Social Steeze vs Kicksta 2020: Which One Is Best For You? (Our Pick)

Social Steeze vs Kicksta
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      Instagram has provided a platform for the people to shine and showcase their talent while simultaneously making monetary benefits out of it Social Steeze and Kicksta.

      Social Steeze vs Kicksta.this isn’t as easy as it sounds due to the birth of digital marketing and generation of more and more content.

      Therefore, Instagram’s growth hacks come to the rescue for the people that tell you how to gain organic followers in a short period.

      Hence, some tools for Instagram’s organic growth come into play to attract a large number of followers.

      If you are an avid Instagrammer then you would have come across the terms like Instagram growth tools such as Social Steeze and Kicksta

      This article compares two Instagram growth hack services called Social Steeze and Kicksta.

      This comparison will facilitate you in deciding which brand or service would suit your requirements.

      Let’s get started

      Social Steeze vs Kicksta Overview:

      Overview Of Social Steeze

      Social Steeze is an Instagram tool used to alleviate the count of followers on one’s page by specifically targeting people’s profiles.

      It likes and comments on the profiles of the target group audience and enhance their engagements with the client’s content.

      However, the page owner still had to post the relevant content and write or review comments but it took care of the likes and reach of that particular post.

      SocialSteeze Overview

      Their activity helps in reaching more quickly to more followers than just creating content and waiting for the like-minded followers to follow you.

      They have different paid plans for the customers to choose from.

      Overview Of Kicksta

      Kicksta is leading in the Instagram growth hacking world today.

      Founded in 2015, this company’s motto is to help their clients in generating more organic reach who can understand the value of that brand.

      Their artificially intelligent technology detects the various hashtags used in the posts, location, and then filter out the best possible profiles.

      Those profiles are most likely to be your target audience and then it interacts with their posts by following and liking.

       Kicksta Overview

      This helps the user in getting noticed and some of those profiles will follow you back

      Hence, this tool will help in saving time by taking the hassle of interacting with other people’s content and creating a dashboard of the data for a better understanding of the data.

      Kicksta offers its services in two standard plans with different features. Customers can choose the plan accordingly.

      Key Features: Social Steeze vs Kicksta

      1) Account Recognising Features

      This feature is an essential part of any Instagram growth tools kit as every account on Instagram are not genuine or are mostly bot accounts which can harm a client’s page

      Adding to this, there are accounts which show very little activity which is not helpful in growth.

      Kicksta - How It Works

      Therefore, this feature helps to capture the activity of new followers and provide a matrix to analyze the active Instagrammer.

      Social Steeze doesn’t offer any premium features which could help their clients in analyzing their followers as they only offer a single feature which is of blacklisting.

      Whereas, Kicksta offers some features with its basic account plan which has an algorithm that ignores:

      • New accounts
      • Private accounts
      • Inactive accounts
      • Suspicious accounts

      2) Filters

      Filters are other key features that help in the exponential growth of the account.

      Suppose a client have a very target set of community and doesn’t want to target outside that zone like B2B (business to business) lead generation.


      Then, to increase the personal experience of that client, a brand should comply with the policies of the client.

      Kicksta -Features

      Social Steeze does not provide any kind of filters to increase the user experience as per the demand of the client and only offers the option of blacklisting.

      On the other hand, Kicksta provides different kinds of filters for every type of client out there such as

      • Profanity filter
      • Gender filter
      • Business Accounts filter
      • Language filter
      • Blacklist filter

      These kinds of filters again directly affect the experience of the client but they are available in the professional plan.

      3) Username Targeting

      This feature allows clients to manually create a list of the profiles which could help build the engagement of their page.

      So, this tool then connects with content or posts of those profiles which were sent by the client.

      This list can be updated and modified with time depending on the inclination of the current market.

       Kicksta - Target Account

      Both the brands Social Steeze and Kicksta provide username targeting. However, there is a difference in the method of approaching required profiles

      On one hand, Social Steeze taps the accounts either by spamming their lists or blacklisting.

      On the other one, Kicksta has a policy of liking only 10k photos per month and not more than 1 or 2 posts which render the page owners interact with the clients’ content more often.

      4) Hashtag Targeting

      Social Steeze and Kicksta both use hashtag targeting to look for the audience who have similar choices for the content as the clients.

      It helps in outsourcing one’s account and prevent it from shadow banning your content.

      Hashtag SocialCaptain

      Also, some people use way more hashtags thinking that their content will reach a wider audience; however, generally, it is seen as a desperate attempt to gain followers

      Hence, both of the tools are good to inform the user about the correct amount of hashtags.

      5) Location Targeting

      This feature helps in allowing users to change the location of their business. Users can choose the location based on the expansion of their business or brand.

       Kicksta - Automation

      Whether a user wants to extend its business internationally or concentrated in a single location this filter is the solution to that problem.

      Hence, both Social Steeze and Kicksta allow their customers to do specific location targeting based on their choices.

      Getting Started: Which One Is Easy?

      Social Steeze: Signing up on the page is very easy and user-friendly as one has to enter his name and email address.

      After this, the user is required to choose a particular plan.

      Kicksta: Kicksta website has also the same option where a person can log in after filling their name, email, and Instagram account.


      Both the brands offer a user-friendly experience but the catch here is that the Social Steeze vaguely mentions their services and doesn’t provide clear guidelines for the same.

      Whereas, there is a proper guide on how to sign-up and use, is present on the website of the Kicksta which makes it more relevant for the people.

      Services Offered:

      Social Steeze: Social Steeze offered services that are not distinguished from any other growth hacker tool such as like/unlike the targeted audience profiles and automating comments on their posts.

      SocialCaptain-– Premium Account

      Although this helped in gathering followers more rapidly but spamming the people’s profile with comments is one such activity that doesn’t comply with Instagram policies.

      Kicksta: Kicksta offers its services by interacting with your target audience by liking one or two posts per person. They take up the profiles suggested by you and based on your content generation.

      As their services comply with the policies of Instagram, there are very few chances of getting your account blocked.

      Also, for now, they did not offer any content generation services which even includes automated or spammy comments.


      Kicksta is more reliant according to the services offered by them which helps in generating more organic reach as compared to the Social Steeze.

      Also, the website of Social Steeze had been accused of using bots to generate more followers and comments.

      Methods to track growth with both the tools

      Social Steeze: The people have even gained 10k followers in a week with the help of Social Steeze which compliments their tagline ‘go viral’.

      But, some of the wrong-doings which were noticed by the customers of this website were eye-opening

      SocialCaptain- Automation Settings

      A customer noticed that they only gave the example of Chase in all of their email campaigns.

      Some people noticed that social media handles of Social Steeze didn’t have much following and it sounded strange that a company that offers services in growth hacking is not paying attention to their pages.

      Kicksta: Kicksta offers its personalized dashboard which helps the clients to keep a check on their number of followers

      Not only this, but you can also track and analyze the growth of your followers or competitors for a better understanding of the pattern of the market.

      Also, one can even look at the posts of their followers to analyze their activity


      The personalized dashboard of the Kicksta creates transparency for the clients to verify what kind of audience is following them and to better understand the market.

      Customer Reviews: Social Steeze vs Kicksta

      Social Steeze: The initial response of the people on Trust pilot and every other page is remarkable. Most of the clients are happy with their services.

      But then, Facebook banned Social Steeze because of ‘unethical ways’ that they were using. The Court said that they were using which was creating an inauthentic environment

      Not just this, even before the website was banned their clients were not happy as after 2-3 months of service Social Steeze abandoned the accounts of people with no activity.

      However, they were taking payments from clients telling them their accounts were active.

      ‘This site is fake and a scam’ is one of the reviews taken from the site.

      Kicksta: The website of Kicksta has more than 10k case studies recorded in their library along with 4-star reviews on Trust Pilot and 5 stars on Google reviews.

      However, there were some negative comments but that is necessary to help in the constant improvisation of the brand.


      After the reviews of the customer, Kicksta comes across as a brand that is worthy of putting the necessary money and getting the desired results.

      Which One Is Secure To Use?

      Privacy is already a loophole in the internet world. Therefore, it becomes very important to safeguard social media accounts.

      Hence, this is a very important feature every social media tool must have as your social media handle will be in the hands of a company.

      Kicksta: This brand has a policy or motto of generating organic followers for your account and is mentioned everywhere on their website

      They claim that neither they will create content on the behalf of the account holder nor the will automate comment and spam their clients’ followers.

      When these claims are made by the company, they initiate a sense of trustworthiness in customers towards the company.

      Social Steeze: Social Steeze, on the other hand, had been accused of spamming people with messages and comments using bots and fake followers.

      That they forcefully unflawed their clients’ list of leads based on the review given by the clients themselves.

      Not only this, Instagram’s algorithm an easily catch the people who are spammers or are bots which led to the permanent blocking of their clients’ accounts.


      A company or a brand must be enough loyal to not go against the wish of its clients and keep their social media accounts safe.

      Hence, Kicksta would be the company I would choose if I would have to look for Instagram growth hacking tools.

      Pricing Plans Comparison: Social Steeze vs Kicksta

      Every customer has a very specific set of requirements from a brand. Some customers are kick-starting their brand and don’t need much automation

      But some are established with a large number of following and require plans which cover their every need.

      Social Steeze: It doesn’t offer you a trial period and the client can only experience their service after payment.  They have the following three plans to choose from:


      • Weekly plan- $15/week or $25/week
      • Monthly plan-$38/month or $99/month
      • Yearly plan-$449/year

      The pricing of every plan is different as it depends on the number of followers, the more the number of followers, the more the money one has to pay.

      There is no free trial period as per se but the company offers 30-days money-back guarantee

      Kicksta: Kicksta offers two simple plans for their customers

      Creative plan:  It is premeditated for the entrepreneurs and young professionals who are starting, to kick start their careers at a minimal cost of $49/month.

      Kicksta - Pricing

      It includes Instagram growth hacks and basic filters

      The professional plan-This plan is for a professional who is already into the game of Instagram and that’s why contains some additional features to level up their business.

      With this plan, the client can access all filters and features which will help their brand to grow exponentially for $99/ month


      Kicksta provides affordable and tailor-made plans for clients of each group as everybody cannot afford plans which are as expensive as $15/ week.

      The plans provided by Social Steeze are simply not lucrative and user-friendly.

      Customer Support: Social Steeze vs Kicksta

      Customer support indirectly influences the brand’s value as it tells the client how much that brand cares about their customers’ time and resources.

      Social Steeze: The website has a dedicated page of FAQ’s and one can contact them through the email which is provided on their website.

      However, some reviews said that generally, they have an automated reply to the queries.

      Kicksta: Kicksta provides online 24/7 customer support through chat or email which helps in personalizing the experience of the client.

      Additionally, the people who have a professional plan are privileged with the Customer Success Manager while they opt for their target audience.

      With this, there is also a page of FAQ’s and video courses to help the customers with their basic doubts.


      As mentioned above, customer care affects brand loyalty with a huge impact and considering the reviews as well as their commitment to the queries of customers.

      Kicksta Company is more dedicated towards their clients rather than the Social Steeze

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How is Kicksta different from any other brand?

      Kicksta is different from already present 10,000 brands of growth hacking due to the motto of getting our clients organic reach by understanding and caring about their brand. We do not indulge in any kind of spammy behavior by disappearing after a few weeks or fake followers.

      What kind of industry Kicksta works in?

      Kicksta works in every type of industry from hospitality to fashion as we are only known for our versatility in the industry.

      Does Kicksta offer a free trial period?

      Not exactly a free trial period but Kicksta provides 14-days money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their services then they will return the money without asking any questions.

      Social Steeze vs Kicksta: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

      Kicksta Customer Review

      Kicksta - TestimonialsSocial Steeze Customer Review

      SocialCaptain-– TestimonialsQuick Links:

      Conclusion: Social Steeze vs Kicksta Comparison 2020

      If we conclude it in a nutshell then Kicksta is better in every aspect, be it user-friendliness or lucrative in terms of plans.

      Kicksta also provides a wide spectrum of functions and much more safe to use. But in the end, there is no perfect algorithm or Instagram growth hacking techniques to grow on a platform.

      The platform Social Steeze got banned b Facebook in 2019 due to unethical practices

      These tools are just a catalyst to speed up the process of an already growing platform, albeit slow.

      At the end of the day, the quality of the content is the king, if the content is not relevant and updated according to the market needs people won’t like it.

      Hence, if you are a new user you can use Kicksta at affordable prices and if you want an accelerated growth you can choose Socia Steeze.

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