablets, and even Wi-Fi, to actual devices.

Price:$ 150

In this post, we have featured Soax Proxies Review 2023 that included detailed insights features support, pricing, and more.

It is not difficult to grasp the idea of proxy servers, but experts also suggest that you understand the term proxy, even in simple terms.

A proxy server is a server that, on behalf of another machine, carries out certain tasks, serving as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers.

Proxy servers act as a bridge between you and the internet, separating end users from the websites they browse in the most basic language. But it is not enough to actually recognize proxies.

If you understand what proxies are, the next thing is to find out what proxy matches your internet operations best and from where you can buy a proxy.

Are You Looking For A Reliable Proxy Service?

On the internet, there are numerous sites that offer proxy servers targeting various geographical locations, but not all of them can deliver. Finding the right and reliable platform to buy proxy servers is critical. One of the proxy providers for the sector is Soax.

Like every other provider on the market, it has made plenty of promises and wants customers to believe it is one of the best residential proxy providers on the market. SmartProxy is a reliable competitor to Soax proxies, check the detailed review of SmartProxy here

SOAX- Features

But today, let’s find out if their proxies are as nice and productive as they pretend to be, to get a clearer picture of who they really are. Before properly going into the study of how good or poor it is, let’s go through an elaborate overview of Soax.

Soax Proxy Services

Soax is a popular proxy service platform that claims to provide super-fast communication while maintaining multiple proxy servers for anonymity and privacy.

Soax is a residential proxy provider with back-connect, with over 8 million residential IPs. Their residential IPs range from devices for laptops, tablets, and even Wi-Fi, to actual devices.

SOAX-Mobile-Proxies: Soax Proxies Review

The pool that they’re using is absolutely theirs. The proxies Soax provides are rotating proxies, and they have proxies in most countries and provide a broad range of targeting features that you will love. They are safe and easy to use as well.

Residential Proxies

Soax currently runs over 5 million residential proxies that use only real IP addresses provided by authentic Internet service providers and allow users to stay 100% anonymous worldwide. These proxies support ISP-level targeting and rotate automatically while ensuring Zero IP blocks.

Mobile Proxies

With over 3.5 million mobile proxies across the world, Soax enables users to easily collect any data without standing the risk of getting blocked by these highly reliable proxies.

SOAX- Mobile-Proxies Data Tool

These proxies offer highly precise targeting and automatic rotation. The team is also working on developing Zero IP blocks on these proxies, which will be rolling out soon.

Data Center Proxies

Data Center Proxies offered by Soax have been acknowledged by internet users as high-performance private IPs that enable seamless connection all around the world. Some experts have also stated that these are the most reliable and flexible high-speed data center proxy solutions on the market.

Soax User Dashboard

As a consumer, if you are looking for a dependable proxy solution then you should also be looking for a service that brings all the necessary proxy controls and features to your fingertips in a well-organized dashboard.

As a Soax client, you are on sale to gain access to a wide variety of possible features. Here are some of the excellent features you can use by subscribing to Soax.

SOAX- Mobile-Proxies DAshboard

By preparing a proxy server for sale, Soax makes the dashboard as simple and intuitive as possible for new users. All of the process’s nuances will only take a few minutes to grasp.

The dashboard enables you to effortlessly set up and control all your proxies. You get quick access to useful insights such as data on traffic usage, along with important choices such as IP addresses from the whitelist.

In addition, you can also easily create sub-users, use other data collection methods, export your proxy lists as TXT, CSV, or HTML, or share them with other users through a personal link.

You can also evaluate pricing practices and websites for e-commerce quickly. Collect all data from online retailers or product websites immediately.

In addition, you’ll even get proxies from every corner of the globe. Next, you can also filter IP addresses by country, region, city, or provider right in the dashboard.

Soax Pricing Plans

Soax currently offers users to choose from 6 different subscription plans. Here is a brief list down of the various plans and features that customers can choose from.

SOAX- Mobile-Proxies Pricing

Starter Wifi

Price: $150 per month

  •       10 GB
  •       $15 per GB
  •       300 ports

Regular Wifi

Price: $700 per month

  •       100 GB
  •       $7 per GB
  •       600 ports

Business Wifi

Price: $2500 per month

  •       500 GB
  •       $5 per GB
  •       1000 ports

Starter Mobile

Price: $175 per month

  •       5 GB
  •       $35 per GB
  •       300 ports

Regular Mobile

Price: $600 per month

  •       20 GB
  •       $30 per GB
  •       600 ports

Business Mobile

Price: $2500 per month

  •       100 GB
  •       $25 per GB
  •       1000 ports

For different payments, Soax offers flexible rates and options. So, it is possible to use a bank card, WebMoney, or PayPal. Simply pick the most convenient path.

It’s also suggested that you activate the auto-renewal option for your subscription. Therefore, you can never fail to pay on time. However, if you are a small marketer or business looking for dedicated or rotating IP servers, then Soax pricing might seem a bit expensive.

5 Reasons Why We Like Soax!

Soax has many features that make it an overall amazing and dependable proxy platform for businesses and internet marketers. Though it is indeed hard to mention every advantage that Soax holds for customers, here we will give you 5 reasons why we think Soax is worth going for.

  •   Excellent Location Coverage

If you’re talking about proxy service providers that have good location coverage, Soax needs to be on the list, otherwise, the list is not complete. Soax has residential IPs in most countries around the globe.

  •   Large Proxy Network

Soax has one of the biggest proxy pools in the Internet proxy industry right now, with over 8 million residential IPs allocated by Internet Service Providers and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

  •   Proxy Connection Speed

Another thing we tested about the velocity was the connection speed, and we used the popular Speedtest tool to check the ping time, download and upload speed. With average download and upload speeds at 23.16 Mbps and 11.86 Mbps respectively, the outcome of the test was very good.

  •   Neat and intuitive dashboard

Soax offers one of the best dashboards among the popular proxy providers. The dashboard is user-friendly and stunning. You can approve the IP address of your device from the dashboard so that you do not need to worry about using your username and password for authentication.

  •   Flexible Payment Options

The simplicity of their choice to pay is the last one on Soax ‘s list of pros. The industry is infamous for only monthly proxies being sold. That is, even if you need proxies for a day, you will have to make a monthly commitment. Soax, like other suppliers, is not.

Soax Review: What We Feel?

All in all, Soax is indeed a service that can get proxies that work as it rotates for many uses, supports a good number of locations, comes with a large proxy pool, and is compatible with many sites, among other things.

I recommend them because of this. However, you do have to remember its area of control, which is the UK, its expensive pricing, and slow email support.

SOAX - Mobile-Proxies 5 Reason

In a nutshell, you would like Soax because of the following reasons:

  • Flexible pricing packages: Soax puts zero restrictions on the number of proxies you can use. Choose the best plan for your needs.
  • 100% anonymous & secure: Remain 100% anonymous. Your real IP address is always hidden.
  • Only whitelisted IPs: Take advantage of the cleanest proxy pools on the market. Zero bans, penalties, or captchas.
  • Highly reliable: Enjoy continuous access to the whole proxy pool with the Soax rotation technology.

Soax Proxies Testimonials 

SOAX - Mobile-Proxies Testimonials

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Conclusion: Soax Proxies Review 2023 

Soax also offers users access to any of their subscription kits for 1 hour to test all the features, without charging you a single penny for it! All you need is a new user status.

Once you are satisfied with their services and performance, you can proceed to purchase any of their subscription plans mentioned, after the 1-hour period lapses.

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