SpamZilla Review 2023: Buy Expire Domains [Robust Guide]

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Are you looking to buy powerful domains with great backlinks — quick & easy?


If so, look none other than SpamZilla. In this post, we have featured an in-depth SpamZilla review that includes detailed insights into this powerful expired domain buying marketplace.

So let’s get started here.

In-Depth SpamZilla Review

SpamZilla is a powerful tool that helps you find high-quality expired domains with great SEO value in it. These domains also contain backlinks data. SpamZilla contains millions of expired domains that you can buy at affordable prices, or you can also bid on auction domains. The best part is, SpamZilla adds 350,000+ expired and auction domains daily. 

SpamZilla Review - SpamZilla

SpamZilla comes with powerful features to help you find powerful and reliable domains, that are safe and secure to buy. SpamZilla actually comes with features such as — auto spam detection, backlinks minders, advanced filters, SEO tools, domains support and so on. The dashboard is efficient and straightforward where finding and buying domains is super easy.

All in all, SpamZilla is a reliable platform to help you find powerful expired domains with backlinks that are authoritative and good to buy.

Features & Benefits of SpamZilla

Automatic Spam Checking

You can quickly check which expired domain will be helpful to your SEO with this feature. Basically, it is a software to detect different types of SEO spam automatically. It also selects only the best domains for this automatic spam checking process. To give the best results, it analyses all the previous data & backlink data. You will only find clean domains with powerful backlinks.

SpamZilla Spam Checker

There are 12 tabs of data available on Spamzilla, which it analysed already. To help your spam checking processes, their algorithms have already processed over a million of expired domains & auction domains as well. You can apply filters as well.

SpamZilla Filters Options

It is done to save your time and help you choose quickly. You can also see a domain cleanliness score on the Spamzilla Score tab. To create a score of a domain they check many things like Domain age, Active history, Redirect, Parked pages, Anchor text and much more.

Backlinks Miner

This feature allows you to check the top 100 backlinks of a domain in an instant. You can also check anchor languages, outbound links, anchor text and much more. You can just click on a backlink to review its website. Link locations can be found through anchor text. Spamzilla also helps you to review the best links of every domain. It is really hard to find expired domains with amazing backlinks, but with Spamzilla, you can do it quickly.

Expired Domains SpamZilla- Backlinks Miner

The database of Spamzilla contains backlinks data, which can help you find domains with powerful backlinks. Use this tool to review a domain’s best backlinks easily. For authority backlinks, you can also create a list of domains yourself via and many more. You can also add those domains in the list which contain certain keywords in their backlinks.

Advanced Filters

They have over 70 filters to help you search for the best SEO statistics from various places such as Ahrefs, Majestic, Alexa, SEMRush and SpamZilla. Via these filters, you can easily select auction, expired or expiring domains. Use your favourite filters to find the perfect domain for yourself. This feature also allows you to find those domains which contain powerful, authority backlinks.

SpamZilla Filter Options

They also provide you daily domain lists with the help of those filters which you have customised. There are many domains available in the database of SpamZilla, and with these filters, you can easily create your own domain list. It makes your task easy, which is to find domains having great Trust Flow or Domain Authority. You can email updates daily by saving these filters.

SEO Tools

Every SEO has its own toolkit and so does SpamZilla. These tools contain different things such as Wayback exporter, domain availability checker, private domains and registrar comparison. The first tool helps you download any website in HTML format within few seconds. You can check if fields are available with the help of a domain availability checker.

SEOE tools — SpamZilla

You can also find the best domain at a very reasonable price with the help of this feature. They also have expired domain tools and with those tools you can process your own domain lists efficiently. Even if you want to check the availability of an extensive list of domains, it will still do it for you as quickly as possible.

All Domains Extensions Supported

SpamZilla supports over 350,000 expired, auction, pending delete & closeouts domains and also processes them daily. Domains from GoDaddy, SnapNames, Namejet are supported on SpamZilla. It also supports over 60 country codes. It supports TLDs like .com, .net, .biz, .info, .org,,, .at, .be, .ca , .cc, .cl, .co and many more.

Domains Extensions

 It is the best-expired domain founder because it supports many top-level domains. All the expired domains can be searched and checked on SpamZilla.

How To Find Powerful Expired Domains With SpamZilla?

SpamZilla interface might look a bit complex,  but it’s very easy to use when you spend time with it. When you first open SpamZilla, you’ll see a database like this:

SpamZilla Dashboard

Domain – The name of the website that can be purchased.

Source – A source where a domain can be purchased, used and downloaded for free anywhere or for an auction that can be purchased from an auction site.

TF (Trust Flow) – SpamZilla has a Trust Flow metrics to display the reliability of a website, the higher the number, the better the trust flow.

CF (Citation Flow) – Majestic’ Citation Flow, you want TF and CF to have a similar relationship; If CF is higher than IT, it is probably spam.

Maj BL (Majestic Backlinks) – Domain backlinks of SpamZilla are generally the best. However, sometimes too many backlinks indicate that the domain is spam.

Maj RD (Referring Domains) – Majestic referral domains of SpamZilla are better. But using these types of domains too much can cause spam.

Majestic Data

Majestic Topics – SpamZilla is an excellent way to find out which niche is a domain and gets the most critical domains.

Maj Lang (Language) – SpamZilla has a set of Primary languages containing backlinks.

Site Lang – This is the language of the main site.

languages filters

Ahrefs DR – This is the domain rating table according to Ahrefs

Ahrefs UR – This is the URL rating table of the domain.

Ahrefs RD – Ahrefs referring domain section

Ahrefs SpamZilla Data

Ahrefs BL – Ahrefs Backlink rating

Ahrefs Traffic – The traffic of the expired domain.

Ahrefs Position – The main reason for buying a domain is the position. This section shows the position of the domain.

Ahrefs Cost – Previous cost of the domain.

Moz Page Authority – SpamZilla is the most demanding metric used to determine the overall domain strength but is easy to manipulate.

Moz DA _ PA Fliters

Moz Domain Authority: The domain authority of SpamZilla is similar to Ahrefs UR statistics.

Age – This section is the age of the domain from the moment of registration. However, it can be removed at any time or inactive during that period.

SpamZilla Score – 20 or less is a good score.

Another way to view most of the information above is to open a Spamzilla score:

Google Index: The number of pages that are still indexed in the Google database.

SpamZilla- Google Index Reports

Adding date: This is the date the domain was added to Spamzilla.

Cost: This is the cost of a domain that has expired in the current auction.

Expiring Date: The date when the auction ends and the domain is won by the highest bidder.

Opening Up The Filter | How To Use SpamZilla Filters

If you want to bring a list of million available domains to your SpamZilla page, just click on the filter button at the top.

There are two types of domains you will see after opening up the filter button.

Expired Domains

You have to keep your expectations low if you want to find some expired functional domains. You can set the filters like this to find expired domains:

TF: 2

DR: 10

SpamZilla Score: 0 to 20

SpamZilla Filters

SpamZilla does a pretty good job at filtering domains, but you have to stay alert on choosing domains because sometimes they are usually spammed.

Auction Domains

If you’re capable of spending more money on buying domains, then you can set the filter like this:

TF: 2

DR: 20

SpamZilla Score 0 to 20

As a user of SpamZilla, I will suggest you to never bid on auction domains too early because it will cause raised prices. At least wait 5 minutes before bidding on an auction domain so you can grab it at affordable prices.

How to Filter Out Expired Domains with SpamZilla?

The database of SpamZilla is grouped in domain table filters. After clicking on Filter button you can see these types of filters:

Majestic – You can filter domains with specific Majestic data. You can also select the language. If you don’t want a domain of any particular language, you can untick them.

Ahrefs – You can fill these filters to find domains with specific Ahrefs data.

Moz – Fill up these filters to get domains with minimum or maximum DA & PA values.

SEMRush – Fill up these filters and get domains with minimum and maximum rank, traffic and keywords values.

SpamZilla – Fill up these filters to get domains by the SpamZilla score. The lower the score, the cleaner domain you will get.

General – The General filters allow you to set the time of adding domain, auction time, price and domain length.

SpamZilla Pricing Plan

SpamZilla comes with flexible and affordable pricing plans for everyone. They even offer a free plan where you can review only 25 domains. Whereas the paid plan which enables you to review millions of domains comes with other robust features.  Let’s have a look at pricing plans offered SpamZilla. 

  • Free
  • Standard

SpamZilla Review - Pricing Plan

Free: $0/month

The free version offers basic access to a tool that allows you to review up to 25 domains per month. This will give you some useful metrics and will certainly help you determine if your domain names are spam.

Standard: $37/month

There are many other features of the standard version to see. Two important ones are the expired domain database that you can view and the ability to view the domain’s backlink profile. Spamzilla contains millions of expired domains found in a tool that is updated daily.

You will find these features in this plan:

  • Get full access to millions of expired domains
  • Automated spam checking feature
  • Domain backlink data
  • Get 1850 credits for custom domain lists
  • 70+ database filters
  • Daily emails of newly added domains

As of now, you have a clear look at the pricing plans of SpamZilla. We would highly recommend you to get started with the premium plan as it not only helps you find powerful expired domains but it also features many robust tools that makes it extremely easy to find reliable domains in no time.

Pros & Cons of SpamZilla


  • Automated spam checking
  • You can find private domains 
  • Credits for custom domain lists
  • Advanced filters for auction and expired domains
  • You can find domains with authority backlinks
  • Discover only clean domains with Powerful backlinks
  • Analyses historical data and backlink data of a domain
  • The best domains are selected for automated spam checking


  • They should include more filter options to narrow down the search

What are Expired Domains?

When a domain is failed to be renewed by its owner before its expiration date, they become Expired Domains. After expiration, it is still valuable and can be re-registered by someone else and SpamZilla helps you buy it.

What are Auction Domains?

When a domain reaches its expiration date and it is not renewed by the owner within 30 days, then it will go for auction for seven days. People who want to buy these domains, they bid on it and the highest bidder will get that domain. 

There are plenty of reasons people bid on expired and auction domains because these domains have previous ranking power and great SEO value. These are some reasons to buy expired domains from SpamZilla.

How Can You Use Expired Domains Purchased From SpamZilla?

1. To Build an Authority Site

Building an authority site with a powerful expired domain would be a lot easier than building a site with a new domain.

You have to work harder and build new content & backlinks if you are building an authority site with a new domain. 

But you can take advantage of all these SEO values by simply buying expired domain by SpamZilla.

2. For Backlinks

If you want to take advantage of the link juice that expired domain contains then SpamZilla is here for you. You can build a mini-site for multiple purposes by linking these domains. You have to prepare your site by adding some content like few articles or blog posts. In this way, your website looks natural. 

You can build as many mini websites as you want. With PBN method, you can link these mini websites to your main website.

3. Redirect the Site

If you don’t want to set up a mini-site and want to transfer link juice directly to your main website, then you can easily redirect the expired domain to your main website via a 301 redirect.

These backlinks have a high SEO value because such backlinks have been producing money over the years and all that ranking values in it which will be all transferred to your main website.

4. Reselling

People also buy expired & auction domains to sell them for profit. This process is called domain flipping. You can purchase domains through auction and then you can continue to increase its SEO value and backlinks. Afterwards you can sell it for a high price.

Soamzilla Reviews & Customer Testimonials

SpamZilla Reviews & Customer Testimonials

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SpamZilla Review Conclusion:

There are plenty of platforms out there to help you buy expired and auction domains, but none of them matches the level of SpamZilla.  

SpamZilla is a simple yet robust platform that enables you to find authoritative expired domains with great backlinks. SpamZilla actually comes with many powerful filters option that allows you to find any category of domains with ease.  In addition to that, SpamZilla automatically detects any kind of SEO spams with the expired domains, that makes SpamZilla a safe platform to buy expired domains from. 

SpamZilla also offers a free plan that allows you to review up to 25 domains per month. However, the paid plan costs $37/monthly that gives you an access to millions of expired domains along with other robust features such as automated spam checking, domain backlinks data and so on. 

If you’re looking for powerful expired domains, then you should definitely give SpamZilla a try.

We hope our SpamZilla review suits your purpose well.

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