Social Interest Freak Review 2023: Ultimate FB Targeting Software Really?

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I met one of my entrepreneur friends and was having a talk with him on promoting business and getting the prospective buyers through it. With our conversation getting to its peak, he started sharing his mode of advertisements and the way he plans and executes them. I found his steps a bit traditional and especially waste of time and money.

He said, ‘I plan huge campaign and make sure that the people in their everyday life and with their every passing moment see my ad campaign.

Like this they will someday come to me and buy my product.’ However, to this I didn’t agree as how can a man watching his ad buy a female apparel that he was trying to sell or rather a man with no lower limbs can purchase a bike.

The time has changed and with it the ways in which business houses used to introduce, promote and sell their products have changed. Today, part from the print and mass media ad campaign, a new way of promoting has entered the world and needless to mention the third entry has commendably made its space and has housed as the most vital way of promoting.

I’m here talking about the online promotions and especially those made on social sites.

The social sites are considered to be the most preferred room for people of all ages, and it isn’t just me promoting my business here, I have many other joining in here. However here’s a cache; this particular marketing in a way is like the traditional marketing if not executed properly. Being overcrowded by people of all ages, gender and locality, the ad campaign needs to be more focused and targeted.

There is a very famous saying ‘time is money and steps you take are printing machine’. Today we can notice entrepreneurs trying to promote their products and services in a more targeted way.

They focus upon their prospective buyers, say for example; a company producing products for women will prefer to market itself in the women’s world while the men’s product supplier would prefer the men’s world. Social Interest Freak  Review: Is Social Interest Freak A Good Product? Is It A Scam?  Social Interest Freak Discount Review Offer Get 25% Discount.


Looking at this changing perspective we can find several online product and service provider coming up with something or the other that can offer targeted audience. But we all have a question:


Who provides genuine targeted audience?

Even I had this question in my mind, before I came across Social interest Freak. This amazing product is easily available on website and over it is easier to access. It offers you more targeting options to you in advance form and let you compete well with the already present big boys of your industry.

What does Social Interest Freak offers?


Social interest Freak not only gives you focused buyers of your product and service but also provides you strong behaviors which includes the report of purchases that the buyers have made in past. It avails you all the demographics. The later includes education level, school, job, title, employer and much more.

Believe me the way it works will blow your mind. It works in a focused way and can bring to you what you are looking for or rather it can bring those buyers to you who are looking for a product or service that you are providing.

With Social Interest Freak, you can get your estimated audience in real time. It has a very friendly way to avail you a rough idea about your target audience size and also it can mould itself into any interest, behavior or geographical location.


Apart from these, its specially designed burst mode can at once grab your ads data and saves your time. The feature can be used with just a single click. Also, another click away resides the option to import your targets. With this, I mean that you can use your target audience data for future reference by saving it. Thus you don’t have to go through the entire process again and again.


How Social Interest Freak works?

Do you remember that 1, 2, 3 and go count form the childhood. Believe me I’m not saying it ‘just like that’ I do have a reason behind. The Social Interest Freak work just like that…. One, two, three, and go…

This is how it works:

Step 1- Here you have to pick your interests, behaviours and demographics that you want to target.

Step 2- The second step is to copy these selected interests, behaviours and demographics to the targeter tab that comes with the product. Don’t worry, the process isn’t time-consuming, all you need to do is ‘a single click’ and they all will get pasted to the targeted tab.

Step 3- The last step here is to drag and drop the targets and hit the left side of your mouse (I mean the desktop’s mouse) so as to update the adset synced with FB.

Now what?

Now? Just sit back and relax and let the Social interest Freak do wonders for you. See yourself creating memoirs for your targeted audience and the sales boost like never before.




  • FB Interest and targeting with as many levels as you’d like
  • Advanced Targeting Parameters based on FB Users
  • Ability to omit details of pre-set Interest(s) in Facebook Ads Manager
  • User Guides & Tutorials
  • Flexible and powerful FB tool
  • FB Interest ‘AND’ targeting with AS MANY LEVELS as you’d like. Super Focus your Audience. (never possible before)
  • You can also add that your FB Ad campaigns are only targeting FB Users with ‘certain online behaviors’, for example FB Users that have spent $$$ online. [VERY POWERFUL and SMART] (never waste ads on FB users that have never spent $ online]






Is Social Interest Freak Compatible with both Mac and Windows system?
Yes 100%. Social Interest Freak is built on Adobe Air, which runs on both PC and MAC.
Is there any monthly cost due with Social Interest Freak?
No. Once you ‘lock in’ today you will never need to pay ever again.
Is Social Interest Freak web-based or downloadable?
The software is downloadable from our secure Members Area; it requires an internet connection when logging into the software.
What kind of support do I get after purchase?
We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. We have a proven track record of constantly supporting our customers since 2012.

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The time has come to conclude my review for Social interest Freak and here I would just say, the product is amazing and it works beyond your imagination. It really has to power to turn all the claims into reality. It boosts your sales and enhances your market presence in an unmatched way.

I have seen the results in no time and from now on I’m right over my boulevard to promote all my products and services with the Social Interest Freak and leave those traditional ways of marketing behind.

After all the time has changed and you need to change your marketing practices also, so as to sustain in this fast growing market.


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