SPAYEE Review 2021 Best Online Course Platform For Indian Course Creators? (Exclusive Coupon Code)

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  • Easy To Use DIY Platform
  • Affordable Plans
  • Multi-layer Content Security
  • Branded Websites and Apps
  • Fabulous Customer Support
  • Indian Payment Gateway


  • Limited Trial Period

In this article, we’ll review one such platform called Spayee. This has made the lives of online course creators easier. It’s amazing how different sets of functionalities can take place under one umbrella without making you run from one place to another.

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Creating & selling your online course isn’t an easy affair. There are tons of nuts & bolts involved in launching a series of profitable online courses. However, a series of online courses start with just one online course.

With the advent of online education technologies, creating & launching a successful online course business is easier than we thought it would be.

In this article, we’ll review one such platform called Spayee. This has made the lives of online course creators easier. It’s amazing how different sets of functionalities can take place under one umbrella without making you run from one place to another.

Bottom Line Upfront

Spayee was launched in the year 2018. Over the years Spayee has grown up to become one of the most sought-after course platforms. You can launch your multimedia courses on your branded course website & mobile apps. I highly recommend using Spayee to launch your secured course platform.


Detailed Spayee Review

Spayee is a “Made In India” LMS that helps you create, sell & market your online courses. You can create online courses and other digital products and host them on Spayee.

Launching Scalable, Secured & Affordable Course Platform For Indian Students

Spayee- Overview


Spayee: Key Features

DIY Course platform

Imagine building your online course website with zero codings. Spayee allows you to build beautiful branded websites with zero to little coding. 

  • Drag & Drop Course Builder
  • Beautiful Themes To Choose From
  • Fully- Customisable Course Website

Spayee Features- Spayee Review

White-labeled Website & Apps

We have become mobile-friendly. Wherever we go, we have the vicinity of mobile phones. As a matter of fact, having your own mobile apps might give you an edge over all of your competition. 

Spayee allows you to launch your online mobile app with zero coding knowledge & fuss.

You just have to upgrade to a business or advanced plan & your app would be live within a week.

Subscription Plans- Spayee ReviewMultimedia Course Content

In order to sell online courses which your learners would absolutely love, you need to create interactive courses.

Spayee provides the support of all the kinds of content pertaining to online courses.

  • Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Live Classes
  • Zoom Classes
  • Live Test
  • Assignment
  • Audio
  • PDF
  • SCORM for content migration

Multi media course content- Spayee Review


Multi-Layer Content Security

A lot of hard work goes into creating a solid online course module. You plan the modules, you study your competition, you invest in gadgets, you put in days & nights to finally publish your online course. 

Hence, once you have launched your courses & your learners have published them, you need them super secured.

Spayee is one platform whose USP is its security features. Let’s understand in-depth about multi-layer content security.

Multi Layer Content Security- Spayee Review 

Spayee Video Security

Spayee does not use any third-party platforms to secure your video lectures. It does the process in-built. According to it, every time you upload a video lecture, it will first be encrypted & then processed.


Spayee video security- Spayee Review

Not just that, once your video is uploaded, it is processed just to make sure it’s 100% encrypted.

Spayee video-Spayee Review

Over and above, for every video that you upload, you do have the option to add a dynamic watermark to the video. That means, even if someone takes a screenshot, the watermark will be visible.

Watermark spayee Features- Spayee Review

The watermark contains the name of the student & their number as well.

PDF Dynamic Watermarking

Just like videos, even PDFs can be watermarked. These features are to make sure that your content isn’t getting circulated beyond the platform.

However, you do have the option to disable them as well.


PDF Dynamic Watermarking -Spayee Review

Device Login Limit On Website & App (Combined & Separate)

Once you have created your content and published them, you can choose to give limited device access.

That being said, if you give the maximum number of web and/or app access, the learner would be able to use the credentials with those maximum number of devices only. 

If the limit exists, access would be denied. To reset the devices, learners would need to coordinate with the admin.


Device Login Limit security- Spayee Review Feature


Screenshot Restriction

If you are using an online course app, the learners won’t be allowed to take screenshots. 

However, you can put in a maximum of 3 limits of the app. If it goes beyond that, their account might get suspended.

Drip Content

Under Content Dripping or Content Scheduling, you release your content pieces after a pre-decided time frame. 

For example: If you want to launch chapter 2, the next week after you launch chapter 1 & so on, that’s content dripping.

That means that,  

  • Your LMS has to support content dripping. Spayee does.
  • You must have created the content already before scheduling them. 

It’s powerful stuff.

Drip Content- Spayee Review

Indian Payment Gateway Integration

All the major online course platforms only support Paypal. If you are selling to an Indian audience, it would burn a hole in your pocket. Spayee is the most affordable platform that supports all the major Indian Payment Gateway.

Indian Payment Gateway Integration- Spayee Review

In fact, you can keep country-specific pricing for your courses as well.

Multi-level Account

If you sign up on Spayee, you automatically become a super admin.

That means you have access to everything that’s there on the platform. 

Being a super admin you can give partial access through sub-admin & instructor accounts.

There are unlimited admin accounts that Spayee allows in all of its plans. 

If you want to give access to someone to manage your course platform, without losing your full control, sub-admin is the way out for you. It allows you to define the sub-admin’s role & responsibilities. The best part is, you can assign different responsibilities or access multiple users. 

Multi Level Account - Spayee Review

Instructor Account

If you are a set of 2 or more than 2 teachers who teach together using one platform, you can also use an instructor account. It has even less access than a sub-admin level account.

Instructor Account- Spayee Review


A few places where the multi-authority accounts would give you an edge over other platforms:


  • You can assign the responsibilities to your team members without losing control.
  • If you keep the super admin control to yourself, you never fear the internal data being reflected.
  • The real sales numbers, total number of learners enrolled, etc are not shared with your team members until you allow.
  • You can invite guest teachers and assign them instructor accounts.
  • The best part is, you can create unlimited sub-admin accounts.

Build Awesome Landing Pages

You don’t need a third-party tool like Clickfunnels to design breathtaking landing pages. Spayee allows you to do it within the course website.

Build awesome landing pages- Spayee Review

It has an in-built drag & drops sales page builder using which you can customize & design beautiful landing pages.

Create and Issue Certificates

If you would be able to provide the certificate of completion to your students, your branding would be huge. Spayee makes sure that you do, without you worrying about its whole process. You can use its default template & even customize it. 

  • You can disable or enable issuing certificates as per your requirement.
  • You can have course-wise certificates.

Create and issue certificate

Spayee also allows your learners to share certificates directly on their LinkedIn profile.

Create and issue certificate- spayee review

Bulk Enroll

Under the Bulk Enroll feature, you can enroll unlimited learners into your courses with just a CSV sheet. You don’t have to do the whole process manually. 

This feature is extremely essential if you have an offline institute running from where you have already collected the payment. In this case, rather than manually adding the learners, you can simply put them all in a pre-formatted CSV sheet and upload it. 

Another place where it is helpful is when you are migrating the platform. In this case, you can simply import the data as well.

The Bulk Enroll feature is allowed on all the paid plans of Spayee. 

Bulk enroll- Spayee review

Integrated Affiliate Program

An online course affiliate program would help you leverage your existing network and sell through them. Here, you incentivize someone to promote your online course, while giving them a fixed percentage of sales value in return. Just select the courses which you want to promote through affiliates. 

On Spayee platform, you would be able to create unique affiliate links, using which new learners would be able to sign up. 

Whoever signs up using a unique affiliate link, earns a commission set by you. Spayee’s affiliate tool for course creators is simple to use.

Integrated affiliate program

Fully Automated Emails

There are certain emails that get sent on the occurrence of certain events. You don’t have to manually send them. 

These are the pre-designed templates that you can customize or disable. 

Fuly automated emails- spayee review


Cashback and Coins System: 

There are plenty of eCommerce brands that lure customers by using the wallets & credits system. You can also combine it with the referral policy. The course creators are at their own discretion to decide the rules of Coins for the learners who buy your course.

You can choose things like %, of Course, Payable Price, Maximum Credits Allowed, Earned Credits Validity etc.  

This feature is super helpful & isn’t available on many course platforms. 

Cashback coin system - Spayee Review

Spayee Live Class/Webinar

As an educator, you can take a content combination approach to teach students online. 

You can create a combination of video course content, PDFs, quizzes etc along with Live Classes. Not all online course platforms support in-built live classes. But, Spayee does. 

Spayee Live Class Webinar- Spayee Review

Within Spayee, you can launch your live classes in their in-built platform or integrate Zoom. Both of them are supported here.

Live classes- Spayee Review

Top Features Of Spayee Live Classes

  • Live Interactive Classes
  • Option To Schedule Classes
  • Launch Your Pre-recorded or Live Webinar
  • Record The Live Class
  • Digital Whiteboard
  • Send Email Reminder
  • Send Web Push & Mobile Push
    Top features- Spayee Review
  • Use the recorded live as a video lecture
  • Give Pre Class & Post Class Message
    Give free class top features - Spayee Review

Spayee Pricing

There are a total of four paid plans offered by Spayee. 

Unlike other platforms, the features aren’t limited to cheaper plans. In fact, all the major features are provided on all the plans. 

The major difference between the four plans:


(If Paid Annually)


Rs. 2749 monthly


Rs. 4582 monthly


Rs. 9165 monthly


Rs. 13,749 monthly

Bandwidth Free 50 GB Free 100 GB Free 180 GB Free 360 GB
Branded Course Website Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Apps No No Android Apps Both Android & iOS apps

Spayee Pricing - Spayee

Spayee In-built Marketing Features

When it comes to the marketing of your online courses, Spayee platform provides all the needed support. Most importantly, it provides the support of third-party integration.

You can easily integrate the following with Spayee Course Platform:

  • MailChimp
  • Zapier
  • Zoom

Over & above, you have the features of Promo Codes using which a learner can get some percentages discount while checking out. 


You have the option to create several unique codes with different functionalities. 

Spayee Inbuilt Marketing Feature

Spayee User Engagement Feature

Spayee offers several user engagement tools that help you in making the whole learning process interactive & fun.

  • User Engagement Tools like online discussion forum & public forum.

Here all the students, as well as, teachers can come together to do an open discussion, resolve doubts or queries.

  • Web Push & Mobile Push notifications are two things using which you can stay connected to your learners in real time. Sending them reminders about classes, live classes, assignments etc would help you keep them engaged. You can schedule all your campaigns in advance and run it for the learners of different segments.

Spayee user enegagement feature- spayee review
Spayee Support

Spayee provides top-notch customer support to all its users, irrespective of the plan they are on. 

  • Personally assigned account managers for the onboarding process
  • Support team reachable via phone calls, emails & chat.
  • A comprehensive Knowledge Base

Spayee support-Spayee Review

Spayee Customer Reviews

Once the Spayee was launched in the Indian market, Indian course creators have been loving it. There are a few major course creators & online institutes who have been using Spayee and they have been with the platform for a long time.

Spayee Customer Reviews- Spayee review

You can check more customer reviews here:

"Spayee is the most comprehensive platform out there"- Salil Chaudhary, Founder - Netbhet Elearning.

Sign Up On Spayee NOW!

Look around Spayee with a FREE 15 days trial.

Why wait when you can witness this comprehensive platform now!

Just head here and create your account.

Sign up - Spayee Review
Click on “Get Started Free”. 

Fill in the following details:

  • Institute Name
  • URL
  • Email
  • Number
  • Phone
  • Password

Get started with spayee - Spayee Review
And, your account would be created within seconds.

You would be automatically redirected to the dashboard. The dashboard is the place from where you can check & navigate through the various sections of the online course platform .


Overview- Spayee Review

You can even book a FREE demo to understand the nitty-gritty of Spayee platform. The sales team would walk you through while explaining to you all the doubts that you might be having.

FAQs On Spayee

✔Does it offer a FREE trial?

Yes, SPAYEE’s starter plan gives you a FREE trial of 15 days.

🔥Does this have Indian Payment Gateway integration?

Yes, Spayee provides the integration of all the major Indian payment gateways like Instamojo, Razorpay, PayU etc.

✔Can I launch my own app?

Yes, on the Business & Advanced plan, you can launch your own branded mobile apps. You don’t have to do anything, within a week of you making the payment, your app would be live on the playstore.

👓How do I resolve a doubt that I might have?

You can reach out to the support team. They are available on call & email both.

Conclusion: Spayee Review | Is It Worth The Hype?

Spayee, undoubtedly, is one of the best available options out there. This is especially true if you are planning to sell your courses to online learners.

It gives you plenty of themes to choose from, in-built live classes, the ability to nurture a community forum, add quizzes, forms, drip your content & much more.


Moreover, it has multi-layer content security which is missing on other platforms. 

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