Social Blade vs. TubeBuddy 2024: Which is the Best Choice?

You’ve had the idea for your YouTube channel and you know that it is important to finally start sharing content with others. You spend hours learning how to create engaging videos, but now what? How do I get more people on Board this journey!

Growing your YouTube channel is hard, but these two tools make it easier. They analyze how visible you’ve been on the internet and show many cool stats that will help increase views for sure!

Both Socialblade and tubebuddy have great features which you can take advantage of, but they do differ in some important areas. So…which one is right for your business?

Let’s Get Started…

Socialblade Overview


Socialblade provides data on the performance and growth of content creators, including other platforms besides YouTube. It allows you access to its public database so that you can see how popular someone is across various social media sites like Instagram or Facebook in addition to Twitch where they stream their gaming sessions!

Socialblade Features

With one click, you can see what kind of content creators are following or subscribing to your profile. You might be surprised by how many people don’t know that much about them!


You can see how well ranked you are according to different factors. For example, search for your YouTube channel and see where in the global rankings it stands based on subscribers or views per video as well its country of origin, etc.


The Socialblade provides a valuable service in measuring the success rate of your content. It shows you how much growth there is projection-wise, which helps with long-term planning and improving future results!


There is a lot to take in when you first start using Tubebuddy, but it becomes easier with time. One of the key lessons that will help your channel grow and prosper is by learning from other users who share similar interests as yours so they can teach us something new!

Socialblade Pricing

With Socialblade, you can access information about any content creator. The free database will help understand how well-known creators are doing in terms of audience size and growth over time!

Bronze – $3.99/mo

You get one YT Report Card per month, which is a quick report with all your statistics that you can send to a brand you’re interested in working with. It also gives you 15 favorite slots per platform.

Silver – $9.99/mo

  • 25 favorite slots per platform
  • 10 YT Report cards per month
  • 60-day table data
  • Premium data charts.

Gold – $39.99/mo

  • 100 favorite slots per platform
  • 50 YT Report cards per month
  • 120-day table data
  • Premium charts
  • Add/remove tags.

Platinum – $99.99/mo

500 favorite slots per platform
100 YT Report cards per month
365-day table data
Premium charts
Add/remove tags.

TubeBuddy Overview

TubeBuddy vs socialblade

TubeBuddy is a web-based suite of tools that help you manage and optimize your YouTube videos.

The free version of the platform is more than enough for most people to get the views and engagements they need.

You can also get an extension that has advanced video embedding, social monitoring, and more. If you upgrade to a pro or star plan (depending on what’s best for your business), then the features will be even greater!

TubeBuddy Feature

Description Promotion: This is a great way to promote one of your videos in the descriptions for all other videos!

Competitor Scorecard: Keep a close eye on your competitor

Brand Alerts: Get notified whenever someone comments on your videos or channels.

GIF Generator: It’s easy to automatically create a GIF for any portion of your video.

Best Time to Publish: Take the guesswork out of when to publish videos for your specific audience by using our artificial intelligence.

A/B Testing: It is crucial to create the right content for your audience, and that can be hard without knowing exactly who you’re targeting. Luckily we have A/B testing software which will allow us to show our site’s users different thumbnails or captions so they’ll see hope where there was once only frustration!

Works Inside YouTube: TubeBuddy is an innovative way to make your videos more accessible. With the Tube Buddy menu, you can find all of those great moments in one place and watch them with minimal effort!

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TubeBuddy Pricing



TubeBuddy’s four different pricing plans ensure that they have something for everyone. The free version includes some basic features, while premium options allow you to take your videos in new directions with ease!

If you are just starting out with your YouTube channel, the free plan is an excellent option. It lacks some of the more advanced features but has great potential for those who want to jump right into it without having any ads or limitations on how much content can be uploaded at one time!

Final Thought

Social Blade or TubeBuddy? The winner would be Tubebuddy. 

TubeBuddy has been one of the most popular YouTube tools for good reason. With powerful features and an easy-to-use interface, it can help you manage your account from within this existing dashboard!

TubeBuddy is a must-have tool for all YouTube users. With its powerful features and easy-to-use interface, you can manage your account from one place without compromising on quality or versatility!

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