8 Best Sports Nutrition Affiliate Programs 2023 Upto $500/Sale(Sports Supplements Affiliate Programs)

To improve athletic performance speed up recovery times and enhance overall physique, Sports Nutrition products are basically designed.  Athletes use a comprehensive sports nutrition program to increase strength, endurance, agility, mental sharpness and for a more positive state of mind.

This affiliate arena is little different when it comes to huge commissions. Let me explain…

Unlike the opposite classes here on HPAP, you’re not handling huge price tag merchandise once it involves affiliate sales. You’re referring sales of merchandise largely beneath $100 thus you’re not getting to be obtaining plenty of cash per sale.

However what you’ll get is several multi-unit sales and re-occurring sales as they obtain monthly. This adds up to huge fat monthly commissions in order that is why I’m together with these programs here despite the anomaly. Let’s get started…

Best Sports Nutrition Affiliate Programs 2023 Sports Supplements Affiliate Programs To Bulk Up Your Profit Margins

1. Outlaw

Inspired by love, Outlaw protein bars were born. Laura’s son, a high school athlete, was perpetually consuming protein bars. When launched the product within the market, Laura began creating bars for her son that were freed from chemicals, additives, and preservatives.

Soon, family and friends were posing for protein bars! Utilizing her information as a registered and authorized specialize dietitian (RDN) with each bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Nutrition, Laura comes into being to form a bar that was targeted on nice style and clean nutrition. Laura has created a delicious, versatile protein and energy bar which will be employed by athletes either as pre- or post-exercise fuel.

Given the nutrient profile and every one natural ingredient, Outlaw protein bars are a healthy snack or meal substitute which will be ingested by everyone! Gluten free stuffed with healthy fats, low in carbs and with a naturally low glycemic index, outlaws protein, and Energy Fuel is nice for the full family.

Driving purchases of protein bars. Eighteen for ALL sales! Nice continual order rate. We can give major quantity information as you build our space. We’ve got banners, etc. everything that an expert affiliate would want. We tend to area unit trying to find long run partners!

Affiliate Commissions: AN aggressive eighteen commission rate with a mean order size of around $50.00.

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2. Bodybuilding.com

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based advertising program during which online publishers, or affiliates, will earn a commission on orders submitted by customers they check with an internet merchandiser (Bodybuilding.com). They are doing this by creatively group action Bodybuilding.com’s product or content into

Their website through blogs, product reviews, banner advertisements, etc. The pursuit method is straightforward. Once affiliates will produce affiliate links to bodybuilding.com and when Once that link is clicked on by a visitor to its affiliate’s website, a pursuit cookie is planted on it user’s pc.

Once that very same traveler completes an acquisition at bodybuilding.com, the cookie fires and a commission is applied to its affiliate’s account. The cookie exists on it user’s pc for nine days, that the purchase ought not to be completed within the same visit.

Making an account with our third party affiliate network, Pepperjam is the first step to changing into a bodybuilding.com affiliate.

Bodybuilding com - Sports Nutrition Affiliate Programs

You’ll be able to begin this method by clicking here. Your application will be reviewed, and you’ll receive a response at intervals seventy-two hours. If you’re accepted as an affiliate, your account bodybuilding managed by Pepperjam. Pepperjam is liable for managing all commission payouts and work related to your affiliate account

Our top-performing affiliates usually drive traffic from fitness- or nutrition-related websites. However, if you’ve got a powerful social media presence or are smart at e-mail promoting, you’ll be a flourishing affiliate.

In reviewing your application, we have a tendency to could request samples of your promotional ways so we are able to see what quite content our brand or advertisements are going to be related to. it’s utterly liberated to produce an account with Pepperjam and be part of the bodybuilding.com affiliate program. as a result of there’s no charge, there’s just about no risk in obtaining involved!

New affiliates with fitness- and nutrition-related content websites earn a 15 August 1945 commission rate on orders completed by customers that are unaccustomed anaerobic exercise.com, and a five-hitter commission rate on orders completed by customers that have shopped with bodybuilding.com before.

Please note that our pursuit cookie is one-time-use solely, therefore whether or not the client is new or repeat, just one dealing they submit upon an affiliate referral is going to be eligible for commission.

This suggests that so as for affiliates to earn commissions on resulting orders by a client they refer, that client can click through to bodybuilding.com on it affiliate’s link Coupon-only promotion sites, will earn a flat two commission on all transactions.

This doesn’t mean that fitness-content sites cannot promote special. The flat commission structure applies alone to sites that promote coupons solely, while not giving content the same as the content found on bodybuilding.com Commission terms for all affiliates are subject to alter.

All transactions for every month lock on the tenth of the subsequent month and payments are submitted to affiliates on or around the twentieth. The minimum payout is $25, paid to you on fifteenth of the month. You need to have earned a minimum of $25 that month so as to receive payment. If the minimum payout is not created, it’ll carry over to the subsequent month.

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3. GNC

What first done by GNC is that it sets the quality within the nutritionary supplement industry by difficult truth in labeling, ingredient safety, and products efficiency, all whereas remaining on the with-it of nutritionary science.

As our company has big over the years, therefore has our commitment to Living Well. In fact, the world’s largest company of its kind devoted solely to serving to its customers improves the standard of their lives is no other than GNC.

From research and new product discovery to the producing and packaging processes, GNC takes pride in our rigorous approach to making sure quality. Our commitment to quality extends to our interactions with you in our stores and when you purchase our product.

GNC - Sports Nutrition Affiliate Programs


Build your own online nutrition store! If you have got an internet website, you’ll be able to create cash merchandising nutrition product. It is easy and it’s liberated to be part of. Be part of current and earn a default commission rate of fifty on your referred sales.


GNC has partnered with CJ Affiliate by informed for our affiliate program. If you’re already a publisher on CJ you’ll be able to seek for the US by name and apply to our program.

If you are accepted, we’ll send you all the data and tools that you just have to be compelled to start merchandising GNC.com product on your website, whereas you create a commission on each sale.


As AN affiliate, you opt what form of store/website to make. Mistreatment the GNC.com logo, banners, and products links, you earn commissions on any product oversubscribed as a result of your link to GNC.com! We have a tendency to with courtesy handle the dealings, processing, and client service.

Affiliate Commissions: Up to 12-tone system per sale.

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4. Pharmamuscle (UK)

Pharmamuscle is that the leading producer of scientifically advanced sports nutrition. We solely offer the best possible natural product backed by research and analysis.

Our in-house scientists collaborate with our nutritionists to conduct an analysis of the active ingredients to make sure that they have been scientifically tested to form a true impact. We tend to specifically choose ingredients that are backed by arduous, scientific proof thus can make certain that the merchandise you acquire will have a tested biological impact.

Pharmamuscle places the main target on you. We tend to specifically style our product victimization the best quality ingredients to supply optimum results for you, whether or not you are AN occasional gym migrator or an expert contestant. The innovative and adaptable culture at Pharmamuscle permits us to retort and make the product to match your desires.

Pharma Muscles - Sports Nutrition Affiliate Programs

When you be part of Pharmamuscle, you be part of a community of well-matched, performance focused people and a complete that puts your desires initial. we provide knowledgeable recommendation alongside our superior product that ensures that Pharmamuscle sees you thru to the tip to achieve your goals.

The Pharmamuscle complete is made on a foundation of 3 basic principles; innovation, science & quality. the mixture of this triad of values ensures that our product is illustrious for the condition, superior quality and most significantly delivering results that have resulted in Pharmamuscle quickly turning into a number one sports nutrition complete.


Premium quality natural ingredients from sophisticated Sports certified sources

Developed by leading specialists victimization analysis based science to ensure results 100% pure, active and targeted, while not binders, fillers, and alternative chemical excipients

Trusted and counseled by leading sports professionals

100% eater and supported by the eater Society

Free from protein, wheat, supplemental sugars, sucralose, aspartame, artificial colors or flavorings

The Pharmamuscle Affiliate programme is simple thanks to earning revenue from your website, email list, blog, Facebook fans or the other online content!

Pharmamuscle could be premium quality sports nutrition complete. Our product is better-known for his or her quality and style. Since launching, we’ve veteran fantastic growth because of word of mouth.

We can give you chance to be a section of our growth with AN exceptional sales opportunity through our business leading affiliate programme.

Key Points to notice For Affiliates of Our Affiliate Programme:

  • Quick and straightforward established to permit you to begin earning straightaway
  • Up to 17.5% Commission on ALL product
  • High Average Order worth of over £50
  • Strong conversion rate and retention
  • Regular calendar of compelling promotions

Exclusive Affiliate Promotions and In-house affiliate team to retort to requests

We believe the Pharmamuscle affiliate programme is that the most rewardable theme within the sector. With a private approach, we are continually accessible to speak with and discuss any relevant topics.

We are able to offer access to our articles to boost your content to assist drive guests and ultimately create those vital conversions to begin you earning. We tend to additionally welcome and encourage you to be pro-active and are available forward along with your own ideas for promotions to run solely on your sites.

Essentially, we’re here to assist you to generate countless revenue and introduce a lot of customers to our nice brand!

We look forward to operating with you!

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5. All Star Health

Sports nutrition for protein, pre-workout formulas, recovery and recovery, weight gain, bodybuilding, creating and post-workout formulas, these all are offered by ALL STAR HEALTH in superior quality. Protein is crucial in building lean muscle tissues. Endurance athletes and weightlifters engaged in physically demanding resistance coaching have higher protein needs than the overall population. They have to ingest enough protein to sustain muscle mass.

At All Star Health, you will additionally notice differences in style sports nutrition supplements, like the herb genus Tribulus Terrestris, that has been studied for its effects on testosterone production, and ZMA, a natural mineral supplement that supports muscle recovery. Analysis has shown that HMB could be a powerful amino acid matter that helps to forestall catabolism (muscle wasting).

Web Site Operators

Earn the tenth commission with a clear stage to as your sales increase. Once somebody enters AllStarHealth.com through a link on your website, you get credit for purchases created up to thirty days later. We offer you with a variety of text links, pictures, and banners that you simply will place on your website.

AllStarHealth - Sports Nutrition Affiliate Programs

Joining is free and straightforward. Merely fill out our Affiliate Advertising kind and that we can review your application inside one week. Once approved, you may have access to our selling materials, online coverage and management panels, email and telephone support, and for a lot of.

The AllStarHealth.com Advantage

  • Lowest costs

We systematically supply very cheap costs on and off the online and match any competitor’s worth that tries to out-do us. Once you direct a consumer to our website, we cannot lose the sale supported price!

  • Immense choice

Over 15,000 products from over three hundred brands.

  • Unbeatable Service
    • Orders placed by 3PM nearly always ship same day.
    • We tend to encourage our customers to decision our 800 range.
    • We tend to answer emails within one business day.

Personal Trainers

Get a commission for the product you’re recommending to your purchasers anyway. Produce an account with us, then log into your portal and simply advocate product. With many clicks, our system can email your recommendations to your purchasers and track after they purchase them. You then get 100 percent of the merchandise total. We tend to collect payment and ship the merchandise to your client—you do nothing once the advice.

Your purchases can love the service too. The product you advocate show up pre-filled in their cart. All they are doing is modify it if they want, then inspect and receive the product many days later. We’ve been in business for eighteen years and have an excellent name

So what are you waiting for? Hit the link below to join our affiliate program now!

6. CrazyBulk

CrazyBulk is another to steroids that are 100 percent legal and fully safe. They’re developed to assist boost muscle growth, increase strength while conjointly serving to shed the fat.

MoreNiche launched CrazyBulk in 2014 and has quickly become one amongst the largest brands on the market and among MoreNiche. It being oversubscribed to over one hundred fifty countries and is employed and supported by bodybuilders, personal trainers and contains a variety of fantastic whole ambassadors.

CrazyBulk - Sports Nutrition Affiliate Programs

With a formidable 740 resources, there’s over enough for you to urge started. This embrace product renders, banners, keyword lists, and promotional videos. Curious about the niche and need assistance to urge starter, our free obtaining started guide can teach you concerning the market, the whole and provides you a seven-day guide.

CrazyBulk offers a formidable four-hundredth commission and has a mean conversion rate of four.54%. The typical order price is $78.93, that the potential financial gain attainable with CrazyBulk is massive!

Join our affiliate program now!

7. GAT Sport

GAT SPORT Affiliate Program is intended for health and fitness enthusiasts who wish to share their passion with the globe. They’re active, driven and involved multiple social media channels within the fitness community. Affiliates unfold the word concerning rod SPORT through their daily lives. Their goal is to assist folk’s lead healthier and happier lives through nutrition and supplementation.


  • Earn Commission
  • Opportunity to be featured on gat SPORT social media
  • Potential exposure on rod SPORTS web site
  • Chance to receive gat SPORT invite major industry shows


Affiliate Criteria

  1. Fitness/Nutrition Enthusiasts
  2. Must move immunoglobulin and/or Twitter users
  3. If a customer purchases a product through the gat website using THE AFFILIATES customized gat PROMO CODE, then only Affiliates can earn commissions.

Affiliate commission is 100% ON client purchases of $1000-$4,999 AND 15 August 1945 FOR SALES higher than $5000. COMMISSIONS are going to be paid out on a monthly basis. All commission payouts are managed by PEPPERJAM.

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8. MaxiNutrition

 We are MaxiNutrition, the UK’s number one personal trainer counseled sports nutrition company transportation glorious protein science to everything we do. Our protein-led nutrition is meant to assist you to reach your coaching goals. With tried science to formulate and enhance our product, ensuring they work as arduous as you are doing, MaxiNutrition transforms the strength of protein into strength for all times.

It has never been easier to earn revenue from your website or email list with MaxiNutrition Shop! Whether or not you’re a longtime on-line company or run a tiny low web site, you’ll earn generous repeat financial gain by a change of integrity our profitable affiliate programme.

We have a tendency to pay a generous commission on every purchase that’s referred to you, all accurately tracked. It’s straightforward to start out earning, our partners earn from discussing our market-leading product in social media channels, through to easily putting our branded advertising on your website.

Sports Affiliate Programme - MaxiNutrition

Having specialized in sports nutrition for nearly thirty years, we conjointly provide the simplest commission rate in our business.

  • Stronger welcome rates once you are a part of the program
  • Monthly sales incentives and money bonus payouts
  • Super fast validations processed within one week

Here at MaxiNutrition search, we are obsessed with sports nutrition. We wish you to be too as this can solely facilitate together with your selling. Whether or not you’re exploring your own fitness goal or simply wish to find out a lot of concerning the product you sell then don’t hesitate to induce in-tuned.

  • Request a starter pack bundle to assist your own performance goals
  • Free product samples – we’ll send things for you to trial and review
  • Take advantage of our Maxi rewards loyalty theme for gifts and cash can’t obtain experiences
  • Join Maxi teams and obtain thirty third off MaxiNutrition buy you and your friends
  • Enjoy alternative freebies and partner perks within the MaxiNutrition search vary

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Wrapping up: Top 8 Best Sports Nutrition Affiliate Programs (Sports Supplements Affiliate Programs)

Dreaming of economic freedom? Quitting your job? That once-in-a-lifetime holiday? no matter your vision, no matter your affiliate selling expertise, on top of mentioned programs will assist you to build it happen.

You’ll get professional, matched support, steering, and tutelage from specialists in affiliate selling, conversion optimization, traffic generation and a lot of, and in-depth free coaching resources to assist you to become a productive affiliate merchandiser.

Earn between 10-50% commission promoting high-converting offers within the health, beauty and fitness niches, and find period cookies on each provides industry-leading following and secure bi-weekly payments.

Current conversion and traffic optimization by our in-house consultants make sure the offers you promote convert-highly and earn you more cash, whereas multi-language, regional support tailored to where you reside within the world can assist you to grow your affiliate business quicker.

Want more? However regarding regular sales bonuses Associate in nursing an amazing advantages club that rewards you with several goodies for the sales you make!

Go through the on top of programs and simply give your career a begin now!

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