Engage Your Audience On Social Media Through Compelling Visuals

For a successful web content campaign, user engagement directly influences search engine and social network visibility and increases brand awareness. Increasing user engagement on your site and social media posts can be difficult in an increasingly content-saturated Internet. One important factor in helping to separate your content from the pack and keep users coming back, is to create stunning visual imagery to accompany your written content.

Engage Your Audience On Social Media Through Compelling Visual

Including great visuals along with your written content compels visitors to stay longer by providing context and creating breaks on the page that help to establish pace. In essence, the quality of content you create determines engagement and conversion rates, and compelling imagery greatly increases the quality of your content. Also, some survey sites which helps in making money online have great content to attract the readers’ attention. 

Customers engage most with brands whose stories they can relate to, and with causes or products they believe in. Brand messaging, whether storytelling or advertising, is best received and most engaged with when it’s compelling yet concise, and what’s more compelling and concise than images? You have a maximum of 2.5 seconds to grab the attention of readers before they leave your page. Impressing readers enough to deliver your message in the first 2.5 seconds they visit your content requires eye-catching imagery in conjunction with pithy, direct messaging – text alone just doesn’t cut it. 

The message you pass along to your visitors should tell them exactly how your service or product is of importance to them. When visitors spend only a few seconds on your page then leave, it increases the page’s bounce rate and consequently decreases your position in Google’s search results, leading to a loss of engagement and conversion rates.

Engage Your Audience On Social Media Through Compelling Visual

On average, 96% of online shoppers aren’t ready to buy a product when they visit a site. This metric can be applied somewhat generally to any type of site, regardless of product or service, and when combined with the knowledge that the average attention grabbing span is only 2.5 seconds, it means that you face intense competition to get visitors engaged with your content.

Incorporating compelling visual content into your written content not only enables your audience to understand the intent of your message quicker, but also increases retention of the rest of the content further down the page. When it comes to recalling a large amount of information, we tend to recall it better when displayed visually than verbally – one of the many reasons that infographics are so effective.

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Create Compelling Visuals to Accompany Your Content

Engage Your Audience On Social Media Through Compelling Visual

There are a wide variety of tools available which you can leverage to create attractive images. For example, Instasize can be used to edit images and videos, create unique collages, and crop and filter images. Not only that, Instasize also includes tools to create more engaging visual content, from editable, professionally designed typographic layouts, text overlay, monthly updated border-packs and more.

Common visual elements which can be linked to positive or negative feelings include texture, color, shape and style, readability and usability. For example, use of warm colors like yellow, red and orange tend to evoke positive emotions such as happiness and optimism. Arranging pictures in a symmetrical manner helps create a feeling of order and predictability. On the other hand, images with asymmetrical arrangements stir up feelings of chaos and unrest. Close-up shots show integration and intimacy whereas shots taken from afar show isolation, independence, and seclusion.

Regardless of how you choose to style your visual content, whether with Images, GIFs, videos, slideshows, infographics, or other interesting visual content, be sure to have a strategy in place. Instasize is available on the Google Play and iOS stores.


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