Social Status Review 2023: Is This Social Media Intelligence Platform Worth The Hype?

Social Status Review

Overall Verdict

Social Status is probably the fastest-growing corporation that is developing an industry-leading web analytics platform for all the marketing managers out there from all over the world, with the goal of relieving the pain of social reporting for several social marketing companies.

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  • Multi-Channel Reporting
  • Team Reporting
  • Automatic Report Generation
  • Content Pillar Performance
  • Monthly Reports
  • Post Frequency Insights
  • Sentiments on Comments
  • Free Trial


  • Less Flexibility
  • More Features would be good


Price: $

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If you are a social media influencer or own an online business that requires regular promotion on social media platforms to reach out to a broader audience and future clients, then having access to important insights and analytics for your social media networking campaigns including influencer and competitor analytics and automation of social media reporting is something that should always be a preference for proper analysis, planning, and management of future marketing campaigns.

There are several platforms available on the internet that provide such tools that allow users to perform analytics on several key aspects that govern the trends of marketing on social media, and many of them claim to be the best, leaving you confused with which social media analytics tool to go with.

So, to cut off the hassle of searching and comparing multiple analytics solutions to find the ideal one for your brand, we are here with a comprehensive review of Social Status, a popular and powerful advertising reporting tool for delivering insights via PowerPoint presentations.

The platform provides comprehensive information regarding your accounts or profile pages, ad campaigns, opponents, and influencer results.

Social Status Review 2023: In a nutshell

Here is a comprehensive review elaborating on all the important aspects of Social Status including its description, features, plans and pricing, benefits of the tool, and important FAQs about the platform.

What is Social Status?

Social Status Overview : Social Status Review

Social Status is a social networking intelligence platform that is readily accessible to any company or brand that has a Facebook page.

You can receive actionable insights that will help you to expand your viewers and audience, focus on improving your product publications, as well as boost audience engagement and fan interest.

The team behind Social Status assumes that the details can be used to guide stronger social policy. All we do is gear towards assisting our customers in obtaining actionable insights that can help them improve their social media productivity.

They are dedicated to providing reporting solutions that help you save your time, energy, and money as well.

Social Status Review: Key Features

You may also save hours by assessing the emotions of your viewers with the help of Social Status.

The software assists you with this by evaluating remarks in real-time to help you fully understand the main public response and engagement to your posts across various social media sites.

Besides that, Social Status provides you with specific information on significant aspects.

The solution quickly notifies you of things that may prove to be really important to you, allowing you to respond to them so that you may utilize them in your marketing strategies.

  • Automated Report Generation
  • Team Collaboration
  • Multi-Channel Reporting
  • Activity alerts
  • Competitor Benchmarking
  • Social ROI
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Comment Breakdown
  • Content Pillar Performance
  • Sentiments on Comments
  • Tagging
  • Video metrics
  • Day & Time Insights
  • Insights
  • Post Frequency Insights

Aspects you can manage using Social Status!

  • Automated Social Media Reporting

You can use Social Status to get the lowdown on your social media platforms instead of wasting time browsing over statistics to produce a comprehensive study. The program creates information for you instantly, giving you reliable data.

  • Paid and Owned Performance

How effective are your social media ads? It would be an issue that Social Status will assist you with. It offers in-depth insights into your page and advertising, helping you to truly understand their success and develop a better approach.

  • Competitor Performance Analysis

It is important to consider the rivals’ success in order to gain an advantage over them. You can see how they connect and engage with their fans on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter by looking at their Social Status.

Powerful Analytics Tools For Social Networking!

Social Status brings in all the necessary tools you require to handle key aspects regarding analytics of your social media marketing campaign.

The tools developed by them will allow you to obtain actionable insights that can help you improve your social media productivity by receiving actionable insights to expand your viewers and audience, focus on improving your product publications, as well as boost audience engagement and fan interest.

Social Status Profile Analytics

Profile Analytics- Social Status

Track the progress of your Facebook advertising campaigns across all platforms, namely Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Audience Network. All Facebook ad targets and resources are supported by Social Status so that you can view your advertising success in one location regardless of what promotions you operate.

Pretty shortly, Twitter Ads and LinkedIn Campaign Manager will be supported! Please do let us know if you wish to be a part of our beta version.

  • Full Funnel Analytics

Track and report on the statistics that are relevant from top-of-funnel reach and interactions to video views, interaction, community development, and bottom-of-funnel connection clicks. Compare your results from week to week or month to month.

  • Content feed

View all of your post performances in a way you have not seen before. All media forms are supported by Content Feed, including images, collections, clips, carousels, activities, and status updates. In one stunning feed, you can see complete post creatives as well as post success metrics. You wouldn’t want to look at posts again in a spreadsheet!

  • Instagram Stories Analytics

Finally, there’s a way to monitor and report on Instagram Stories! On every one of your Instagram Stories, you will see reach, thoughts, taps back, taps forward, and answers.

  • Audience demographics

Arrange your supporters and fans on the basis of gender, age, nation, and location. See how those trends have changed with time. See which locations are attracting most of the followers this month, for instance.

Social Status Ad Analytics

Ads Analytics - Social status

  • Facebook Ads Analytics

In one spot, you can see all of your Facebook Ads Manager results.

All 14 Facebook ad goals and all 5 placements, namely Instagram feed, Facebook Feed, Instagram Stories, Audience Network, Messenger are supported by Social Status.

Get access to a detailed overview of all campaigns, dig down into key indicators for each program, or explore measurable goals at the Ad Set or Ad level.

  • Instagram Ads Analytics

You can monitor and report on the success of your Instagram ads in realtime, either you book them through the Facebook Ads Manager or simply through your Instagram app.

  • Support for all Instagram and Facebook Objectives

All Goals of the Campaign For all advertising on Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and Audience Network Supported Social Status supports all 14 advertisement campaign goals in Facebook Ads Manager.

See detailed reports on all of your promotions, ad sets, and advertisements. Sort ads by your preferred parameter and sort ads using pipe (|) or dash (-) dividers (-).

  • Instagram and Facebook Ads Feed

Ads Feed is a popular function of Social Status that allows you to see most of your ads in a single location, organized by your preferred criteria.

This is unlike any other which you have seen on Ads Manager before. You will never ever want to look at advertisement results in a spreadsheet as well after utilizing Ads Feed!

Social Status Competitor Analytics

Competitor Analytics- Social status

Gain knowledge about your rivals’ advertising plans by spying on them.

Compare Facebook reactions and see how much they post, when they post, and which posts perform great. Know what your rivals are doing well on social networks and fine-tune your next marketing plan.

  • Competitors’ Benchmarking 

Competitor Analytics makes digital marketing competitive analysis simple. With Competitor Analytics, you can monitor interaction on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. 

Monitoring through various networks 

Any official Facebook Page, Instagram Business Account (personal profiles aren’t supported), Twitter Account, or YouTube Channel can be followed. 

  • Responses on Facebook 

Without the need for semantic interpretation, Facebook Responses (for example, Likes, Haha, Love, Sad, Wow, and Angry) is really a perfect way to competitively compare sentiments on articles and posts. You can also use Social Status to monitor buddy tagging in posts and sticker uses.

  • Content Feed

Study the social status of competitors’ content Content Feed displays all competitive posts in a visually pleasing rich layout, allowing you to easily see which kinds of posts improve performance. Organize by Likes, Comments, Engagement Rate, Shares, Sentiments or Time.

Social Status Influencer Analytics

Influencer Analytics - Social Status

Keep a track of the influencer marketing strategies and report on them.

  • View impressions, IG Stories, and impressions from influencers

Invite bloggers you partner with to Influencer Analytics, so they will be able to provide you with full-funnel statistics in addition to Engagement. After that, without the need for screenshots or spreadsheets, you will be able to see reactions, click statistics, and Instagram Stories statistics.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of emerging influencers

If you are looking for new and popular influencers to work with, enter their information into Influencer Analytics so that you can try and use it before you purchase! Keep a track of how well their campaign articles work compared to noncampaign articles. They won’t be even conscious that you will be following them.

  • Benchmark influencers

Influencer benchmarking groups that include competitors’ influencers. Examine the aggregate and total output of influencer communities.

  • Quantify influencer performance

Brands and agencies that partner with influencers but need a better way to report on results would love Social Status Influencer Analytics.

On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube, connect with the influencers you work with. Influencer Analytics allows you to combine the success of influencer posts and Instagram Stories into a single platform to get a complete picture of social ROI.

  • Combined Stories and Posts

Combine every influencers’ Instagram Stories and campaign posts into one organized dashboard that displays total shares, video views, interactions, and taps. You can monitor the success of advertising campaigns in one location if you collaborate with them.

There will be no more screenshots, emails, or spreadsheets. Hence, you can save endless hours by removing the necessity for bloggers to manually give feedback to you & screenshot Instagram post analytics.

  • Demographics

View demographics for the bloggers you interact with, such as gender, age, region, and town. Monitor demographic changes with time and look for patterns before, during, as well as after deals.

  • Engagement Rate

Before your project, utilize Social Status to audit influencer results to confirm Engagement Rate and Interactions so you can set data-driven campaign KPIs and goals. Add some official Instagram (business accounts only), Facebook, or Twitter influencer pages.

Social Status Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

Pricing : Social Status Review

Social Status currently offers 6 different packages to choose from, which includes 1 free plan and 5 paid packages. All the plans more or less contain the same features with some additional features in the higher plans. The pricing has been set according to the limit of every feature included in the plans.

Furthermore, all the paid packages come with a 14 days free trial period, in case you want to be sure of the credibility and performance of the software before going for the paid upgrade. Here is a quick overview of the plans and the features included, along with the prices.

Free plan

Price: NA

Features included:

  • One month data history
  • PDF reports
  • 3 social profiles
  • White-label reports 
  • PowerPoint ppt reports

 Starter plan

Price: $29 per month

Features included:

  • 3 months of data history
  • PDF reports
  • 10 social profiles
  • 10 monthly report credits
  • White-label reports
  • PowerPoint ppt reports

Pro Version

Price: $199 per month

Features included:

  • Six months of data history
  • PDF reports
  • 20 social profiles
  • 20 monthly report credits
  • White-label reports
  • PowerPoint reports

Business Plan

Price: $399 per month

Features included:

  • One year data history
  • PDF reports
  • 40 social profiles
  • 40 monthly report credits
  • Whitelabel Reports
  • PowerPoint PPTX Reports

Corporate Plan

Price: $599 per month

Features included:

  • One year of data history
  • PDF reports
  • 80 social profiles
  • 80 monthly report credits
  • White-label reports
  • PowerPoint pptx reports

Enterprise Plan

Most of the companies and big businesses with numerous brands or franchise networks across dozens or hundreds of social media accounts prefer the Enterprise plan.

Price: $1499 per month

Features included:

  • 2 years of data history
  •  Unlimited social profiles
  •  PDF reports
  • White-label reports
  • PowerPoint pptx reports

7 Benefits of using Social Status! 

Here are some of the major benefits you will have if you use Social Status for managing the insights and analytics of your social media marketing campaigns.

  • Time-saving reporting

Social Status creates reports for you regularly, saving you time when it comes to reviewing your social media profiles. As a result, you’ll be able to quickly devise innovative tactics for raising your profile across various social networking sites.

  • Performance Benchmarking 

Understanding the rivalry is one way to come up with a winning plan. With Social Standing, you can evaluate how your rivals interact with their customers to industry standards and gain important ideas.

You can use Social Status to get insights into the success of your marketing plan to make sure your attempts aren’t in vain. You could use the app to monitor the success of your content, promotions, and product pillars. You can strengthen your plan or modify it sensibly when you have the figures.

  • Strategy Measurement

You can use Social Status to get insights on the success of your marketing plan to make sure your attempts are not in vain. You could use the application to monitor the success of your content, promotions, and product pillars. You can strengthen your plan or modify it sensibly when you have the figures.

  • Social Media Marketing Insights

Are you earning money from your social media profiles? Use Social Status to get the answers you are aiming for, as the software will show you the returns on your social media advertising. This will also assist you in convincing your shareholders that your social profiles will assist you in growing your reach.

  • Sentiment Understanding

What are your viewer’s responses to your posts? Social Status assists you in filtering the noise and supplying useful insights. The app analyses feedback from various channels to make you realize what your customers felt about a particular post on your page.

  • After Optimization

You are not allowed to post whenever you like. Alternatively, you must talk to your viewers at the most appropriate times to ensure that your information is transmitted well. To a certain end, Social Status informs you when is the correct time to upload and how much you can post in order to reach out to your customers successfully.

  • Team effort

Working on your social media pages should be a collaborative effort until and unless you are a single individual or a local company or entrepreneur. This is why Social Status offers the chance to invite members of the team to enter your network and help you reach your target audience.

Why Should You Use Social Status?

The key objective of Social Status is to provide you a single platform consisting of all the necessary tools you require to automate social media reporting and handle other key aspects regarding analytics of your social media marketing campaign.

You get access to 4 social media analytics tools that can help you get the most out of your time on social media.

  • Analytical Profiles

All of your Twitter profiles, Facebook Pages, YouTube Channels, Instagram Business Accounts, and LinkedIn Company Pages will be analyzed for social networking. Data from several social media pages You will get accurate metrics and reviews for the channels and profiles you handle.

  • Full funnel metrics

Impressions, Video views, Reach, Video Views, Development, Engagements and Clicks can all be tracked. Performance can be broken down by day, rate, duration, and media type. Analyze the success of your Facebook posts, both paid and free.

  •  Instagram Stories Analytics

Message Response Rate, Message Volume, and Average Response Time are a few of the Facebook Inbox statistics. Impressions, Post Replies, Reach, Back and Forward Taps are all metrics for Instagram Stories. Ultimately, no more Instagram Stories screenshots.

  • Audience demographics

Keep records of your followers and fan statistics and check on them.

Display your fans’ gender, age, country, and location. Access graphs for daily community development and growth and monitor the significant positive or decrease of your fans or followers.

FAQs On Social Status:

✔Are you licensed as an Agency?

Yeah, Social Status coordinates with innovative companies, news organizations, digital marketing services, public relations firms, content firms, as well as social networking firms all around the world. They can significantly reduce your processing time and simplify your client reports. You just have to simply scroll to the top of the page and fill out the Enterprise contact form.

👓Does Facebook's Social Status monitor unpublished or dark posts?

Yes, our Custom Reports contain hidden posts from Facebook profiles to which you have access permission. On Facebook, although, it is practically impossible to monitor competitive unpublished content.

👍 Is there a written agreement?

Social Status doesn't bind you towards any minimum commitments. You can terminate at any point because our rate is month to month. If you pay monthly, you can receive a 10% discount.

💥 Is there a discount if I pay yearly?

All packages that are paid on a monthly basis are eligible for a discount. At any point of time, you can shift from monthly to annual billing and save 10%.

👀What if I need an exclusive study or dashboard?

We would be delighted to develop a completely unique summary or dashboard for you. Simply scroll up and fill out the Enterprise contact form on our site, and a member of their sales department will approach you to learn more about your particular needs.

✔ Does Social Status offer a free trial?

Yes. Apart from the basic free plan, all the paid packages come with a 14 days free trial period, in case you want to be sure of the credibility and performance of the software before going for the paid upgrade.

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Social Status Review Verdict: Is It The Best Social Media Analytics Tool?

Social Status is probably the fastest-growing corporation that is developing an industry-leading web analytics platform for all the marketing managers out there from all over the world, with the goal of relieving the pain of social reporting for several social marketing companies.

As a result, Social Status has become the first social media analytics company to offer a fully free version. This implies that they can add more value to any marketer.

The team is dedicated to supporting social marketing for all advertisers, even if you are a brand or a company, a freelancer, a non-profit, a government organization, or a global corporation.

All in all, Social Status is the perfect tool for users looking for dependable solutions to automate social media reporting!

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