7 Social Media Tips Every Blogger Should Follow

Social Media is a great way to get to know more people and also make more fans. Social Media can help you get a lot of traffic to your blog. But, are you sure that you are doing everything right on the social media?

Here are 7 tips to get most out of social media

Social Media Tips Every Blogger Should Follow

  1. Engage With People –

Social Media is just like a party where you and other people talk and engage with each other. But, if you are not engaging with anyone, you would be sitting in a corner alone in this party and no one would care about you and your stuff. So, to get most out of social media you need to engage with people. No one would know about you unless you tell the world about yourself.

And on social media, it’s all about engagement, the more you engage the more other people would engage with you.

Don’t be shy, ask questions, appreciate others and add value by adding your view point. That is how people would come to know that you exist in this world and some of them are gonna follow you and read your stuff just because they love you. If you are not engaging on social media you will be missing major part of it’s fun. Social media is not just about sharing your articles.

It is also about getting to know new people and talking to them. You can even get top influencers to follow you on social media if you start engaging with others

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  1. Don’t Just Talk About Yourself –

If you have just joined social media yesterday, there is no good reason for you, just talking about yourself, unless you are a celebrity. If you are not a celebrity, no one is going to care about you. Because they don’t know you. I’m not telling you to stop sharing your blog posts and stop talking about your updates. I’m just telling you to do it but not all the time. You should also share others’ stuff and also appreciate others.

  1. Use #Hashtags –

Twitter was the first social media to use hastags and now more and more social medias are including this feature too. This means that it is a feature that is something worth it and if you are not using it, you are missing a lot. Hastags help in organizing data. So, if you are sharing something about “Facebook”. You can add “#facebook” in that share. Now that you added “#facebook” to your share, anyone in the world no matter if he is your follower or not, if he is gonna search about “Facebook” he is gonna get your post in search results too.

This means that your are getting your reach all over the world and if your reach is more, your traffic is gonna boost up. You can use popular hashtags because probably people are gonna search for the popular hashtags the most

  1. Schedule Posts –

Let us suppose that I am in United States and my blog is famous in India. That means that I would have to sit at the opposite time to post my stuff on social media because most of my Fans are online at that time. That seems somewhat, difficult, because it is almost my sleeping time when my Fans are online and If I don’t share my stuff I’m gonna lose traffic.

This is where scheduling posts come in. You can schedule your posts with Buffer or similar software and share your stuff on almost any social media all day and night. No matter if you are sleeping or awake your stuff is gonna get shared automatically. Scheduling posts is a great way to share stuff as it would make you stress free and get shared itself.

No matter if you forget about the time you wanted it to share and no matter where you live and where your fans live. You can post it any time automatically. You can also post it all day long.

  1. Make Use Of Social Media Communities And Twitter Tweet Chats –

There are different communities on different social medias (On Facebook it is called Groups). There is a lot of benefit of joining communities on social media. With this option you can boost a lot you blog traffic even if you have joined yesterday. Because communities on social media already has a lot of members who have joined it. Let’s take an example, you just opened up a blog on SEO and you joined social media.

No matter how much you share on it, you would not get you any traffic because you have just joined it and you don’t have any follower. But if you share the same stuff on a SEO community with 70K members.

You are likely to get a lot of traffic. All the active members of that community would see your content, engage with it and some of them would even share it with their followers. Some of these people would also follow you and maybe become your loyal readers.

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“But Chatty, I’m on Twitter There Are No Communities Here, What Do I Do?”

If you are on Twitter you can use Twitter Tweet Chats as a community. Tweet chats are just like communities. It is a group of people chatting on a specific topic on a specific time. For example, #blogchat is on every Sunday, 8PM EST. They have a specific topic they are gonna chat on and the topic is of the niche “Blogging”. So, all the people of this niche would be there in the chat. right? They would be discussing on something. Let’s say they are discussing on “Guest Posting”.

And someone just asked, “How to get your guest post approved?” Now, what you can do is, if you have a blog post on this, you can just reply him and suggest him to read the article or you can just help him by suggesting any other article from any other blog or just add your view point. “But, Why Do I Share Anyone Else’s Article?”

You should not think of what you are sharing, just help the person and maybe he would follow you and maybe many others would follow you just because your information helped them too.

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  1. Don’t Just Focus On Total Shares –

Some people just focus on the number of shares and likes they are getting. They are like “Yes, I got 1K tweets” But, what if people are just liking and sharing your post on social media but are not visiting your blog and not engaging with your content. So, you should take care of traffic. Because traffic was your main purpose of sharing on social media. It’s good that you are getting more social media shares and likes but make sure that people are also clicking your link and are engaging with it.

  1. Don’t just tweet or share once –

Some people think that tweeting or sharing stuff just once would do the job for them. It’s not possible that all of your followers would be online at one time. Everyone is different and would get online at different times. So, you don’t just have to share your stuff once. Share it again and again. But don’t over do it  also share different stuff so that the people who already saw it would not get bored with you.

Conclusion –

Social media is a great place to get more people to know you. Never ignore it.

Engage with people and they would engage with you.

Don’t just talk about you and your blog all the time.

Make use of hashtags as it would increase your reach and finally your audience.

Schedule your post and post at the time your audience are online.

Make use of social media communities as it already has the audience which would listen you.

Don’t just focus on how many shares and likes you are getting also focus on the traffic you are getting as it is your ultimate goal of sharing on the social media.

Don’t just share your stuff once. You should share it again and again because all of your audience is not gonna be online at one particular time.

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