SocialPilot Pricing 2023: Is SocialPilot legit?

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Are you looking for a social media management tool that offers value and flexibility? If so, SocialPilot may be the perfect solution for you. With three plan options to choose from, there is sure to be a plan that fits your needs and budget. Plus, with SocialPilot’s robust feature set, you’ll have everything you need to efficiently manage your social media accounts. Take a closer look at SocialPilot’s pricing and see for yourself how it can benefit your business.

SocialPilot Overview – All You Need to Know Before Buying

SocialPilot is a social media management and automation platform that enables you to connect and manage an infinite number of social media accounts from a single centralized dashboard. It allows you to join your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts at the moment.

Apart from accounts, this service allows users to link their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles and pages, as well as LinkedIn groups. This is a feature that not many tools on the market now provide.

This results in significant advantages for organizations, as they can immediately connect to and manage accounts on various social networking sites, without having to wade through the associated intricacies.

SocialPilot -Testimonials

That is to say, even with a little understanding of the platforms, you can integrate and use them effectively for your organization. All you have to do is develop a cross-channel plan and then utilize SocialPilot to manage them effectively for maximum company efficiency.

Consider this — time and personnel are two very precious commodities for many organizations, particularly small ones and start-ups. Businesses and marketers now use social media to increase productivity via the usage of social media management solutions.

With SocialPilot, you can effortlessly manage a large number of goods and services without spending a lot of time and effort manually promoting them.

Additionally, it enables you to construct bespoke plans for various items and categories, minimizing the amount of time and people required in this area.

From its dashboard, you can simply manage your accounts using a simple interface and a few clicks. This is less complex than opening many tabs on your computer and meticulously maintaining individual social network profiles.

Multiple groups may be created and managed in SocialPilot. This is a godsend for individuals who need the ability to filter various groupings according to their requirements.

They benefit greatly from the ability to integrate other sites and groups, such as those associated with your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. Both of these platforms enable users to create, share, and collaborate on content.

With all of these capabilities, SocialPilot is an absolute must-have social media management tool that can help you increase your business’s efficiency. I am certain that by including this tool in your routine, you will get the desired outcomes for your company.

SocialPilot Pricing

They have four pricing plans to offer –

SocialPilot Pricing plans

  •       Agency: This one will cost you $ 150 per month if paid monthly and $ 127.5 per month if paid yearly. This will include white-label, unlimited clients, 10 users, and 75 social media accounts.
  •       Studio: This one will cost you $ 100 per month if paid monthly and $ 85 per month if paid yearly. This will include unlimited clients, 5 users, and 50 social media accounts.
  •       Small Team: This one will cost you $ 50 per month if paid monthly and $ 42.5 per month if paid yearly. This will include unlimited clients, 3 users, and 25 social media accounts.
  •       Enterprise: Contact them and customize a plan as per your needs.

They offer a 14-day free trial as well. No credit card is required.

What Do You Get with the SocialPilot Subscription Plans?

  1.   Self-Service Knowledge Base: Their extensive help and support articles are always available to help you make the best use of your SocialPilot tool.
  1.   Concierge Setup: Get assistance in setting up your account, customizing your tool, and onboarding clients. This one is not available with the Small Team plan.
  1.   Customer Support: Get reliable customer support across different channels – mail, chat, mobile app, and call (scheduled per your convenience)
  1.   Dropbox and Integration: Directly upload your images from your Dropbox or folders while scheduling your posts.
  1.   Canva Integration: Integrate your Canva account with your subscription and directly create eye-catching graphics for your posts.
  1.   Mobile App: Schedule your posts, check your analytics and create your content on the move with your SocialPilot mobile app Available for both iOS and Android devices.
  1.   Browser Extension: Use the browser extension to add posts to your queue from anywhere while you are browsing the internet.
  1.   Zapier Integration: Without a single line of code you can automate your inter apps communication using their Zapier integration. Keep up with your marketing efforts without having to lift a finger.
  1.   Ads Analytics: Measure your ROI by understanding how your ads are performing. Get detailed reports on your FaceBook ad performance directly on SocialPilot.
  1.   Boost Popular Posts: Let SocialPilot suggest the best posts on FaceBook. Promote your best-performing FaceBook posts directly from SocialPilot.
  1.   Schedule Boost Post: Add your Facebook Ad accounts to SocialPilot and directly boost your FaceBook posts while scheduling them. There are no limits to this one at all.
  1.   Whitelabel Dashboard: Enhance your client’s experience with SocialPilot’s white label social media management solution. Customize everything from colors and URL to match your brand’s image. This one is only available for the Agency plan.
  1.   Content Approval Workflows: Account managers can quickly review and approve content scheduled by the content creator within the app for a seamless workflow.
  1.   Client Management: Onboard clients and new accounts easily by sharing a secure branded link. Collaborating with your clients has never been easier.
  1.   Team Management: Empower your team with finely-tuned team collaboration and workflow tools. Assign roles and manage multiple users efficiently. 3 for Small Team Plan, 5 for Studio Plan, and 10 for Agency Plan are allowed.
  1.   Reply to Page Posts: Respond to all the visitor posts on the FaceBook page from the social inbox window.
  1.   Reply to FaceBook Messages: Answer any queries or messages from your friends on FaceBook from a single window.
  2.   Reply to Post Comment: Keep the conversation flowing on Facebook by replying to the comments on your posts.
  1.   Send PDF Reports Via Email: Easily share your reports with your clients anytime via email.
  1.   White Label Reports: Customize your PDF reports to match your brand identity. Add your logo and choose your brand color in your settings.
  1.   Post Performance: Understand what content works and what doesn’t. Appeal to your audience with details about the performance of each post. Easily identify the top-performing post on each platform.
  1.   Detailed Social Media Analytics: Analyze your every move on each social media platform. Get information about the audience, best time to post, content performance, and more.
  1.   Visual Editor for Mobile Apps: Create your image or edit the existing ones and watermark them on the SocialPilot mobile app. 
  1.   Custom Call-To-Actions: Edit the call to action for your FaceBook and your Google. My Business posts and add your landing page link directly from your post composer.
  1.   Location Tagging: Add location to your posts while scheduling your posts directly SocialPilot.
  1.   Mentions: Easily find the accounts you want to tag and mention in your posts directly from your post composer.
  1.   Audience Targeting: Ensure your content hits the right audience by adding your FaceBook audience targeting while scheduling your posts.
  1.   Draft your post: Save your posts in the drafts and you can schedule them later when you are ready.
  1.   Character and Hashtag Counter: Keep track of the number of characters and hashtags you are using for all your posts with the handy Counter.
  1.   Canva Integration: Integrate your Canva account with your subscriptions and directly create eye-catching graphics for your posts.
  1.   Album and Carousel Posts: Choose to publish your multiple image post as a carousel or an album on FaceBook.
  1.   Multiple Image Posts: Add more than one image for all your social media posts. You can edit your post individually for each platform
  1.   GIF Support: Search for appropriate GIFs to enhance your content while scheduling your posts.
  1.   Video Posts: Make your posts more dynamic by adding videos while scheduling.
  1.   Schedule post from RSS feeds: Automatically share blogs of your favorite sites on your social media accounts using your RSS automation tool. Up to 10 posts allowed for Small Team Plan and up to 15 posts allowed for the Studio Plan and the Agency Plan.
  1.   Content Curation and Discovery: Discover and schedule unlimited social media content with curation lists for the keywords you search.
  1.   Group Accounts: Organize your different client’s social media profiles into groups while scheduling content you can simply select the client group rather than individual social profiles.
  1.   Instagram First Comment: Keep your Instagram caption clutter-free by publishing a post with the first comment.
  1.   URL Shortener: Shorten your long URLs with a URL Shortener directly in your scheduler by connecting to your Bitly, Rebrandly, or Sniply account.
  1.   Duplicate Post: Easily copy posts and schedule them with ease from your publishing history or calendar.
  1.   Calendar View: Use the calendar view to organize your posting schedule easily. Easily move your posts to different dates with a simple drag-and-drop.
  1.   Bulk Scheduling and CSV Uploads: Schedule multiple posts with an image across different profiles with a single upload.
  1.   Boost Posts: Add your FaceBook ad accounts to your SocialPiloyt Plan and directly boost your social posts while scheduling them.
  1.   Smart Quotes: Create a queue with the best posting times for each social media profile. Directly add your content to the queue for auto-scheduling your posts.
  1.   Schedule Post: Post your content on an individual platform at a specific time.
  1.   Customize Post for Each Platform: While composing your post edit your content to suit each specific social media platform. Add different images, hashtags, or texts that are platform-specific.

Is SocialPilot Worth its Price?


Yes, SocialPilot is definitely worth its price. Here are some of the features of SocialPilot that makes it worth its price –

  1.   Customer support:

SocialPilot directs any inquiries to their email address or knowledge base. They do, in my experience, react to emails within a few hours, usually with a solution but sometimes with a link to a FAQ page on the knowledge center.

While the knowledge centerpieces are straightforward and provide step-by-step answers rooted in a range of popular digital marketing phrases, they do not address all possible situations.

  1.   Ease of use:

SocialPilot’s UI is simple and effective. The setup procedure is simple, and with the click of a few buttons, you may link many accounts. SocialPilot also integrates with a large number of social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Russia’s VK.

The navigation bar on the left side of the screen makes it simple to browse between the many functions. The austere aesthetics direct the user’s attention to their social media duties.

Despite this, SocialPilot offers a limited amount of training to new users, with live training available only to those on the most costly Enterprise plan. It is not difficult to learn, but it is not the simplest program available. Additional assistance in the early stages would be beneficial to ensure clients get the most out of the platform.

SocialPilot was built with multiuser teams in mind, which is shown in a variety of easily available features. There are several ways to include other team members in a post or campaign, allowing them to make adjustments inside the SocialPilot platform.

In essence, SocialPilot is a highly functional tool that is devoid of needless embellishment. It does, however, lack the polish and attention to detail that some of its more glitzy competitors possess.

  1.   Performance Reporting:

SocialPilot includes statistics on marketing metrics for your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google My Business profiles. Instagram’s absence is noticeable and will impact companies who concentrate their social media strategy on this specific social network.

The reports include the essential marketing metrics and provide the data in an easily understandable graphic style. There are some really useful additional features, such as the option to see the top influencers who have engaged with your posts and a list of the most popular hashtags you’ve used.

This is significant information and highlights how SocialPilot can uncover hidden insights in data. Having said that, it’s worth noting that SocialPilot does not interface with third-party analytics systems or provide competitor data.

It’s good for assessing your social media data against a range of marketing criteria, but you’ll need to look beyond SocialPilot to obtain a full picture of how social media contributes to your wider marketing goals.

  1.   Content recommendations:

The ongoing need for fresh social media content may put any organization under pressure. Business owners and social media managers must sift through a plethora of feeds, determine what is important, and distribute fresh content numerous times every day. This method is more conducive to spontaneity than planning.

SocialPilot is an excellent function that suggests material to repost depending on your business’s sector. Enter keywords in the search box and SocialPilot will compile a list of potential posts for you to examine. If you believe the material is appropriate for your audience, you may add it directly to your calendar.

Additionally, the Content & Feed interface allows you to connect to various RSS feeds and manage new postings. This product integrates smoothly with the rest of the platform and provides tremendous value to any business.

  1.   Social media post scheduling:

Of course, the automatic post scheduler is the bedrock of every social media management program. SocialPilot performs well in this area, since it integrates with all major social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

While it is possible to link to an Instagram or TikTok account, uploading to these social media platforms is not automatic. You’ll need to create a reminder in SocialPilot to ensure that the content goes live at the specified time.

As indicated by its very early support for TikTok, SocialPilot performs an excellent job of staying current with the ever-changing social media world. Nonetheless, the absence of a direct Instagram link is unfortunate, particularly given the availability of alternatives such as Buffer.

There are still several advantages to using SocialPilot for social media posting. The post creation interface is simple and easy and includes a very useful Canva connection for adding photos or video from your account. The post preview feature is useful, and you can invite customers or team members to the account group to provide feedback on the material before it is public.

If you’d like to upload a large number of articles in advance, you may use the bulk scheduling feature using a CSV file.

It is possible to plan posts to appear in many time zones, and the drag-and-drop social media calendar makes re-ordering your content simple.

SocialPilot is one of the finest tools on the market for scheduling a big number of posts across several accounts.



Social Pilot has been operating since 2014, yet they’re still commonly considered as a new participant in the SMM business. They’ve spent the years since its foundation well, producing a product that’s fully featured, collaborative, and remarkably simple to use. If they can create enough noise this year and get people to notice, they’ll certainly win over a lot of new consumers who are wary of overpaying for rival goods.

There are still a few items that need to be addressed/brought up to date, most notably the platform’s absence of Instagram capability. While you can connect your Instagram profiles to the platform and plan things via it, all that gets you is the ability to view what you’re doing on Instagram alongside everything else. You won’t be able to do anything with Instagram (no direct posting, no data) (no direct publishing, no data). That’s something they’ve got in the works, but it’s a challenge for marketers and SM managers who are dealing with Instagram every day.

Still, for smaller enterprises, and any firm or agency managing significant Facebook accounts, Social Pilot will be a pleasant change of scenery. Add to the fact that supports Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs, Google+, and LinkedIn, and it all combines for an amazing platform.

I sincerely hope the pricing plans of SocialPilot are now clear to you. Please let me know in the comment section whether you enjoyed SocialPilot or not.

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